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Everything For Nothing

Jan 22, 2013|

In his second inaugural address President Obama said we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit. but we reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. In other words we want everything and we have no idea how to pay for it. Howie asked are the gloves off now.

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All right how we 2013. Is the year of the -- Ray Lewis is going to the Super Bowl and Barack Obama gets inaugurated for four more years. Well that's we'll see what's what happens in the Super Bowl on the I am living I'm gonna guess that the San Francisco 49ers are gonna gamble via. -- ravens without too much difficulty that would be that would be my guess anyway. 1877469432218774694322. Where judges that talked about the the -- and see what happens next with the what what happens next with the administration one of the Robert what do Republicans do next. You know rush was saying today that he thinks that a lot of people feel like the Republicans just that the -- back and and wait for -- wait for something that happened I think people refer to economic crash. I you know what I think that's where that's where it's -- and that's what's gonna come down to I think that's what the Republicans have to do mean you don't. You don't have to go after this guy to part I mean I I think -- sometimes it's just it's just best to war you know save save your aura. C bureau brought sites for. Later on I I I think that this is this country -- one S it it just keep that the spending. Cannot. Continue. The way is the way it's been going on and I and I know that the you're utopia that's why I think for them personally I think the stock markets being manipulated to pump money in the stock market keep up. And you know the it. I I don't think there's there's anything. They are really I don't think there's any reason the stock market to be as high as it is I'm -- I'm staying out of bound by U. And I think that though what what we're gonna have to do was just and is is wait until people realize how how bad off the country -- and it won't what -- -- she gonna go mean. You you can't have. This many people not work I mean I don't care I don't care how many. How many times they write unexpectedly when the when the employment statistics come out -- the talk about the the the region the every re the the seasonal. Variations. And you know there was a storm and though all there was east error and and that Thanksgiving came early this year they've always got an excuse but it's not it's not gonna work its its probably if it's not happening it's. People don't have a lot of though maybe people have. Some people have dull but more more more people. War are over are off the or off to what the roles you you can't keep you can't keep adding more and more people to -- to the welfare it's it's it's not going to work. And now Obama wants to bring in eleven million. Supposedly eleven million probably more like 25 million illegal aliens. Who are gonna go one welfare -- or huge percentage of them are gonna go well for much higher percentage than anybody that any group of Americans. Who were born here. And they're gonna bring in their relatives and it's going to be the you know however but he's going to be bring him in their cousins and they are all gonna be one long while for how how was how can this go on. He -- Now they say the they they want to say that they they don't wanna be dependent on that on nuclear power. They don't want they hate coal. They don't like fracking. Where's the energy come from the energy if you if you don't if you don't have any nuclear power and you don't wanna use coal you don't -- if you don't want away employee the the the new method the most efficient method of fracking. You're gonna have to import the -- And you're gonna have to import the oil from areas that are from increasingly. Unstable I just don't think I I don't think -- can go one would of course hold up Tanya though Chris Matthews Chris Matthews -- has a -- -- the GOP will win here he wanted to he wanted to share this with you. There's so much -- willingness to rig the election by the Republicans that they know they're heading in the demographic trouble if they never gonna give an -- this is almost like -- we -- thank the census now you know before. And -- what I see them doing is okay we're never gonna be popular get rid of the Reagan. And Howell did your hero get elected in 1960 Chris. I'm JFK get elected that they rigged the election Chicago. Did they -- that they rigged the election in Texas that bill Lyndon Johnson -- first elected to the senate by rigging a democratic primary. 1877469432218774694322. You can't the you know but he can't. The thing is if you attack him -- if you echo Obama too strident -- The you know the bid low information voters are gonna think less abuse the low information voters have got to come to their own conclusions. And this is this a start it's a good start here what happened with the you know the 2% increase in the Social Security tax. It's a good start what the -- trying to do here in the state of Massachusetts. Raising taxes in nineteen. The income taxes by 19% while cutting the sales tax. So that the illegals and the welfare recipients have to pay laughs in the people -- to pay more eventually it is eventually. I think people wake up they eat you know. Indicating a wake up before the system. Collapses or after the system collapses but they -- -- one way or another they have to wake up. 1877469432. To build your next what Howie -- go ahead bill. Yes I think -- -- try to protect that thrilled brought up yet -- brought me and I am -- Obama and Joseph Biden in the White House again and about it okay Howard and the US housing US a lot whether -- with -- can -- you -- -- you know. Candidates have to work -- way using the amount of the asset