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Four More Years

Jan 21, 2013|

President Barack Obama was sworn into his second term of office today at noon. Beyonce sang, Harry Reid tried to steal a pen and the official innaugural luncheon was around 3,000 calories - take that Michelle. Howie wondered what was more depressing, the Patriots loss to the Ravens or 4 more years of Barack Obama.

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A four letter word speech. A thousand. Small -- It a lot -- New England clam chowder with stops all -- -- 1988. Jesse Jackson strike point. For doctors. One abomination. He would just -- in -- -- and so just did for. Mao captures. Its. So it comes in the actresses. -- for fourth of July proceed food. In which. Which. Legal and and Jesse Jackson you know -- and that is -- to. She. Acts are opposed to expose some acts. To 22 meal there. And so he was all ship where. An approach where. -- use and checking. Guess those gifts it was invited today to leave the camp at the obamas to -- I'd like on the ethnic apple now it's the art for the worried. It's the president's. Yet at. -- 18774694322. What about the we talked about pork coo Joseph the -- part tripled from Dorchester yellow card. You have a caught did you notice the stock option on him he was coming at them he was rushing at them they were entry of domestic disturbance guard. Call and somebody somebody. Somebody pulled out a gun is who Joseph was charging them meant. -- crucial match -- Barry. In it was the same day it was the same day. But they were having a kid -- appreciation parade here in the city of Boston did you see that. I think the cops said the bread -- Ed have probable cause to our routes everybody -- that parade. And all six of them too that's probably the look the big six people brought their principles to -- club. For reference for this great parade. All right wow 1877469432218. Cents a 757 infectious -- me an email saying my package will be delayed due to the presidential inauguration screwed me get. Hey I just gotta -- I just got an email from from beaver state -- Do you know who you know I'll sketch group and I federal workers in DC and you feel very sorry for the usually the federal workers in DC get inauguration day. That's a tradition. But this year it just so happens. The inauguration day fell on Martin Luther King Day and apparently there they are not going to be given to make up day. Crude Joseph I was not in the death pool. Washington on parade. But he said the chief financial success so I don't really want -- repeat here. 818 sevens okay we're gonna we're gonna talk where election talk about this if you wanna talk about we have the inauguration for a while. But what well. -- we hear those things again from from this those -- from the New York Times is. This jarred Mitchell worked for time magazine or does she work for the New York Times I mean I don't know beauty of these publications that only supposed to and now I used to read Maureen down a long time ago but. She's gotten older and older she's got less and less funny. And less and less easy on the guys to Shia actually used to be sort of some might be some work and she -- yeah. She had that the flame a flame much hair. Irish show look about her -- the run around with. With -- was -- cat that died the the guys that. George HW Bush's guy for South Carolina -- just had his name not lost. But she she used to run around with him she ran around a lot of guys. But does she's she's really over the Helm now and then you can see it which is talking about super brain here with some of us. Listen you know I can visualize on the show and about five years from now you guys are going to be hearing you're going to be discussing. Obama's memoir which she will have written and it's going to be the most brilliant political memoir. Outside of your list this grant and -- you're going to be fans love down then your house cat you're going to be saying. We still don't we're still trying to figure out who this guy years and -- has these amazing insights why couldn't he applied that super brain to Washington and gotten it. To work better. More likely if it is the greatest political memoirs since Ulysses S. Grant will probably be asking yourself who wrote this. Because we know them well he didn't write it. Marine that she thinks she has a super boring game. This I mean this in this and that. A anyone plague that is if if things go the way they're going the New York Times is my arm around five years 19 and I certainly hopes as it is newspaper I would -- go out of business. 978 did you just call Shannon -- a collar guy. I call them make color man that's what he has he is a collar man. So don't try to drag me into Euro racists schemes now let's listen to John Meachem he is a he's a political collar man as as. That as. His biggest suck ups as the Boston press is when talking about Tom Brady and the patriots they got enough. They gotten up on these these guys like like John Meachem and more green about what it. -- seem more like Reagan because Chuck Todd that's about to get his his or her resemblance to the other side of the political spectrum to Reagan in the sense that. Braking capabilities revolution and by the second term was all compromised tax reform immigration reform. Yeah the Cold War he certainly wasn't a right wing president toward the end except for the ram -- courts. Think this president will try to find common I know you both talk about it didn't give get there one immigration. Once tax reform. One all the issue of women who have been arguing. I I didn't think so because I think you have talked about this funny Ronald Reagan's central life experience. Yes