Obama Dread

Jan 22, 2013|

The mainstream media is gushing all over President Obama, his inauguration speech and the Obama era despite the fact Obama completely ignored the failing economy yesterday. Howie wondered will the next four years be better foreach of us.

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The Al -- clip this hilarious OK let's play I don't I don't know -- -- I haven't heard yet -- actress told me it's hard to it's it's pretty funny is in video but. L brokerage is chasing them -- they're all in Minnesota's Wolf Blitzer I mean these search. These are like up a little pop peace. Chasing chasing somebody who's got us from -- raw hamburger. With yeah. Those who. Things while I'm going to go. -- -- -- -- -- here. Both of those groups up. We just gonna go to correspondent Al Roker who I believe his. Peer -- and all kinds of people. I think you guys opportunities for him to bring up -- the winners for him to be blunt about it. They've ceded the opposition to. Which I think is -- pricing -- not the previous administration. It's crazy I think we've done and I think that's about it. Roker of The Today Show you. I didn't -- yeah. Finally get acceptance Lisa. -- -- I love it. Joseph Biden has what's that smell. Of course Joseph Biden earlier -- the agency was V he was glad to be president of the United States president of the United States. Yeah Welker Welker excuse me I'm getting all mixed up well Wexler. Well -- -- I keep getting him because I can't economic -- -- -- -- what mumble all of them last year which was Wexler. H why does she have to -- dismissed went Mac Wexler -- or have to issue an apology can you tell the truth anymore only when it applies to way yeah -- that's it mixed in when when that applies to Republicans. How about this -- whoever coined the phrase to the Victor goes the spoils that not have president Barack Obama's official inauguration party in mind that they knocked on doors for him and helped him win reelection but when Obama supporters put on their tuxedos and ball -- to celebrate the start of his second term in office. They feasted on. Pretzels peanuts and cheese -- Jeez it's like peanuts that of course I guess our efforts smoked salmon. Tenderloin. This as the food I'm not too thrilled about it it's for the birds said -- Shelly well mobilize support for a bomb on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Which for some it's -- a third grade party here. 1877469432218774694322. This is something that I thought was kind of weird yesterday when I heard it when I heard him say it. He he was referring to these great moments in civil rights during his speech. And he mentioned. The Seneca falls. You know what that is that's the that's women's suffrage that took. That was helped launch a women's suffrage movement. And and of course to Selma Selma Alabama you know about the bridge Sheehan Alabama when Dorsey assault on the civil rights marchers. And any mention its own now. It's ball. North Stonewall is maybe some don't. The Stonewall riots took place on June June 28 1969. After plainclothes new York city police officers raided a rundown gay establishment. Which the mafia ran without electoral license on moral Sturgis. Policies to -- definitely the first president of the United States who's ever mentioned the name of mafia hanging out SE a civil rights. Symbol. Slightly after 1 AM the Greenwich Village streets around the stone -- in filled with homosexuals who pelted police with bottles they slash police car tires attempt to overturn cars and chased the police back inside the bar. We had maybe six people and by this time there were several thousand outside remembered Seymour pine deputy inspector with the morals division which led the -- The other side was coming like there was a real war that's what it was it was a war was as bad as any situation that I had met during the army. When not threatening police the crowd confronted them chanting. We are the Stonewall girls we Wear our hair in curls. We don't Wear underwear. We show our pubic tears. And this was cited by the president of the United States is my Euro yesterday. Their actions -- we're deadly serious our goal was hurt those police said writer John O'Brien and I wanted to kill those crops for the anger right handed me. If it goes back a little give gives back a little over the terror they gave me in my life. Sporadic hostilities continued for days culminating in the formation of the gay liberation front. So that's that's where he says Tsotsi so he says stone walls on the is the equivalent to about the women's liberation movement and the civil rights movement. -- committed outcome they never have a minimum chance like this in the civil rights movement. We -- the Stonewall girls we Wear hair in curls we don't Wear underwear we show our pubic hair. All right. 