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The DOE wants schools to change policy that keeps the disabled off sports teams

Jan 25, 2013|

The DOE is getting involved in athletic programs by forcing the schools to allow disabled students to play in any sport that the school offers.

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About this sickness and madness of liberalism. But I'm telling you this is all true. There's not one I always of exaggeration. For hyperbole or sensationalism. Some of these stories are almost. They're mean it's it's got to be true because you know the fact is stranger than fiction. Here is the first story. And it's already creating a tremendous stir across the country. The Department of Education. Is ordering schools to include disabled students. In existing sports programs. And if you can't include them you have to create equal alternative options. So now. Under this new federal mandate from the Department of Education. Schools will be required I have to be made reasonable modifications. To their athletic programs. Or create new ones that have the same standing as their existing offering X. So what this means is this this decision now by the Department of Education means that participation. In high school and collegiate sports is -- right. Schools failing to comply with this directive. Could risk losing federal funding. To put it human nuts and bolts terms. Now you have a paraplegic. In a wheelchair. He will have to be able to play quarterback on the team. Imagine your high school football team with a paraplegic cornerback. I imagine. Pure basketball team your high school or college basketball team. You're gonna have to have people in wheelchairs. Paraplegic quadruple Egypt's and they're gonna have to be part of the team. And obviously you're gonna have to include them which means can you imagine you have a child -- -- school. Who you think is promising let's say in basketball and may even get to college on a scholarship. He's gonna have to pass the ball that his quadriplegic in a wheelchair -- on the high school team at least whatever two times every time you have the ball. -- is considered discrimination. This is this is this is insanity. So we are now gonna have people who are considered disabled. Playing baseball. High school baseball. College Baseball. College football high school football college basketball college -- -- high school basketball. Or College Hockey high school hockey. Is is gonna destroy the game. You know I mean so how can your team win I am I trying to make fun of anybody but really. How can I have a paraplegic quarterback in a wheelchair and a football field. I -- when I don't know -- -- -- Even throw the ball. But is considered now discrimination and if you don't include. -- disabled students and existing sports programs according now to the Department of Education this is now we knew mandate. -- -- -- So let me just give you an example this was told to me by somebody at WRKO. Who wishes to remain anonymous I understand why. Because they wanna be seen as making fun of people are disabled and nobody is. But this is a very serious topic is gonna ruin our sports programs completely. In the name of fairness and equality and liberalism. She was part of a a high school dance. Team. And they had to include a person who was a paraplegic. They were just told by his school this this is paraplegic custom be on the -- she asked to be on the team. So we're doing a dance number you're dancing. While she can dance in a wheelchair so they have to Porter on those walkers. Now she's their dancing -- gambit in the Walker's. Imus I asked I asked the question I -- how do you dance with walkers. And apparently part of her dance routine. Was to hold herself lift herself up a little bit on the Walker's. And then we'll raise one -- feet and we -- -- posts the paraplegic. And that was considered part of the dance numbers. And this person said this was deeply resented by everybody else. Because. It ruined their dance. It ruined their ability to compete for a championship. It ruined their ability to compete against other teams. Because nobody can get on the spot they needed to beat because you have a person in a walker a paraplegic. Who's in the way. And this person set often I try to get my spot the dance and it's paraplegic was in my way blocking my spot trying to wiggle -- posts. -- -- -- And she said ultimately created a lot of resentment among everybody on the team. It to ruined. Their years in high school where they could've been excelling at this sport. They felt that undercut their potential. They did not fulfill what they wanted to do. And basically turned her dance team and their dance numbers into a nightmare. So what are we in now watch -- gonna watch Alabama Notre Dame. In a college football final with two quadriplegic. Quarterbacks on a wheelchair. Maybe what throwing to one receiver was in a wheelchair and a walker. -- in this is now or else you're gonna risk losing federal funding. I mean this is this is in saying. It's just it's insane. And all in the name of being Hong Lauren. And compassionate. And fair. Do this suppose it people who are disabled. Well look I understand disabled people wanna play sports. I think it's you know they put a