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Captain Dave of Wicked Tuna On The New Season

Jan 18, 2013|

Captain Dave Marciano of the National Geographic Channel's Wicked Tuna which just started it's second season on Sunday nights joined us to talk about the upcoming season on the reality high seas. Many callers were relieved that Captain Dave was back.....

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Joining us now is captain Dave Dave marsh you know and it's Dave can personal congratulations I know what's you know. Many are called but few were chosen and the reality business and now right. Yeah I had thank you very much -- I was definitely very lucky. Be a -- the whole thing from you know beginning with season wasn't in. You know sees it -- is really excited you know it's for guys like me I was just -- nobody. And you know binges the premiere for this season they had this out -- -- New York City the other. A bill now you're on the how we car -- biggest thing of all our rights absolutely absolutely you know last year and they brighten. You know where where we had an illegal alien trying to pass counterfeit money at the court -- yesterday at the latest graphic violence and -- get more beautiful people but that's another place. That's right you know it doesn't get the better you know -- elicited view for a large jibe so they asked a -- -- the -- And do this wasted Joseph heck yeah. Yeah if you wanna talk to captain Dave for wicket to know about his about the show wicked too and its back cuts coming back. Now you started shooting her how what's the he has yet knowing we've we've -- season to -- in the sum -- it's just started airing last Sunday night it is Sunday night's 9 PM only on the National Geographic channel. National Geographic OK so why is there is are there earning new characters this year audio we have we have all the original cast from season one the final votes plus you'll be introduced to. I think three new votes in total. And one of them is you know. He's quite a feisty charities a young kid eight days ago get it you know he's out to get all us old shot so you gonna mean he gets. He he gets down to business he really does -- it's quite he's quite colorful character. Is he is is he it is this year via an honorable fisherman. Well you know he he does have a tendency to be well let's see if there's no another word this. Well a little bit abrasive. So what is it what you what is he what's his name by the way his name is Tyler Tyler McLaughlin. And the name of the boat the new boat is that -- we deal. And -- but yet he eat it he adds a whole new dimension to this series. And it really gets heated it jives with with Tyler computer out to. It oddity is following you you're the one of the things is that you guys following -- right and that's one of the big dispute that would be ongoing dispute to you know we we do and we joked. You know the bottom line is these -- -- -- a lot of money these trees can be worth. It's you know at times up to twenty grand a fish right yeah so -- you are really -- if followed each other Euro was stratified Euro birdie with somebody else finds a few. 101000 dollar bills. You care help but wanna know where he followed him right right Suzy it was the same thing during the gold rush it and in California and Alaska right yes that's right that's right you know so. There is a lot of this information that gets -- around it. You know it it does yet. You know again we rub up against each other we're -- we're talking about this worth this much money we're all friends but you know I mean you're talking about a paycheck -- so. All's fair beloved war and tuna -- and I guess 1877469432. Do you make you guys make any money off this. Well you know look first of all we're doing my job so write anything we get is kind of a bonus that's why did it I thought it would be a lot of fun. You know -- now with season -- you know we do get compensated for a time. Right and you know you are getting caught that you are getting the big money there I mean have you been there you make of money like -- speeches or anything like that or do you have ball like that. -- -- -- -- T shirts it's -- valuable we have Bob we have a web site FBI merchandise dot problem that we are -- insurance all over the world. And -- still wait for by teaching there Leo where -- could check that list but it. Ago that there -- there as you that that you know and yeah you know it's been a lot of fun but it would -- rich spoke reaction insurance around the world that's really neat. India the potential is where open after season two. You know hopefully I'll be in here you know pocket right -- sued him on it you always have you have you got have you got to be argued -- trying to negotiate a book -- -- I would talking about it you know there's not been ridiculous everybody or -- -- again you're trying to cut the other guy's office. Like a hero back and beat him to approach awful lot of that every Bedford -- right. -- 1877469432218. Set. 978 says you over free boat how we can have -- I don't need a free ball I just need some tuna that's all I made that's I don't want to free about 18774694322. We got a few people wanna talk -- you want -- today okay. Bob your first with Howie -- and captain Dave from -- to go ahead Bob. David real honor. Are gonna try to blows -- China is -- view are our paper captive -- white just loves George I don't get it but she loves view. You love your interaction with your family. That we see you know what we only have to go home life. And they got that we really don't like there were always pulled against the dot com. As it. You know thank you very much for us the ball you know that's that's really quite an oddity -- say that in. You know Dave without Davis Dave. You know it really though he's not that -- a guy where you know what she -- to dog. He -- grows did you know like what's