1877469432218774694322. All right tell them to get used to their little pittance of scraps that this administration's and its minions will be throwing to their feet. How we did you see that -- where Bill Clinton is checking out the senate is the singer Kelly Clarkson issue was singing at the inauguration -- Yes indeed I did see that picture abuse to -- to a post that picture. OK -- him -- checking out Kelly Clarkson rare and it's the funniest Bill Clinton checking -- check about the -- pictures since the cheerleaders back when he was president that it's a really good picture. Mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. Oh you have to show you it would appear in Vermont on line. Hey a little note today her heard on the news last night that won their past and out all that free money from the stimulus Vermont took seventy million. And -- you know of course they patted the unions. Benefit -- Of course that's what that's it was all about was protecting the public sector unions. But it was -- been paid back by film the last day in and 20120. We have to pay a fine now so likable six point five million dollars. Per. Employee C 21 dollars per employee. I'm sure governor Shumlin will get a waiver being a good Democrat that he has mark. Yeah it was under Doug list but Schumer was the one -- -- He'll take the money take the money. Sure sure Chuck Schumer from New York. I went somewhere Shumlin Dublin yeah go. -- it also won one other thing since you're talking about. Stonewall era. Is that good that comes down. To somebody. I'll Supreme Court could happen make good decisions on the assassination of -- Defense of marriage act yes they are -- -- -- decision yes. Not they're not gonna enforce that brought. If there's no definition of mayors like can it be one man and three women you know it opens the book and mark. That's and that's the problem does open the -- and if you YE once you know once you open the blocked key -- at -- it's like a pandora's box can't -- close up again and -- yet there are already there're -- lawsuits already going on in -- in in Idaho for a -- -- you talk for Barack. For polygamy. There's I don't I don't aware of lawsuits are going on for -- -- -- which -- every -- knew existed which is multiple men and multiple women together. You know you have body yet you know beast reality that it has been a case in Maine I mean it wasn't a serious case but somebody is gonna sort sooner or later come up with a serious beast reality case. How about incest. You know I mean all this stuff is gonna all the stuff is going to be is going to be on the table now. Still excited me he'll delegate for ten minutes ago that it. Hope that this is I understand right but this -- They can't they use they're afraid that daylight view of all time in America settled law. You know -- they just use that. Let's it's only settled law when they when they've gotten what they want to know that -- if it's a if it's not if they've -- gotten the the everything's everything is a re negotiable if they don't get what they want but you know now one -- you know how many times did they have to have the a referendum in Maine. Three times yeah they finally got to -- so now it's settled the law that's what they call. And yes -- wanted to remind you Duval took some money there. It's 41 box ahead. The fine. Oh my god TC yet he's down in Washington today yet taking part in the ER gala. Observances you know he's. He's such as he's such as well follow thanks for the call mark. 1877469432218774694322. Where was -- at halftime one of the patriots -- Martin's home was -- during the game guys saw that I was home invasion to that was that that was they'd be there were people in the home and they just that the people I mean they -- know it Martin was playing in the game they just came in the and they robbed the place. 18774694322. Marty your next with power corridor have Marty. Well listen and -- much store I believe national awards Georgia outside we had a -- depiction segregated place period the number -- army. -- Now known known known on you forget about CBO Stonewall Jackson -- -- federal and Iraq. I don't know what's on wall park it is that this was Stonewall in in the long. Greenwich Village in New York City all -- for the Stonewall Georgia outside of what probably a lot of people -- that's. He's not Biden even thought about that mark but probably read about the vast majority of people -- -- what they'll Stonewall was. And you know when he when he brought up but you know that -- prepared to appeal yesterday's vote. I have a feeling he knew what Stonewall was an idea he may even get on the -- a corpse man has but he knows what's going to call this uniform. Rory and I understand the thanks for the call -- I'll buy 1877469432218774694322. Arthur you're next with how we cargo at their yes good afternoon now it is day. First long perhaps don't walk stole the ball Barack Obama's direct action. Army if you Google Jeremiah Wright and you find out about his so called down low -- I'm which was underground section of this church which Rocco -- accused of I don't know -- the right word being a member of. And those stories too yeah I mean it during the await campaign there was a guy who said he would have a homosexual affair with a rock. So it's interesting -- system very interesting connection I'm glad you brought -- don't -- finally inauguration you know. Find -- more -- thing is that you don't all of a sudden you know until like one less than a year ago this guy was the sky was telling people he didn't believe in gay marriage that he believed them in the traditional definition of a marriage between a man and woman. And and and now he's leaving the leaving the charge for for gay marriage and a -- and then idiots like Chris Matthews are saying -- -- this reminded -- of the second inaugural Lincoln and the Gettysburg -- When doodling can never mentioned. Gay marriage are there. I don't think it would yeah I mentioned yeah. It's that the boards. It's -- may think the actual whether or not the story is true or not it's an amazing read and it's very interesting story. We obviously against the -- it was brought out by Hillary Clinton's. Yeah investigated when she was running against them for the presidential nomination. When you're you know the other thing too is this this Notre Dame football player wrote me anti -- is getting briefly -- -- for having the made a girlfriend. And I think I mentioned this yesterday as somebody somebody said. Barack Obama had a composite girlfriend at one of those blocks. He had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean how could you ever if you're waiting like a three page high school lose pay the high school paper you wouldn't come up with a composite girlfriend would you yeah. It's such good guys junior high school. -- -- -- They went to the same high school torn the it's the it's -- top. Biggest private high school private that they school and in now in Hawaii. And and this is an ironic that they both have -- may have made imaginary girlfriends. 