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Women do not belong on the front lines

Jan 24, 2013|

Why would the military be ok with putting our mothers and wives on the front line in a war zone? For equality?

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It's passed you by. Stay informed and leave it here on Boston's only talks agent this is AM six AB WRK okay. I wanted to remember. You know last year -- -- warming war by dying -- country. We wanted it. But I made -- the other out Florida dumb bastard die for his country. Welcome back in the well -- we afford this. -- -- -- Should come women should be allowed to serve in combat front lines I wanna hear from you. Leon Panetta the Pentagon is now announcing a new policy change. Women now will be serving on the front lines with man. After this. Policy change today. I think it's a horrible idea it's bad for women it's bad for the amendment served its bad for our country. And in the end it only helps our enemies. Norris China Russia Iran. None of them have women in combat roles and the reason is obvious. War was meant to fight and to kill. And men for whatever reason excel at fighting and killing. 6172666868. Is the number. Ed Europe first thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. They call. All I -- a -- computing cannot. I'm tired of -- our peers. Much higher and warm all the way from -- army you can keep your -- remained publicly. Or you know what I'm gonna break my parents -- -- they've built it they recognize my voice I don't care. I'll tell you -- a bad -- Old -- Don't Ask Don't Tell that didn't have as much consequence. Because already many gay. And American. Troops urban perpetuate honorable profession is humongous mistake. Gonna be Altria as each one of the service as. US army. Airforce Marines and navy aren't they -- conduct a separate holes. Oprah wanted to meet the women and so they have no interest. -- and calm. Bishop but it doesn't get done by a few sort of small. Mostly off asserts that come into the military no one. But that they urban agenda and 23 years -- who. Or -- or whatever kind of -- whatever school there and this spring the surprise and they think that the Supreme Court and to make certain to leave. The military because -- says it's a fair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or by people outside of the military and -- use some sort of troops known as. It's a -- it's gonna go straight Supreme Court but yeah -- -- you know -- -- will be up good numbers on the chart. -- so -- -- a bit of all these holes astronauts are you inimical Kevin craft our costs. And look this is a betrayal of the troops. This is a betrayal of those that are serving on the front lines. You are being stabbed in the back. This is nothing more than the feminization. Of the American military. And about ten to fifteen years if this thing is allowed to go through we are going to be a joke in the eyes of the world. And I have to say this have you noticed. We have not been able to win conclusively. Win any war since World War II. We are now one nation incapable of winning a war. And suddenly since when -- the military. Become a laboratory for social engineering experiment. It's unbelievable. Mark you're up next welcome to the -- report. Morning Jeff I'm gonna quote him it sure didn't -- that you don't know Jim Kennedy years. -- it sort hired. Green beret and army ranger professional mixed martial arts fighter all around bad ass -- shed on Twitter last fight and I quote. I have no trouble women fighting on the part why so long as they can -- Q school in green beret training get on the green correct. They want -- they don't gender and all of which means. They get dealt with a strange here and it says the men get so they can catch all the physical fitness that's in ensuring -- -- that they want. But you're -- -- -- -- model wherein they can actually do we are very -- Can come on one hand. The real you can come on and he may be -- -- And that's the problem. Dan you're up next welcome to the -- report. Good morning Jeff file Leo yeah yeah I think you have a wonderful shell it's I agree with everything you've said today I am a marine combat veteran -- all the stuff from Vietnam and and and and a presidential unit citation -- that case. Now the bombardment we should -- four over seventy days that case -- horrific. My old female anatomy has changed since 47 years I don't wanna be with her. A no I mean they can look it's and people they always chauvinistic it sexist not always human nature. You're sharing a foxhole with the warm. What do you think is gonna happen think about it you -- a couple guys and a couple women. What's gonna happen. He could die at any moment there's increased intimacy you're away from home. You're gonna start fooling around it's obvious. And now what if two guys like the same girl. And before you know it you're not a band of Brothers your -- rivals. And that's why no serious military has ever allowed women and drug -- can't combat Frontline stuff. It's insanity. You wanna destroy the military this is how you do it. Mike Europe next welcome to the -- report. -- you have this. -- we lost Mike. In Europe next welcome to the corner report. Yeah I just remember you -- female -- fired -- it to probably about ten to fifteen years ago relates passed both cruel intention was no combat ready and I'm impressed mission she crashed. -- -- didn't have the credentials. And a story. And Ian I mean imagine this magnified by hundreds of thousands. On the front lines. God forbid let's just say hypothetically it's a very real possibility. We are now any war with few wrong seventy million people. An army of fanatics who give keys to children so they can blow themselves up and -- -- And now we have 500000. Troops in the desert -- be wrong. And you have a 100000 women in combat soldiers. Can you imagine the disaster that's gonna befall us. How many were shot. Put up with a with a -- that the climate of the territory yeah and client community. The hardship the heat but even more than this on a basic level we let me ask you this and I think most men would agree with me. Your beside a woman a woman get shocked what's your first instinct as a man. You want to help them better and feel the war you might not be able -- Exactly so what are you guys are you gonna be shooting back or you gonna be helping her. You see you're completely compromised as a man okay -- -- Sorry make the rules of engagement that say -- -- drop your weapon it's great ally and then help our. I mean it goes against natural male instincts. See that's the problem. Alina thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. In morning. I have two sons who are currently am serving in the average and I totally agree I think they are brought up to respect the woman. To -- because the I -- shelter in a nice way to check which. And to put permanent situation what you DeLia you have to -- and your troops that's that's one thing but what a woman from combat. And -- Yeah you natural and think you're going to see. -- actually even more so I think. Also right but the previous colleges that -- the women and having haven't changed and body -- ES. And if you're ever in the situation -- -- situation like that. What happened to one may help from a hygiene lob ball at thirty days -- -- -- there and you have lament that I -- to get totally ridiculous. Elaine let me ask you this and it may seem a bit out of the -- them askew but trust people have a point fitness. You went higher in an office can run an office setting and I pinch your -- And I'm a little joke would you find that offensive would that be harassment for you. -- Now. You want me to serve we few into combat role. Right you know where you're gonna get punched out you're gonna get shot -- -- gonna be you know god knows what's gonna be suffering but that's not harassment. I mean think of the absurdity. Of modern day radical feminism. Can we say something do you which is right in their right. If I say I sexually derogatory remark toward you that's harassment if I pinch your rear end that's harassment. But if I slap you in the face and physical training her basic training or puncher when defaced or punch you in the stomach that's fine. What can you can allow you to come out of that. I mean that's what I mean I mean it's just it's sort shirt on so many levels. But it must be it John Kerry your idea -- purple. -- Alina. -- let me ask you this question. Let's say your husband was in combat. And you see a picture of him let's say deployed to be wrong. And there's a brigade and you see a couple of really attractive women besides them who were serving with him. I mean an attractive blond and attractive redhead right criticize them as are all smiling to the camera. Would you say to him. Honey. Who are these women your serving. Actually and I think most dominant -- honest their first instinct or and then you're gonna say well not secure whatever but I think most women honestly. When we feel very insecure and not appreciate it -- like get. There so that the ramifications. For this are so profound. And they're gonna be so disastrous. I'm telling you we will rue the day. Can we win the combat. We want all of your call illegal war right after this break -- on.