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Biden Fibbing About Gunshots

Jan 18, 2013|

Vice President Joseph R. Biden's claimed that he heard the gunshots of a 2006 school massacre while playing golf. The only problem is the nearest golf course to the shooting in Pennsylvania was 5 miles away and according to it's golf pro he had no record of the Vice-President even on his course that day. Howie wondered why the effort to lye about something so heinous.

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We're keep talking about the guns for awhile longer today it looks like the but lame stream media has realized that that that that this is this is causing a bit of a backlash. That the the the NRA despite. Despite being hit where I would. I think it's. Safe to say hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bad publicity you couldn't it would take hundreds of millions of dollars to buy. As much bad publicity as they've been exposed to use its new talent. And despite it all their and their poll numbers have not changed. And they're actually still you know. More people. Have a favorable impression of the RA than have unfavorable impression 41 to 34. Despite the an unprecedented. But -- -- By the moon be moved -- media. And now you know by you know you know Joseph Biden's got a problem with. Reality. You know its largest city. Gets things confused like when TV was invented there when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president. It's also that he makes things. You know what that's what knocked him out of a 1988 race for president that when he. When he decided that steal a speech from media British politician. The problem was that the British politician was from the coal mining region of Wales. And and so Biden became home or from coal mining for him. With she is and he was found out. And of course he's suited their many other instances he's talked about how he is high -- do. -- about how -- go shopping the home depots that haven't been open -- twenty years. He likes the sit down with diners with people the -- haven't been haven't been around for quarter century. It's happened again. Vice president Josep Biden's claim that he heard the gunshots. -- 2006. School massacre while playing golf. Is raising questions about either his veracity or his memory hope -- -- did what I like talking about. In this case it could be both. It could be both as veracity of this memory. Mr. Biden told the may meeting of mayors in Washington Thursday yesterday that he was about a quarter mile away from Amish schoolhouse on October. Second 2006 when a gunman shot and killed five students and wounded five others. Always used an -- newspaper word here too I happen to be literally. Probably it turned out to be a quarter of a mile. Away at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods mr. Biden were counted we didn't know we thought they were hunt nurse. But a search of maps of the area in Lancaster County PA shows the nearest golf course to the site of the shooting -- run golf club. Is about five miles away. Rodney King. The story it's matters with this goes on Rodney King a golf pro -- Marcus and run. And you know it was welcome amount for breakfast. Said Friday he was working at the course on the day of the shooting and never saw mr. Biden who was that a US senator. -- There's a lot of things here that I find hard to believe mr. king says I looked in my database. And he's not in my database. So not only was he not there at the golf course that -- he's never bend of the golf course. But -- specifically remembers being at the golf course. Even if mr. Biden had played at the course that day mr. king said it's a very far fetched that he would've heard those gunshots. I know he didn't hear those gunshots mr. king said they were inside the school even if they were outside equipment for them five miles away. A spokesman for the vice president did not returner or request seeking comment today. Mr. Biden told the story as he was describing for the mayor's group the Obama administration's efforts to enact new gun control laws. Another golf course in the region in the Lancaster country club is about ten miles away from the site of the shooting mr. king said it's more likely that a group of golfers including senator would play there. I'd be honored to have Joseph Biden play here because he's a public figure I put myself in issues moccasins rain all run off while -- not be the golf course I'd go to a ongoing golf outing. Were public facility. In other words there the Leo. Of their area you know. Not a bad place apply you know if you just you know or bad place to learn it's probably they probably put you know have a snowmaking machine just like Leo. But it's not it's it's it's not a prime course. Mr. Biden said after the shooting he saw helicopters flying to the scene. Where they black helicopters mr. black mr. vice president. Where this is not again this is nothing -- for Democrats I think are much higher IQ than you do I suspect. -- Bill Clinton. When he he -- he he remembered the black churches being burned down. In Arkansas when he was a kid. By the racists there was only one problem there weren't any black churches being burdened down soul. How can he remember. He remembered something that didn't happen. It's kind of liked. Pale and his girlfriends only we know Bill Clinton's girlfriends were not imaginary. But the burning black churches were imaginary just like the imaginary gun show. -- -- Joseph Biden heard. Be Biden was golfing -- alias Neil -- that's the British politician but he -- -- coal mining speech from. -- 18774694322187746943. 