he -- Grab your material now is that part of a given season two Libyan renewed her level with Iowa by itself I gave up without a -- myself feel like I spent a lot of years in the body Jenna voted history right out of work for it tipped. So part of the deal would you had a beak. You know people smile and have a good time to -- chip writes oh. You know I was a master at the -- -- -- -- customers from their muscle where you organize this -- is this tougher than be on the charter boat with a bunch of drunks are urged. Or is it easier. -- what the show I got the -- I mean you because you could you -- go away you still -- be an entertainer on the show -- -- and I -- we we don't look at -- like I might produce -- very fortunate who comes in the -- with us. You know he's always Arby's has just be yourself to people like you don't you know he tells me over time not to do anything Dexter in. People do seem to enjoy it and you know I'll just haven't evolved so it's kinda easy you know you're the fan letters. Did I get -- and letters from Belichick's figured you know -- well you know I don't know my wife -- analysts that it felt that. That's OK this is just between you and you can trust all right it only helps us get an -- in the -- You know we we did you know fit letters and sub over Barack the wall. It's I have a god knows doctor -- and yet though waiting for the but don't know ID nine point 9%. Has -- and really occurred in really positive it's it's just been. A whole lot of fun to do you know. It's two years ago I was just that nobody you know how about Peta people of is -- -- called on the -- to review letter saying you know you know these two and -- Cynthia and beings of the city. -- -- you know that I've seen I've actually seen that phrase used to have those people. You know -- no date yet they have gotten hotter in the show but nobody. Has contacted me personally and you know the bottom of why it is you know -- like the rest you guys out there you know -- you know I don't enjoy kill ago and for the effective you know killing young. It's but what we do people need to and I'd make a living doing it. And you know. If they wanna eat tofu to enter the sushi by that's more volatile like yes his so what is your boat sank. Well yeah ID in December it was after filming wicked -- I -- one of those experiences. You know the joys of owning a boat and the vote. You know we had some problems she sank at the dark you know really ruined by indicted as a vote. Yeah yeah well what do you -- kind of sailor you know well. And that's one thing if you get caught in the perfect storm. We both won the votes there in that you come back and it's there it's there and it's just the audience it. The to the bottom of the park rapids at the bottom and poverty I get a cargo. There was one of the water and I was ticket back in the couch watch it -- judges. And I got a call from the US coast -- they said our buddy of emergency beacon is given a single. And -- at all. You know living good -- -- -- piano and sure enough I get down there reduced -- to but the intent -- show so it it's indictment but. I think it was repeated terrorist. -- -- Eight who knows right now but like we we had says that through all fitting way to go which is you know we have water edges to vote to cool the motive. And all that we have a Deco so it would we definitely found the problem. And it is a nightmare but you know the big picture it happened you know two days after those school shootings. And that same weekend another boat went don't know efficient and you know of those guys -- on the foxy -- do so. In the big picture it's a little bump in the road I've I've had a lot of gridlock. The bottom of the show of work on the boat now and no worries she'll be up and running for season three if we're fortunate enough to get debt deal. -- your next with Howie Carr and I captain Dave from wicked tuna. Captain Dave this is captain Carl. What they like through bill that caller you are the kind of guy that every other guy wants to know. Outstanding as a gentleman and -- -- -- for. To -- IE. I think he's only responding to the hard time to get from other guys could just about everybody else on that entire show was pretty much a jerk. Carly please just general -- what he's such a gentleman where's Mike -- -- I'm sure throw and even back. They're out of season right now holly but I promise that sub I'll show up -- -- time with some fresh Tuesday -- you you I appreciate that that's good. Now he's a gentleman thanks Carl Wayne you're next with how we card captain Dave go ahead -- A Japanese have been days I'll hopefully New Hampshire and outside I don't like duck boat they -- what the skinheads. And it's it's the pin and made it can't -- Yeah I don't. Match the old and New Hampshire -- he is he probably easy poacher on Massachusetts water. Well that's the theory anyway you know pay everybody's got to write that you know he's from new captured these Kevin down outweigh show. -- you know there is that. I just dynamic. To this season this year. Is he any relation to the the Charlestown McLaughlin you know I I don't know I don't know the kid well I really you know. Like all the guys in the show I never knew in the -- really well until they try to put a semester to -- -- and excellent clocked one minute power punches you back. And always there -- -- -- punchy okay. Okay you wanna stick around against John bureau with the police -- after run after sex -- 18774694322. -- point car. 1877. 