write checks that's what made you think they have to do this year in 2013. Why should get a job this year I want that to be -- and I know what's a little late for New Year's resolution I want that to be your New Year's resolution to get a job. Okay. Well I'm sure I get a job and Burger -- play. I think the Burger King place I think I got you know you could you I think you you know well I think you belong. -- -- While I might brand new Grammy and while we're at the iTrip. Either way he'll be able to buy a better you'll be able to buy a better you'll be able rent a better brand of common might one. You know you'll it. They won't to feel better when -- -- buying year old Rodgers rather than by rather than having me subsidize major drugs sport you cry I. -- -- Why don't think any time but until hookers and enjoyed it tremendously even more than I -- without -- I never never never Wear a condom and I worry I have days. That would be tragic if you had aids -- them within nod and you'd you'd think all the yet that the call be -- years maybe even decades of -- should miss out on from the federal government I wouldn't I wouldn't have to support to when he more if you came down with the virus. I don't have days I'd feel Bahrain's. -- listen what I wanted to get a job bill I mean -- you know -- a classical Obama Ballmer it's it's time for you to change your tone. It's time for you to it's it's time for you. To you know they -- aren't you tired of being one of just 88 million people who don't have jobs in the country don't wanna be one of the ninety year 92 million people who do web jobs. Well -- -- inside the thing about my I want to I want gimme gimme gimme gimme I have to admit that. So I'm sort of like like gimme gimme gimme person like to get there. -- -- -- -- -- What would your parents say if they knew what to a just said the juices though all you want his gimme gimme gimme and I want I want I want and you wanna work -- didn't your parents work hard. Yes they did get hit I thought it was a huge health and Ensberg 35 years or more. And my mother was a part time don't -- Janet. And so it's why didn't you follow in their footsteps why don't you were working on Wallace a salesman. Well I think I want global stock -- went back -- the 1974. A year and a half. -- -- What happened. I've -- really laid me -- they laid me off their business. What did you tell them when you applied for your SSI what do you say it was wrong with you. I still have open Indian -- compulsive disorder and so I -- as best -- -- food stamp says Leo family children vaccinated outbreak of the active service. Do my mental illness do you Obama flown. Now I don't have it about. You are angry about -- I'd -- to -- Obama on how to go about doing. I don't know you should talked about woman in Detroit what do. What about free cable TV should should be abolished and should be allowed to get some of that to like be illegal aliens though. I'd like commitment to -- that that would be used to but not pub where our whole circle I can't think he would have been a bit jerks can't count he has about. She's not gonna go away bill if you wanna get you know if you wanna pick up mrs. -- -- whacked way. While it lasts Larry Wexler Wexler you wanna pick up -- is why you're gonna have to get a -- Diem job to simple as that and -- yes. All migrated my friend of marketable players last name is that the way it's the only thing we get a job get a job I bite -- -- that the -- German word for work. -- -- You're gonna get a job -- -- -- Dynamic -- -- yeah. We're we're gonna work probably a -- K you're right yeah. -- her recommendation. Yes I. Can. Recommend basically. Watch your higher bill because I'm tired of supporting image or all of my listeners. Okay -- and and bill I got news for yeah. SSI isn't going up. OK it is going up I just thought I'd try to depression and make you wanna get a job. Viacom -- about the need. People want and I'll bet is he's gone beat people won all these are real caller he's a real power believe me. He is a real call. -- -- wonderful I had a lot of parents want to -- -- Jam your next with how we cargo ahead gem. While. I. Eat about once every two months. -- That a couple of you know Rick. And I hope they couldn't comment. And refute it. Call it LL be. Who would who would do the Tim Thomas the I don't think you'll need it. Or cut that we -- -- principal -- and meeting. Yup -- he's mean he's the leader of the team he's that you haven't you been following this Jim I mean it's -- it's astounding what they say about -- he's the spiritual leader of the team. They wanna win this ball form because he's such a great human being and having our -- say Easter. He's he's worse than bill when it comes to saying he believes in god. At least bill says he's an atheist admits he's an atheist this -- claims he believes in god and the god is working in mysterious ways to win him the super ball. If you're a category. Yeah he's OE is a it's good to bring up with the Republican. National -- Committee are not going to be running election in pretty good yeah. It's speed on the eve of the best job and -- want to kind of point people at the open and running against them in the name of mark well. -- -- Obviously some mean. If you from saint and it would constitutional principle. You know he wanted. Without a convention in the Bob you know we. You -- -- the warm you know it's if it's going to be. You have a great chance well we people give him because the need to get dark background about the create American jobs. It isn't just the it isn't just the issues of the demographics I mean the the Republicans got really smoked in in just the mechanics of the election you know the the Democrats have all the social media. They were they had much better system the Republicans had this get out the vote effort they call that orca. And or you don't -- went belly up on Election Day. And I I was just down last week in