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Illegal Irish Nanny Rant

Jan 23, 2013|

A Massachusetts nanny who is charged with the brutal assault of a 1-year-old baby on her birthday who then died is in fact an Irish illegal alien with a criminal history. Aisling Brady pleaded not guilty to assault and battery on a child with substantial injuries. Those charges might be increased to murder once autopsy tests on the baby are completed. Howie incensed wanted to know when are these illegal alien crime sprees going to end.

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Olympic keep coming back to these illegal alien criminals but I feel like I should just because in this case it's an Irish illegal alien -- model. And a and again why. Why is there no interest in the importing illegal alien criminals I mean. If there's one thing we have enough of in this country it's criminals. If we don't need to be importing any new criminals especially for -- were coming here illegally. Yet they're coming here illegally and done now bear -- now. Now we find out that that there's a in a in the illegal alien. Manny down in Quincy -- of of of Irish descent she came over here in 2002. And she's been here her work permit ran out a few months later she's been in the country illegally. For over ten years now over ten years. And and now she has now she's charged with like killing one of them -- one of the babies that was in her care. Brady a native of Ireland who has been in the country illegally was ordered held on half a million dollars bail. Prosecutors said they expect to charge Brady with murder when an autopsy is complete. Murderer on of this so one year old child. Brady had been caring for the popular for about six months now listen -- listen to what the issue this list though that the with the record that this woman as she has no criminal convictions but. She is she -- she's she has a lengthy. Sheet here. Brady has no criminal convictions but in 2007. She was charged with -- packing her female roommate in Dorchester during an argument. The roommate had a quote laceration on to her right pinky finger which she claimed was a byte receive from Brady on quarter and also on a bite mark on our right biceps. Right except. According to a police report. -- roommate was also -- that's -- some Clinton Bill Clinton would go to Juanita Broderick he bit her right biceps. That it puts my son Matt -- The roommate was also arrested in the altercation in the case was dismissed. Last march a woman took out a restraining order against this illegal alien charging that Brady harassed her. The woman said Ravi set up a false FaceBook account in her name falsely accusing her of abusing children and bothered her boss in a campaign. A harassment that began in 2011. In 2005. Amanda had they were filed a restraining order against Brady after Brady allegedly. -- in a bar for quote talking to a lady friend on quote. You think this one will play period drink under extreme social pressure. She hit and scrape him in the face repeatedly with close fists and or fingernail the man complained. I'm afraid of the day that it's going to be a beer bottle she hits me whether -- worse she wrote. She entered the US from Dublin in 2002 under an international agreement that allows visitors to stay in the country for ninety days without documentation. Wonder how many of these visitors under this 2002 agreement ever leave the country. We know this sub decide nanny this Irish Niemi who is now charged with being an illegal alien and she's also chart going to be charged with murder. She is -- left the United States cents. She did not depart as required said Ross Feinstein a spokesman for the immigration and customs enforcement agency ice. This is her first encounter since that time -- immigration officials. This is her first encounter. -- -- -- We had a number of encounters with -- Right. Why why can't we go back to the old days when you had to appear before the before the cops that twice a year and Alamo if you'd been dating mr. So at least we witnessed so this this woman should have been thrown out of the country this woman is obviously. Being knocked. And now she's -- now she's not -- killed in America. And they they didn't know anything about this officials will move to deport her once the criminal charges are resolved he said. Oh that's great. That's great. How -- I find that thought that the television news reports haven't really emphasized that this child killer is an illegal alien. They they don't they don't put an odd chance someone just on -- channel five has got all the news of the day on its web site except for the Hillary's they've been not covering the Hillary story apparently it's too embarrassing I guess. Why why would you not don't you think -- say it's an important part of the story to say that this woman is an illegal aliens I mean again he gives you what sense of the time. That that is being committed by by these people who were in the country illegally. You know Barack Obama says we got that low legalize these these these illegal aliens we've got to give them amnesty. Why why don't we have to give them amnesty they they are committing a disproportionate. Amount of the time in the United States of America. 18774694322. How about when aliens -- sponsors who was this woman sponsored that you have a sponsor. You used to have to have a sponsor. You had to sign an affidavit it wasn't one of these up phony baloney affidavits like yeah sometimes some people told me you stole the sign an affidavit but they never forces toward doesn't mean anything. It you have to sign an affidavit and say if by -- my yet charger my you know my alien gets in trouble. I will pay the medical bills. I will be responsible for her bail -- will be responsible for hiring an attorney. Now there's all of that stuff round she is comes over here. And and immediately. And has no intention of ever returning to Ireland and then starts committing a crime and this woman has a one man is a one woman and -- somebody's dad. Then and they and you're right some of the TV stations not all of them but some of the TV stations won't even report that she's an illegal alien. Because it's not peace page. Rich your next with how we cargo at a rich. It's amazing that we can track down a oh they think they asked at. We cannot even to track down these people -- -- you know don't go to this door they don't try and we don't like you know. Catch what we wanna catch a -- we don't wanna catch this woman or any of these other people for some reason I don't. I mean I think that it isn't a country better off when you can get rid of somebody who's committing a lot of crimes and you know making it making life unpleasant or worse for a lot of people -- citizens of the United States. Well I -- people that the government asks how mad cow disease that's just expect that they treat all our interest to ignore this problem. Yeah time and time again but they can always find some water bottle it should be -- all illegally place. I love this this is the greatest sense to in the whole story officials will move to deport -- once the criminal charges resolved. Once she's convicted of murder will try to get her out of the country that's great. Thank you thank you federal bureaucracy. Yes. She's -- one person trying way you know now all of a sudden they're cutting. Thanks for the call rich 18774694322. How we move along nothing to see here. Actually channel five did caller an illegal alien that was a surprise and telling -- what that are. 1877469. And one look better and you can tell what she's got some kind of substance problem illegal and no quarry checked. You get what you pay for with cheap -- it's an Irish anecdote. -- Good those we finally found -- -- finally found a serious enough crime to deported illegal that's a good point true. Remember when the mother when -- said stealing a car was a lot of it was not in his opinion a serious crime not worth report. I don't know what may have mumbled so ever had -- if it -- said the use his own car instead of the out of state at separate Boston Police car. If it was stolen from out in front of apartment house to think -- -- of that was a serious crime I daresay you weren't. 18774694322. On -- car.