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Chump Line Friday January 25, 2013 - AA Meeting

Jan 25, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to the attempt by San Francisco's mayor to stop bars from serving alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday. Our caller thought this was an AA meeting.

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I'm full stole. These dramatic days. All team. Particularly have. -- have it in my. Being in tech is this it and no way and accurate speed. But it wouldn't speak on. In the who. I had to move. Who -- Proud. Day. In the what is human Tina Turner Ernie grief about this welcome. So she's probably not make him forty million dollars or fifty million dollars a year right now but she's made she's made Leah. A bundle I still feel bad about -- I beat starter he -- -- happiness and death. There may remember that movie that headline. Yeah I wouldn't call. It doesn't serve drinks there and who brought. And -- What we're we come up with the idea that. You know that would that would never is that would never heard me. Under any circumstances what is with these mayors who by the way you know whether it's a mumbled trying to -- chick filet year. Bloomberg trying to ban everything or are now this guy in San Francisco trying to shut the bars balance Super Bowl Sunday global 49ers are in the the balls -- Super Bowl mean. Who what who elected these guys call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Mendez is not going to be prosecuted and issue that. Didn't hear he's he's he's not. He's he's he says I don't know he says it did happen Britain's. No one's planning to prosecute them knew they got the hookers. On camera and they were complaining about how why he said he was gonna give him 500 but he only gave them -- under rocks and a now that that this new -- -- on on camera saying that the issue was sixteen. I don't know what the age of consent this down there but it's. It's it's certainly shocking. That -- -- member of the world's most exclusive club. Would be would be bedding down with an underage trucker it's almost as shocking as say. The the -- member of the world's most exclusive club out on Nantucket. Partying with with teenage girls and drinking booze and form a penis straw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think it would be. That was smoked a guy with the wizard Nader was out another road running back for the -- for the -- Minnesota Vikings believe it was a guy for the for the vikings but I can't remember his name. It was another marginal -- I guess. I guess that's why you buy it was a Nader you know that probably the fact that you have to have a -- and Ayers as part of the fact that is part of the reason your marginal player. You're there are yes certainly would not get that -- they get. They always would doc says it's. It would be like that's driving a car on dry land it. This as any as Senator -- comment on how he feels about having -- women -- a station on submarines. Especially the Oldsmobile Belmont class. Life in the press corps have been probably -- victory -- compatible. Evidence that was -- -- Yeah first did you ever get that that a cut from -- today that cut off from Obama that yes due to war two. To war I just. -- I got -- up so it. It's very good. It's on its right there right there. Yes. It sounds like a fly from a fifties horror movie actress and mean but it's good thank you for thanks for doing that. One they said that the flight the flight wasn't you I saw the flight yesterday on TV but before I wasn't making. The appropriate noise so I asked Crist who. 22 would just the levels -- orbit so we get here and we can actually hear the flies. -- the -- coming on the morning of December 7 1941. Gavin Newsom lieutenant governor California. Horse he likes to refer to himself. The next governor's account. Gavin Newsom. Yeah he's the one that you know was doing the doing the nasty with the care with the microphone that they want. We it was on paper. He's also married to that fox where he was married to that fox girl who's now -- -- -- our latest news and something about something -- She's a she's pretty good what you've got those those nice slips. Were quite shipment they can surmise some treatments. And now public service that it probably -- governor -- can't worry about it bothers me. -- -- It's kind of a world order under pointing at 4 o'clock in the morning and I know and right now. If you -- us or email him at these press conference as he was there another one -- more CEO we were reminded me of his Macaulay Culkin and in whole belonged. You know it's got that that look of terror on them like Joseph Pesci is sneaking up behind him only -- module patriots'. It's Mike Michael off one has turned on him. What adults. He asked for an investigation what he -- he you know he says. The office of -- of campaign of political finance thinks that I've committed a prize and a bear -- I asked for the investigation at first we asked for the investigation. That's what that's why you blaming anybody else you -- or at I told you yesterday what about the Billy or Einstein when he was the mayor of Revere DC is -- his body was the district attorney Garrett burned. They were investigating the cost overruns at Revere high school construction. And he horrible letter and -- did that dear mr. district attorney could you have an investigation please wink wink. Nothing happened -- -- -- second letter dear mr. district attorney can you please have an investigation nudge nudge. Nothing happened third letter dear mr. district attorney can we have an investigation. He was indicted. Nor your birds at. What was I supposed to do kept writing me these letters. And then there was that there was Mickey pocket the congressman. He was pissed and his son in law with the the FBI he said Mike signed on as a bad man. Yes she was yes he was a bad man he was also Mickey pockets bag demand. That was a really poor career move on -- pockets hard he he he went to prison. The Fed said he was running his offices -- racketeering enterprise. It now what's happened again. A guy is a guy demands that a politician demands an investigation. And now he's angry that that he's managing him I wanna get money back to anybody who was pressured. Perhaps that that wasn't -- -- so lea associate yet to do that. Now that I've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar I would like to was announced that I am very willing to give every money I give you money back to anyone. Who stole money from and if if that that prevents me from getting invited to well what's the least I can go. Yes. But we're getting back. There's no way. On God's green yeah that is gonna come on you if it does is it. I -- it means not reading your taxes because until. We're going to be back. Well the invitation stands because final polite guy you thought you -- demand. If you wanna come on the show a demand that investigation of yourself file I'll make sure that the B bulletin gets out -- every. Police agency and regulatory agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Soil so all day actually thought Democrats with a hand in his own pocket. I was hoping someone would use that I did want a repeat -- on the -- -- acumen repeatedly on the tax text line but that's but it's better this way. Where my -- Yes and you didn't show Boeing can handle. OK I guess yes colonel hunt went on -- -- show last night it was. It was a saying the same stuff trying to be mr. politically correct colonel politically correct. Alia congress is just like birds -- otherwise. Every time you drive by drop on the. Yes it is. Yes it is they in this case who was a it was a new tax to new taxes actually three new taxes at least three new taxes. On January 1 and now now the ball once had some staple at least at the to the load. The real news. Here. I've got some world but news. How important top -- here tomorrow. The and it involved the news room. Over here. You're gonna have mumbled some of the mobile salon for just a moment. Kimberly Guilfoyle is the is the woman that like Gavin Newsom was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle she was -- his wife from 2001 to 2006 I believe she lives in New York now. Flatley here last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly -- you. OK that's it for the -- like that it -- latest recorded voicemail message service about how we are sure you call leave messages to any hour of the day or night including weekends. The -- a number of -- such a message is. 61777934696177793469. We mayor -- -- your message. At this time each week that. We have rightly called that doesn't serve drinks there and -- ball and he was shot.