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Max Robins Monday January 21, 2013 - Walking Dead and Suits

Jan 21, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today the Walking Dead, Suits and Innauguration coverage were the hot topics.

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This time every Monday we are joined by Max robins. He is a veteran journalist covers the broadcast industry for many years and he is now on executive vice president of the paley center for media. In New York City. OK we're just waiting to while we're just waiting to get him on the on the phone here. It's okay we've got to want their okay -- aware of us. I am always. Okay what's on what's going on in the wacky world of TV. At that at all inauguration all the time that the that the. And that's why that's where we have a lot of -- radio listeners today than normal hit they -- Problem but it. It was it was interesting you know I was watching the speech -- you know for your -- witnessing weakened yesterday with my side. Yes I could tell me sounds like -- week and again you're. Chris Matthews has got that. No no I didn't say that I just no what I'm saying is that. I think whoever's in that office that doesn't matter and it agency you know the guy went to went totally great in four years. But. -- -- a lot of interest and shows coming out mid season and favored a people business segment no favored by just I'd been great so far. Girl is open big for HBO at the second episode last night. Lot of showtime favorite shows like shameless -- -- vacation house allies all back. You know rock and -- in mid season. But but dynasties that -- gallery half the battle and I but it just comes up. You they hear your voice in the -- they admit I had the question mark. IIIIQ. Hit every time I hear that name -- dynasty. I think of who would like. -- there somebody -- week's fund document Donald Duck. God that guy he was young he was the intellectual -- and now. Whatever you're dot dynasties. And so I think give it to a. Every time I see Terry Bradshaw on TV now on those on a football game be on a pregame post game show I think it I guess he went I guess he would -- college with one of those guys. He's I think so it seems like those guys for the once kept getting hit now. A how -- suits do this week. It's doing well who is doing real well. USA network really fits into the formula there. Any in any word on Hart of Dixie it's the new Netflix show. They're hard to do is that what it's called there's -- Netflix series coming out. An original met with Netflix series the first when it it was William I'm blocking on the name of it now but patriots were disposed you we do it I think Kevin Spacey involved. Really yeah yeah they're expecting big things. Is Chris Maloney and anything since he left law and order SVU thanks Max and now. Boy it's funny you know I'm I'm not the studio today put yeah I saw his name come up peace he is doing something he is against his name associated with something. You can find that out for. 18774694322. You know we got a lot of complaints over the years about people saying that that the commercials go up and sound you you know war from the regular shows. And you know I was switch off the commercial -- was so quickly. You know when they come on I have never noticed that I was on the I was on the stationary bike the of today and somebody had the they had the big screen TV I'll pop up. I swear to god it was amazing what was going on you know every time a commercial came on and it was it just that the sound just were way up. I thought you we're gonna do something about that Max. Yeah did they weren't they were supposed to end it used to be how they got away with people's war was there it. This -- wounded in a commercial. Could be no higher than the highest volume during the shot up. It felt there was what is our -- fired or so but he's not a -- whenever. Hope -- -- They could get away with it I think there are some. Rules regulating that they did change it the FCC did take a look at it. But I think it's still a tricky thing to get -- -- 1877469432218774694322. Big -- big super ball -- Sanford Cisco while Baltimore didn't seem like you got the I mean -- I get cease differences -- becoming a big attraction like one month the -- quarterback you know twenty years ago but there doesn't seem like right now there are big piece of the -- these are two big -- teams. No no me neither team has say you you know big national following like K and and the other thing too is what you really want if your network executive -- got the super ball. You what teams from major markets and the better team that has a real national well. Yeah I know I mean I'm surely try to make a big deal out of these two Brothers but you know mom already tired. But not enough -- half of the -- Yahoo! -- mean big deal who cares. 