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The Extinction of Soda

Jan 22, 2013|

The Wall Street Journal is predicting that it is the end of the soda era. Howie was more of a tea drinker but Sandy said you can have her Fresca when you pry it from her cold dead hands. Howie queried the callers on their soda habits. carbonated drinks?

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It was a good story in the Wall Street Journal last well last week and and I think I've noticed I've I've noticed a little bit of this and you do begin to see it in in packs. Packs policies. That the headline on was is this the end of the soft drink year. And -- the way we noticed it tax policies because. This selling if you were soft drinks in Massachusetts and now so now getting at the positive on a soft drink our. Carbonated beverage can or or beer -- It has nothing to do with cleaning up the environment you of course understand this it has all to do with that getting that nickel deposit around. And then when you don't return the nickel deposit when you throw away the key in the state grabs the medical. And so since their fewer soft soft drinks being sold the state wants to was start putting a nickel deposit on on on a regular bottled water. And Barack and Deval Patrick last year when he was when he brought this up in his tax proposals this budget proposal she didn't say anything about. Always all there -- settlement so many more bottles so. Natural water bottles littering the environment no he just said well we can make when he million box. Off off this we put we put a deposit on on on the island on water bottles instead. But is soda sales at US stores declined in the second half of last year including during the holidays -- party or normally pay pay up the -- more. Now industry analysts wonder the downturn in sales is here Tuesday. Sugary bubbles have become a lightning rod in the US for consumer health concerns such as diabetes and obesity. Meanwhile baby boomers are aging and -- traditional target market you'll. Is often turning to water energy drinks and coffee instead. -- say. Coke -- Coke launch new television ads this week to counter consumer concerns about obesity in moves by officials to restrict. Restrict soda sales. But such efforts have yet to turn sold its fortunes. Pepsi next and doctor pepper -- these are real locales -- -- By yet diet drinks. Each up less than 1% market share and -- last big diet cola launch Coke zero was in 2005. Some industry observers think solar companies haven't done enough on other fronts to win back drinkers. The so focused on a sweetener event that they've collected more traditional innovations like flavors and functions. -- discuss I'm just asking you this do you do you drink this just ago you know we wanna get away from politics for a while they're just doable. Do something a little different here. -- did you -- do you drink -- -- Ross soft drinks than you -- that you used to. Do you -- abuse have you sort of started to -- them away from soft drinks amount of money you might note mostly. Ask I do IQ do drink flavored waters I apps I'd like bottom waters hero by frost and not fresco. Really common etiquette you drink by express or regular is only died fresco a fast and does not come in the nine died farm is how many how many calories and twelve to 00. Sort Cecilia. You know I got away from it just because I wanted to watch just as -- -- you know country I'm take and take it in sugar. I'd rather take it in an up or another I am rather you know while peace -- peace. You know I think it enough I can get away with you know Diet Coke I really can't -- Diet Coke regular really -- at this point pretzel on the drink Coke. But it is -- does that kinda. You know I keep reading these stories about these artificial sweeteners they're not good for yo. -- I just kind of the way I mean there's that helps you give it a bunch of food in the studio here. It's -- one brings it they never bring and then they never -- NC like. You know sparkling water and to -- -- that brought it home at the -- if the cut that by -- -- by Patrick here. I'm a Mac McWhorter a place a -- which state. I rather like Steven yeah I mean I'm glad that used to be around here in New England Italy -- -- during the summer but now that. Southern style. But when I see something like sweet -- article by McDonald's sweet -- one dollar. I think sweet tea sweet he mean that's like drink and just sugar why I'm gonna drink sugar again again I want sugar. A watch rigor and something -- Like cupcake. Or I don't you know. So I think yeah I think people target weight for my treatments goes so goes the way they via the way they used at 18774694322. Your disposal bottles to be used policy of sometimes it's just amazing how small or there or they bring them back it. These -- oldest in it was eight ounce containers that was a normal size -- like -- and you know ball was eight ounces. Since. Mean that's just that's nothing today. You know you want to the theater and it and I don't Bloomberg's heart I mentioned this but he -- to a theater today in the the average drink -- 32 -- right. 18774694322. But they wanna also got away I used to drink Pepsi -- -- at all. But then there was that that woman she stole the president that border Wall Street Journal story in the year something rather. What that her name. -- it's a campfire that she still they -- she's one said that the US all in in drug nor my whole new me in for in the we. Pepsi's chief executive she's the one who said America was like giving a finger to world. But there really is at the what you feel in for a come over here from Indian and given a finger to the US I think to a finger at a Pepsi and I drink it anymore. 