22. All right. How we know more Somali pirates since they started putting armed guards on the ships. And in. It's been some of the and -- somebody in Somalia just exude a Frenchman though because of the as as -- -- as revenge for a rough France intervening in trying to stop the edgy honest. From setting up show real law. Also nice thing when Sharia law moves in the town you know the first they start papers to start that -- hands off the -- in the they start -- securing the adulterers. Yeah and than they really get tough with the gays. 1877469432. To about Hillary getting shot at in Bosnia and there's another one I'd forgotten about that how could I forget that -- -- That's right the issue was the issue was the -- off toes are coming off the plane and the colonel was there that day. Did they not and the crown with a commanding officer of that balance he didn't hear you offended by the idea that there about the First Lady coming into a place where there is sniper shooting. Do you even your body you know the currently get out of get his hearing test -- the -- here -- -- -- security shots -- fire. And she was under Sheehan is Sheehan and that Chelsea were both under fire right. More -- I think that work I think I think Chelsea was with that. 18774694322. Don't forget the senator from Connecticut who wore who said he was in Vietnam when he -- and yes -- senator Blumenthal. He was busted by the New York Times. And again misses and another depressing another depressing election at the -- even effective as the chances. -- he was he what he was hidden. The National Guard but he never went to Vietnam. Andy and Andy -- -- -- in the modeling DC was in Vietnam -- said the wind the wind. He came back from Vietnam they spent that that the citizens spent that. So he he'd be like. -- -- The current cliche he doubled down on the allies not only was he not Vietnam she was not spent that because how we've been spent that when he returned when he'd never been there in the first place. And now Joseph Biden hears gunshots and a school massacre that he couldn't have heard. Julliard next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. Hey Ali I think taking my call long time any time of listening to you. I was born in 1971. Of the -- -- you when I was about thirteen years old my father's conservative in the military. And you know I never thought. Dad is the end of the conservatism in America would be in my lifetime but I think bill -- at least summed it up -- election night that it's not traditional America anymore. And you know I gotta say I picked up for Massachusetts they've moved to New Hampshire on Labor Day a month later New Hampshire. All Democrat. Every reelection -- -- -- well the last two of the election is but I voted for I voted in. I'd been sorely disappointing and I really take a look not only at the media but -- -- -- I talked to -- Am not trying to be you know -- Yeah I I know won't we won't -- All -- -- low information voters you know rush came up with a great lie low information voters because it sounds less pejorative but yeah you're right what they are in fact is under its. Okay so we're do we go from here I mean he'll be election is get -- if it's not that far away. I mean are we really gonna come up with a conservative -- -- today's America is really gonna lights. -- guess Scott Brown really to you have a better candidate and Scott Brown -- Mitt Romney. If I had I told this to people and I have all these talking point I feel like I'm I'm informed. He didn't. I don't like get that first of all from an argument is anything that intelligent it really isn't. You know begin not a where the sound -- that goes like US play every day they're not aware of it you know -- I really don't lie I don't think you guys are. You can always show you know what got me was when where it was when it would Elizabeth Warren was exposed as a fake Indian and and the huge percentage of the population even though was being being hammered you'll pardon the expression. On the on talk radio and in The Herald on and on several of the TV stations are huge percentage of low information voters. Know nothing about it. Nothing about it. And when Arafat when it's all about -- they didn't care. You don't. Just before -- go how is it possible the NRA. You know you would you recorded that that online poll Wall Street Journal yeah. How is it possible that those numbers are possible. In yet what we can't win an election the conservatives so I'm not gonna say the Republicans to acute spin Republicans really don't present. But. I don't understand how there's so many people veteran favor -- the Second Amendment. Can get to so many people that are in favor of Barack Obama -- well Patrick in a little bit more time. I I know and and I I I really think that when it you know I've seen this happen before and and you know I begin I'd. Begun to question whether what happen again I can remember going back to a you know the days of when prop two and half first went through Massachusetts this is thirty years ago now and a and the local