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State Rep. Jim Lyons On Tuition Safeguards For Citizens

Jan 23, 2013|

Massachusetts State Representatives Jim Lyons (R-Andover) and Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) have filed legislation (HD2038) preserving in-state tuition benefits for citizens and legal residents of the Commonwealth. This bill reserves taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition at institutions of higher education to citizens and legal permanent residents, who are also residents of Massachusetts. We spoke with Rep. Lyons about his bill.

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Speaking of illegal aliens getting welfare. We we have on the line -- now representative Jim Lyons and for me handover. And -- he has filed legislation last week Keyon representative mark Lombardo bill we're kind of filed legislation. To -- 22 stopped the the the illegal alien loving Governor Deval Patrick from giving in state tuition. Two -- illegal aliens. Jim thanks for being with us here on the Howie -- show. -- What chances this have I mean I understand that you know the legislature has passed this law. But as as we know you know the hall and and his hero in Washington. They don't seem to care too much about the laws that are passed by the legislature whether it's the general quarter of the congress of the United States. Mean they're gonna do whatever they BM well please how -- houses -- gonna stop the ball from. Giving what amounts to free tuition to all these illegal aliens. I think what you're gonna do Ali it's it's you know what the -- but that doesn't just reinforce what you -- a lot of authority on the books. The democratically controlled legislated out. Attitude or body back to. What does -- restrict the use. All of our tax dollars for those little legal residents and citizens of our oil is so common -- We shouldn't be punishing. The taxpayers of -- I'll bite forcing them to subsidize. Benefits of folks that are breaking the rules under -- if it doesn't take rocket science to figure out there. We don't have -- -- the results to. -- -- wanna do it because you know the -- -- called probable supported concerning increase in Indian compact wants to raise taxes by over. Almost two billion dollars. Every day there's a new tax today it's canned the as cigarettes a soda and water. You know I mean yesterday it was yesterday it was polls and and again just packed the day before that it was the end compacts. There's never enough money for this governor I mean there's just never enough money. And then what this does -- it's not we have a number of still are notable about alliance and other Republicans of files. You don't stop some of the expansion of what the governor wants to do and this is just the first one because you know he. He just made up his mind that he was in arbitrarily. Implement a new policy without anybody's approval other -- as well. And and actually filed the bill to hopefully get discussion and debate on because -- Quite frankly we've got most of the Republicans. Are on board -- than in the Democrat but not spoken to also. January 2006 I just seven years ago way the booze and overwhelming bipartisan majorities you said 986 to 57. Voted in favor of opera fighting only. Taxpayer breaks now only in state breaks do what taxpayers and US citizens and legal residence immediately if I -- New Hampshire in my head and that was apparent in New Hampshire student in New Hampshire. I was going to a Massachusetts a call state college and they were planning in. They were planning to give this in state to Washington which you know again it's basically free tuition because they don't reported the income. I'd be I would be sewing you don't wonder at the equal rights -- protection clause to the US constitution. I mean I'm not well not only do why not have by not only do illegal aliens have the same rights as me they have more rights than me. It is a great example of a friend of mine who who lives in New Hampshire and their lives they ended up getting the -- In the -- actually lives. In Massachusetts. Outside there's an answer but -- the mother. Works in mass choose yeah. Under this under the current -- today cannot pay in situation yet we're allowing people. Who. Have no. Those citizenship no legal residency. To get about a are on the other resident of the complete its it's well. And the other side and recorded the governor. The governor is forcing people a lot of the people who are going to be paying. Subsidize -- Did it -- indication themselves. So what people in other subsidized you know those who who will break the rules are and like a whatever you like to rule out and execute better. It's hard already and oh by the way it's house bill to all three gave a lot of people party asking for the wanna call up their reps H. 2038. Correct. That's right by -- vote populate that number will change once they got to assign. What number that it could does we'll we'll let you know the response has been overwhelming. People that are that are up -- about this about this war. You know -- -- -- another bill Ali. -- art file which will direct the governor. In