lot of -- play wheelchairs they play very good basketball. There's many things you can do floor hockey what. Then create separate programs for them. But don't put them. Into the it into the major. You know of a football basketball hockey. Baseball programs for their competing against non disabled people. It's gonna destroy the game completely. So I imagine you with your child. Very are you your daughter very good basketball player may be could go to you event. On a full basketball scholarship. If she's got to play with people in wheelchairs and people and walkers. At the high school level. If she's got to pass the people in a wheelchair or some person on -- walker. What second due to the quality -- -- game. It's she can't she won't be able to complete. I mean she's gonna look she's gonna look silly on the basketball on the on the basketball court she's probably gonna cost her scholarship. I mean this is gonna have profound ramifications. 6172666868. Is the number do you agree. With the decision to include disabled students. In two high school college major sports programs. Or do you think this is a liberalism. Run -- 6172666868. Is the number. Jeff Europe first welcome to the corner report. Thank you -- warning doesn't disgusting and below the jury who I think -- No wonder kids who go to the paralyzed -- or. Teenager who get the blood sport -- -- ritual the walker Rohm and end punished and cheese and paid ad. What else can well treatment of and the going to be Watson's computer a compliment -- -- ago. -- who -- -- scholarships. Because they don't come along and say scholarships -- they are just because a person can't wait I mean mr. doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- Who played a portable electric practically -- very well outscored get a scholarship or call that they could otherwise be able -- in the -- -- -- because of this. -- -- -- -- This is. -- what's gonna happen weren't scared to get out into the real workforce. And -- -- guy who want to build fiscal can't hire them because they're -- doesn't get that. It's it's it's -- good going to be crushed candidate could have been more Watson's career is gonna be a lot that figure out how I had an undercover got to know. But I'm not competent to play and because we -- OK can -- cannot who could play in America know much -- output. Oh right book not all out -- -- should try to be a lot that occurred I can go to so novel but I right. -- -- I just I completely agree with you and and -- the question I want ask for you is this really. Would you watch a high school or college. Basketball game or football game if you had non disabled people playing -- disabled people. Let's say Alabama Notre Dame the last game the the championship for college football game. Would you if the quarterback is suddenly a quadriplegic in a wheelchair would you watch that game. Because you have to have a certain amount of disabled students on each gain -- -- and are gonna get federal funding. I mean think of this merger even care this is gonna destroy college and high school sports I would wanna watch a game we're all due respect. I might do that person with the dance team why what I wanna see somebody Emma in Walker's wiggling her -- as part of a dance routine. And to me this is this is insane to -- Europe next welcome to the -- report. Tried -- I'm I'm not so quick it's not really about the topic but. Just basically this -- show. Complained all the time we're talking about something that I agree you know -- group a lot of what you say I think it's a good point. And I -- I would never want this turn it I have kids to have to deal with this but. You know -- You've got to meet listeners. And right now I probably don't -- so early in the morning but I -- not many people are up but. If you change your boy. And maybe -- -- action would -- it could help. People Q what direction where. You know they -- in the email or someone. About fish you know voice their concern. -- -- if you -- just cheap you know I mean Alex partners -- all wearing my parents told me complaining gets you nowhere. And I stand like it's great events in all that but it. Not think it started. Now. -- -- -- -- know what are you military look I'll be honest with you. I am leading the way on the child sexual predator prevention act to prevent our children from being molested. I've been working with members of the state legislature -- do more action on not. I'm planning to lead an -- and anti tax revolt SR and anti tax rally -- revolt in April. I'm trying to keep all of you aware of what's going on this is going to impact all of you. You have children and high school it's gonna impact you you have children in college it's gonna impact you. All I can do is make you aware of what's going on I can't leave every rally every crusade. But I'm not just sitting here howling at the -- I am trying to empower youth through information. And we get these stories that other -- mainstream media outlets don't wanna cover. Because they don't want you to know how they're racking our college sports programs and our high school sports programs. You need to be made aware of this. And I think the more people are made aware of this the more there's going to be a growing public backlash. Because now they're dismantling