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Thanks Suckers!

Jan 21, 2013|

An immigrant mother thanked the people of England for her cushy life which enables her to spurn full-time work — yet she can afford foreign holidays and buys designer clothes. Howie was horrified and asked has welfare run amok everywhere.

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On another big weekend. And warrants for. -- all day. Will Leo and -- The mayor. Of the CU Dodd on the Merrimack. Armed suspects worked at CV BP W. Three warrants teens hired through at risk. You Korea. Mean how many times you heard this story before me that this is likes dislikes about a seventy Asian -- back to the giving all of these grants all these urban grants and that's the same old bolt. -- Now lead the at a given the -- they give they try to keep criminals off the street in the crumbles just you know use the use the money to war. Two to just you know finance their -- crimes breeze here. Three alleged armed robbers captured Friday night after barricading themselves inside a south union street convenient story forward -- of course warrants. Worked with the city's public works department courtesy of an 800000. Dollar in at the crime. An anti crime program was paying crumbles apparently it was a great. Your tax dollars at work its -- last week we had the of the -- have baby shower. In up in Stowe and among the among the -- Brockton resonance turning -- or turning into way I. And that now today we have. Wallets scenes. In any anti crime program are being robbing various. Convenience stores. The trio are suspects in seven -- city armed robberies. They were placed in the DPW to clean parks and pick up litter through the safe and successful youth initiative -- Is the is the you finished your grant safe and successful. Officials confirm blessed by will the city streets are a little safer because they got 33. Three yanks this off the street it's. The program is Mary is managed by art McCabe in the cities community development department. Two months ago Michael to issue on our only shot. Nineteen Richard Moore on eighteen and Rubens solved by eighteen started working at the DPW. He was well Johnny ends insurgency acting public works director said he was so well aware that all three teams were part of the grant program for at risk and troubled youth he said. None of the men were paid with budget DPW fund's success of that that's great see this huge -- ago pool that's good. State funds are being wasted because warrants is basically wore the state at this point so. There are only using the federal funds to pay these acts so old so I'm only paying for 15150. -- -- model it. The grant program is designed to curb crime and violence committed by eighteen to 24 Urals officials said when the 800000. Dollars and here it is federal money was awarded in the program unveiled last spring. Those in the program would clean the BD PW yard on Auburn street and pick up trash at various spots around warrants. And then in the evening hours they would. Rob stores. Al CO Mora and -- on a war actually doing reasonably well in the program McCabe said he's the director of the program I'm actually kind of stunned. In the past week we've just put together a White -- for one of these kids he really seemed into it. You know what Chris all but it was a good boy a very good -- Friday night after barricading themselves in the convenience stores police set LC a more and so Obama tried to shoot their way out of a locked back Bork. But failed and surrendered market. He's a good boy on her dribble he's a good boy a very good boy. Alice CIA has also been charged image in January ninth -- A man said he was robbed of 300 dollars when he arranged through FaceBook to meet someone to buy an iPhone. See this is great these guys you get a month federal programs your -- -- federal money. And it says it's just a little extra though they have to watch this thinking they can buy gas. You know take the jalopy out and scout out new places for -- and it's nice to great. And of course the and of course the mayor is the mayor doesn't have nearly as many policeman is used to have because so many of them have been suspended what day. And that's -- she's easy insists on suspending them whipped today she believes the better to keep them silent when they're called before grand jury. He doesn't have money to hire new ones so but he does have this federal money to hire criminals and put him out on the street to do the public. 617 that's a heart warming story. 97 native they had midnight basketball this never have happened. 