18774694322. -- sure -- with how we are going to Patrice. They have I would love to have mumbled say that Pepsi. If CEO's name Ireland's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it was a -- -- whatever -- giant public events that will call. Yes I can say anything by any of these it was a quick aside I think -- -- in these teams it is an Anthony's but anyway. He's always prepare you always a week of the week from tonight is the state of the city address this is going to be a big win for him because he's got an immediate takes a long time to reverse. -- a year when he's not when he's not real -- I want to what is going to be like this year. Well as another put decided that in other food into a park. It was like Gloria I think we might have looked like and nordic cool I just something in north to eight. No it's pretty it's pretty nice I think. Think children hit the second nordic laws. No I think it's no I think we're gonna work closely Patricio. On the outside a polling place I've ever -- And it's pretty it's pretty nice on the inside to its it's it's apparently -- And we may you Patrice we made it into a nursing home you know all I mean can you imagine there's nobody on the City Council will say this we've made the apartment house in -- nursing home for -- But I think every couple of beating no less than being Friday I don't think -- -- -- when you're you don't have a bit of what -- took the bomb. Thank you will be no -- yeah it would -- to -- He never talked about bombs in Italy moved up to apartment -- -- -- pressure out there you know a a no way he could at -- a a bomb -- is is that as a liberal who's been exposed to a bomb. Night -- got in the Coakley having the Coke can that's saying I think it's economic. Be able to get those two leaders regularly for 7980. Cents after to get -- -- black -- that tipped the puck -- Really they they -- item by item lately that's -- bottom was when they were on sale so that they're the prices gone way up again. You know we work we work defined them when -- -- for -- -- -- -- buy like ten which you just go for lab into bucks to leave a Coke. Now it's ridiculous forty what are you drink well. I think Diet Coke evidently -- you know -- -- cupcakes and -- -- -- I didn't completely treason is a trusted girl I love Brad got like doctor pepper relic although I think a lot of that water girl. No. Like I regularly you're about -- carbonated -- like carbonated water. Not a fan of that and I am not afraid of Brenda and I'm not afraid of equal not afraid of aspartame they hated -- Real -- -- I -- like tab but you've got to -- tent there's about five places left in the world you can -- have now thanks for the call -- 18774694322. How we quit tonic for years ago one of the best things you can do that's what everybody tells me I am not sure that. Oh she's referring to the picture of the photo of -- in the carriage house with the exposed -- oh that's right that's where he's been doing the that's where he's been doing the interviews I -- you did and -- Jon Keller over the weekend I got. Speak to carriage house sizzle rustic but it's still pretty dim ice Portugal in the main part it's very. Very nice Mike you're next with how we are glad Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's. Not a ball 69 she's sorry that -- begin -- 999. That's it so last year so. It's spread it. You know -- -- the price of art world. Well one reason is that price again that's right a price of fuel I mean the few you know fuel diesel fuel for you know for trucks I mean it's just they cost a lot more to ship that stopped -- and -- the price -- -- is gone way up to -- Absolutely out. And that's. People's income you know I actually tore up that knock out yet. You know I need. All water and wrote in the same might that I like gallons of water to try it sets per gallon water. Out -- dot not -- you know I mean and all the stuff that comes to pick up. Know. Supposedly cleaning or. Right. Right no I -- we have a we have a -- built in to the in in to the sink in the in the kitchen so that's -- that's -- a lot of our water from. Like guy like carbonated water it's so pretty it's a preaching against it carbonated water well it's not that cheap welcomed the opening of its beauty -- of Poland spring and it's likes. 7989. Cents. On sale for radio leader one leader -- so it's still pretty expensive. One -- thanks for the call Jim one Mike -- 18774694322. Stopper consult a seven years ago still drink so I buy store brand to cut costs. -- -- Nick you don't would have a vibrant home store brand -- kids they would -- they would -- that I would be I would be shunned like I'm like normal war remote and not so bad thing. What what -- -- Jack she did talents allow they'd be a little bit more economically oriented I I wish they wished it worse and Libya I would be glad to your boo -- dual blindfold test and see if they -- different. I think my point is who cares if they can tell the difference or not let him by their own sort of they don't like that you bring home. Right 1877469432. To -- -- caught the cost of high fructose. Corn sir. We're just think just saying that horn fructose. Quote high fructose corn serpent doesn't sound healthy