New York with these guys weren't -- digital digital conference and they had gone to this thing when it's Obama it's the Obama campaign it's and one of -- guys to explain how they set up the -- -- -- the vote effort. At least it was like the Republicans were back in the eighteen hundreds compared to the Democrats I mean they're gonna get somebody in their room. Who knows how -- Public turn out that turn out I'll vote. Hard to argue. They've they've mark where it gets connect you'll be able to reach Pete beat the younger ball because it is true that there Republicans are doing about one. And that and it -- open are you going model. There at the BI directional. That would be a parent I'm sure. Thanks thanks for the call Jim 617 -- raise money and -- bill to Washington to stand next to Obama next time you're signing an executive order. You know I would be that would be eight year old would be nice you know -- this maybe could get the state of the union message and actually you know they have the people in the gallery there and they you know the summer so it's always her husband but just got wounded in Afghanistan and she's bringing him back to -- -- this is the guy who -- eighteen kids out of a burning mosques and in this we take. And here's and here's bill from East Hartford. I want to give me gimme gimme gimme. Billy is billed as the poster boy for our new welfare state DTV he represents. Everything that we're trying to make America all about which is just total government dependency case. And he's he 63 years old and he hasn't worked since Jimmy Carter was president what a man he is the true. Ideal American he is the new Mr. Mister and mister six pack USA. 18774694322. I'm now we car. Okay. 8774694322187746943. -- true. So there won't be a grand bargain and mr. Obama's second term this Fred Barnes and Wall Street journalist for the looming debt crisis the president didn't give up so much is an anxious not his mind was long growing government. The speech should debunk two myths about mr. Obama and his presidency one is that the president is really a pragmatist and a centrist not so. Mean how long is -- -- going to be around I mean all you had to do was in in 121008. He had the most liberal record voting record in the US senate too proud of 2008 I mean that's more liberal open. You don't fill in the blank whichever liberal you find most distasteful to area. And yet we were told he was a pragmatist and a centrist. And not not solely an ideologically. Committed liberal could have delivered the address that mr. Obama dead. The other myth is that President Obama is eager to compromise with Republicans. But has faced unprecedented obstructionism on their part the speech to all the different -- -- Republican bent on pursuing an agenda with few if any sweeteners for Republicans. Last just last week he said Republicans have suspicions about whether government should make sure the kids in poverty are getting enough to eat. Or whether we should be spending money on medical research. Indeed the merits of government in the heartless -- of Republicans -- the chief talking points of mr. Obama's reelection campaign. We reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation the world over its future -- said. Who might squirrel rejection SB. Mr. Obama's implication was clear they're Republicans. Mr. Obama also likes to refer obsolete programs we were. We understand that out -- programs are inadequate to the needs of our time without citing any in particular for extinction. You know. The problem yesterday I didn't I couldn't yeah I had the TV on in the office spike couldn't really watch any of it. And I I just waited for the we just for the yet transcription of the speech to come out that I would that I could. So for some reason I could like it's the end to read it and do you know what my yellow highlight -- number one parts of it just like and read freedom just like I did. Like I read a couple of people that they sent exactly the same thing that they couldn't watch -- that they had the way they just waited until the transcripts were released in them it looked out of the camps they can't stand to hear the -- speak. Anymore -- that I feel exactly the same way. Michael your next were powered cart web Michael. Hello -- You do one. And technical and thank you can't put it -- are really appreciated all good schedule. Yeah Cadillac Mike from carbon copy how we get up a bill forward character of the people want. Railway -- I mean that's a pretty tough just -- have a feeling that you know Bob before before known on this first day. He would -- claim to a benched locked. By a car in the parking lot in the would now be cling to now be going on disability or this or workers' comp anyway. Well -- -- his and by the way. My three paper president who -- drug war and federal it. Mainly pick a Republican and Jack Kennedy a Democrat. You know or why. -- talk show boat okay. Well what would argue that while. Welcoming him not for the party. Exactly I had no idea I agree with that and you you know one -- one of the first times I realized just how law how much of a threat. Obama was going to be to -- our liberties and our wallets was when he said one of his favorite president was Lyndon Johnson. I mean I don't I you don't even even most moon bats wouldn't brag about Lyndon Johnson but he likes him because he started the war on poverty at the and he signed the immigration act but 1965. With -- You know got both goals were to those were two of the things we got the country really rolled downhill fast. Thanks for the call Michael you feel a better 18774694322. Bill is real to repeat that if people keep asking that question bill is a real person. Bright he calls about once every two months we haven't heard from for awhile so it was good to have them on. Bright and your next with how we cargo ahead Brian. An Alley building will yes but. You know I think about a year ago on the