187746943221877469. This is like seventy -- crap. It is it's exactly what it's like -- comprehensive employment and training. Or are they were in Boston was known as a youth activities commission we call them -- acts. Some of those yak pack I think Steve Crosby may have -- yeah act act for guys now maps like gaming commission. Security is it's like it's like 3540 years later these guys are now like over sixty years old saw them. Are still on the public -- They've they've never -- you that we're supposed to learn a trade but of course the only trade they -- ones. But they didn't wanna learn a trade it was a lot easier to be in the public sector so they've just remain -- their entire life. And these guys are to remain -- there are -- that they're gonna present -- you know a lot of these eat you seem to people this is. This is what a waste of money that one as just an incredible waste of money. They just they would teach and what -- what the again what they taught people wars. You know I got friends that are you know I got friends two point go to school with their haven't worked -- now working at McDonald's has -- man. Like shore up for work and you don't get paid as much in the confined area -- if I don't get this even. Then nobody'll fire me and I get more money and I don't have -- come to work and Italy Pope being the pick up garbage college that was -- the javelin and we go on in the field with him javelin bosses. It's best -- -- it was so you have a whole generation of people warned that though learn how much the war. And again they're still not working. Sounds like their temporary guest workers I don't know about that 1877469432. To via a city work CO workers him. OK we got a -- for buses as -- you for remember last week the the this -- city the city youth worker was arrested this was -- -- -- -- for the -- got money from the Boston foundation which is a nonprofit organization. Run -- former run rate for an -- who's who was paid 572000. Dollars a year -- -- program. And a this city -- this city youth worker. Was arrested by the police he had an unregistered. True shot there were injured cow like the 1180 when he won Amsterdam on national weapons. And he had some cocaine. And he had a common might war car. So it's nice it's you know it's it's very good that he's -- he's there he would gamble like these kids have warranties -- they're trying to war trying to fight crime here. 18774694322. Now we have another one. One of the city's anti crime street workers. Some of -- prominent Dorchester youth minister is facing firearms charges on on in an ongoing police investigation. After a woman were shot in the head and critically wounded in the apartment they share yesterday morning according to police and his father. City street worker. The Yemeni city road workers are city boulevard workers -- city avenue workers are they -- street workers. City street worker. Jeremy Harrison 28 was arrested yesterday on charges of possessing unlicensed firearm. Most of the world's less time crime was committed with a licensed firearm just just to bring this up again but again it's always an unlicensed firearm is that. And having an unsecured fire or more minor was president shortly with the present shortly after a woman in her twenties were Charlotte shot an arbiter street apartment all -- will have an -- about 10:15 AM. The woman was hospitalized -- life threatening injuries. The reverend Shaun Harrison said his son lives there with a -- that with the victim in a building owned by the minister's wife the reverend who leads operation project to go on it that -- -- anti crime outreach programs said the woman had been shot in the head. The reverend called the shooting an accident he was cleaning his gun and he forgot that there was -- shell in the chamber and he struck his girlfriend in the head he said. They were madly in love with each other and this wasn't the domestic violence it was an accident. I guess there's one way you could describe Jeremy Harrison right press. Like a good boy have very good boy. The reverend said his son was wrong no knows he was wrong to have an illegal firearm in the house and he will take full responsibility for the consequences. Boston centers for you for opium which spokeswoman -- -- be halted confirmed Jeremy -- was employed by the city. As a straight worker. His job is helping. At risk students bypassed gangs by teaching them violence prevention methods. Violence prevention methods. Does that include having an unlicensed handgun yourself. He's one of the city agencies thirty street workers. The program was created in the nineties to quell the gang and -- related violence surging in some city neighborhoods. Last week Boston Police arrested a privately employed street worker markets merit after reportedly finding them on a car with a -- cocaine. And now I'm licensed to shot Beringer whichever hollow point bullets too by the way merit which employed by the Boston foundation is that earth. Isn't that great unregistered -- think partly fox won't comment the boy -- Bartley fox. Two good trivia question nobody under fifties ever heard of partly faux even though it's still on the -- 187746943220. Come on how -- the that was just given given a ride to the gal to resume class. 