does it. I'm -- -- seven -- -- I'm a moxie and doctor pepper guy I get the diet variety being a moxie. Being a fat guy I need every advantage I always love sport but cannot find it anymore that's from fat so judsen. God moxie and grow Iowa's hated moxie and -- -- Maine -- of the kids that might it's an all of that around. Was like my dad used to bring -- home moxie giving you we wouldn't trinkets are used to bring him home writings that's a that's a good word that's a good reason for the women you know the person. First prizes one moxie second prizes to Moxley's. Jam your next with how we cargo ahead Jim. Talking about the sort of yeah Opel itself a big -- in coconut oil industry for four years ago. And we will have a growing up you know I hope all of sort of hatred and some. Means also terrorists like. But you do you still drink the regular stop. Coke all yeah yeah -- I don't like -- -- at least to sweep with the ability. You're -- worried about they they calories all of this mean its its atomic calories from its riches many calories as beer you know get a high. It's do a lot of things in the in this keep that weight down don't on this that the public salaries about they're upping my apparent suspect support of these. It's it's -- the machine you know they've they've -- it issues something like that new constituents -- report have you. And he police say of civics goes -- in the certificates the -- -- in -- wrong it's wrong. The war -- -- that talk about her show that was one of those responses also Uggla. They also of these hole must Sulzer pro thing machines apartment feature rich water up is that offers -- -- that. -- on south of the little carbon dioxide you know he's to have in the bar. Yeah out and you -- basically Younis a little canister and just like the old you know deal fast like used to see in the movies yeah seltzer bottles. That's what it does what is and is perfectly fine via. Williams-Sonoma and still a -- both have those cartridges that they knew damn -- 18 as a bed bath me. 18 sevenths at spew remotely. To report crimes -- Warner. Then we're going to the Raj but the benefit is if you if you entertained with summit saying how do I'm listening to entertain. Then you know -- keeps -- and their bar firm exchange not to do that did you get these cards they never got baggage afterward about the need to make parents. Greg you're next with -- Greg. Hey good afternoon how he can you -- head. Coke products from these Coca-Cola freestyle beverage falcons you can. All of the Coke brands -- it took a 120 plus flavors are true spoke what this one that's. You know tell you it's like a push but it's just it's touch panel. You know I mean I mean I know we also found that the code where the the pushed the serpent first in the that the carbonated water and and those always seem like a lot more -- hopes to me it was sugar. Yes but now legacy there's no syrup -- line in all its appellate. Guilty so in the Yeltsin as having a 120 different wines for the each flavor use pellet. -- later and you -- have department of wind coming it's like you if you you know they have orange Coca. And the only that and they've always sold that and Russia but now the only place it's available in US -- these towns. I've never seawall where where's the nearest found her to -- I'm I'm sure. Sure know there are restaurants to have -- I'd I'd -- it went on the casinos have fox was -- he -- so he can Sunday they have them there but you know. Imminent were there remember that whole -- area that is and it. He went through into it was in -- it was it was an app cot and it was like an excellent of the future and it was a big. We winning there is it was air conditioned. And it was a big -- -- had hundreds and hundreds of soda fountains. So so what they do what they put appellate. These are used asked them for appellate they throw the pellet in the bottom of the hit with carbonated water. Well like OK -- -- on the panel at the touch can also say if you weren't just on the -- strawberry water that you've just click on the sunny. And then they'll break down and have a icon for each of the flavors yeah and we pushed the button. When Agassi you don't look carbonneau wallflower when and then you know the -- wolf slow and it's been it'll it'll make the soda. Why don't -- like oh that's sounds like a way to get get -- business back up again give people more choices. Act. Yeah thanks for the thanks -- call Greg ought to check that out 18774694322. Wegmans five guys burgers up. When I what is wegmans five and -- five guys burgers by in no -- what is wegmans at the that would. 18774694. Wendy says two and -- Kelly's roast beef and all. All five guys burgers installed him as one of most touch found systems. Nathan you're next with how we -- ahead Nathan. Jason and Jason glad Jason pocket. First up but I doubt I've episode -- And I do -- it's always good Diet Coke or Coke zero up like that. And I mean I don't see I don't see a lot of people are and so. -- I mean. That I think the lottery and there's no there are no Graham so is due to -- rating -- yeah and get -- -- much. -- both audio and that was about it also says calories on the back of those things slow right. Now. -- -- -- March. That. You can get you know what you could have like a light -- ninety calories right. -- -- -- -- -- A lot out there. I'd rather have a cookie -- have to cookies for a 140 calories. -- Jason and -- cookie any day of the week 1877469432. To -- card.