18774694322. GM your next with how we cargo ahead -- As the yeah you -- -- Bravely try to do three. The problem I think. That to help would you have it try to fight issue and it just didn't have -- debt that is -- But a couple of million now out and so it factional what's wrong with that I'd think Oprah country we've got a problem. Nobody -- -- you might lie I. I can't just let it fly all day long you know I mean we -- we gotta have a little fun and I have a few cops don't. And it just so few people that articulate curious you talk a little Republicans able to me why I got there eight. Don't don't don't assert themselves why don't they. You don't. What I don't poor little training -- Confrontational. Would be able you know the Republican value. -- -- I was running at a blue state Jim he was fortunate to win the first time he was trying to get reelect that. Cook and or is war. It's it is partly. Anyways. -- doing just that people. Can eat. This is approximately. Thirty. People that worked for a moment and aren't -- sturdy. This. Will stitched. -- -- Percent of the population. -- which quietly walk in important. Don't think it's that hi I mean I don't I don't lot of government people -- conservative I mean meet municipal state federal mean that there were you know they have the same values we do the other work and a you know I catch criminals they're they're working to what do the right thing I mean there are some people I agree who were trying to war but it. Mean there's people like Lisa Jackson the EPA administrator Amaechi you know she hates. She hated the energy industry -- -- When you're when you're you know -- when you're in the middle of the winter and it's and it's warm and cozy inside your house in its in its frigid cold outside. How can you work up a hatred of the people who were bringing you. The energy to keep your house war order in order to drive your car somewhere I mean I don't understand this this this phobia that these people have about the energy industry -- -- the -- they have about a lot of -- -- they have about the private sector in general -- Does does the ball think that if if he if the country was run the way he wanted it to be run which is basically socialism. He does he think that the country would have a have an Air Force One or have the money for an Air Force One would have the -- would have -- the -- all these amazing technological developments but the they keep all of us alive that that enable us to -- hold off the the terrorist with predator drones in the war no casualties on our part. -- -- He he. He -- he enjoys living this this unprecedented. Life of luxury. And yet he despises the society that made it possible. I just don't get that thanks for the call. 18774694322. On how we car. 1877. Six 318774694322. This is something to it that that I I totally missed that's currently aside -- -- Rupert quickly. Roger Kimball easy works for the national review. Reading through the speech I will be honest I couldn't bear to listen to life by just couldn't. Nothing to be ashamed for Roger there were millions of people like -- me it was haunted by an -- And Ann Coulter me and you when -- and Coulter and millions millions more. The speech reminded me of something of someone who was at Woodrow Wilson. Yes in part but there was another ghost in the wings. Peace in our time the president said requires the comments that advance of those principles that are common creed describes. Tolerance and opportunity human dignity and justice. Now I -- miss keen on tolerance and opportunity human dignity injustices the next gun toting bitter in their Winger. But peace and maritime where have we heard that before. Who was the last politician to strut across the world -- stage proclaiming peace in our time why Neville Chamberlain of course. He stepped off the plane that brought him back from his meeting with Adolf Hitler. Lisa called him hear him rightfully on September 30 1938. In the crowd cheered. As Chamberlain told them about his meeting with the German furor my good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street. Peace with -- I believe it is peace in our time. How did that -- it now. -- side. What 1940. Casualties were kind of a broken heart you know one of those things like Joseph Paterno you know. He totally screwed it up and he didn't he just didn't last long after that. He was the -- meant well but. He he had no no clue what he was dealing with the -- he had the epic dipping Barack has any clue what he's dealing with here especially in the Arab Spring. This whole thing with. With Molly now. Now the nauert now right now you have the mideast in flames from a Syrian all the way to Molly. That's a long way that's a very long way and it's not very spring like -- it's it's more like -- win there. Like the winter solstice. 