visiting a movie actor. But even more important not believe was being a labor negotiator. And with the Soviet Union with the congress he did what he did with Jack Warner back in Hollywood and 1940s. Which is he asked for a hundred got fifty. And getting fifteen when your president as we know is a pretty. Powerful achievement what is Barack Obama and life he's a writer and he's a professor. And brighter writers that professors faith in more complex terms the way we watched roots. It's more nuanced positions. And I think he knows -- President Obama knows because at heart he's a storyteller. And an analyst. That if he wants history to remember us. Well he's got to think he's come from. Just throw -- -- over this guy. He is a right -- a professor number one he's not a right here he's someone else wrote those books warmer at least the first one was decently written. And number two dosage when as the professors speak needed. That taken more new wants to terms. This is a professor any smarter than anybody else. I'm guessing. And I guess I guess may be maybe I -- -- Giles because I've only been an instructor not a professor but. And never -- you don't like what would run into these professors and never -- but they were anything different than anybody else. We got one -- was the guy that Maureen Dowd report -- 18774694322. Who was who's gone can Wilcox it's what will work and gronkowski no kidding it's -- -- these guys -- they would've they've been hiding somewhere. No I did not there was OC foreign acted yesterday. Scott Brown I had a good time out there with the department acting yesterday it -- books. And I left that if you want to if you want some of the magnets including the new magnet with a three Brothers she couldn't even feel free to get them out there the left plenty of -- out there. We also a good time that they before at the Balkans in is in. Winchester. Scott said today in the paper he beat me at. Both places but the thing was he left a little early want to get down to the down to the yeah. Tailgating in in Foxboro I asked refused him -- -- it with care. In Kerry's seat carry INC Kerry last. I guess I did she carry this morning though behind be on site. He snuck him again. The day -- the -- was sneaks into the camera range in the camera range. So why he ice -- Scott left early and -- like around and they still people still command. They want to see us boast both -- and I was the only one there they only bought my book so in the end I heights. For we both shall sixty books. It was pretty good. My -- his workshop covered and most of my heart or shall I mean more money for books more. Yes the day that he before in Winchester he edged me but 70s60. But I'm pretty happy with. So wide you wanna get those but anyway. We'll take some calls here in just a moment about the in my duration of about the about -- they've lost one complain about lost. OK but if you wanna join us today 1877469432218774694322. That's -- toll free number if you would like to listen to the show on the Internet you can almost go to our website which is how we card US how we card but US. And that's also where you can go to find out where in -- our new magnets we got these are these are brand new Magnus just remember last week. I got a picture of the three Brothers Jackie Y eighty and Billy Bulger. And from the 1960s. And school -- magnate. And register us and the stamps -- addressed business size envelope to mail -- manager PO box 12330. Wellesley Nestle to worry too. That addresses on the is on how we are bought US if you wanna check out. You -- policy and that's where -- was on the show you also little listen to the show. At how we card on com click on the live audio streaming also how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question. Cindy what is today's poll question and one of the results. A spore which do you find more depressing. The patriots -- Obama's second inauguration. Obama's second inauguration. I imperiling -- deferred 92% of the cult looking audience it is driven the patriots loss right out of their mind. Yeah you know ball. Now let's say he proxy battle on the patriots are you what -- you probably didn't bet more than 25 straight -- -- you -- Heidi -- -- you had a you had a high cherry about a bunch about a hundred box you're -- a hundred box. You're going to be the first month this guy is in office you're going to be hell I'm 100 bucks. And it's gonna keep going on and it's gonna keep getting worse. The unemployment rates on Drudge today is exactly the same. Today as it was four years ago exactly the same what's the difference. Poll about seven million people fewer workers have who are in the labor force they've just given up and looking for just looking for jobs because Ernie dropped that's why the unemployment rate is the same. Meanwhile. Gas prices on 1209184. Today 12113. 326. 