the administration to tell us. On any individual benefits -- spent by the -- by the taxpayers. It'll it'll direct the government color who receive those benefits what is legal residents legal citizens. Our is it illegal. Like to know why this illegal alien non -- that's now accused of murder and is -- jail on a 500000 dollar bond I mean I like to know what if she's got to -- BT cart -- -- to know if she is getting section say you know I also like to know why the why would she was arrested repeatedly over the last few years nobody ever bothered to walked Albania. The feds about SS. It's just it's just ridiculous -- I think this is a crazy this the craziest one -- me because it's always you know paying for college tuitions are slow walk. Is is it is it's so expensive and IA and you know it in in the song so many people spent so much of their time thinking about this how might get a -- my kids through college up. You know or they gonna in my gonna have to we're gonna expert -- are they gonna have to work an actual job. And and then to see the governor turn around and just say all the security illegal alien who just drifted into the state you're gonna get a free college tuition on the backs of the taxpayers. It's just -- you're right it it's mind blowing but that he would that he would think that he would think this is a good idea there. When we talk what we listen to visit to the -- talk about fear. How can we -- public taxpayer is fair and includes use subsidizing. People that are breaking the rules the taxpayers of the commonwealth have had a -- they have absolutely have to limit. In when he's not see the kind of things that are taking place. In the way the governor -- suspend its its money that's what we're trying to do that the Republican group. There that is fighting. To try to turn back some of the creating programs the bill. 71 says the ball told you of entry on Fox25 the other day nobody is getting anything free. -- -- -- I think I think I think but he stood out is that you know that the -- anybody and it's. Dallas is exactly what I look into battle. And that's what he said. Know that if they do you know into it in just -- about it anybody at -- That's the problem on Beacon Hill that with the Patrick administration. 35 billion balls what to spend. You have the nobility that the globe view when they -- to put this bill through before they realized they didn't have the votes supported in -- the -- that was the DREAM Act in the globe used to write every year. That that this is only for Ross students who graduated from Massachusetts high schools in the put an -- it was a bagel a and they were right about it let's say here's the quote here's the bill would put the bill on the website it says anybody who has a Massachusetts high school diploma or the equivalent thereof. Which means everything any any -- a crummy paper any cocktail napkin. Any any paper towel in the world you write down whatever you want and you couldn't you can get in state to question. And the global the globe just kept quiet about it now he's now the volatile I am about this fact that the fact that this is. But this is that that this is not a costing anybody any money. I mean my god there's only -- you know they say we shouldn't think in terms of by you know a finite pie but in terms of it's scholarship money it is a finite pot. Absolutely not and that's the methods that we're getting from you know the parents and -- oh -- who have children who are going to college. You know I I get an email the other day that that. This particular. Young woman -- to go to school opened up -- New Hampshire and in this great thing by our right to be able to pay. The that the -- up there and miserable absolutely infuriated. By this particular -- Yeah that and you know people say it appeared to someone's enemy is in Stater is it free tuition is equality in state tuition. But the if you're if you're an illegal alien that means your family is they are illegal aliens to and if you're an illegal alien. You why you don't have a you don't have a green card or Social Security number so you can't file for tax returns. So you have to put down when you apply for a financial assistance that your income is zero. And that danger gonna get a full scholarship means you're gonna get a fought for for a free ball. And -- while I was say it's a free it's free tuition that's another thing they want tally. You know they they pretend it's like you're the going to be -- in the same amount of money you more higher -- -- playing for our kids and it's just -- row. 1877469432. To us for a couple calls for a representative Jim Lyons -- up for me and over. He's trying to push through this in the this is a crazy situation Yardley is in the state he's point he's -- file legislation. But the repeats and that would that would just basically pass a law that is already on the box. But since the governor can't get the votes even though he has -- one majority in his own party. To pass the legislation to pass a law he's just decided to -- issue a fait accompli and repeal it you know just they just did and on his own. Just he's he's not going to well abide by the law he says -- is