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Prescription Cigarettes

Jan 24, 2013|

A state legislator in Oregon is trying to pass a bill that makes cigarettes a controlled substance, equatable with ketamine, lysergic acid and anabolic steroids.in other words you would need a prescription for cigarettes. Howie could not sit up straight he laughed so hard.

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I can't -- you know I just. I -- just perplexed that. At you know you you can't. Get down on any group of American power to hate crime. Except for handful of groups. And one of the groups that you can you can come down hard on and not only not only can you do with with impunity and get away with that. But you can do -- and you couldn't. Feel good about yourself you can feel superior. To this group it's not like you just have to hate somebody. You could you would hate them and you can feel superior to them the same time. This is from Salem Oregon. If you're a regular smoker you may want to keep an ally. On a new bill in the -- legislature. Representative Mitch green way from Portland I'm gonna -- -- them. Is sponsoring a bill that makes cigarettes -- schedule three controlled substance. Meaning it would be illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor's prescription. Under the proposal that offenders would face maximum punishment of one year in prison. A 6250. Dollar fine or ball. Other drugs and substances that are considered control three substances -- cattle mind I don't know what that is like surgery can ask him to act cat -- mean is say tranquilizing you timely you know horses academy took probably pretty pretty strong that it that works ports. LSD. And anabolic steroids. Amazing so it it was cigarettes are still legal substance but they're gonna make -- a subject a schedule three drug like LSD or anabolic steroids. The state board of pharmacy may adopt rules require placing requirements and limitations on the sale or transfer products containing -- team. I think it's pretty crazy said one syllable of Salem I don't see it going through what's going to be something to watch for but I don't think -- will pass. You know here's the thing. They never passed the first time around. What they're doing is there were did their -- it's like using artillery to soften up the enemy before you have the bayonet charge. I see. I see danger ahead here that's. Others see the proposal differently of course they -- I hope it passes and I hope people actually think about it it's at Rick Rick -- at Salem. What are PS any bad Abbott's. You know there's less and less smokers every day because they know how bad it is for them I just hope people wake up and realize how bad it actually is for them this -- like me. It's like. The people might know that smoking is bad for them did Rick cannon just just tell them that's something they didn't know. But it they -- Kevin gets to think he's really a Smart guy. By telling people that smoking is bad for them. He's a Smart guy and he's doing a favor -- we smokers were apparently so stupid they don't know smoking is bad for them. Greenway also made headlines this week by suggesting a state committee look at the hiring procedure used by the university of Morgan when it named mark health health rich the new ducks head coach. Man or is an organ one of and the new -- states were pot is legal pot is -- -- is pot now legal in in Oregon but cigarettes aren't. Why why do people feel like they have the right to you know if you're -- If you're a if you're in if you're you know exposed to say anything bad about fat people right they have the national association for the acceptance. Of fat people right. And you're not supposed to say anything bad about alcoholics because it's a disease correct in -- and recovery. And in drug addicts that I can get can get on welfare. Can't they say in some epic account I don't know that can -- They can get on advocate they cannot certainly -- what alcoholics we know in New Hampshire can use there -- EBT cards to buy alcohol as a matter fact we can also use there -- BT cards to buy cigarettes. But. Now we're gonna with cigarettes as a dork. Now I'm not saying that cigarettes are addictive I mean they certainly are addictive. Andy they certainly are rom they surely are harmful to your help but. Where does this always happens now I mean we we've seen you don't Mayor Bloomberg started out with cigarettes. That's where -- that's where he began I mean I haven't seen Mayor Bloomberg is an attic so he's an attic of a nanny state. And now he's progressed from a cigarettes to -- to it too soft drinks. 1877469432218. I wanna ask smokers here do you if you do you get the feeling that you wore a second class citizen. Do you do you why do you have to deal with people saying thanks to you but they would never. In a million years think of saying to somebody else who had a different kind of a different kind of addiction. A day even if they have an addiction that that that makes them unable to work. Unable to be a functioning member of society you your you war. Plot. To. Hold your tongue because you don't want to damage their self esteem. Unless of course it's a cigarette smoke in which case it's open season on. 1877469432218774694322. To also open season on non mormons I would say. Evangelical Christians. But but smokers are at the top. Of the barrel build your next with Howard art or had belt. I'll check out this struck me out but walked which you know doesn't want my hot button topic is probably a drinker and I Arafat so. And got a problem -- does that -- to make about -- world -- right -- and I'm supportive of