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Chump Line Wednesday January 23, 2013 - What Difference Does It Make

Jan 23, 2013|

Our favorite message on the chump line today was a reference to Secretary of State Clinton snapping at Senators who questioned the changing story of the Administration in regard to the Benghazi attack. Ms. Clinton shouted What difference does it make.

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-- -- -- And why am I the only guy in the world. Outside Louis works where where John Kerry it's. Where's the -- -- I don't think so I I think most people have pop culture maybe you don't call a top quote it is a pop cult. Before it came -- -- secretary Mike and they. -- -- -- -- She she pulled the old tears routines. -- cut up onions cut it real slice it real small and put it in this in this handkerchief and a have a -- -- me when I went need to cry I want talking about the he murdered Americans. For me this is not just a matter of policy it's personal. I stood next to President Obama as the Marines carried those flag draped caskets. Off the plane -- answers. I put my arms around the mothers and fathers. Sisters and Brothers the sons and daughters. And the wives left alone to raise their children and I like the one everyone -- It each and each in my own very special way but yes yes I like to -- Michael was all the fault of the them via. These stupid filmmaker. I told him that we would put him in prison I wasn't lying about that. We did put him imprisoned he still there. Didn't do one thing but he's in prison. I don't remember kind of people that. Take one point ignore. Him to let that make it here you know and I. Because the only people who don't have -- don't try to around. You know I thought about taken that route to the Deerfield today which is usually the way I take it but today I decided -- become the go to Mass Pike. You know I did and without our African the world like quicker. Well maybe not a lot quicker but it was quicker. I. I didn't want you know -- did the thing about root the thing about want to. This time a year is that you're especially this time a year but you north sometimes it goes down for Mike goes down from four lanes three lanes some places meant to links and other places. If you get behind the wrong person it can extend your your journey by via 2030 minutes so I just went with the I -- with the the turnpike on all the while thinking. I wonder when the -- planning to raise that the tolls on the turnpike. Because that was yesterday's. Plan is raising the taxes on the top on the yet turned the polls on the taxes -- same thing on the turnpike today. Today he's raising the taxes on the all on the why are why are brought us. He never take no for an answer. You know I wish was I wish you was that it disinterested in getting is getting his. Hands around CB the actual registration problem or illegal aliens running -- problem and killing American babies problem. But now he's just concerned about axis. -- -- Edmund Hillary first time in my adult life I don't blame bill. You think you've legally he he doesn't he doesn't hate Hillary because she's a liar he hates Hillary because she's she's old and does she wasn't. She's not as good looking -- any as as most of the women he really went after. It says this this has as a matter of fact if anything today he's probably prouder over and does were attracted to more than he's been a very long time. Mean she put on a coined the mask William Jefferson Clinton -- performance that I. Maybe she should told. You know I was there at Andrews Air Force Base and I speak to the parents and the and the and the Brothers and sisters of the friends in the families in the mothers of those kids were going to be raising their children without a parent you know what I told them. Put some mice on that she -- well told them that that I put some mice on -- Hillary Clinton along with some. Hard news for Charlie Brown being arrested for -- He was got that's I got that stories where here want that story. Let's say there are a couple of big stories here today there's. About the Jack Russell Terrier has been -- is now an official re almost like it was a it was a -- but it's now official breed of the American Kennel Club it's been -- -- for the Westminster Kennel Club show. And they also added another -- what's the other here the letting tree to tree walker -- The athletic tree walking who now. I'm not familiar with the media. Whom now. But here it is authorities in California say the voice actor who portrayed Charlie Brown in many peanut shows was arrested on charges. That include its shocking. US border Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman -- this Siemens said Peter Robbins was -- Sunday. At this in Ysidro is right -- port of entry. She she says a background check you over warned against province from the scene Diego sheriff's department. The 56 year old is set to be arraigned the market today on charges of making it -- caused death the great bodily harm. And stalking his manager has declined to comment. He is he's the voice of Charlie Brown in the TV specials Charlie Brown Christmas and it's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown who you think is a bigger danger to the youth of America. Elmo or Charlie Brown. I would say Elmo because he appears to be a serial there. What difference does it may get -- Obama ripping it open. A. Great Joseph Biden would become the president makes no difference whatsoever what difference does it may. What difference does it may. Why are you bothering me with this you better lingers what did you leave me alone you Tea Party besotted. -- from Wisconsin. Don't you know why am. I don't you know and I can -- get my forty and is grateful I didn't hear it. And I can't get this deliver on all. Student. And. -- it oil like the mothering involving isn't he he didn't say I would've fired you reset I would have relieved you do a laugh like that that was just a nice touch. -- until you know I have to have questions just -- Hillary but what does it. I. -- if I called as a witness in the -- to trial this summer. That's my that's my aunt my comeback from a JW RBS mean what's the difference. Unionists and but that promise that what's the difference is different yeah. -- -- -- Forget that you will be before they directly answer the question can be found that I think -- -- be picking you up under the jail on the afternoon and absolutely -- about the comic to brush with me if I decide to go that route. You're remote from there but from there that jail and AJ out. This is how we car broadcasting live from the Plymouth County house of correction correctional facility the PC. C -- I'll be here for the duration of the trial. -- -- -- Tomorrow on a pedestrian and I gave you want about the order intake air and it. Warren Buffett's very depressed that he has that he can pay more taxes you know -- -- again nobody's ever told them apparently it. It's and it's not against the law as a matter of fact it's even. It's even encouraged that by anyone who feels guilty of wishes to write a check of the treasury can feel free to do so just like. In here in Massachusetts -- can check box thirteen and and feel free to pay at the higher right income -- Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has. And it was trust an employee. That this thing doesn't was never consented to -- and security yeah. Now far more ripe for were stolen TV this is this is a perfect day to go out on the idea caught on com and ask people the can you identify mr. Ben Ghazi. Philly guy guarantee of the low information voters who were reelected this sort clown with 51% of the vote -- I have no idea who then nausea us. You know I'd probably be certain criteria -- directly responsible for the murder of American citizens on foreign oil. But that being said what is politically can actually testify here. What we -- -- -- and support when it was denied. If she doesn't we need you know the big the thing about. You know that doesn't really matter is. That does she didn't she didn't give any no there's no news today because she didn't she didn't answer your right cheated me answering the questions so. Mean the only thing you can really leave -- is is Hillary Clinton us map that doesn't really matter. When asked about the conflicting stories that were polled after the murderer before Americans -- Ghazi. I think what you do with him about it but I've been done. -- 413 says that she used the I don't we're call line yet. My favorite my favorite is the Billy Bulger line from that same room that very same room that she she was in earlier today. With whom and it's. Best of my recollection. I would prefer to say I do know all three call. So he's he's doubled he's bubbled denying that he remembers anything. To the best of his recollection he does not work well. I don't live what it is and -- -- and at this football. That I am much better. A I love the sound -- -- -- whining. About the Democrats aren't they getting their tendency -- music career. Well it's Korea helping you wind -- like it every week when they -- unemployment numbers to one how many how many of your fellow Americans on a war. Now it's religious the new normal doesn't doesn't really matter because they think it'll go on food stand a better assess the and the fact that he a 1000080. Million Americans in the in the jobs. Working. Age demographic don't have any war. Is okay by -- okay I'm glad that let them make you happy that's quite ascendancy celebrate. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling have a card usage. Okay that's over the chump like that it chump when has the report of -- mail message service about we are sure you can call leave a message at any hour of the that day or night we may or may not play your message at this time each week day. The -- number delightfully such a message is 617779346. Mind. What difference does it make it. You know Obama get impeached -- you --