18774694322. Of the got a question for Max I give us Holland will well what you want. Will what you what have -- and so now it turns out that. Me at the tail was gonna go with with the Katie -- as his. It's as his confess. As his mother -- faster. Yeah why now -- but she only has like an afternoon show now right. Well I think Kurt deal brokered deal was with industry. So she can get primetime on ABC. Also she is so shoot there will give us so she won't get I mean what do you do have a special. That's my guess that's my guess is that other planning to handle. Where I live web like that Clinton got like -- what kind of title was that this is. This is conundrum worthy of the monkey business Jia met -- -- for the us. Take those fake girlfriend. Well I do you know I just can't even I I I -- how we. Maybe that's up part of my weaknesses -- -- may have I just glaze over and. Really I think that's got to do it's I think it's uninteresting story I mean I I still -- I stopped all interest and I mean I think I know now what is excuses -- -- -- because he gave the he apparently gave a and on on camera interview to ESPN by. A Mets don't like to see how he explains this away I mean I can topic there's a way it works one way. Not and I think it yet maybe you'll destroy it Lance Armstrong you know I thought. 18774694322. Mike your next -- powered car and Max Robbins web Mike. I actually got. Eric back just -- that Amish option. And a whole prop up all of it. I just -- art art but it's really. That that. You know it's -- it's as a realist and he is anything they call in the realm of factual. UV. Start. I never underbelly of I got there. You know is as we'd like to -- the monkey business channel. You dig deep enough. Everybody's squandered a little message right now. The so -- as -- won his fantasy league last year -- fantasy league -- would be a good title for the what thanks wrote thanks to a call -- 1877469432218774694322. Officer -- -- we need to have a show -- special -- -- without the patriots applause -- -- special show by our own the monkey business channel by grief -- Steelers you know a lot of our own grief counselors going around like the -- -- going around all the sports talk radio stations that you know try to -- the guys down for my you know take away their belts and there are. And their shoe laces when they try to kill themselves. I I think also -- got a group good idea there I mean you know you can go into the local taverns and have have. You know just. Grief counselors who were easier on the guys console. That's good fans of their -- The crocodile tears go to. And the and the mission whereby you have to do what -- number twelve all birdied triple XT shirt that I can't Wear and Gavin bill next step. Number. Euros max's New England have perhaps the guys in the malls over the weekend were wearing number twelve -- number twelve sweat shirts. Ruined yeah they worry it's it's just it's it's amazing and now and now nobody even nobody roots for the team today gates did you know that. No and the one that no one know when no one knows who watched them they got a forty rating and nobody knows we've watched the game. 18774694322. To the cable companies get accurate ratings of your cable box if not why -- if not why not would that not be a more accurate way to judge who's watching once. That's a that's a terrific question they can't put their privacy issues involved. And but they've that you can boom you best believe that the cable the cable companies have a lot of debt aren't your habits here. By inhibits your viewing habits all all that's in the box. 18774694322. -- I you know my birthday last week they got me a at -- they got they got -- a new TV set. -- who won the the the old one you know the -- was autograph by Ronald Reagan -- But kept it together with -- particularly. That's. And it did you digital 3-D. I'd look it looks like 3-D to me I didn't even ask him it's also got the Internet -- Like I couldn't believe this this is in this amazing it's great. Well that's terrific that's terrific oh by the way that caller called our Chris Maloney. You know he's been played -- re occurring character and true blood. OK so we still does have a job okay. -- you're -- in -- and believe me to have with the residuals -- law and order. SE EU we don't have to pass an effort. Will Dallas hire Sam Elliott is jock Ewing long lost brother to replace JR's the series' villain. -- that. Not a bad idea I like family if everything goes against. Michael your next with how we are in Max -- go ahead Michael. Hey I really care about what happened a lot but I bet if you had a box that Barack wouldn't have an operation today. That's my problem -- go Bruins. What we've got who wanted me go Bruins we've all got Beanpot fever here -- Beanpot fever they good -- Cheer up on you guys all you -- cheerleaders from -- well you know the used to -- those those great College Hockey games. 187746943221877469. 4322. Match when all the Walking Dead be back on please feel like Obama lost as he beat the cards. I think you're gonna have to wait for the all week. Really yeah. All right. Let's -- can your next with Howie Carr. And Max Robbins go ahead Ken. Yeah I'd probably -- I was watching Netflix. It and I side keep series it was a lie in it seems like it only once she's -- -- just wonder that they were ever gonna come back without charity Obama. Note -- note is not coming back. Well okay. Great call hey how we more Chris Maloney news yeah so there's a film can become an -- I think in some sometime later this year. I Jackie Robinson of 42. And he's Chris Moore is simply we ought to brochure and -- Harrison Ford play Branch -- Mom that's kind of strange. I don't get that one but I don't think that. Rich you're next with how we car and Max -- go ahead rich. -- In that frantically talking about it -- I think it should be. That interviews from the porn stars were put into the -- cameras and aren't. I was. But I'm pretty sure. Are you sure you don't put upon style you guy are you getting pawn stars in your response to our owners aren't. And that -- porn -- yeah we I don't know but it is -- -- Huckabee ride that started that you are in the car brought PA WS in my friend the OK okay to vote and we show. Thanks for the call 187746943221877. Is Curb Your Enthusiasm coming back. Yeah we don't have a date yet but I think it is coming back come. Same thing always happens with Larry David is fed up -- -- do it anymore of the web these and then -- from maybe -- that. -- lures them back. Walking Dead is coming back February -- -- aren't my bad sorry for the numbers looking for Al. Up pretty good pretty good so I heard rumors it was my do you win the don't know them he says it at the yeah I mean it's definitely on the bubble. 