so. Now we have now published the commonwealth past the pat try to pass a law again and even mobilize already on the box. Would buy it -- one democratic majority yeah. What about the one well what about play well off of the take some calls here to reach your next with how we car in Jim Ryan -- entering high. Arcade but this just blows my blood pressure through the rough -- I just can't believe that. I can text that also. They can get into. Yes they they cannot. Apps and OK I have a question for you. Isn't it illegal for our employers to hire these people. I think it is isn't it jumped technically. Technically I go to a -- -- -- ward. It's it's my understanding is there's an employer you'd need to get what they call -- 99. Which means that you have to have proper documentation before you can before you are about. So were educating them for jobs making up the they can't they can't legally take and remember Teresa there there are. Some of them are working under the table but they can't report that the -- that they don't report them pay because the -- -- working under the table there. They -- if they if they are reporting income they're engaging and taxpayers -- identity fraud. Which is -- crying for Americans it's just the not a not a problem apparently if you're an illegal alien -- -- call to reach -- your next with how we car president Jim Lyons of the handover going. -- think people don't realize is every student at the University of Massachusetts system. Receive it. Affected 101000 dollar scholarship. Because that system that's not so it's not self sufficient to -- tuition and they. It's supplemented by the general tax revenue. So even if you don't get it. And in Charlotte ship date yet still -- so comes out of power. Subset action out the second thing I want to say is we don't have an infinite number of seats and they'd caught up. So what you gonna do is sit here and to illegal UConn -- despite. There's the been dotted. Legal immigrant. -- to act. By Ed I think a lot of say -- is -- I understand where it's evolved quite a references. He's a guy that came from an underprivileged background on the outside mr. -- And he you know he went up my academy army are now meant -- and on the himself. In Kansas. And I -- so. And here's -- -- everybody share it all for free. Expect. I'll read a story that Joseph what did you read the story today about the new sheriff but he appointed -- the Steve pomp and she's the -- ease the PR world guy for the new for the old chair these stocks cigarettes -- did you see why he appoint one other. He they get the guy is is he's not for Massachusetts she's from new York and he grew up on welfare. And the globe even sadder that he like like the -- he grew up on welfare took all want to help out beside a guy who's not from Massachusetts and was raised on welfare. Too bad if I guess I guess you know you're not you're not eligible to get a job if you're if you're from Massachusetts commuting grow up on welfare -- your parents took -- -- paid for four. Thanks for the call -- Steve your next with how we car and represented Jim alliance go ahead Steve. That your idea or engine. Yeah. Hiring illegal -- form and -- -- Violation arrested numerous numerous people sanction a lot of poise under its code thirteen point four -- still on the books. It's is that the Obama administration has ordered government agency not to enforceable was released -- -- result is. The actors so small in August so she jammed it down for what you like them and you're gonna take it out and -- -- -- Yeah. All I know you're a year you're at the very least mean spirited and probably racist if you say anything about access. All court at the -- what you let off the rest years ago -- so effective what I did how. But that a couple of my boss is really really question you know. My my aunt my work in saint Edwards and you know. It's the world -- we get paid the -- and country away to. -- complete insanity the books and you know what -- and dual citizenry. Stand up removal gonna happen. And now I agree Jim I mean this is you you know. The say you know why I wonder pretty -- is gonna lose their -- over the -- I don't think you know what unfortunately -- to be honest with I don't think your bills to get out of committee. Oh well we'll have a lot of -- trust to get it -- the floor and you know our hope is that this. -- absolutely critical foreign get a vote -- so will. You know it'll look had to get it to the floor and I you know I don't know but I think when we get an opportunity to do it -- -- I don't stall ball forming a mall for going through it and tried to put these people on the record trying to embarrass them and you know forcing them to war -- at -- roll call -- but. You know I I just think that the the day they run they've they've -- -- even in the course of seven years they've become more shameless and they -- in the past you know. They they they don't let's see thanks for the call was Steve Perry your next with Howie Carr and Jim lions go ahead Larry. Right. I just kind of wonder what courses he's going to be kicking how do us. Take advantage of the American people Ali -- put together. Yeah I think they I think -- de -- I think the radio learned that in the you you know when the school of not so hard knocks you know. They have a shirt you're the only thing is to own gym in the military can't get you know if you're just stationed here you can't claim to be a resident right. So if you're skirting the country. Q if you're serving the country in uniform you can't hear and you're living in Massachusetts. You're not a resident of Massachusetts but if you just came into the country illegally. You can you can get free tuition at a state college. And I think -- big market filed the bill to try to to try to correct that situation to Tbilisi that think he filed so. -- with accommodate. You know soldiers and military folks. But or go out there anyway. Doctor Erica five awaits -- currently illegals cannot get a question mark question mark why you -- well I think we all know that a lot of these colleges or were operating they're just telling them. -- just bring in a bring an electric bill will consider about the -- evidence that -- resident but this we what what the ball has done is kind of above tried to put it in the is in the statute books that that you -- get. Free tuition if you're an illegal aliens. Right how it's just when you brought up the resident requirement that's another bill that we filed which. Which would change the residency requirement Massachusetts that -- simply coming in and saying that you're a resident of whatever address. Can no longer be accepted to you know receive benefits well I'll. How much you make it under pains and penalties of perjury. Yeah that did that part of what we're trying to do it looked good for a five different bills. You know it will in this -- looking to raise one point nine billion dollars in in in revenues at the same time we ask. They're having got the courts and they had to how much of those tax so that we are currently spending in the in the 35 billion dollar budget and -- -- the folks. One in the country illegally or even residents are just so I'm not gonna be reasonable question people you already -- One week we have the -- he. We have been missing nineteen the house and you know barely got it none none of those people have stepped forward to what the claimed there were claimed there a monthly benefits average. Does anyone look at 31 million dollars. The idea what and it's a child O'Connell said 91 million dollar -- Anyone million dollars there you've got you know health benefits that we uncovered you know to our agreement with 350 million all that before we even get. Few you know a lot of the individual but that's -- here. One may think you're going on -- I mean what we opt to do in my opinion is going forward. Is we have the we have to know how much of this money is going where it's -- legislate to decide that they wanna spend it. At the very. Let the taxpayers know that would take in water -- opera billions all of the other money. In this -- spending was spending it on. People who would not you know breaking the rules at least let the public know -- doing it Ali and then not only the public. Five Voight says a month trying to be dense but if they're going to get that freebie anyway what's the point of going through this the point is to put these people want to record these the these state wraps these so call lawmakers. Were looking the other way. Right. -- well I think it's it's it's the packet and I think -- democratic support out there for this Howie I really believe that there are a lot of Democrats. Who recognized when this government competitor wants to raise taxes by two billion dollars. He definitely wasn't thinking about the democratic represented in the results. That's a cop out vote to raise two billion golf and we're trying to do is we try to look at all or alternatives. To raising taxes in the -- thing that would try to do is to make sure that people know. Where -- -- so being spent in right now. We do not know in this governor in the administration. Is refusing to -- John your next with Howie Carr and representative Jim lions go ahead. Thanks -- that this governor is just he's telling me he's just telling me Jim if you're not following the law. Isn't that articles for impeachment. You know that that period to go through that I'm not that you're. So I couldn't really comment on it but I really -- checked into -- -- but I really not I'm not that we do. I don't think you're governors ever been impeached -- maybe a couple of by governors counselors one or two governors counselors like him think of one that was impeached and in the house man convicted in the senate but never never governor and number I don't even -- legislators are forbidden ever been impeached and convicted thanks short collar job. 1877469432218774694322. Let's say. Always -- number about a bill that argument yet that yeah it is we filed the bill with the department of revenue. That. Basically would send out to. All the taxpayers of the oval voter registrations. Yeah so vote in in this in. What do you do -- what happened. -- doubt chorus of course I remember what happened yeah I mean they stood -- Cynthia. Illegal aliens say it was that he it was an illegal alien voter registration