326 gallon here. It yet but I was reelected. The guy was reelected despite day eight disastrous. First term Obama does or the way reported. The it's the the the Arab Spring has come and gone. Now we're we're being. Apparently. I hope not but it seems were being dragged into yet another quagmire this one in this went Central Africa with -- And that's it's all -- it's all spillover. Of the of the civil war in Libya. When which week in which we decided to intervene on the east side of the at the Gaddafi forces public option was a nice guy but. He was not causing any trouble for the United States are allies. We got -- I -- so all of his forces. Dispersed. That it went back to what where they came from which was. Sub saharan Africa and that now -- rug now that now you have an Islamist rebel rebel revolution going on down there. It's it's and -- we all know what's going on Syria and John Kerry's dear friend basher Assad is killing hundreds if not thousands of his own countrymen every day. Week we have a we we have an -- And president were first that uses dogs and pigs. It's great it's 3111 we have we elect this guy mis spent the past. 187746943221877469. -- rate. -- true. And then of course the -- in the you know that -- the current -- Chris Matthews compared it to the Gettysburg address of course how we speak as good as there -- A speech that Barack Obama delivered that that -- Comrade Chris Matthews did not compare. And Gettysburg address. You know your your remedy Gettysburg address for a president Lincoln Park a lot about gay rights and a living in new illegal aliens to go on welfare and he talked a lot about. Climate change to -- I can see why Craig white comrade Chris with -- it was a lot like like the Gettysburg address. 1877469. For a three. 2218774694322. How we it is news to me that Obama was professor it's my interest in me was instructor part time but that was Portland community organizer. Yeah he was he was about a he was a professor like it was a professor. That means they paid him a couple of thousand box will be dual -- -- -- the University of Chicago Law School but they paid him a few thousand bucks to what to teach a course. And apparently they didn't wanna they didn't even want higher mayor but some people put the pressure on him you know because all you gotta hire this guy you know affirmative action plaque I went to Harvard law. Etc. etc. 18 said they Chris got a tingle like -- they get a Kindle is like. Chris is Chris is getting old I mean you know sometimes these tangles. You know it is it's not just home more erotic thrill -- could be a stroke. Starting. 18774694322. But how he got bin Laden I know he did he get -- all by himself to get bin Laden was it. He was in that helicopter or by himself. John you're next with how we cargo ahead John. I have it sought to implement. Not by some states to focus on very basic issues. Economy. They're illegal immigration in Afghanistan war in Afghanistan that was so good troops so it. -- -- so that they -- game yesterday it is not that the world. These people are bummed out to a football game of page six. Well me and it seems that some Hollywood. They'll pick up those pretty brutal -- and that's that's why that that other guy. Records itself that it was arrogant with with the pacers because of but he did say. You know well maybe get an exit and explanations. -- lobbying. -- -- -- You know John I with the club that I -- I I it would work. Actually from four to I thought to be much more gloom and doom them that that have been the ones I corrupted beam but. You know that some -- -- they some guys were pretty depressed you know one of the guys that one of the guys one of the anchors on one of the TV stations most of the same club. And he just come for a you know getting on that it's stationary bike in the sky it works or just came up to me started asking him all of these questions. I can just tell you can't just leave the -- and let you know. Or you know -- John I'm amused when it was -- got a -- minute I mean acumen as a white white people here that much I just don't get I mean it's not they're team. It's if it's it's Bob -- team you know. It's how fourteen. You know if we if we had paid the money to build a stadium and you could say maybe it was our team you know. I always feel like Carolina is my eighteenth because I went to college. You know. But I Brady missed the Hollywood. Somber yet as Tom Tom Brady. Has hasn't won diddly squat since she since she became mr. Hollywood John. Do you think somber I know he's older now he's 36 -- think but do you think Tom Brady -- -- a release witness slid into way yes you don't -- to a baseball slide. 202 yards short of a first down when he was a rookie. Before he ran into all the all the bay babes of before he became a super babe mag and open -- Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. 413 says if only Varitek had been available for field goals -- And their attack. Amid mumbled -- this was -- -- -- moment when Varitek at the field goal but then Varitek signed with the Baltimore colts right. That's a joke you don't have the correct me -- media I know what's the Indianapolis Colts now I know is Vinatieri. All right 187 so we'll take well we'll come back to this in a moment 18774694322. On our cars. 18774694322187746. 432. How we think yourself kicked mom's passed for wearing that red white blue winter net with a big Fuzzy ball long pop. Does anyone think that in his early days. Tom Brady -- worn a account with a big Fuzzy ball on top of that. 1877. Were six mine for three through two. All right Brad you're next with how we cargo ahead Fred. -- yes. I'm so glad you'd done yet and what he -- that Iraq today with that I want to talk about. -- Luther king. -- given me breath. Please please please Martin Luther King according to al-Qaeda. Was a Republican. He's the guy who -- judged not by the color of one's skin but by the column because of one's heart and then. To date Democrat party is a party of quota and affirmative action. She's black two point she's black and lesbian four point cheap black lesbian had no standing then that's what we got. Always get I mean it's like it's a big secret that Martin Luther King Wednesday Republican. You know they against such that a million times in the as ever as everyone knows. John F. Kennedy. Would be a poor idea in today's Democrat party. Just because he believed in a strong natural -- net national defense just because he believed in India. It in a M. In in the strong economy he believed -- tax