1877469432218774694322. Of is is were we gonna shock and outrage you know this is you know -- as government Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has declared that. He's going to war give by illegal aliens in state to which meaning that might have to pay any to wish him because they don't report any income because then of Social Security cards. So they have to work on the table so they don't have any legitimate and come so late they put down the Belmont. When they have the -- vehemently and company get full scholarships. Well it was bad enough when when we were getting -- people coming here with their three weeks. To well be illegal aliens in debt free right now. Now the kids are coming by themselves. Because they apparently know. That the state won't take care. The state will take care of them teach them English send them to school. Give them welfare even though they're just kids that won't send them back to Mexico or Guatemala will just keep from here. And I guess what's gonna happen again always end up going to college. The ones of course but don't rob the rob the convenient stores open warrants. They're -- gonna end up going to college is going to be less money for your kid to go to get a scholarship. Because. These keep these chuckled when these illegal aliens are coming across the border this is from the yellow and pay BO -- item. Seventeen year old Miriam Mendez tells how she and her brother Marcus soul is spent weeks walking to a better future a better future. In regard to -- the way -- stories ago. They're from Guatemala. They walked all across Mexico I decided to come here to get a better future. To work to help my mom my dad and make money here Mendez said in Spanish. In an interview with the daily item so she's she's underage and she doesn't speak English which is gonna get a job I don't think so. The agents turned the two unaccompanied minors over to the federal. Health and Human Services Department which placed them through a network of shelters across the country while pro Bono lawyer. He pro Bono lawyer. There about a usually not pro Bono bad it's you want higher pay and form. Guided them through immigration proceedings and social workers scrambled to locate their the only appropriate sponsors back home here in America. Eventually. The two. Where said they were released war friend in -- who promised to supervise them and America. You know argued that supervises the key word -- used to be had to sign an affidavit saying you were gonna support -- And America. So that they wouldn't become wards of the state not noticed the word is not support the war -- to supervise. So that means they they don't say it in this story but they're getting they must be getting welfare they can't worked around their age. So they must be getting welfare. Unaccompanied minors from Central America started showing up in -- about three years ago but never more than five at a time attendant when schools. Last year it exploded set a school officials more likely on the way it's a free ride day everything is free in America why wouldn't they come up here. The state is mandated by congress to provide you with access to -- immigration lawyers mental and physical health services case. Man managers in family reunification process is now -- -- they support themselves they don't say that they've got to. They have got to -- be supported all here it is she said it is not uncommon for unaccompanied minors to receive and apply it to apply for and receive asylum status. Allowing them to live and work legally in America there's something else asylum status -- -- for. It means you cannot apply for welfare even though you're an illegal alien. It make sure legal if you apply for -- asylum and granted that's how it -- it to be got to stay in America she was. Their presence in the -- public schools has been a huge challenge for school officials the students are far behind their American peers some of them have never been to school. He has this the school system has had to hire more specialized teachers -- the class -- -- up even overflowing this month and the landing wishes afterschool programs the money to educate these new students comes out of the school budget. So these people -- never paid any taxes they don't speak English they don't work. And that they're they are now why they have to be educated with the money from limit taxpayers'. When taxpayers who weren't destroyed when the -- and up money aside. To send their own kids to college and will probably in some cases lose out on scholarships because there won't be enough money to go around because these illegal aliens from Guatemala that are just decide become popular by themselves. Have have become. And they have. Are being taken care of and all the will eat up all the money. 1877469432218774694322. What do you think of that what do you make of that. That now now they are coming up your -- themselves kids are coming up here by themselves. And going on to welfare they know they'll be taken care of by the by yet TO while. By uncle -- It's are they going to work come up here and I just just go live here and and get a -- in the want to once again knocked up that they can get they don't need asylum once they get knocked up because they'll have an anchor baby. 1877. Force I mean this is going to be -- disk in my goal on like this we cannot. Take you and everybody in the world wants to come here and live. Live on the at all and that's what we're going. 978. Supervision translation anchor babies. 