our sports programs in the name of fairness. That's all I can that's all I can do. I can't I'm not god I can't fix every problem but I can make you at least enlightened and aware of it. 6172666868. Is the number Jose Europe next welcome to the coroner report. I you have good morning at least so live -- I'm childcare College Soccer. In a lot of limited approach now in Maryland at college leaving. Kids like -- bench. You'd like gonna be ruled that -- -- to -- -- that they. Kids. Censorship through throughout the one that. And the gap he lives there in the court's going to be it whenever I start. Utility called discriminating against sick kid. He is going to be an -- political agenda could GP. Jose let me ask you this. If your sons. How to play on the field soccer soccer's a great example. With a quadriplegic. Cup -- kid who can move his legs and his arms -- in a wheelchair. And you have to pass the ball that is quadriplegic. What would that do to your son's chances of getting a scholarship. You have your playing with people and culture how good did you play. Ever. Never he cannot. We ample Portillo. We love -- -- oh the other colleague bill. Air any of that humidity acute there was food to place -- them is gonna get it. Really groups here -- really really good at it. And played really cute right Dan it's unbelievable I mean -- species I had a memo to inoculate their life I think -- you're never gonna -- -- -- decide things it's a mandate this is what the federal government is ordering every school. So unless we as parents speak up this going to be forced upon our schools and have to schools don't comply this is the kicker. They're gonna cut off federal funding move money. So. This is liberalism and action in the name of fairness they're gonna wreck our sports and ruin how many people's chances at a at a at a scholarship. 6172666868. -- mean thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Pines or I only heard part of the conversation -- to the -- -- Harry knew that another feel good program. By the liberal. It seemed like it and they do this more more often because in 190 these are people that got ejected in high schooler. Even great school for one reason or another now they want to make everything fair. Fair share and then sit let -- -- -- problem is we're not going to work that's all I have to pay. Tell you some Russian and where does it stop I mean really if if it's disabled students are really -- about obese people how come there are not represented in sports programs. Like for example I'm a fairly big guy I'm not very -- I'm not very good sports how come I -- play professional football. How come Bill Belichick doesn't put me and instead of Pomeranian be the quarterback. Why just because Tom Brady is slim and athletic he gets to be the quarterback and not mean that's my fair. Our according to that reasoning. 6172666868. Denny's syrup next welcome to the coroner report. -- morning general. Like -- I just wanted to point out that something. I haven't mentioned yet elicited -- connection yet. You can get -- of the players picked it can't hurt badly crashing in view the wheelchairs. Or the locker. You've got people running around everywhere I think sports. They're crashing dump all over it. I mean -- that's the other thing and even that these these did disabled students. I mean look at the quality of the athletes you're playing football. You're you're in a wheelchair. You're going up against the linebacker. Is gonna crush the poor quadriplegic. Basketball you throw a pass you're going for the past you're in Singapore guy in the wheelchair or in the walker in front of you you're gonna run right through won't. I mean can you just think imaginable lawsuits. This is I mean this is a disaster. This is a disaster. Steve Europe next welcome to the corner report. -- -- -- got it wrong principal and help the middle class and we can't afford this we can't afford to have sports no more so what's the government help and as well wit and his pick up. -- -- -- to handicap kiss on the field and then and then we're not going to be able to get federal money goes as most sports team in the country high school college whatever you. But that can't get back -- so what -- -- what they've got to do is cut -- the federal funding we need that the money for world's bridges and trains but supports. We don't need sports and at school no more fixated states it's wasted way too much money jet so we -- -- -- handicapped kids felt they were Bruins pushed forward. And then they'll privatize it so that the rich people that 1% of all the kids can play sports they can put them they're all lining intuit. And the middle class is the most can't get a project we can't afford to retain at least -- programs anymore. He did it but I didn't see the logic and the wisdom -- Steve but you've enlightened us now. I gotta say this person -- WRKO. Can you imagine watching his -- performance. These 1516 year old high school students are trying to flips in on her dancing are trying to do somersaults all sorts of things. And you have this kid in a walker. Who like struggling to lift themselves up and wiggle his little always -- always. Are you can use imagine how dysfunctional outlooks. -- you're trying to win a championship. 