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Police Blotter Fax Friday January 18, 2013 - Totem Pole Murder

Jan 18, 2013|

The two winners from this week's Police Blotter Fax Friday Contest were an artist who murdered his wife by crushing her with a 700lb totem pole and a man who died after falling off a train as he was defecating between cars.

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Friday my name is -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. Time now for fresh water -- -- this time every. Friday afternoon that we we read these entries that have come in this week. In our contest a police -- fax Friday you can you can so it's in the man from your local weekly or daily newspaper some papers call the police -- others call the police slog it could be a standalone police story. You can email the stories to us as more people don't know enough facts error he emailed to me. At that Howie Carr at wrko.com. And just say police blotter on shall we cannot recognize when it is. Or you can -- back some tourists at 61777934676177793467. At this time of at this part time of the week we read the best ones in our opinion. And the the best two of the week at a special prize where they get this week's in the. They're gonna get the most wonderful sweats tee shirt from our friend Bob Bergen -- -- and it's specifically designed for winners of police -- he cannot by the east you know by other T shirts that. That you can't buy these these are winners only. And a Bob -- called me this morning I was trying to want to make a reservation and hotel offers an anniversary and call me by mistake and after a problem that we're no vacancies he said what do we -- a gun teacher and bitter clinger so we're gonna work on that next week. Call of the three stooge magnets at six wants -- -- bad The Three Stooges. Oh if only they were stooges though we all would've been a lot better off though we're Jackie's astute but I don't know about the other two. All right Cindy. -- the runners up they do not when the teachers the first is from -- miners is on paper now I guess much highest mean. Thousands of dollars in jail funds have been misused in Washington County according to report. According to Bloomberg capital of Americus. Well apparently in met in May benefit account in the -- was used on personal items such as bridesmaids dresses lingerie a closing at southern maybe somebody had an imaginary girlfriend. While the employee attempted to justify the purchase of these items from the inmate benefit account stating it was necessary for her to be. Dressed properly at work and that her and that her work directly benefited the inmates dressed properly it -- -- any of the bridal gown. A bridesmaid stretch of rights many -- asks you you know it's very important apparently it's also important that -- look at wherever she goes in that directly affected the inmates. Carried out pregnant woman's water -- leads to guy getting shot in the -- Is from Kansas City normally a pregnant McGwire breaking and it guy getting shot career and I -- do to each other. But in Kansas City an argument erupted at a nightclub when a pregnant woman's water -- while she was dancing police have a situation led some people to make comments of was why was that -- sure this wasn't a in Russia's wasn't yeah and -- matter in the officials say the situation that some people to make comments about why a pregnant woman with Daryn the first exactly. Which sparked an argument between two groups of men. Outside the clubs so I'm -- -- -- groups of men lost the ability is there words instead started shooting at each other with the simplest thing. And the products as he sat in his car and leaving him in critical can just classical Burris can be reached for comment. Now as a matter fact. Oddly -- now. OK Catholic priests in trouble again. Catholic priest busted for allegedly dealing crystal -- Had been suspended after church officials discovered he was a cross Dresser who is having sex directory of Bridgeport Saint Augustine cathedral. When -- what was it what was a bigger. A bigger sin and it deeply to the I'm. -- -- to be cross Dresser to be selling -- He was dubbed monsignor mapped by solve any please keep your iMac -- that's pretty good he seemed to live a life that kind of ripped from -- after breaking bad at one point he was selling upwards of 9000 dollars worth of -- a week. And and and he bought. After he left the media -- you Laffey but adults special teen video store in North Haven called -- as. That sells sex toys and X rated dvds and investigators with -- shopping helped him -- thousands of dollars weekly profits. By the way diet die asses. Diocese officials stressed they have no information that he was signed drugs when he was passed or Saint Augustine cathedral. Or when he previously served so -- was cross dressing. Well apparently he had no problem doing that network and -- adult books are. Autopsy was crawl OK this was after the after he left. After he no longer felt the calling exactly -- -- calling the cell carcinoma. And open Nadal. Store base and marital aids but that's about it happening and -- -- a -- man was arrested for using a camera on the issue. To take photographs -- women's skirts and dresses at the want to make special shoes with cameras and I'm -- I don't you go to equities these people there's so many -- around. They either have to be extremely clever I'm induction notice that the guy has a chemist track to issue I mean I would notice the guy locked up to meet. A personal our listeners are going to glue where I've I. He -- with the hair and brown picks his foot out close and up to me to -- up my skirt. -- -- stand where I mean seriously I'm gonna be shrinking for certain of the nearest cell -- -- -- give more than that decision admit there are available the same groups that website we can get you know other specialty products like the wizard -- I have no doubt we'll have to law into Google search now Orlando. A Florida man's ex wife used a stun gun on him and tied in to a truck bumper and dragged him for have worked out -- not this is another question. Robert -- remained in a surgical intensive care unit at the Halifax health medical center in Daytona Beach. Where he was being treated for a broken pelvis broken facial bones and bleeding in his brain. The attack took place in a rural part of new Smyrna beach. Or hop typically stated that Holland -- ex wife Gena Morris the issue is a way Buehrle is an amicable divorce as a truck driver. More suspected