drive supervised -- grainy Warren side. So we're we're well legislation. That would direct the department of revenue suspect whatever resources other departments spent to register taxpayers in the Kabul. I want you know that that really got me about that one question in my -- you know -- all in all the tax bills I've ever gotten from they the city or the state of the town where I lived in Massachusetts. I've never gotten a prepaid envelope to pay the tax. Yet yet these illegal aliens and there witty BT cardholders were getting prepaid envelopes. To send back there. I mean again where where my equal rights under the fourteenth amendment. You know I don't I deserve I deserve a prepaid envelope don't don't Joseph. Yeah. 1877469432218774694322. It is -- one wants to north it's if it's a crime in this state to falsely claim to be an illegal alien. I mean there's a lot of money at stake here -- -- -- it should I mean it should be a felony as when action nobody. Really claim to be an illegal aliens but all the benefits -- you become a you've become eligible for urine illegal alien. Well that that's so in this sentiment among tax that we. Are not being its. -- experience as a. -- -- they want more -- we'll move on what you go. Many -- with Howie Carr and representative Jim lions go ahead Manny. Anybody who can you. The following this that's what we have the law you're not a legal. And you're out there tomorrow and impact what are the airline. Always you are Manny you're such that you're such a I mean spirited xenophobia native. So what are your area -- -- center. But it's so much -- this is so much easier this -- way you know. Or only just curry -- take everything else from everybody else or not. Right free free tuition free food free booze free got tattoos. Free jury free bail. Everything free and America thanks for the call 187 it's Brian Williams is leading with Hillary on the stand that's amazing how that how can that be the much. He -- they've put must've put -- some mud Jay Leno while Kuwait in in his dispenser today are. Are one -- one -- Luigi are next with how we cargo have Luigi. Every bag that plotted to opera some. Congress does suggest that the legislature. That 90000. Missing in action yeah. I would assume that identified those cities they're just put it brings almost automatic -- -- -- also -- committed. We register. A -- to have them apps that -- is being quiet right out -- Mexico and Ecuador and Brazil and elsewhere. Yeah. Why don't let the fact that until until -- fire until the -- my newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request they would never made those numbers public -- those numbers for months. And the ball says -- that we're gonna what get in the way what I was good that Jim why wasn't the ball looking into would be four of the before that The Herald put on the front page. Now you have the right Ali not when when we were trying to get information regarding not sell it took seven months. Seven months to get information that should be readily so that the question I have is did they do they not know where the money's going. What do they know they don't wanna tell I don't know which is what -- I think it's -- heavy ads B and I think it's worse that's worse than than a day because -- that it makes them it means they're abetting the fraud. Right so that's that's what this bill the other double file which is directed the government could break out the benefits and give -- the powerful fire line item. Is something that we should be doing as a legislate people -- Bold photo one more spending all of the scope. One more one more. Tax that'll let you know an American goes to Harvard illegally remember like -- the kid from Delaware. He was sent to jail bill -- as a matter of fact in illegal gets caught at Harvard he gets a free ride. Yeah they had demonstrations former member of that they have demonstrations and they give him a full scholarship the American the American kid from Delaware he went to jail for a few months. It's again where where where where were his equal rights where where where is where the American citizens equal rights. Okay Jim keep us informed about how it's going amend way you know we we wanna walk. You know yeah I know it's all these these bills for a long shot but we we you're right we need to -- up -- on record here are what there what they're endorsing. And I think Hollywood if you can you know one of the things that was affected the last probably came on is that you. You know told Europe audience -- from the -- of the -- -- that legislators. That's effective I mean but for us to know of people out there were well. Yesterday -- we have they had we have a list of legislators on the the web site. Not OK we got to get a -- Jim can you give us a list of legislators and on the routes we -- on just put on the website a week just analyst with the towns they represent. OK great I appreciated Jimmy's got my email address in the won't put it up so everybody can you could CO. -- some of these towns are split up and you're not sure which which represented of his is misrepresenting you. This is sort of speak. You know. They -- OK 18774694322. On how we are.