18774694322. David your next with how we CarMax -- score had David. Italian Zelaya. Quick question and a comment one -- and it is true blood coming back on HBO. I don't never returned it for people to check it out okay. The other topics are -- under about a lot inkjet jet and it kind of a midseason. Break. Bright and do that they do the same thing that they did with breaking bad. Yeah that's why I was confused thank you. Thanks thanks David was with your next with how we car and Max -- go analyst -- I guess I thought that you wore an expert Walking Dead on that intense. I had aren't corrected your right your right take months. This what happens when you leave them in the Brooklyn bureau. Right but well he's not in Manhattan. Yeah I'm off our game. Or let -- bank. That would have put a Maloney. Yes. He got Cuba but true blood and not anymore. Our OK with in the -- season and 2012. Point. I should check in with you before -- do this space is I don't know I mean I think maybe he -- To put that up yet but you know that he was -- Leo Durocher in the -- 42. But Jackie Robinson did do. Leo Durocher nice guys finish last -- famous line. Donna you're next with how we guard Max -- -- -- Donna. Try to keep that should be Colin needs to because. The gentleman that called about the importance starts so lottery and you guys were taught were talking about it last week gave cartel the comedienne. I'll bet you're right boy Howie I -- I he's one weakens their killer on the. -- We're Telus -- I feel sorry for the guy because we've we've we've been most look stupid what it what is the what's the show -- -- dog and -- Name of that I think it's going to be I don't I don't remember the name of the show but it's on showtime with potential timeline. Yeah you react and it's and but I don't know the name. And it's about all this washed up porn stars on a oh boy does that sound depressing. But now we're pretty funny it is -- it's -- but -- you have to watch it did but you know that right. Okay who -- is everybody we know one they're gonna do there's nobody right now. -- -- that's a loaded question there when estimate they know what you. Washed up porn stars. All right. Let's see Matt. Any news on the next season of doctor hope. They don't have any new doctor with the but the series it is like -- -- for apple ever. It's the paley center whenever we do anything a doctor drew we sell out and -- in a heartbeat. People want also -- explain briefly what the paley satirist Max a couple of text does one know about -- The paley center for media basically. Used to be called museum of television and radio and we have the largest archive. Television and radio. Open to the public. And we also do a lot of work goes apart I -- categories we bring together a lot of people from different parts of the view we do a lot of summits some seminars and a little bit of intent to. -- -- so -- but people can come down their NC -- they're all paper chose right. Absolutely absolutely. And it's it's a terrific place to visit I highly recommend. Mike your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Mike. Pat text -- don't stall what's on the conduct what one that's what -- -- children of those tortured him. The paley center for media and that's where in New York time in New York City right up rocked I was on 52 street clearly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't little website so people can get you know actually the north to come down the New York to see Highway Patrol. Well part of it is how we did you know of some of the stuff we don't have the rights for we don't show it it's in -- We don't own it yeah we possessive but we can't just put it out all on the web. -- okay all right. So you but the CBS stock you own right. No not even the CBS stuff. Yeah I mean their stuff we do like for example we do a nightly contribute to a wide on a Family Guy -- the creators people do the voices. They have a material we go. But the actual show we don't know. Yeah okay. All right rich your next group very quickly rich go ahead. Yeah Max it's like the -- series at -- and we watched that -- at Christmas time and we just I'm caught up on the second seed and we're looking for some. Quality weekly showed that we can watch together so -- just wanna get an idea. Well. I really like a boardwalk empire is really good if if you like homeland. They're -- BBC show called the hours it's pretty cool that you might -- Gloria what else is good I'm experienced Sunday anarchy experience it justified it and got caught up with justified that would be I think my number one. Or Richard you wanna go back a little there's almost Boston black you have to have two at thirteen of the finest -- movies ever made. Oh by the way by the way that David -- showed Colby the old porn. Okay Dave's old -- okay. Thanks Max thanks severe weather as we appreciate -- are about what you how it.