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Col. Davis Hunt On What A Difference It Makes

Jan 23, 2013|

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost her temper today during the Benghazi hearings when she was asked by Senator Ron Johnson whether the terror attack was the result of a protest . Secretary Clinton all but shouted "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Fox military and security analyst (as well as President of Howie Nation) Col. David Hunt weighed in on the Secretary's snitty response.

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Colonel they've upon his joining us now he's been following this for my day one he's he's been involved in -- -- many of the breaking stories on on Fox News Channel because certainly the the mainstream media doesn't that doesn't think it makes a difference one way or the other. -- hunt. What what do what do you make of of her suddenly combative attitude when wind wind she's she's really. She has shares no no reason to war. To be so compact -- I think it's brilliant performance. It is happening. All. She doesn't I -- senate and congress same day that -- Saudi airtime they also opt in frustration carries. The operation. I think it's Eddie was -- -- -- which she said. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think we we've we've got -- Oregon we have now. Is that she's saying she monitored. The response that's all I got called armada sworn here here. And they'll also -- again at -- alike that we could go out. Yeah our widgets into it could be that -- department declared. Appropriate acts -- -- At least this is Clinton and keep their tremendous upgrade cable. Don't particularly on security and doctor Steven political personal friends. I -- and -- our jobs and that's what it is good job. It's but it's gonna -- now obviously they never got on its typical cable signature is not talking. Not all wet but. If it doesn't if it doesn't matter how big guy and then why where they why did they feel compelled to talk about it for you know were repeatedly over the course of last several weeks. I think that the I think Gupta practically -- they can always -- short of the hole but I think it was nineteen years of the -- Sales of such let's talk openly and you know what I. I'm not worried about here I want I want people cry and it don't call for apple which. You know -- -- -- -- or for the Obama and what they didn't do and that's what did not. Talk about budget cuts. That we -- Iraq and Afghanistan. The senate hearings she thought they won't -- politically correct way to pay much attention as. With their gut they got a -- the tables problem. -- -- -- -- -- about el -- and the probably got -- get a got it right I got your support people. In proper. Whoever elect throughout their jobs are still important. Right into -- you know another thing if it if it didn't if it -- -- if it doesn't make a difference what that's what the story is. Then then why is this up for Barack copped to in in in jail now for four months or five months now for for basically -- what not but. No matter. And the one -- that they pick -- intrigue of the let go -- it went out weapon in personnel. -- all of this Algerian kidnapping Carter's. Or involved it would. Without our government admitted to right now is he not know what they're Libya involved Algeria and I. Got it. Stuck around our guards were involved in the and it's -- Gandhi was in trouble out and fracture at all. It's an yeah -- would yeah but you've got -- they've got in centric story they are all brought well. What West Africa. Expect well adopt all the. At a -- route bright tomorrow grab a college -- it's all of North Africa right -- -- it's it's too it's Tunisia Libya Egypt. And Molly yeah Algeria. So except for Rocco it's all of North Africa. So it might put out the door wanting to pay a pyrrhic victory lap. But what Africa is all part all of a billion miles -- -- can't count -- country visit. Because that's what it looked at in the context thank god they got a stop -- go on trying to get a -- the congress to get mature at the partners so that's that's. It's trying to besides. It's Canada. It's a couple of that was sent out this way ticket -- Greg. It's setting up this way -- a lot of closing -- on -- except for don't think. Ya know yeah you're right I agree but she's done she's got its worst off I don't think -- -- a brilliant performance of she's if she's killed herself by appearing to be arrogant. And and dismissing. Dismissing -- all all but why is that they put so much effort into during the campaign last fall. -- a little bit stuff that's. What's -- for example well. They're prosecuting Google Video -- ultimately be a big. Objective or so ago -- like to look like I -- shot. Well why not that I know what equipment they were good. With a great bit about that should -- it's not when. It went to a bigger audience sorry. I just spoke I don't know every day I wonder if this -- you know clears the decks -- heard a run for president in 2016. I think this is a I think this is a pretty -- this is like a Chappaquiddick type -- me -- her head lightly you know. I do think I'd I'd outside tickets Chappaquiddick -- I think it will keep all -- -- -- -- yet oh by the way record that's in a way out how to answer or. We have got an outing couldn't get in there. I bought this little tidbit Marines are deployed quote respect. Obama told do we quarterly report by topic. -- -- close. An integral in court at the civilian clothes our client for the world places Tripoli for the Greg got in and out by the way I got it. Middle and an example. Although. I. Propose a look at that list. The whole thing is I mean at the