that hospital out his girlfriend in the house rock act I'm sorry but they're divorced aren't they. An arranged for a deputy to escort her when she returned to her home in order to avoid confrontation. The depth we left the house sept Dumars told them she would spend the united your brother's house instead she and her brother. And a woman named Joan began drinking vodka with -- the 3 turned on am shocked him three times the stun gun. Punched him in the face -- a gun to his head. Joseph Biden says he was once found and does need to hear -- he's suddenly heard some screen and employs all of our somebody was being that pays the. In the -- and they tied. Bosnia's behind his back and -- his ankles together attached to -- the bumper of a pick up in tracked him for half a mile up the truck stop. The three tossed cells like the beginning of -- squad after the truck stop the three tossed him into the track but cut oxman is haren talked about scalp -- him a look for a hole to burn him and at the -- tip top again he leaped out random house for help. They've each been charged with attempted murder conspiracy to commit murder false imprisonment aggravated battery and aggravated -- rob let them all messed us speak -- and how -- -- stupid. Denver is a day embarrassment admitted to attacking in choking his wife to try to shut her up after she complained -- -- and turning out for computer. While she was shopping online last month. Marco -- zoning. Pled guilty to charges of assault battering. Sack I never he's not -- GPS breeze at the stay away from the trailer reunions one of them living before his around. The trailer. Okay -- in India matters I think I know where that trailer dwellers we drew 11 trailer park damage right. And there's atonement Florida authorities say a man has died after a dog jumped into vehicle push the accelerator and struck him as he opened the gate outside of Florida Panhandle. The Florida Highway Patrol says that 56 year old iris fort there and 68 year old James Campbell what's the dog's name for returning to their home in containment on Monday when cam got out of the passenger side of the vehicle opened the metal gates. The Pensacola news journal reports. He opened the driver's door to see you. A bit of four -- open the drive mr. -- Campbell a standing that's from foreigners large boxer bulldogs jumped into the kartsonas accelerator. It doesn't say. Oh man I never -- that I have warned that story go through without the dog today. With you know not everybody is gonna newspaper guys you have to that's real basic steps of the fine now a top people in the introductory news writing -- -- EU. You know we always get the dog's name -- -- people -- more interest in the dog's name -- that than the the the deceased now. Everett Washington a Washington woman is accused abusing her breasts to smother and kill her boyfriend after an altercation at their mobile home. Donald playing this is an important story. Policed is believed to have suffocated -- report for an adept with her breasts. According to Seattle's Cairo Eyewitness News is it will now Cindy you know whether ninety you know what the question is here OK here's the thing I don't have a picture of her face but I -- have a picture of her chest. Oh Tivo we needed those sides. I do -- have a picture of protest. Would you say that sizes. I would say if I had to gas that's. The depth of double team. That's a 3638. Double team. They're really helped us and maybe for Bruce 44 something now now now now that's a 36 or eight that -- It's that did. Report this is Clinton is -- -- throw her boyfriend on the back of the mobile home she was later found -- -- -- -- -- asked. Covering it and we're seven there waiting period for mobile homes I mean -- it went as the one of the executive order is going to be issued on trailer -- and this is that this is a verbal crime wave Angela how it is with -- aren't these the two winners. The first honest it's for us our breasts should be outlawed says 61 so I agree. Man hit by subway after deprecating between car like this. Is there anyone else man suffocating between cars in the uptown six train was killed when he fell onto the tracks I was struck by the train he was writing. Witnesses tell police the victim had been deprecating between the cars when he fell just after 4 PM as the train was leaving the stage when you gotta go you gotta go. I I honestly I I mean. -- -- It says in a separate incidents earlier across the same platform -- peoples of the eight year old homeless man was in climbing in the Bronx on five expressed. -- injured and bleeding the man had broken pelvis and ashes to tell police he's not sure what happened and taken to hospital they don't know of the two incidents are. In anyway. I don't know related related whether he topic I was dropping something -- went to look to see that it hasn't got hit I don't know the other winner. This is probably the most interesting. Deadly weapon I've ever come across. Northern Minnesota carver admits killing his wife with totem pole. And northern Minnesota. Many -- -- SS baker admitted that he fatally -- -- -- let me -- me that your kids standing around the wrote me letters talking about that that the epidemic of totem -- violence he fatally -- as -- totem -- was a seventeen foot tall totem -- they -- -- seventeen feet -- Yeah Carl -- pleaded guilty this -- Paul Bunyan. He had tried to convince authorities that the 700 pound poll accidentally fell out of a cradle and -- -- -- hundred -- pounds you man. But a week after Linda my at least up the tipster told the sheriff's office about at FaceBook entries between. The artist and a woman in Alabama that we're very intimate -- well. And investigators reported they were up -- what the way the way Paula brought well and -- David Petraeus could communicated with drafts and investigators say it will with a welcome for being tried to recreate the alleged incident -- able to -- 700. And -- imagine so. Apparently. On November in November I sheriff's deputy called the couple's garage -- them ugly on the floor bleeding from the mouth but still breathing machines -- in the hospital and died. And he told the deputy terrible couple were not thought of its cradle and on to his wife. But then they found these messages and decided. In the end everything looks like. By the way she -- ten years older than humans. All I traveled fellow parents. Some. And you know they have access to police -- -- -- totem -- all this salt and polls. In total fools yes and stun guns to.