18774694322. How we isn't it as you say the educational system Obama and -- products of their plight of that Titanic egos and burdened by actual knowledge. They've been told they're great from Leo from the moment they they were the 800 schools but they were special. And they were given special treatment. And you know what. You know -- would you trust either one of the ball. Allegedly. Warriors would would you trust either one of them -- to try to fix parking ticket for I don't think so I wouldn't. John your next with -- cargo ahead John. How it yes. Is John from Walton -- And pretty upset with the elections. You know we're just fire -- of the year and sawmill -- people. And note this town I live in very small or about -- people big farm bill. Was huge tax basis so -- guy is going down. Right. And all the other ones are going out to John if they haven't already gone out I mean everything seems like every small town in Maine's governor Gonyea sawmill that shut down. Both governor this style note either -- anything. -- -- -- -- or any kind of tumor currencies and bill Wright spoke to have these good personal friend a driving log truck Sundays. Who always has your clock until. Who did you say you were talking to. -- in my -- disarm all the -- -- We we can't make any money off the sawmill right. Are you really good why does he wanna shut it down man. Because they've got -- out of the white dolls. The month before the election he got 68. New regulations the cadences. Sawmill operation. Listen. Timber you know. And you know we got not sitting up here you at all. John let me ask you something why why then. Did these did the borders of the state of Maine. Reinstate the democratic majority in the legislature why did they. US House of Representatives. I don't know you tell me at all I did for years -- got to take it tests that the right the world. Well they call that they used a call that a poll tax and that are thrown up by the Supreme Court job but the you know the point is that we ought to be able to war you ought to be able to know enough to protect your own self interest right. And I mean when you vote for would you vote for party that that that wants to score angle. The only industry in your rise in your community with with the red tape and regulations I mean you you gotta wake up and and say no -- and and just say see we we're gonna have to vote these people office thanks well. -- called -- got us popular 1877469. 432 to be you know damn well that like to stop for a second if they could. You know. I mean guys even know even though Democrats with half a brain like Ed Rendell former governor of Pennsylvania he's saying it's the only thing keep in Pennsylvania for hope you know that it's it's the it's the one bright spot. In the economic picture in Pennsylvania but you know GQ he can convince Cuomo Chris Cuomo is one of the beautiful people. He's although we can't have fracking. Can't have frankly. -- who'd been upstate New York lately. It's it's not exactly booming area. Now. And if they gonna bring him fracking -- was suddenly have a -- -- suddenly have a an economy that's if not -- it did it's at least prosperous look at that north North Dakota it's it's very yeah. In the number of extremely low unemployment rate people -- actually moving to North Dakota. Nobody's -- -- in upstate new York and god only knows how long Ritchie are next with how we cargo that -- law that rich. Hey good afternoon -- right. Just a quick message from bill. Bill -- -- however an attic or up wind to a job application. And I signed up Horry. War program so -- and distort at one of the area. You know -- I -- say you're crazy rich -- crazy go get to get some free money gets some free money and do you could buy some hawkers and some drugs. Ali it's okay it's thought it might DNA. It's like great but think that. Got a -- suggestion that's going there. Now -- -- CEO. However. And I had -- standing. The the congress controls the purse for. Is that correct is correct. Okay. So basically. If you can stop the brass tacks here. We can all or more into gridlock. All they gotta do -- the end and ground. Go continuing Red Bull -- Just you know -- out money out to keep you know to keep everything going in order keep the fight or on the clock street. You know you'll overlook that you overlook the most of those people you mentioned most of the first people will always get lead off in any kind of budget crisis whether it's on the local or the national level you know they always go after the things that people -- -- they don't go after the Department of Education they don't go after the environment protection. Agency. They go out there were they they go after things that affect people's lives. There Ali but I just hope that the congress can pass the mom. Testicular ported to Xbox you know what this -- Egypt's rebellion the president. He's one bad -- -- -- -- and we bet a hurry that the Republicans can come up with a decent candidate for you. Well I I hope so too rich I certainly hope so is the problem a lot of it is in the senate -- -- -- house the senate won't do one week the senate refused the senate refuses to do anything because they've got these. The these week senators. That are rather that are in the red states or swing states and that they don't wanna put them on the record for anything that's why -- that's why the senate hasn't passed a budget now were working Marc Fortier I think without a budget the senate the senate. I mean it is in that technically is in contempt of the of the constitution by not the passing a budget but they want they want good they they won't discuss anything. Because I Harry Reid doesn't want to expose his people to being defeated by having the Pakistan. 18774694322. On our car.