smokers. Until we decide to ban cigarettes nationally. This guy practiced -- if you know our armed agent just sit down shut up -- don't know -- They beat you know be the thing -- they -- they always -- they almost talked about what we're gonna raise we're gonna raise the tax on cigarettes like they're talking about doing in Massachusetts from 250 wanna pack. To 350 wanna -- which works out by the way to about seventeen cents per cigarette. But then then the it's like -- would like gasoline again let me get higher mileage cars and people use less gasoline have to raise the gas -- to do the same thing was cigarettes people smoke your cigarettes so -- -- -- gonna raise the tax on you know -- it's the erratic but they they don't really want us to quit smoking bill -- That's the dirty little secret. But you know you know the other thing -- that this will want said by a Massachusetts state rapid and -- he was CEU was ridiculed -- I thought it was a legitimate point he said cigarettes -- smokers -- don't want everybody a favor by dying seven or ten years earlier. That's a lot of that's a lot of -- above. It was social security and Medicare money that say you know how some -- us. The next time Agassi. Thanks for the call bill 187746943221877. It's open season on gun owners -- that's right I forgot about that god don't gun owners of Catholic yeah. Don't forget salt and trans -- warning that was -- that thing is for for Mayor Bloomberg. Cigarettes were gateway drug in minute of the cigarette the gateway drug led to trans fats. -- led to was salt. It led to war beer but not -- And now it's let the soft drinks because -- he's either that's his that's his latest. That's his latest uptick in drugs 18774. How -- BI I've been feeling like second class citizens for years now beginning to feel like a third class citizen. How we are illegal aliens smokers exempt that this new law you know what that's a good point. -- don't what what afterwards if it wants to -- any organ legislature and say listen listen pal. I know your Ramon that represented of green way. But if you ever considered that illegal aliens may be affected. By your absurd legislation. Kyle your next with how we cargo ahead Kyle. You heard earlier I spoke -- that would like to lock up there -- the people would Abbott. Think you'd like to current symbol but I'd like to go out of 300 -- -- lady NB global gold card out. All -- -- got so much. But you know what you should be tossed out of a Wal-Mart in your ass if you tried to like what you. Are right exactly. Yeah that is is is -- 300 pounds before I don't think so I think smoking is better for you you know that's another thing to what have we mentioned this before. But this obesity epidemic. And its that's all come over America in the last forty years it hit. Totally corresponds to people quitting smoking. Now. It's its people a lot most people a lot of people like to have something in their mouth it's a it's an addiction right some like. So they can have if they can't have a cigarette they're gonna have AAA scope of Ben and Jerry's and it. Thanks for the thanks for the call Kyle won eight and how come it is if -- if -- if it's so horrible to smoke -- we have to make it -- alcohol marijuana is. -- -- Your smoke marijuana it's on -- that can't be good for cabinet. And then ended it you're getting at some cases from places like Mexico where they sometimes spray Paraguay on. You think that's good for you think Arab quiet sprayed marijuana is good for it or they want a -- up and make it a little more expensive they they spray it with -- say. 1877. I put dog owners with their job dogs jumping -- -- and smokers with their secondhand smoke etc. that their. 18774694322. Why they smoke like chimneys in Asia and Central America none of them are obese obese right exactly. 187746943. Two to -- about people who walker walk their dogs around -- the pickup after their dogs I can say that is my dogs are and they hang out in the backyard. What about down. Big is it that what's a bigger problem to step on a on a cigarette bothered to step on a pile of dog droppings Ron you're next with Howard cargo ahead -- Probably. What's so -- In acquiring a position to describe what doctors -- mine is -- describes cigarettes. Boy that's another thing I hadn't thought about that you're pretty good so that once radio Wednesday die they -- just be soaring up Philip -- -- RJ Reynolds we'll be so when the Doctor Who prescribed the that the drugs that killed. And me that's the most. The most athletic -- to reach its ability waste -- -- by. Market together. I mean that alone what you just said -- is reason enough I've been ability in the bill's gonna go nowhere I mean it just like. And you know they I think he had -- prescription to get to get booms in in prohibition out of that work out. Well our exit package you've got to prevent -- -- -- -- -- page. But -- just know that -- there's like there's no doubt Arkansas and smoking so if I mean we are all against it bureaucracy medical society. Silent backers note doctors like -- -- Cigarettes for -- Thanks for the thanks for the call I mean even if they even if they didn't care they thought cigarettes weren't -- you know while weren't any more dangerous than any anything else like say marijuana error or the -- lower. Whenever. They they're not -- they're not gonna put themselves at risk and we can you imagine the them the medical premiums and their parade doctor who's up prescribing cigarettes. 187746943221. -- -- how we nobody for Maine is smoking anything from Mexico. I know I know where you get it from don't don't give me grief about that 18774694322. -- how we car.