NFL or someone who was you know very genuine and believe in. And and by all accounts are really nice guy and everybody -- a few Atlanta based at. People who will get angry. About it. Tim Tebow. -- ordeal could go to University of Miami with the cool what our -- purposes but it maybe has repented idiot out front got -- he -- But I just did double standard here in the Bob Costas -- the world to take they land base in question and and. And argue the point that since he goes out over the top and say whatever -- you know caveat not a -- a little sister is wonderful human being. You know what your library they they really I mean it's not likely be just best sort of chocolate Tim Tebow. A lot of these people really hate the -- They don't mayhem they they dislike you much more intently. Then rate -- us I mean in certain segments. You -- and certain circles I mean if you meant even mentioned that Ray Lewis had been tried for murder and cut a plea deal and have all these kids I mean that would be -- -- be calling you -- you you know be judgmental with body if not a racist. You know. And he he recorded he'd be he -- or two guys out -- completely complete. And it obviously to get some sort of you know probation. And and and and basically you know I thought Abiola was not a good thing but I -- you know -- case it altered. You ever had absolutely everything is forgiven everything. Thanks for the thanks for the call Brian 18774694322. Why I don't know why in is getting such. Century. A tough. -- pressed because I guess god she's she's going up against political correctness she can't you can't criticize him VC. He's he's he's one of the one of the yeah new while. New stellar Americans charged with two murders you know Wally illegitimate kids some -- it is just a bug from -- from -- jump street not so is going to be great guy and you can't criticize them. Pat your next with power cargo -- -- Yeah. Stereo ordered the coronation yesterday well I mean do when you were or what may have. But anyway you know here preparing to what we're talking how the market wired wired -- that there's nowhere else to put your money you get a -- -- anywhere else are you. They're more people but everybody in America. You know it in the right now rejects arbitration which eroded the -- is gonna come soon or that they going to be all you have got these. Certain of necessity tickle or what but it drives the park ready you know basically like Lugar. I don't think that nature but. You know that they I can't let -- that guy you know I didn't go restricted by -- -- watch O'Reilly left started at the last and then at all currently but about it. I don't want to hear that there. They get up. Golly I know I can't I can't I can't listen to me either I think -- on what a wonderful these networks ratings are -- down now but now that the if if the key if we keep putting him on I I can't imagine -- that Fox's ratings are going to get any army maybe maybe they like him on MSNBC. But you don't. The -- -- some I was saying there that it had been there -- budget bunch of these inaugurations and he said that was on the crowd was very lackluster end reeked of marijuana. Again it's I mean it's kind of a microcosm. -- of the United States population is that it. You know lackluster reeking of marijuana but it's certainly it's certainly a microcosm of his constituents. Thanks for the call pat -- that your next with how we card or have Brenda. -- how he -- dirty YouTube Brenda. You know I got a kick out of bill I have no little green got -- have a talent they ended -- -- come to fruition. And that I was chuckling. I I got a smile on MySpace when bill was saying being in the Iowa Iowa. Potential post the -- -- hope and change. Get a lot. I want and you know I mean don't get me out of that we that we -- we get a -- -- -- still happening only state in that -- -- -- -- At some point out that well is going to -- guy that we continue on this spiral. Well with a -- got that. You know that it aptly called it trickle up Platte city. Now instead of getting how these goodies that he thinks that he's getting goodies but you really isn't that and -- Is that giving a block. You know let I'm gonna be about to pig pig that at some point. Don't worry what I -- I just thought he should have but he shouldn't go to because he shouldn't go to the state of the state next month by himself he should have a date and the date should be that woman from Detroit with the Obama fall. But but Obama I mean they you know again you're a man -- woman -- black white. One from -- northeast one from the midwest I mean it's it's diversity. It's it's -- it's the Obama coalition -- in -- end to people and how. So people just just live off everybody else and just. I think now when they fail to recognize which is that and it really isn't that. Is that they think these benefits that are providing them read on. But really you know they were a lot they realize how much they bit -- they erupted in dignity my lot in protest. You know individually it well. Let you know what they could part that I. I think is you know I mean it's great to it's great it must be great and I haven't I don't know what it's like exactly but it must be great not to have to work on the other hand. What a great feeling it is on Friday night when you when you walk when you know you've got a couple of days off right. -- -- -- -- Yeah. And that that you now. Take it out I I I got that late at night it shares struggle like many people that a listening to you right now. And you know you just keep putting one foot and on the other means is selling the challenge that at certain you know the new life. -- you know what you get up in the lining and despite that I say I'm gonna continue on and not in retrospect would somebody out. -- era may outlast of course does not think that the and you need that help or shall -- We're short period of time thanks to a call Brenda. And how we car.