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Col. Hunt on Women In The Fox Hole

Jan 24, 2013|

Today the Pentagon formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that women have become an "integral part" of the military and have already demonstrated their willingness to fight during the wars of the last decade. Howie asked Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt should women really be allowed in combat.

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Our poll question today concerns the decision. On the same day that Hillary was testifying to war. Have about women in women in combat women counsel soldiers in combat. -- what's the poll question what are the results thus far. Should women be allowed in combat units. No -- Ever now know and now. You can't ever envision any kind of situation or woman can be used on conduct. I just think generally speaking at say it's a bad policy. While a 60% or when you think it's about policy. Okay now want to bring colonel hunt and I know we have him in yesterday but he's got experience in these matters that I don't optional. I want to war I wanna go to war against his ideal experience I've had is that when men and women aren't together in close quarters. Soon troubles the well. Colonel. That's and that's the only experience I don't have any experience in the military but I do have experience in women and men being a closed -- packed together. -- because Europe are very everybody's that would do just that. I. Don't and I apologize for being on two days or no change. No I thank you for being on I appreciate it beyond what are you go beyond what Bill O'Reilly tonight I doubt I'd get my point of view was not intrigued. Why and and you're about to why. Because your labor market. No I've been that a reality. Yeah they have been in combat. Through last eleven years they've got to forget a thing called the -- semester ban which means you know you don't meet some -- If you get shot the ball but it sort truck driver and a corporate. But I don't remember where I remember the first in the first by Iraq War when that a woman was they would they went on the street the wrong way there was a man and a woman in the TriBeCa college. Yes Jessica Lynch got the redhead from West Virginia. Yeah and she she was she was raped wasn't -- Delegates up to a regular captain corrected it and she was arrested by statistics. Yeah but I mean this is is that I mean you know what a guy you mean in my eight you know I might a lot of things might happen to the guy but he would have been raped though woody. Ali utility -- I don't get -- Guys get raped by the and I -- it would've got -- much -- -- we're got -- that Matt's situation guys get raped in prison. This is different though isn't. Isn't alone isn't isn't a good looking redheaded girl per mile West Virginia more likely to be raped and some some -- mocha off the street from Beaumont. -- The cardinal haven't gotten out of practice now court market you know about that guy is more likely to get. Where it is now my god what are we begin with a lot. The women in combat as -- back. They -- the forest to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As well my intentions of the tensions all agreed that it. But of that. Yeah but but he won't we talked about this before I mean these guys are good these guys are yes men for political correctness they that they wanna watch. They don't their Ruddy a bit they're just going along to get along as they say. Now want it -- but figured you know. Men and women. House climate change climate change treating you today and -- what's the temperature up there rock this place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This whole cold at home. So the climate has changed. The climate has changed and it -- it used to be used to be last last July I remember being that the kids and I was eating out in the open. It was warm. So the serious climate change and. Joined -- experience -- -- an apology but but the women are women in combat in the back. It -- they didn't -- that we doubles stars they've been losing limbs flying jets on aircraft off the characters like helicopters. Here's the -- air fuel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they have to call. So what you're trying to -- as if we get set to -- -- try to be in the Marine Corps. If you option basic instinct of course and it bank. The optical or whatever ranger school 50% of the medical school don't make 200 CO it's up to 20% make -- yeah -- had. They're so my point is if they don't the longer we don't changes standard. Bad I don't care who could I don't care if you could meet the standards Kabul because the -- up -- But you know developing its colonel I mean you -- -- in the same numbers like that win win when the war when the the wars are or are breaking out the -- -- let's talk about the navy now right. -- -- The you know -- because you know you don't like these numbers about the site for you that they said they send out -- say about a eight a -- and the ship but let's say 20%. Female correct. And -- about it and they say. Like it I mean who wants to go who wants to go out on duty or eighty were in indeterminate amount of time. So but the guys don't have any choice. Both women however have a choice don't -- what is the choice colonel. -- -- Pregnancy. So if you you have that you have a huge percentage of women. On on these on these naval love -- getting pregnant. Collect. Yes there are -- that it -- that the -- That he can't fight is only when I would note. It is -- -- it's -- -- have to consider if you