617 these -- showing up could be in their thirties and we would know. 978 it almost sounds like this country is being intentionally destroyed yes it does doesn't it. I mean what -- system for OM I mean what there is this is this good to be letting letting more people who wore an Oreo literate in not. Not even an English they're literate in Spanish or may be some tribal -- lacked. In the being brought in here they have a they have no skills. No no nothing to offer. Evan doll they do they gonna just -- off the taxpayers. And we're supposed to welcome them. 18774694322. Greg you're next with allowing cargo ahead Greg. And vote all blocker and four Barack Obama. Yes they did and for Brad and Randy Warren though. A lot of I don't really -- outside of -- girl that's what you get. That's what you're out or quit. -- -- -- But I I agree with you Greg but the thing is that a lot of -- a lot of these a lot of these it illegal alien. Freeloaders are gonna be supported by us the state taxpayers they don't -- and they don't have any money and land. I got there a year ago and -- want or collapses and I mean it's true it could. Collapse. And what it that's what you'll be doing. And in my opinion Parker collapse the predator got beat -- get more Marat yeah. And it's -- tradition here yeah it there'll be -- big big and all our. People are marriage already do it -- -- children -- dirty ordered approach in fact it tell you -- -- take them back being our. Okay parent you know I I don't while I agree or perhaps a little bit below kids vaccinated. At all and your opening up the order to. People come again -- view that there were. 30420000. Here at the troubled -- lot of people last year and -- at the table to order. -- all -- that your chair. -- It's too bad thing you know what you know. It's good cooperative ordered -- -- order Obama voted for it's it's it's a little ideological. Right now and now an -- just it's it's a disaster army can you imagine this happening. You know. 304050 years ago I mean they they kept tight watches on families the welfare. And I you have beaten now you have kids you're sneaking into the country and they're being. They're being sent basically they're being so popular they were these kids were caught Texas and somehow they made their way here. And the Indy that the the so called family friend to wipe out as a family friend just -- -- supervisor -- that probably means -- on the welfare checks they now. That's a way and I'm sure that's the way it works out in the old days. As I said that you had that you had to have an affidavit signed in the affidavit was in force. Use your responsible. If this you know if this alien became sick then you have to pick up the doctor's -- if you lost his job and you had to that you had the play. To support. And every and twice a year in many case people told me this and that they've people aren't that old either have told me that you had to go around but a police station. Twice a year to give -- -- -- leaders now. Now you just sneak into the country and you. Wishing you don't vote on a police station of our welfare office and you get your right you get jury -- cards in your mass health cards and and all the rest. And you get your section eight housing. And you get your right you get your cable TV and as you can listen to the TV shows -- back from Europe Third World hell from which you can. You get your Obama phone. And we're supposed to pay for us where we're where's the money gonna come from. I don't want I don't want my tax system -- -- to six point 25%. Amid -- -- take it like a that that. I don't even know how much that tax cut is so far but the the Social Security went up the the -- -- marginal rates went up. And that now the ball wants it to add another -- percent amid a -- it's 567%. Already this year so people like this can have a dream. They wanna dream. You know what my dream is my dream is they go home. They go home and and stop leaching off me and all their millions of god come Padres do the same shot -- -- next with Howie Carr gore had shot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A couple of things you know that people on this thing for many many years to people come over here. -- -- -- -- It is it's evening. And -- most of the crying about 24. Right or. League player that they have in the Bronx a few years ago. You know he said he was twelve years all the turnout was seventy wonders strike out the side he was he was by her -- -- what players. Right and that's you know so I mean a huge issue. And I don't think people really know that there on -- team and that the same way it lit a lot of Asian immigrants as well. They made it fifteen to 24 twenty. What day in particular looks they can look that young what it really not. To a few come over in your middle aged and it's really pays to why he wrote it pays to add years to your wife because that's -- -- the -- you can go one Social Security or SSI right. Well well you know they can they call me here at regular. You know I. -- and it easier and you see people in high schools and get accepted city's other other kinda high school. It hear it there 8815. But there are 24. And then they get right -- -- It means you're -- her and the second thing is. Many of the worker. They get out well you know -- Are illegal. So they get there you know illegal an illegal people can easily. Without you know without -- -- don't I -- and it would be great to know I mean I'm sure that never let us know because this the numbers will be so shocking and I'm sure they could have that claim privacy laws etc. But would've been nice -- know how many of the people on welfare in Massachusetts are actually illegal aliens. I'm thinking it's going to be like probably 20/20 5% at the very least. 