other thing about this whole thing is just for a tactical standpoint I mean. You know it's it's a terrible for thing that happened and it was a total screw up on the administration's part it but they won the election and most people are. Our war would have been willing to sort of just you don't go along with you know Mia culpa pro forma apology. But she throws it back in everybody's face. I think I think it's complicating administration. I don't agree or knowing what you gonna get it to the sentinel. -- the bite and bunkers all the care that it's one day and -- Asian people got ya litre. I think is a good -- I don't think it worked and worked for people who content over accidents right but -- it but for people want the police picked up and you're all. For unfortunately. I got to -- accordion. With some -- It was ABC CBS and these people that stopped. -- Really not even if not even a foxhole I mean foxes but fox is still alive number one on cable and you know there's still they still have more viewers than say CBS you know I mean there's. It's it gives it it brings new life I think the stories had new life breathed into it today. I -- as -- iPod and that the problem and it got on fox gets what like what people want -- -- a part. Of my book of his -- -- potential president. I think you've got to get three major networks. Op Ed running -- I I don't either after the at all I don't I don't see I think Bob Welker would -- today. -- But it really going to be -- on this I think. 1877469432. To be new -- -- and are you ought to run your -- -- Utica public calls. Yeah I golf club that I've got to go to pointed at about six and. Okay what they a couple of calls before we let you go Bob -- your next with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead Brian. It the point -- been -- or not but. Are. Up in the back you know everything was. Quiet on the -- and yet. -- well administration. At the terror attack our -- -- that. Within six election and so the -- got now in an appropriate. For. And there have been period -- for the reelection of Bob. And I think it was intentional. By ID you know certainly body -- administration -- about Specter's. It's why they could quietly good and a lot of quiet and collapse I. But I think that I think this is a bad way to go about it doubt now about to come out and say we made a mistake and you apologize -- mean it's like you know everyone -- apologize everybody yeah everybody in America gets a second chance once apologize right. I mean but instead the instead she's she's sort of she's coming out and she's belligerent. You know what you're. The ruling class I mean that's where I caught it and you know. -- here. Yeah I don't know I don't know I'd rather the wouldn't you rather just haven't behind it colonel just you know eat crow for a couple of days in the papers and then than you can move on. I think -- that want to go right very successfully that it do you and I think that's why I think. Testimony again I think it's like a great performance. I think you could order her -- And industry extra. -- thanks for the call brand David you're next with how we car and colonel David Hunt go ahead David. I listened to Hillary. This morning you know when you it was good. This show but considering I've ever. They're interrogating her. At the beginning and then they were saying okay you know it's basically thank you for showing up for months after war. People that work for you were murdered you know it's like I couldn't believe the show. Yeah. But in the end I mean AA is I mean in the end you know even people like McCain who were willing to war. Or rolling those two to one you know turn the other cheek so honestly I mean immediately dubbed the McCain cut even even McCain was combine and at the end. You know. We have we have -- no maybe not okay. A month -- -- that -- at her at all I was tragedy so attractions. Were brave Americans. There are many questions that are -- -- And the answers frankly that you've given this morning are not satisfactory. To me. Warriors say colonel sorry about that. -- -- I think my kids are all well what did you strongest financial -- -- Summers. On the board but I thought McCain really. Everyday it's got potential means soda at all yeah I went right -- I would probably go. -- -- recovery and Paul -- the senator from Kentucky. It was no one was fired we spent trillions of dollars that there -- a lot of human errors in your judgment errors in the people who make judgment -- need to be replaced fired no longer a decision making these judgment calls. So we have a review board. Review board finds 64. Different things we can change -- common sense and should be done but the question is. It's a failure of leadership that they weren't done in advance in four lives -- cost because of this. I'm glad that you're accepting responsibility. I think ultimately with your leaving you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since nine elevenths. And I really mean that had I've been present at that time. And I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi you did not read the cables from investors Stevens -- would relieve you of your post. Doubt what that was that was that was pretty strong it is and you know he's. He's he's right everyone but why can't why does anyone else laughter I mean it's easy to me this is. I know you don't party loyalty and all that you got a whole line etc. etc. but I mean. -- your own credibility is at stake if you wise if you if you give this person a pass for this kind of by incompetence and -- and then die arrogance about it. I totally agree. Let me out quite right back it is kind it is okay great a look at -- Archuleta colonel and one.