gonna have a woman. Okay yeah I also think that they've they've made excellent. Police officers in an apartment in that very good -- -- it goods sold. I don't think we got it I don't think -- you know bite might you know this is I don't think you should prohibit somebody conservative country because of their sex comments. I think it's well -- Does no one is talking about prohibiting them from serving their country when I wanted to be at an. I I just said this idea apparently doesn't seem to work it doesn't kid doesn't appear to work out on boats in and just. Because they get some women get pregnant as a means that not certain that they should -- evidence and it's not every woman both get pregnant. OK but but the combat decision. A few percentage are. I think it's huge I think it's pretty huge -- powerlessness. It this is also the presented -- you -- of people when Bennett winning in close quarters get trouble. No I come I can I give you what to write a text -- actually came up with this one but I'll give you two words General Petraeus. I'll let our judge our lives by David Petraeus -- please -- allotment that would get them back. Women are in combat. And want to live in winning battles and serving. What they were distributed that is if you can make is yes and you can't be in the organization. Appearing at Spybot at its its standard is high but it's been very I think -- -- -- If they lowered. That's my concern you know lowers the. I mean. Haven't haven't all of these type policies eventually led the law or standard whether it's on you know why LA SATs for giving in to law school horror any anything else I mean eventually the standards. Are are judged to be. Two wise and their prejudice that that it's prejudicial two to judge. Men and women by somebody's gonna somebody's got to file a lawsuit you know that it happens every form of life. In Maryland and eventually -- applaud. The one argument that we would agree on this that yes I've seen it in my thirty years. Witness stand it was changed yes to allow what ever personally for a group they are trying to bring let Scott McCain that's. And it happens that like you -- let us not just the military that's in every field. But it does add happens to -- We all in Malaysia last forty years fifty and I and I hope it's great that happen. But because of the -- combat has gone because -- terrible way to fight it. No plot line anymore. That women have. And call button could be that the military police that this truck driver committed wait. Up to Baghdad which -- likely be blown up as an addiction and writing of that fighting book and promote. Because it was very very typical like comparing the job of the truck driver and they're just saying that the -- would get killed. We're very high for the dropped like a reported that. That it did because of the kind of -- -- women -- -- that what they've decided. Is it out -- combat units if they qualify. I -- -- break -- thing to do. At what goes like this feel like -- It's as well. How many how many Fidel OK did you ask my question I was thinking about us ledger brought it up -- female seals are there. There's general election while actually bought a strange -- Israel. Okay growth and now and not let the 20% of the men in the world to be in its -- I admit I know I couldn't. Let's get 50% and the people outrageous school. They get to write as a as a very very special forces. I had a very susceptible to all government. But guys like a guy who wants out of ranger school or -- school doesn't have but he doesn't have the right to YE you know doesn't give us an ACLU lawyer to say that he's been discriminated against. All of that have happened but but but it's -- well I think it -- I think it was inevitable. I think because of the wave of fighting it. The fact that we would have won so. It would but it what it would. Take it off and went to flying jets and helicopters it was gonna happen I wish they had it. Not that this go out the door. But but that's typical of hope politicians play. But. What what they did on the same day that about the -- and on the same day that the you know Hillary is making an ass of herself on. On bin -- I mean they it was you know this is -- every everything is political you know they try to take a little heat off -- for a on the front page -- on the evening newscasts. The day before. You're paper's editor yes John Kerry is gonna -- What the camera right now scored first -- yeah did it with -- every softball question there there could possibly the well wait -- -- I think from a political import administration is right it's obviously. But it but yes Hillary Hillary. Senate and congress and in one day the next day is carried in between Obama way it would be. I mean that's that's pretty well played politically. It's very difficult to constantly once. In it this is 50 wait I guess is a guy who's been in the airborne in airborne school men do real -- -- women do altered pull ups. Right that's too -- and have yet that's true and that same I think the same as pushups. Yes that's that's an example I I I would say no this that that was -- -- pull -- with the -- school if you get to that real well. Hundreds report report shots. Leo we -- but we did we change the standard. That's a mistake. Okay here's that here's a guy was on the Karl Benson in the -- carrier in so in 97. The 99 he said 80% were predators be forward before going six months gulf. I didn't think it was that high but I thought it was pretty high. 80% of big number. That that's outrageous. That accelerate people -- -- this. But that they went that the issue