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Soon To Be Secretary Kerry Charms The Senate

Jan 24, 2013|

Massachusetts senior Senator John Kerry waltzed through his confirmation hearing today for Secretary of State. He said to the Senate today American foreign policy is not defined by just drones and troop deployment. Howie wondered what kind of Secretary of State will Kerry make.

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How we did John Kerry served in Vietnam this year veteran he never told us that ever and you play please play reporting for duty. -- it never reporting for duty but he did happen to mention today his his is military service believe it or not he did. He did direct it did take a pick and take the time the whole time probably about thirty seconds to say that he was a there was a veteran I. I can pledge to you that is a veteran of war. Iowa or his carry the consequences are decisions in my mind and be grateful. That we have such extraordinary people to back us up. He was a veteran who know whom know. All right 18774694322. Wisely said that the colonel the the -- -- the the next secretary of state media. Made a mistake when he tried ad -- he always gets into trouble when he tries to have web. As we know from the botched jokes and talking about the you know their here's just -- scored Detroit to Red Sox three error is reminiscences. Of his running the Boston Marathon are having great. The at 24 point -- in his sights he just either has a tendency to just you know stock -- -- -- doesn't know anything about or just make up a big whopper. But the here's the protest or interrupting the hearing and it's with the with the sport to witness follow up to the protestor in Europe and yet here. Here this that it looks like they send over more and bat from my either quote tankers central casting. And you start screaming and yelling about the approach. My opponents are getting killed in the mideast. -- is -- chairman and members of the committee. I know there's a lot of ground to cover. Okay. Well you know what to say mr. chairman -- it. When I first came to watch it and I testified I obviously was testifying as part of a group of people who came here to have their voices heard. -- and that is above all what displaces about really what did you -- echoes do you do we have any sound cut you genuinely. That somebody would today at this point would not you have an excuse even if you're a member of the world's most exclusive club mr. -- -- side which almost gives me a truck. At this point do you not have an excuse he brought up the he brought up his first testimony before via. The foreign affairs committee in 1971. It -- -- an excuse to ask if you still believe what he said. Please -- -- stories of times they had personally raped. No fears and cut off hands. Taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned -- the power. Cut off limbs. Blown up bodies. Randomly shot -- civilians. Razed villages in the fashion reminiscent of Genghis -- So isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day to day basis with a full awareness and officers and all levels. Command. Generous pawn. -- -- -- -- So now carry Kerry wants to be the he's going to be the secretary of state I -- indeed the U one are you by in this fight I said Michael from crisis. But what I wanted to know from the guy play and if it was a senator I -- I asked him. Why is this I keep reading that you were worth 193. Million dollars. You know I remember when they said well you know elect two recently he has no money he's actually said we haven't save -- my my wife is independently wealthy but. But I live on the senate cut do we not. Gonna find it right where to -- I know we have that so I'm pretty sure we have that sound cut. So this is not that long ago this -- regulation you know the baby she gave a -- like a couple of up paintings worth few million box. Fact is I did make some contributions. They're not enormous I have two kids you know a little off my salary. And my wife may be independently wealthy I'm not. That was worth 193. Million bucks. Mean -- for -- You don't put that on the Google that John Kerry a 193 million box were 194 million box in some cases how how -- get this money. We're what happened the pre nuptial agreements I don't I don't quite get. How we do you think that protestor was staged and is on the John Kerry payroll no I don't think it was -- because. I don't think he would have but he he was a pretty stupid to open himself up to that line of questioning if he would if you go on yeah you know somebody had decided to pick him up -- -- But he's you don't just. I don't so so captain a bit light -- acquire the 193 -- that's rob saying I don't I don't understand that I don't know how we got it I I don't. I'm I'm thinking that she you know she's got these trust funds which is -- kids by by senator -- or -- her first husband. Mean I I would assume that does senator -- had those trust funds. It -- was a buttoned up pretty tight so that she couldn't give the money to some gigolo like mr. John calorie. You know how does he how assist woods does where