18774694322. Women talk more about this. I have another great story from from the UK is this week from the UK is is just amazing I mean there they're in the same boat we are. There they're being inundated with these are the these. Immigrants who have no intention of ever -- a day in their lives now aren't we. -- 187769432217746. 4322. 954 how we think it is -- Tony attended the inauguration. Only if somebody else paid her way. She doesn't pay for anything as you well 187746. Mine for three to two. Welfare don't pay income taxes but they do pay sales tax -- give them a break why do you think -- why do you think Deval Patrick wants to cut the sales tax to raise the income tax. It's so be illegal aliens won't have to pay as much but you -- by citizens. Will have to and working people will have to pay more. And -- his constituents the the illegals and welfare recipients won't have to pay as much it's pretty clear isn't it. 18774694322. We'll get back to these calls as well I gotta ice -- the region this story this is from the sun and in Britain. And it's a you always like like America Britain has been inundated with waves. Foreigners just seeing her on the ball. And it's as a lot to do with the European Union and these these these countries get though -- into the European Union electro like with the Wayne via Bulgaria. And everybody starts warming in the Britain because they have welfare would there and they just they just. -- the welfare rolls have exploded just like they you know win on especially on Google labour government -- that that's like the Democrats and that the label wants lament for the same reason the the welfare recipients to come to Britain for the same reason the Democrats won in America they want more dependent. People the world the world vote for more government handouts. -- -- So this is about net not told the China bill Lola. This is it's getting to be it's going to be -- really it's going to be a big story in Britain I mean it's always been a big story it. With this emigration it's been a disaster for Britain. But it's getting worse and now the -- even the tabloids and -- Rupert Murdoch's tabloid the sun. Which is best known for its you know page three girls -- they -- about the the naked semi naked women. Now there are doing stories on us. A migrant mom thank the UK yesterday for letting her claim 141500. Pounds a year I think it's about. What thirty grand a year in benefits. Natalie gym below what 33 told the sun how she spurns full time work it can afford for holidays and buys designer clothes. The Lithuanian said British benefits give me and my daughter a good life. She is milk soft touch written for 50000 pounds in benefits and yesterday said they simply take what is given to me. Overjoyed that Powell not only Asia told how she lives a life of luxury franks who are strange welfare system declaring. It's important to have nice things in good holidays. In these Tony couldn't agree more. So the way she worked that is just just how she worked that she had an anchor baby I don't know what the -- over there but it's the same thing anchor baby. The graduate who became a single mom after she arrived here works in more than 1000 pounds a month and handouts 141508. Pounds a year to fund her love of designer clothes Johnston the Spanish on the nightclub -- She bragged I have a lovely fully first -- money to live properly on there's no chance were leaving. British benefits give me and my daughter a good life. But she does have one criticism. Not a leisure -- I think they should help pay for private enemies rather than just free nursery oh is that it's. Yes stationed -- every one should ever -- -- especially people who just arrived in the country yet. -- years ago. Here's what she says and what a way to the other welfare system does not pay enough I have a friend over there who's a single mother too she only gets 20/20 pounds a month -- child benefit plus some discount to help with gas electricity. And some housing help it's not enough to would keep a normal level of life like I have here. If I want benefits -- I couldn't afford nice holidays are abroad or nice clothes. She you know she has a good education SE. So why she she refuses to accept the low paying job she's careful to work few more than sixteen hours a -- so the benefits keep borrowing yen. But wages booster and come to more than 400 pounds a week. On top of that she gets free child care fruit and milk -- archers and -- proposal -- for quote unquote job interviews. Of course she does want -- job. Battle leisure said it's a strange system you have in this country basically the fewer hours -- work the more I can -- on benefits but that's the way it is and it's not my fault. I am highly educated woman and I speak six languages I would never -- perched supermarket checkout job -- cleaner. I'm overqualified. Blows jobs -- -- meet me they are for people who don't have the education I do. This is a little -- in immigrant and Briton living on welfare with -- bastard child. She continued I love to buy clothes on my credit cards and often have a blowout stores like -- valley. And the Armani exchange I will pay off my credit cards eventually I would I use my paid a -- with a minimum repayment. I also enjoy going to nightclubs and parties with my friends it's important to go out and get dressed up it's good for myself for staying. One -- only just that are in this problem being overrun with but freeloaders from foreign lands. Britain -- the Britain so it's 1877469432218774694322. McKee you mention they can't throw this woman out of it the country. Do you measure we can't throw these these these little the diesel criminals out of the country -- -- overcome a career -- and live off -- One reclaiming their 1518774694322. 