of women serving is done out of what does serving corporate. Okay here's the real number to give you -- question here this is request from a -- With the colonel prefer to be a firefight with ten what women were ten men decide I want. Can I answer and -- -- When a -- I've actually -- -- the situation and it was bought shoes. She doesn't need. And -- she was very very spot. -- -- -- -- -- By the department situation of the convention. Now -- it -- a -- an instant and it limited to guide to women want. My point is whatever the questioner -- the desperate to I don't get. Cannot get a woman get to execute basic I don't know. They get I don't know. But by that they can't it's somebody you get two -- in -- Then there welcomes but I don't care how they go out about the care they can do the job. I'll tell you that's what I mean -- is the point you know you get across ramadi a woman and out pretty soon you know -- righty yeah you know you have two guys bullpen right -- fighting over the woman I'm. And it's not a it's been known to happen in the history colonel contest and it. And then have a bright light over the women in the box doing what -- you. Know -- -- -- both. Everybody's so. And it almost the blood -- bullets aren't. But that's not a lot more accountable. Yes and yes people get trouble and I think Belichick. Except that went into the core cadets they were shocked shocked I'm telling you that they expect. Respect. At West Point and they also to. I was not I I I certainly wouldn't be shot I would be shocked you wouldn't product. Don't know course they would come. Of course to -- but yes they will be suspect over now. What -- over the spectrum available firefight know what it will -- -- -- come to think it. It's very difficult but let me -- to district is really very difficult to sustain it unchanged for a woman because it's physiological differences. And I don't want to standards change but it's somebody to make. Then woman cat and dog and they made. Now somebody said they are now braces somebody says he was in the navy for twenty years and that the guy didn't know where he's talking about on the Benson and somebody else says that -- these numbers are are 40%. 40%. I don't really predicting there is that's and that's pretty pretty -- IE anyway. If you -- -- -- -- but we also lose guys to be -- I'd get I get the pregnancy argument. And that there are issues that come along where. Women at an organization like despite its -- western. It's serving with how was it serving with blood guts Hillary Clinton in the -- There's it was also. Mean I can't read that. This year that come on -- to see op Ed is now she's leaving. These the world a safer place. She testified she would believe the world is -- To want to the next level of that's. You can -- mature -- submarines. Arab submarine they are. You know this -- Ali of the doubt about close quarters you know we we won. Thankfully as you're outlook on life thanks. My outlook on life I mean my. I'm just I may yet heterosexual male that's not my outlook on life. We vote we vote earlier raised is that I am charged. You that won't work head to toe in -- five -- between. That's true that's true. I'd just say I also a very good writer -- -- spread. But nobody thought we we don't wanna hold to a we want to. -- -- I've been able or women don't sub site on the web site. All right so you think this is a good idea you don't think -- -- or people are betting now the techsters are betting it's going to be less than two years before the standards are lower. Because I don't. Court and that my experience has -- from this stuff I'm all I'm saying yes it was inevitable. And I think. That we we have women serving apparently -- right. Absolutely -- and Gloria I'm not saying and they -- but they're not serving on -- I'm just saying that there are certain I'll probably combat is probably not a role for a for web and I'll say that because if I would. There there -- therein therein combat like Jessica Lynch's in combat does she drive and a truck I mean I understand that too. But they're not I mean they they didn't not right now there aren't women in combat infantry combat unit. -- our artillery -- and it's. You know or tank units or you know they're not on their Katrina on the marine core of the treatments stroke but on a special question. They're not adulterous guilty I feel I got. And and -- again. Most -- can't make those exceptionally well allow remote somebody is gonna be vigilant which. Yeah. I you always think when I was he's eligible for the draft and was wonay united -- Nixon was gonna in the draft -- -- used to think it was terribly unfair of them. I had to register with selective service but the women didn't these women who wanted to equal right the equal rights amendment -- when asked him. If I wasn't interest and invading them of course if they felt that women should women should also be eligible for the draft like I once. Well. And saw that tape did your opinion. All know it's not painted my opinion but I'm just a big -- with a guy like that other -- came up with a question should women have to register as with selective service. Stagnation yeah. I think they always should have had to register -- purpose. Ali is something -- I'm pretty sure you're probably not a credible about women are now. I just I don't even have a lot of what we'll do what it is three books 547. Dollars. And the -- will be right outside just out to be one of -- what was. -- You don't you don't think that that you don't think that I write for for the women's audience you don't think I drive right you