4694322. Wolf one more segment will be with by captain Dave from what it to the show's been renewed its they think filmed -- that. The film the new episodes and seasons how many episodes ago we got up fifteen episodes covering this season 58 had ten the first season is going to be fifty this year. And a episode fifteen is gonna be a two hour special. Two hours while. And again UN you -- -- going Matta well you know. Did this big thing about -- like I said before it tends to be a little bit aggressive it's sometimes a little bit abrasive. Yeah but it seems to be he's he's really all of these other guys write in in all honesty. The kid is treated be with nothing but respect. So could these security or maybe I don't know but you're -- -- He's he if it works -- good filmmakers he's basically or cries of these other guys into the B I just have to go efficient sales. That works out perfectly. The enemy of my enemy is my friend that's right that's right exactly. And Maria are next with Howie Carr and captain Dave from wicked tuna on the National Geographic channel collaborate. Hi this is Marie from Salem high paying high -- you know you could tell you -- good. And you know. -- -- can't -- -- you have a crush on admiration. That you have a crush on the day. Without -- -- and nine -- So. I think get the best -- And daddy -- that we're in Armenia and in fact to meet -- general. And dad are so well do the same -- about. That combo. And elected direct combo right there. Well thank you very much for the ads. A lot of people have issues there with tricky gave. Tricky days tricky -- that's the nickname might -- -- mid season one. Seems like I was -- tricky using a choosing not to you know let's choosing a good nickname it's definitely been adrift there the critical of the doesn't that doesn't indicate that while high quality of care -- good thanks to call -- 18774694322187. -- Did did they come to you. Yeah I'd be there. Neighboring Gloucester when I say data took production company -- -- group productions. There you have for ten days I had no idea. On the night -- they contacted B they say they were -- these -- we heard your name come up a lot would you come down into 45 minute video interview. It literally just before they piled on the plane to go back to LA. I went down on the tenth day and did the 45 minute interview and the rest they say it was just it was a trial basically yeah yeah -- try out there yet so and they they they interviewed a bunch Obama. 617 -- how much would you -- for two of the size of Chris Christie. Well you know the ones that I felt -- -- and where is the most money. How far out to seek the year the WRKO Mack who own these Marconi signal again -- -- you get like he got right. He RK a pretty pretty far out yeah yeah yeah you know adult the president is where there were no one of the to a demographic. The other way you -- -- you ought to framing him this time they can't Harrison Wesley got a short wave and Jonas got no problems whatsoever. So this is so I guess they came to they came to you and Andy Pettitte picked up the picked about it than they -- they did they warmth there were up front with you just said this is unity and -- job that. Right right they said it's all a gamble we don't know what's gonna happen you know they made it clear -- -- you know as far as by character -- You know they wanted to you know they like the fact that -- have the older daughter at college decide in high school we have our youngest daughter eve. You know maybe that all plated the right -- I was the guy who is gonna be there for middle America you know the gambling guy the Family Guy here. 187. Officer mark wants to know any big gaffes this season get a gap -- That's next you're next with how we car and captain Dave from wicked -- go ahead. Yeah captain and captain what's been accepted their congratulations on these two -- thank you. But sent -- you -- about the I just like. Captain gave -- -- you know they're like two out and buy it got naked got mixed it up but you guys the -- about you know this little -- But it depends. Although we like another bill like the old days you know what you know low wooden boats right you know how you try to -- each -- and gallery slaves and elect him to expect. All were they do all that you know what. Some of the Moroccans and -- you know beyond Mediterranean soon as we go on a yacht they harass some pretty good opening. Right I you know I would like to see you doing here but you know -- those guys to set. They -- -- -- way that whole thing you don't personally I'd like to get a boat put myself between them in the well it's a give them a taste of their own medicine. I'll talk art did a great episode. -- with whale wars and the guys from Deadliest Catch. All the -- and Deadliest Catch came down in the South Park episode in now. Are you -- and I want more competition there that Hamas don't mention deadly cat go but that's those guys were crabs right -- ha -- thanks replacement. We. About those Peta people they wanted to change the name of a town in New York that because the name was speech kill them and I don't it's it's Dutch were meeting something like good -- or something like that they just said they thought a minute kill fish you know they -- even that he would do like any homework whatsoever they just with this meeting and said. Change the name of this pound Kevin very quickly go I have one more call for a cap on day. Oh I've seen it. They'll looks thirty bucks a -- of the fish taken no the line of like cutting they pull out you guys not wearing jackets. -- chum expensive but these -- and schools are like loners. What just starting entered a few with a quite -- aren't yet auction rigs are expensive about thirty -- -- rig. That. Did the fish sometimes were working on big schools sometimes -- hunting out singles and a lot of times the big fish over a thousand pounds we do have to chase him down kinda wanted to -- they do tend to be Lotus. Okay great a captain Dave congratulations -- get renewed we look forward to it and you know take care. The what that it'll from the Hampshire get pulled over and you. All right -- -- that's captain dates from wicket to a UNC at 9 o'clock on the National Geographic channel every every Sunday night thanks a -- date and how we car.