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Chump Line Tuesday January 22, 2013- Clinton's View

Jan 22, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was President Bill Clinto calling on his view of Kelly Clarkson's rear end at President Obama's inauguration.

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Four. It. It is to the Washington. -- Mr. President your be ashamed of yourself isn't Kelly Clarkson now a married woman. I opened the coronation has gone down its former warriors with this socialists now. People playing in the country. Believe this leads to entry now. Spain. -- is looking good you know at least compared to Greece -- and out of looks pretty bad. And it. Every. Single. You know it's really amazing that it's Al -- that the problem. With his depends rather than rather than Chris Matthews you would think that every when Chris Matthews on yesterday get out of a car that he when he worked at the same kind of -- Al Roker bit. And I ordered a limited way ahead of the NBA's player happened. It's doing it these men. You're being in the NB days in the well. -- different standards you know they have different contracts they have different. Different every. When you -- -- -- other -- would you have productive question. And daddy have counted out. Wonder if they would ask her question like that. We went over you know what what would you recommend. -- movie you've seen recently. Almost all the usual kind of stuff -- they have I think the important question is -- real life is a hardy perennial of these these kind of situations. I won't be there'll be sitting in the library. Making phone calls obesity in the route the call for browsing the library -- some waiting for her -- be interviewed now comment. For the last twenty minutes yourself. -- -- -- Let me report. People wipe spills are about parents -- I inherited this fiscal my -- Georgia. I also everything I -- that take money from people like you and give it a deterrent to people why bill. I want to I want gimme gimme gimme gimme. Our first caller of the day brighter really wasn't necessary for -- call me what that I already knew that that was your plan. It's it's been made extremely clear to me over the last four years. And I always wonderful I had Florida Florida Florida false. We opened up a bill only spent forty years ultimately go -- You know SSI was originally. Designed to be four widows and orphans no kidding that's that's what they that's what they said when they -- congress saying. It's only for widows and orphans you know. And bill. And tens of millions like he could be in our ten. EB 63 chances are he is an orphan at this point see him. But you know why I don't think that's what they met him at younger orphans you know people who for. People like up like Bruce Wayne for instance -- It's complicated by the. That means a mighty free loader is on the way. -- got help from where I -- why don't make him a local. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's always a beautiful place I mean you have to go outside -- hold it. Now let's put that I mean it's not like it's hard worker or anything it would be to be about that'd be the mental challenge you can handle what. The the weather I don't America I think -- accuse one of these guys that like like this happens tragically to so many told takers in Massachusetts. He would -- were dropped the cash to war. On his clothes and then go out. On a disability. If you are a million people attended the inauguration yesterday for his -- missed work to twelve. Always. A new song was gonna say it was meant to say that I met for. Several times -- -- -- for forcing him so. Shame on you -- -- there were a couple of Morton fourteen million people at the inauguration jobs. Maybe twenty. At least the -- it. -- up and they always went real well what about there. Hate crimes all of that of that -- hate crimes is opposed to someone who pitcher over the head because he. Q. He said he was 53 not 63 didn't say it was at but he said it was 63. It's a sixty turnout at exit 63 -- That column won't and it's still. Spread but according -- -- filled with -- I'm not for my own channels. They gave -- and Panama. We like to -- the Calhoun for sitting over find spread is always on Tuesday afternoon on the Kowloon is Austin's premier Asian mining experience it's on route one orphans -- Massachusetts. And we recommend -- -- for one firmly. Who do great job with the Kowloon and did mr. rock state representative. One does a great job but represented the taxpayers' interest of state house he has a Republican. Yes it is under Obama here. How would of been the result. It won't. It be accurate is it that way yet. It is a certain people -- That. News this. Itself premiums of about one that's why they call it the affordable health care act that was what I read that the eight than they the idea. The they just put it in the the initials to the affordable health care that -- for -- disease he CIA. Than they -- for US ECB affordable. Health care. And to law. Yeah I agree to do it too. Is it and my dad went there. Or okay. I am gonna pay for it. -- I'm listed as a notable Deerfield alumnus in it in Wikipedia only thing is they got the wrong decade. Actually do get something's wrong they put me in the seventies round in the sixties I think I graduated when I was seventeen easily assumed it was a mistakes. From the seventies. But now you know what it. We get older it's better they make mistakes like that -- between -- and -- -- That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout. OK that's it for the -- like that a chaplain is the recorded voice mail message surface of how we or show you caller we've messages any hour that there and I including weekends sharply number -- -- -- -- -- -- messages. 617779346. Mine we mayor and a player messages this time between. Four. -- yeah two -- Washington.