don't think I can write romance thrillers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no. In office when I thought the rest of us don't have here I mean who -- yes. People into opportunities in ethnic problem. But their problems now. That we got issues or just say in the win major combat has changed. And this is just in the distance to the other example I just hope that they don't chase standings but it's like that is my experience is it. The physical standards lowered for firefighters to says -- -- I knew I knew there will work for fire I mean I know more about firefighters that I mean they've had guys they put firefighters to get too fat to be a firefighter Rhode Island. Who couldn't who got so -- He couldn't on the issues. And acorn don't want anything about it cart. That that that that's -- -- power I would when I was Denali. That it would keep teaching in -- of what this -- At a budget that you know really got great guys. And it would it would be able Puerto Rico they could not give a community. I said in writing. Great guy can't get a community English -- They boarded the board but I didn't have added that the. That's when I mean you know that's why you know when you that's why you can't -- the Detroit Joint Chiefs of Staff you know say hold air for I mean of course reporter they're not here they're not going to be a joint -- anymore. -- That's true. I was trying I was trying to wait to. That's. That. I would try to do a good opening. I think that this is inevitable it's it's workable approach. Changed in that. 1877469. -- three to two. Let's say okay let's let's take a couple of culture before that you go colonel bog your -- with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead on. Yeah I hate to -- this tree with a kernel could have tremendous respect for what he's done -- but I've I've spent a career law enforcement military. And I don't think it caught up in the yeah. Seven -- -- the fight department test. That I can actually prove complicated that it never got a call from -- get hired by everybody out to two things first thought you have to problems that. Secondly you have the physical difference which is a problem in every case I've seen him going back to the Border Patrol. They have Lloyd -- manipulated the physical guy and it's in every case in every case the idea that all they make good -- it. No they don't not for a 100% of the job they're -- -- -- would be considered a. Here's the quote she's an outstanding. Agent. You know what that meant that meant it was -- passable if she was -- -- and that everybody would have a guy as well. Well listen to this thing benefits of -- -- grinding it out that. Look what I got different -- kick it around and in the pockets of big -- that they've -- it was nothing but it. You're not you're geared up I think I I said if they don't change the standards. I -- I was part of I was completely against. The -- in the stands -- that but that's not the woman's fault -- Obama at the bunting guys who have decided to lower the standards along with a. You know you're glad you could say I hang out with a bunch of us sexist pigs which you know OK maybe that's true but -- I've talked crops and firefighters like like this guy. And they tell me that you know what these women women get promoted up through the ranks and they made. They've made no arrests. You know it just -- -- just been. What. That's -- that they should not indeed they should be able to. They think it's all about the fact private island it is wrong as a woman gave it went out to order jobs. There's no question -- about Obama I would not change I start of the I would make even hires in. But this standard of the wood into the infantry. Being a marine lieutenant outrageous or seal -- -- school should not chase because it won't Whitman. To be you know you'd probably as -- -- -- -- on my argument is that women aren't all that all we've done is. Say it's OK it probably it. My issue is don't change to standard and can. Walk from that that. I just don't think that I don't think you know I don't you're being realistic when you say the standards -- if the standards aren't going to be changed from the bench again they've been changed for everything else why would that be changed here he -- -- even -- this is. This is even more serious than than -- not changing the east of the standards for a police and firefighters. That's the thing I don't I don't think it made memorable I think it's just is that. If you if you change decisions like first fireman or or pop that's that that's been both a dangerous jobs should not to yeah. Mike you're next with how we card colonel David -- go ahead Mike. -- I agree with -- colonel. I don't know what -- -- Cuban Drake and eventually you're in combat. Stop that probably it probably up there are part of NATO. I would hope we could bring it -- -- -- -- court that this is for Ali that would flow that's artistic political act and might -- it. A commitment like that and it went -- quite a cuddle up. We got to do people look at it should do into the water so all the -- German combat. That's about all you don't buy equipment not summary. They're -- contract to have been an opposite of its submarine. But didn't know -- seen that the submarine is one of the things at work -- odds are going the wrong. -- -- academic world and it was set up if it's not about. -- patrol with it probably what I wore on simply say that they if you could make him because standard. That should be allowed to do. -- take it that's it. OK -- colonel we ought to take a break you wanna stick around you wanna thank you what you wanna deal with these -- line certainly heard you'll. -- OK I pulled arguably we'll be right back with the colonel 187 -- at 4 o'clock we'll switch over to another combat veteran. By the name of -- shot calorie -- car. 187746943221877. 