municipal officials like Kevin White in Boston. Base they they try to pull a trek on the on the voters they said we're gonna have to close down the police and fire stations you'll probably be the guys running this giant pack him up at city at all. -- that the places I feel like -- in a probation office of going to work up their everyday because there's so many criminals were conformed there is per precinct captains is ward bosses. At -- he's not fire in them but shut down police stations shut them fire stations the people woke up pretty quick. They started chase you know heeded the capital we're going to a neighborhood were each shut down a police station fire station that chased that literally chased him out of the neighborhood. Because it -- it was affecting them they knew they knew I am the there are more likely the -- -- now I'm mark my house is more likely. To burn down before a fire truck and get here because he wants to keep his political apparatus going. And I am hoping I have a cease stirrings here and I don't want goal don't get too optimistic. By C stirrings here with this this reaction to the -- explained I mean people just understand how. How -- -- this whole thing is I mean these these these plans these get the just. Just. -- the money down holes. Four well while bickering people who work for a living and I just call an and that it's the same thing with the guns I mean people understand. That if it is that it is -- because if the government comes after the guns they're not going in toolbar America. Because they're afraid to go and -- bomber -- so it's so heavily armed. They gonna go into. You know mr. and mrs. John Q six pack America and -- gonna try to take away middle class people's -- law abiding citizens guns and that's why. That's why this this a scare campaign that the Democrats are running is not working and I think it's even backfire. You know the thing is the the only the only chance. The only chance the -- is that. The Democrats are gonna global reach like they did in 2009 and 2010 and then it led to. This incredible backlash the biggest. House cleaning ever in the history of the United States House of Representatives. And I I hope the same thing happens to caucus tried to raise the taxes in Massachusetts. The same way the same level. The same. The this with the same duplicity. As as Deval Patrick is now doing and the Democrats lost 57 members of about of the legislature in the next next election I I hope people wake up if they if they don't wake up this time. They're never gonna wake up you know I mean that on national and state level. 18774694322. And and Republicans never BS write like Scott talking daily with kings and queens. Yeah that was foolish when he says that was foolish. Scott Scott owns up to I'll give him that Scott owned up to what why is Joseph Biden's why Joseph Biden hiding out what went -- Joseph Biden about -- What I just made that up I think Joseph didn't Joseph Biden also say that he was under fire I think Joseph Biden was under fire once our plane was and he. He claimed that the when he was going to Afghanistan they were firing on the plane the Taliban or somebody. Who knew they had eighty aircraft batteries but I think he I think there was something like that's inside the Green Zone or I've been seven times and shot that. Is rich on that he's been there they're all they're all veterans. Earl Bennett like I was shocked that you know I mean it's and I Kevin -- book you know they had the gun trained on me that's close enough isn't it. I was shot at. OK so it didn't happen but it's an -- fitted bed. 18774694322. Augusta Maine civic center Saturday and Sunday gun show all welcome. Eight dollars twelve and under free please mention -- brush up here in Maine. And by the way there's a there's a rally tomorrow -- the Statehouse I believe it's at -- somebody text me if I'm wrong. Or a Second Amendment rally a Second Amendment where pro Second Amendment rally at the Statehouse tomorrow at noon. You're right right across -- -- right at on the steps and across the across. Beacon street in on the comment 18774694322. And how we car. I'm and he's green and I. 1877469432218774694322. Five away this past October Biden claimed he played college -- All at Delaware which she did not. Moon. Ever I didn't know how to how to we missed that somehow the mainstream media didn't get around to telling us that. Something tells me of follow up if Paul Ryan had. Head cling to play football that it didn't hadn't done we would would have been a major scandal. All right 18774694322. Jimmer you're you're you don't you know people who want to play to what tried out for pro football pro teams. -- supply of people try out you know they they signed as free agents and you know like what seventy people shall the first day of training camp in the fall for in the late summer for for for. All the NFL teams. And you know while -- cut immediately but you know time by the time they're all. 354045. Years old. Everybody who got cut was last cut. Yeah Ramos and -- there's so some people who don't don't what they don't why they yeah I tried out for the for the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe a bit but after awhile ago. Everybody you know -- get away with -- that was the last Erica. Apartments. And a number of people ask cut and I've never met