6172666868. -- Europe next welcome to the coroner report. They keyboard and Jeff I love your show there's no one else like you on the yet thanks to what you do brother so much. They I was thinking Jeff what are we open up all our Frontline combat positions to quadriplegic. Cripples. You know I mean what do we open up all up front line combat positions storm itself. I would like to -- cage fighting. With the quadruple reach six. I think that would be very entertaining for a lot of people. I mean we're just just go all the way just go all the way what does -- and Europe next welcome to the corner report. I -- you have a -- come I don't I'm good I'm anti. Good job and remember have a caller yeah I heard your story and -- and you know I don't feel they don't mean you don't know ignored bureau of began these people everybody at the same time I understand your point every readers this village into court everywhere at Indy and our society when they become good they're prepared to our detriment to Riviera to the different programs going on and the other days they -- -- -- Configure our program to a wrong. That they can -- the Australian women and participated in -- two of the people are good people they value to our society Debbie instead. That the liberal mindset you have. They have over inclusion and feel good and then everything else and all the other younger -- -- Bob no globally yard -- salute and repair is ridiculous in the and the main thing people can do. And really didn't miss a group of the minds that we episode changing and it's -- in this country especially in the Blue States is that. You -- tell you to your county or city. In his attitude to -- good finance committee and say listen we want to go to a zero based budgeting system every year and and did not go preferred a bit of a federal aid that you get and then we'll live on our own. Oh well what we can escort you -- more people except the -- you'll be used to have but it comes to the insurance and other federal government. Has control our special special you -- Blue States and and it's it's just it's just couldn't just crazy -- Non -- that look this is a triumph of ideology. Over common sense and experience this is substituting equality. The religion of equality. Over competition. This is trying to destroy excellence. Destroy competition. Destroy individual achievement that's what this is about. And look. God forbid I can get into an accident I could be paralyzed I can be a paraplegic quadriplegic. My heart goes out to these people they should have sports programs but among themselves. Where it actually can be competitive among them. But it's just it's not fair to anybody is not further disables the list or to the non disabled students. You look you're quadriplegic. How can you compete against the are highly home well trained athlete at the college level. I mean it's it's it's impossible. Really it's impossible. Who wins nobody. 6172666868. -- Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Hi how they're just two things -- dimensions -- Jamal I heard that news. I about it earlier this morning as I'm driving the -- and I thought -- there was some mention of or Gerald L programs. And the other thing I wanted to ask what I thought you have to try -- -- all these -- -- but you have to try out -- against teams. And cheerleaders and the strength of -- women in combat. By the standards going to be lower the standards going to remain that -- what happens to try outs for these programs. I marry my understanding is the way the mandate has been written is you gonna have to include a certain number of disabled students on every team. So is basically a quota system. And they have to be integrated into the program so yes they're gonna have to drop standards. They're -- have to drop the standards for the tryouts. For the quality of the players if you wanna get federal funding. And most of these colleges and high schools depend on federal funding. Sports is big business. And there's a lot of money involved. So yes there have to start integrating these is this disabled students. And it's going to be a disaster. I mean forget advancing forget that really did take a sport like baseball. How do you play through a quadriplegic. I mean each and you can hold the bat. Huey and -- even if you managed to hit the ball are you get from home plate the first base. I mean is just it's going to be immense. Bob Europe next welcome to the coroner report. -- you've got to their make. -- yeah yeah I can I I just want to say you gave a great asset to a lady she was a belliard at third call I don't know what she was telling them where she was coming from but it was a good answer but anyway. Does anybody think about the people that are impaired. I mean if you think about it if you're area a year compared to your mobility is impaired that your mind is -- there intellect isn't. These people it seems to me if it was me and I was impaired and that Tommy and I play I would know that I can't play on that because I don't have the mobility to do that. It is hit in my opinion you're really this thing is making fun of people letter prepared. Forcing them to play a game where they have no -- no mobility. Mean everybody -- humiliating to them I think I mean look at I have never been in a wheelchair so