does this number come for. Munich granted the the places I've read it or not the most infallible sources in the world like CNET in in the wall by -- in Wikipedia okay so maybe it's -- but maybe it's not but I mean it's get around. He got some -- stock tips and I cattle futures from Hillary that's pretty good that's pretty good. 18774694322. Did they taste the protesters know they did not but they let him go they let him go -- -- ergo. Our guest -- your next with Howard cargo had -- Hi how -- act they was gonna comment on the subject we're talking about before -- really quickly I just wanted to take. It's what happened women are drafted what happened we get into a big war and the draft -- that are -- -- What do you think's gonna happen. I think it is going to be out for its parent or don't want their article -- combat anywhere they want to respond to you know but it's gonna be amassed. I can't see him ever bring him back the draft about the matter how bad it gets a just can't say -- And Democrats every time JFK Woodrow Wilson ER you know it's been Democrat who defended Obama not gonna do that you'd have a problem. Anything he wants. Now -- Charles Charles Rangel was -- -- in the last in the in the last congress but he was just sort of is a you know as a way to say. You don't know rich people we're going into the going into the army you're going into the military so he he I mean it was just the you know just a symbolic effort he knew that there wasn't going to be a draft plus they have or they report. We're sophisticated weaponry now I don't think it but I've what I've always heard is the military higher up don't really wanna draft because. They don't wanna be deal and whip with with malcontents. Who what don't wanna beat them. Then again the -- you know bail while the ACLU had the gonna have all kinds of state you know they the -- many people -- had to get extra time now otherwise but it too why take part in the SATs or that there are the in the of the standardized testing because they claim they have a disability and -- They didn't think of how many people are gonna be coming up with disabilities to try to avoid the military in this modern society Matt your next with how we cargo ahead -- Captain -- I think Joba to sent to India or would you like to present that laws that not a guy cry over. That problem is it's human nature man got paid and women get equal well wait been like and in the you know. The fact that when they can't that's not objects that -- that you might find an Amazon mean streak every down and that you don't -- Extreme cases make bad law -- the matter is. You know external debt being its -- -- and edit it in oh -- because. If they. Writes William you know that he knows that too he knows it is well you know he's just. And I thank Rick yeah a ball -- but now we should do a bit you know out of Ottawa at the key summit there are any kid cannot. Great tradition that is where we don't. Yeah I you know I agree it is it's it's I mean things are things are looking pretty bleak at this point you know I think we've -- you know world word no word the troubles of society and this just another. Another indication thanks thanks for the thanks for the call. 187746943220. Here's another question that should have been asked of curious is your ballpark in international waters. That's the other thing I mean you know some guys. I know you can make money real quick like look at look it's October the -- that that started FaceBook I mean he's he's worth billions now he but he came up with the idea. Now what would or -- gates. Or the Steve Jobs. The guys -- Google but they all again they all -- -- or the people want that what big John Kerry had. You know to make to get to be worth 200 million dollars to -- Mitt Romney wasn't it was a yet turnaround artist of of bell of venture capital you can column of ultra capitalist if you wondered if you -- -- by Obama terminology. But the heat turned businesses around and made money for a lot of people I mean all of -- care. John Kerry is not only happens at this he should be in the hall of fame project allows police found -- rich women to -- using Juliet. Hit caterer wants. But now. Now now I see that he didn't just get you know the pre nup agreement if you stay married to me for ten years I'll I'll pay you one you know all Al optic. You know albeit ten million -- he's got a 10093. Million -- so let's not get silly here. -- It of the tax has been paid on his 193. Million there's another question it what what the -- -- what is she paid taxes on this money that's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. 1877. Who bought the boat did you buy the -- himself for was a book I caught the ball was aghast. From mom comity the seven million dollar ball but he didn't pay the 500000 dollars sales tax excise tax on. What nobody asked about that either the taxes. 18774694322. Maybe -- was an early investor in both hawks. Well it was early buyer ballparks we know that he refused to answer the question when he was asked -- on this radio station a few years back when somebody's not here anymore 18774694322. On how we are.