1877469432. True. Dave your match with how we cargo -- day of. -- its value I would be so it's sad that there wasn't for you remote storage because the way you read them. I was laughing the whole time just because you burned just so much personality -- It's just got there like I had -- what you you know that those -- -- you're talking about lap segment. And you -- say that the while -- they can't -- last. I gotta tell -- Just -- to California those people Americans the generations or getting dumber and lazier and people don't wanna say it because we live in such a PC world. I don't care -- jerk anyway it's like to call people what they are. Americans are stupid they're dumb and -- lazier than ever -- and they keep they're good they're gonna keep voting for higher taxes on themselves. In order to exceed our -- well. I know they both have all of the unions voted all the unions spent tens of millions of dollars of these idiots in California -- -- voted to give themselves higher taxes. But you know the thing is they boasted that most of the people who -- -- or really the producers in California their leaving I mean there there Lieberman at the rate of a 100000 a year and it's gonna in the -- the pace is only gonna pick up. What who absolutely Ali in your caller Gregg who -- -- two -- to a trickle back. He's absolutely right this system will eventually collapse probably import to India with him I want -- to -- sooner -- later you say you don't -- a basic point 25 been intact it. Let me tell you how we were going to be paying how a lot more than that still because Americans will continue to bolt and it's an -- -- People eat more policy to what is the boy in him and do those three -- -- gives you were talking about. When they're talking about a light plane and it looked so they were so excited about like -- you aren't sure they weren't they were shocked that they could do that. I'm not shocked because they were probably told what you're gonna get a job -- -- -- and -- -- you know. We at this level it enjoy life. Well they probably didn't wanna chill up -- -- -- -- and interest them and indeed bleeding heart liberal policy to what is the -- and it's the same thing. People are always surprised when things when things bad happen. Wow. That guy who shot of firefighters they probably all been up to seventeen years from -- mother are without water people why they don't bet. Type of people -- pocket. I don't but the shut the Warburg crop a couple of years ago he was going. Oh light sentences and he was well how can you be paroled from warm light sentence let alone won't. Oh. He gets out he shoots it shoots a cop. Bob your next with how we cargo that Bob. And I realized. I just had a call with that woman you read that letter about the woman well I have a master's degree plus 45 urban teaching for 33 years. And I'm happy to have -- about playing a night job cleaning 206. And for all the Asians -- always. -- read a story about Ph.D.s they say this there's tens of thousands of Ph.D.s that I worked him a janitorial jobs right now. While I like huge during the debt. You know and a necktie -- -- -- ones from years ago this is what I really want the Jeep and conservative. I was coming home from I was wrecker truck and company. -- -- -- Prado and I would shopping at the Stop & Shop to get you know the basic supplies and going through my change -- -- ones yet and the guy behind me doing the same thing. And the two people in front of us that looked like your stereotypical. On the dole had and I'll never forget it 225. Goals -- the food she takes subtle role that would choke on. And he says don't use up all the cash used of food stamps. And the guy behind me is what the hell we -- where we're working. Now located. I don't didn't I mean how about how about the people is sometimes you go -- go in and New Hampshire where they can so by boost. And the use the he beat the card to buy -- in the aggregate back to while while it's there with the use of these so dual clutch probably a license social clubs could again. They can't get a license you know I mean where where not only are we providing the Connolly of providing food were providing liquor for bones. Form it's just it's just set a larger -- work and Bob thanks for the call 1877469. Were three to two. One more Jeff you're next with how we cargo ahead Jeff. And I think that in my culture. -- that they are -- to their color who would have a bit earlier -- But QK -- abruptly and -- there is -- is it Britannia mine period yeah yeah yeah and even after they've proved. That you two years till the plate yeah they didn't strip -- -- get their plate and. Do you that they got knocked out Staten Island they believe eight. Not quit and security yeah they never got any recognition because it would I don't -- to other players on the -- -- her -- herself a guy named Jeff that would hurt their self esteem just like -- the waiting in woman said thanks McCollum now we are.