4654322. Era talking about decision today to allow women entered into combat again women. Women are in combat zones but what he's denying the women earn combat zones where it this is actually. Allowing them in the combat units. So an average say having Jessica Lynch right there drive and a twelve. In the and Iraq yeah you have -- -- by carrying a rifle. 18774694322. This is Heather McDonald conservative issues follow the Manhattan institute a conservative. The downside to such a policy that has such a policy are legion and obvious the only reason the shortest placate feminism is insatiable. And narcissistic drive for absolute official quality between the sexes. Feminist routinely deny Eros except when it suits them to export their sexual power only someone deliberately blind to human reality could maintain the putting. Men and women in close quarters 24 hours a day will not produce a proliferation of sex bus introducing -- -- rational. Passions and resulting favoritism a physical attraction -- organization. That should be exclusively devoted to the mission of combat preparedness reported sexual assaults. Will -- And of course it will only be the men who -- fall. Expect the windfall to the engine gender sensitivity training industry. Which will be called in both before and which will be called in both before and after the entry entry of women into combat units. Or to eradicate endemic male sexist. Even if Leon Panetta -- intends to keep female fighting units sex segregated that attention that distinction won't last feminists won't complain. That female owned leased units stigma -- women. That's true -- -- mean listen you know that to say that the you know we're gonna we're gonna keep the standards. Up and the standards are not going to be change that's that's we we all we've all seen we've all seen affirmative action network -- way. It's just and it -- in it doesn't usually work out well. 18774694322187746943220. Here's a -- -- they were waiting for the personal call baca. Where. Here's this is from the the -- the Daily Mail on line we don't shower for a month and were often naked male soldiers weren't female comrades of harsh conditions on front line as an analyst battlefield band. On on women X older Stella how often they have to relieve themselves inches away from one another and -- cramped tanks. Just you know that doesn't bother real a much of the times they are all forced to strip naked and watch what power hostess. That would be that would be awkward thing. 18774694322. Well 11 wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal describing the condition she faced on the front line when he was involved in the initial invasion of Iraq in 2325. Marines but time -- packed into -- and amphibious assault vehicles. Intended to hold only fifteen with a marine sitting on top of one another for long periods of time. When -- when many Marines developed dysentery from the complete lack of sanitary conditions when an uncontrollable urge -- -- marine he would be forced to Spain and as best he could hold and in maariv bagged up. -- 1877469432218774694322. A war colonel -- we'll just have to take some calls Dave your next with how we cargo had Dave. Are carried on. I I went noted person. Just the younger and went in fort fort Letterman is great to my basics. And we they were just introduced a lot of we make me in the in military. Set out on the twelve mile march. Quarter mile an hour. Wearing their -- and their backpacks and weapons and -- up against them is just. It just depends what the priority of our government -- it to win. When when the -- mattered or some past social purpose because there's no question it. If you want to tip of the spear to the best part of fighting force. So -- very best men in the pocket and women in the very best because the very best men and women. Occupied some simple machine makes it -- to the standards that would be fine but in my experience accused they've -- they've watered down standards. I imagine. You know and and that's hard to escalate twelfth. People drive trucks followed that that the mission and that's not almost isn't it on the air force to be legal teams and things like that. They have emissions are far more sense you know. The whole country depending on these people definition. That you gonna introduce feminism and that because. Why you wanna win. And we're at a point right now what we -- -- might be more important I don't know what you. Erupted and I'm just cannot. Good thanks we'll call Dave Bob Bob you're next with how we are going to Bob. Alia I completely agree with you I mean women are in and right now the problem. -- smoking crack is -- We had unit that religion you know like a lynch story where she drove a truck. When they got quiet from the United States. Like 30% of the woman got pregnant and that could be it ought not to -- I bought Internet. We're just seal teams. Your squad. -- all together or train together and then all that your -- and come -- and all the people get pregnant you're here you're already has has done to present as. Right. Well well I I know I know I I did know was the same in the idea I didn't know that the same amount phenomenon existed to that extent in the in the army I thought it was just the navy thing. What time were at a time with the colonel but well to take a break. -- -- --