anybody who can said that you I was. Yeah. Yeah yeah I tried out I was. Was gone the first day I was the first guy cast. But what he's the first guy that 18774694322. Mark your next with Howie -- gore had marked. -- -- Lloyd for a technology known otherwise you might want to move along -- other -- has been. Slated to leave the country as of yesterday. A traffic stop and to answer you're question of the book the an illegal alien. Ever suspect like the word liberty rocket was issuing false Social Security numbers. It would -- spot off the bat when they made the Social Security now over the requirement for -- and all those expired so that they didn't exactly they would have a in -- number. But it would be Smart not normal the other way is if they haven't actually number or number or their right to operate could be suspended under. But they never actually at a test normal and -- registered are adorable white. Or -- but I. I thought that means you do if you didn't have a license how could use the ax men to get a license. They can still the is that if you under the -- or the aids are actual number we're physical we're actually. How they suspend a license you don't have I mean this is like I this is like a cloud cuckoo land whenever I talk about whenever anybody talks about these registry rules nobody can ever explain that stuff to me. -- -- What they'll do is their right to operate the -- we suspect under. Or. Any network mean. You don't have a driver's -- and started opening the way to track these different. All I see that's probably got that right. A god so they. Can you imagine that your in the country illegally you're driving without a license and you get find in the and you show up but the -- at this that the district courthouse with. With counterfeit money to pay -- find I mean. That obviously they're not afraid of anything are -- Well yesterday. More flight back well he's gone. Well you don't want you know what Mark -- will be back for the super ball. A bit I don't expect. Don't let this one may be a year from now. Thanks for the call mark 1877469432218774694322. First or last cut it's cut. Yeah about his sights sounds better fuel the last contact. It sounds like he you know they took a chance a yeah I was either merely you know they they had they had this new receiver they want to get a chance tried to his name was Jerry Rice you know so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Logic -- Biden's case -- was probably pocket pool. -- -- -- -- Ali they've got to stop putting these kids down here like they're doing like parsed Obama did the other day yeah this has really put a target. On every elementary school that Cotchery. You know these guys -- they do that kind of crazy stuff -- for notoriety. Anyway what they're seeing is you know why why duel with a bunch of adults what do gonna get this much attention. That they go after kids. You know it's just make it work. Well it's easy to go after kids anyway you know the kids aren't gonna be armed you -- anybody who even if you have big gun free zone chances are there might be and have -- there was carrying a weapon. Exactly and it's just you know I mean it's just it's putting a big target on their kids get all these people don't want they wanna be be -- You don't nobody can probably would tell -- the name of the guy off handed the -- that theater but they won't forget this kid's name that killed while the kids. Now they want to be you know what you're right I think -- -- these -- Holmes is with the guys show up the theaters and home yeah somewhat George call you out there and also does not want. Yeah -- lands yeah. Thanks for the thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Exceed my my niece. My niece just career in the on the expressway by a guy named Alfonzo went licensee -- where's the bugle. Bill from the -- Bill your next with how we cargo ahead -- Yeah I thought I was the one -- sent to the email about the call to action from all the everything else in America all -- but should be fifty states. I gonna have a rally at noontime to this stand up his Second Amendment Rights. It's sponsored by the general was across America are guns across America dot com. And they're asking everybody as any. Earlier about this Second Amendment being infringed on their legal rights forum. Gun ownership. To a camp. And perhaps separately if you can't -- be called in. Casual business outfit and please please please know camouflaged. Clothing. -- I'm glad you called belt the make that to make that that pitch that is are there any -- officials are gonna speak at the rally tomorrow. Not that items in. Definitely -- on net revenue difference -- by the police and the like that. We got a permit you got a permit in other words. Yup although -- probably going to be from 12 o'clock 2 o'clock. A bit Edgar laid out steps. Well -- you may be Monfils will come over you know he's now the lives -- apartment house secret he could it's the could practically role on a -- -- to want to the top of the hill and speak to Uga will. Everybody is welcome to come with -- April caused by means. I just hope that massive turnout by all all of us who are concerned about a Second Amendment Rights battle has been through a lot of people. Thanks for thanks for caller bill that's noon tomorrow with the state house and and on Beacon Hill I'm Howie Carr.