cuts are rising tide lifts all boats from number is that he is this is the this is the anniversary of his. What is it tests 6150. This is fifty the 52 anniversary of his. Famous a speech ask not what your country can do that but now of course we have the new version we of the new Democrat version -- about JFK's speech what he would say today if you were right if you work being -- Margaret it's while Barack Obama yeah this is what the Democrat party now beliefs. OK I guess well who we don't have it all right now 18774694322. Gisele were one Brady. Or some like we solid people a lot of was sound like idiot he -- forty years ago talking about. Yoko one job. He's never been the same. And so my fellow Americans. And -- your country can do for you not like you can do for your country. All you're next with now. We cargo at all. Volume camping at the bit that and other mission -- people call sharply this is shipping at the bit that data just call wasn't -- Babylon recently in. We've predictably. I'm calling from world. More bad central schaeuble. People have bought the -- Israeli. They walk around what Red Sox coach and they walk around the patriots coach. And I let them know is that it is sports metaphor for life. When these guys will probably loses who didn't win -- World Series -- did win and it's in national polls actually had more character this thing now. He had what -- -- Brought craft okay his poor wife passes away. Each carry -- with some young going to be good who wants to but I told in the tournament to get John Kerry up and -- coupled -- -- to -- What does it balls artists I'm so happy that it will cost. I put on the call on the victory was it was all of them are thereof this building -- -- -- -- this. -- -- -- Obama -- probably -- a lot of -- process. And on and special this is -- and democratic candidate indeed -- beat up like you must now in the everybody being here at Wal-Mart can be able holds all the white -- Because that's always a majority. He also won more championships. And is it possible that a black actually won more championships insomnia patients. This country in terms of -- haven't -- in history and I don't listen to what's right or wrong is bound to drink p.'s political correctness and reparations. Where it is say -- -- -- all the apologies your mind him it's onto a Bill Russell didn't one of the one of the network it's on NBC mistake Morgan freaks. Notice -- -- sense. Of movement and can tell you would like to market. It was just. Thanks a Stephanopoulos is from Massachusetts for goodness sake. Off. It you know the old joke I wanted to repeat it here today it's just that but how how old certain meats -- what Stephanopoulos it's up and he's got a lot of stupid things this this past year we tried to get a he tried to get Mitt Romney is say that he didn't believe in birth to that. He's just that he he's just they clown for the Democrat party I like. I kept eye today Good Morning America this course I do the screen when there week. Ago here -- -- room. There's not much going on the big. Usually so -- -- meet people like it probably people they are sort of turn on the TV like -- They have to listen for a half hour solo from 8 o'clock on two while. Good Morning America. I mean I would rather listen to infomercials there's at least an infomercial is an infomercial in claiming to be something else I mean these were infomercials described this disguised as news. And George Stephanopoulos -- stupid it's. How -- how -- -- mix up I mean who doesn't know what. As well from New England in his age bracket those -- what Bill Russell looks like. 187746943221877469. 4322. Rising only about class -- all he beat the cards that's a good one officer mark I'm surprised Obama didn't put that in his. In his speech -- You know what what do they say nobody in any time the government spends money it's like -- -- it's like some kind of miracle you know whip all the -- expand it. What do what it was wasn't the ball saying last week that all this money that they're spending on all these ridiculous transportation projects is great guys. Every dollar that you pour in to a worthless light rail project welfare for the unions. Israeli and it brings back two dollars and four cents I don't know what they come up with a two dollars and four and four cents month involves increased to two miles of pipes it's. Two dollars and four cents but that's what they say. 18774694322. Ever since Brady merry -- underwear model we have Super Bowl -- from two walls so. Week I swear she's a giants put some kind of tax. -- maybe it's maybe put backs on maybe for a tax on himself 18774694322. Hour. Yeah. Drudge. George would have been a great managing editor. First page wildly out. Back glory days of newspapers so many newspapers in places like new York and Chicago. This headline right now is. Picture of Barack Obama 14161. Days but that's beautiful that is just agree that sums it up. For me and I believe for a lot of us Jim your next without -- cargo ahead -- Pick our guys mentioned in this it and I don't know if you saw the best out of the hole inauguration right after they. When inside of the capital. The first the movie did well. They get -- -- table obligated signing with the first thing he was gonna sign. Where are the nominations for is what cabinet people you know -- and local whatever that Luke. The -- illegally out. Yeah they've been -- certain -- and as Walt and on the table at. Obama in town and has been able out below. They say in our Harry Reid Mitch McConnell and Joseph Biden -- I'll -- you -- report documents they get -- to get done and every reason reaches down and pick up one of the spending and that it will. I'm always car.