I don't know what it's like but I'm just thinking I'm in a wheelchair. Let's say I'm paralyzed I can use my hand but I can't use my legs. I wanna play basketball. With well conditioned trained athletes forget call in Japan high school level. I feel like a schmuck. I joked are running circles are made a patronizing me OK Jeff here's the ball Jeff you're part of that team Jeff. Okay I'll pass it back Jeff. You think it's gonna help her self esteem is gonna racquet. -- Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Part adds that the ability. Also quite a little bit sit down Citigroup is -- ball -- yeah it's it's not strictly going to be the -- disability. The barricade at a -- it will with the competition. That's a very good point. That's a very very good point Steve Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Yeah yeah Mario are gonna pure point shot -- first flight is watching -- match that they can integrate the Special Olympics what the actual impacts. You know I mean you know the Special Olympics is a wonderful thing for our laps but most kids and parents and older adults that do you know talks. But could put them -- but don't like usually well trained and and more conditioned. -- they don't -- -- any disability huge base completely unfair. And again to lowered their standards. To -- -- chase someone who's not as good you know that employment competition. This but the -- so -- used to it. And Steve I think that's all the ultimate goal of this is to destroy competition. To destroy your achievement. To destroy individual initiative. Look I sometimes go work out. I had my local jam they play basketball. And I play with some of these high school students now on is our big guy. I'm forty they need somebody to play I play I'm telling you within five minutes I'm depressed. Is these kids are running up and down you should see them. They're they're like jaguars they're running up and down. And I -- huffing and puffing and feel I'm thinking boy in my old boy in my out of shape boy I don't belong on this court. And I can walk I'm I'm I'm both legs can you imagine if you're in a wheelchair. Jane Europe next welcome to the -- report. I just did you hit that I'm out how hot is that he actually played it. Got it up you know -- sports program. And so they aren't your typical child who would sit and aren't -- granted my -- really highly functioning. But he also -- chuck and feel that -- -- and personally there in places for people to light but it's not for. The regular high school athlete I just don't think -- there I have a typical child -- clay courts do and I'm telling you. It's not okay and someone's gonna wind up getting hurt. And that's my fear. I think a lot of people are gonna end up being hurt. You know and and compete -- I you know I EM. You know -- big child he wants them to be able to be accepted into -- ID but you have to be careful to what extent you're gonna push back. And not. You know. I don't know I just think it's -- I'm. -- look this is a very difficult topic and I'll tell you why. Because our heart goes out to children who are disabled I try to do charity for disabled they're wonderful people. Many of them are actually very gifted so you want them to achieve their potential but the sad fact of the matter is they're disabled. And they have to come to terms with that. And this is what would they're selling them is false hope. And everybody's going to be hurt the poor disabled child and -- non disabled students. Kelly Europe next welcome to the corner report. Thank you let's and I wanted to weigh in on programs that are terror a very New Hampshire has four. -- that -- unified basketball and it made up. Disabled. Students as well as non disabled students. My friend happens to be one of the non disabled students on the team. And it it really is fantastic. They set it up so that the non disabled. Students. Passed the ball to the disabled students to get to shoot. -- they had a game last week should at least you know -- seconds left and they want to buzzards get the budget 4240. It -- -- eighteen was thrilled with the flu like. A nice option. Rather than that you extremes just strict athletes it's just dirt. Are we look Kelly if there is a solid program where you wanna play together and have fun recreational -- that's beautiful I'm all for it. What this mandated stipulating is. They these have to be included in the major collegiate programs -- the major high school programs. So you're forcing these poor disabled kids after the opponent always some of the finest athletes in the country. Yes I think the sense that I'm -- anybody I think that's I don't. But let's -- news is this mandate could be modified so that they have these other programs. With the kids play you know half an hour before the varsity games pretty cut and they don't watch them. It doesn't cost extra for buses because they can -- -- thinking about. It took another option that that tends to. To work well. And it makes public is ready. Thank you so much for that call. We'll continue this conversation. Should disabled students be allowed to play in major high school being forced forgive me before star Blake. In college and high school sports programs. 6172666868. While much more right after this break on a corner report.