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Police Blotter Fax Friday January 25, 2013 - Sex With Sofa

Jan 25, 2013|

Our two winners from this week's police blotter fax contest were a guy caught having sex with a sofa on the street and a horse who had a heart attack and had to be crane lifted off his rider.

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Friday my -- shredding. Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. Yes it's that time. We have police -- Friday all week long we ask him. Send in your rock -- items. Or herbs are stories from your local daily or weekly newspaper. Police call on some of the call at the others call the police blotter. Can even be a standalone story all week we ask you send a man you can fax from tourists at 6177793467617. 7793467. Or you can email on the media Howie Carr at W war Kerio dot com how we are at W or care about -- At this time each Friday we read the funniest ones in our opinion on the air and the two best entries of the week I get a nice price where they get this week's -- You're gonna win the collectors' items to police blotter. T shirts from our friend Bob -- got that first sportswear and coroner made aware branching out by the way we had just black ones parroting black went influencing. The thin line. Well that's -- these he won the -- we needed more I think for -- for a little while we're a little while but I'd I'd like some of the and the mixture with the -- -- yes and -- sense of moral rob Bob we appreciated by the way up by Voight says how we would carry a daughter Vanessa used to -- and in my shop. -- -- out first and tell my business partner if there's anything you need which meant is this free to save allows you see note. I don't -- yep you don't even when he he's rich now but I think he's always been a cheap bastard he won't pay a nickel to see an earthquake. Going that's in the. These other runners up the first one Duvall county -- -- -- where that is a woman was found dead in the -- taxes are very high in the hall county. Was trying to -- -- to the ball that's involved Kenny G down. And the gem not let trees McNair -- -- with rice is on a charge of trafficking in opium was found lying in her south. But the blanket covering her. Bombed the sheriff calling -- times there is joy it's interesting is attempt survive McNair who is 541 in 300 pounds -- unsuccessful. She yeah I the cause of death is ninety you don't really know I think -- encourage gas what the cause of death was that she's 551. In 300 pounds. We're Duvall county save a lot of money gotten -- doesn't come down for breakfast like -- -- a couple rashes of vacant. You know five or six pancakes and waffles. On. This is from the Palm Beach post of 44 year old hooking Meehan is accused to practicing plastic surgery at a West Palm Beach motel. And causing injury to his clients after he injected silicone into their products. Calvin you Butler a billion level though. Was -- I have I've never stops believe me was frontier room at the el patio motel in the west -- -- I do know. He was injecting silicone into their -- even though he hasn't done that at Dixie highway. I think I drove by there may be injured and her -- but we are going in the wrong direction and we got lots are adamant that this -- not look or. I don't think how he lives here no -- the kids always ask -- dad isn't there another way to -- referred -- in this yeah no terrorism kids -- -- you'll want to via I 95 -- way out of harm's -- so we're just have to put up -- going by the -- patio -- -- festivities pawn -- The AME zionist Methodist Church. The sheriff's talked to one of the did the alleged victims described -- -- remove her clothes from the waist down and Butler were inject silicone -- backside -- -- -- He had been marked with a felt tip pen the areas that we need to fullness. After wipe away any blood flow is -- newest medical technique you know keep we keep an eye on where you major objections she went up with a lot. -- -- he would apply crazy glued to the incision. Solves some one man. But it and they paid him to do this that's the thing you know I mean -- -- to a lot of women walking around outside deal patio the last -- and I you know I might think you know way I think that they were the kind of people would want their row but boxes in the hands further room for the trade they were wrong it's. Middletown police suspected sneaker -- slips up. -- Bailey has been charged with burglary he wanted to buy a pair of limited edition pricing Nike sneakers but when he couldn't because they were being released yet. He stole several pairs team might have gotten away with it too if not for the series of surveillance tape showing his actions including one. Showing him wearing issues before they were available for so now -- -- yeah. Exactly right I mean so I mean really. There're there're seem to be closed circuit cameras everywhere that was a nice picture you gave me yesterday if the woman who was walking along in Britain again on our cell phone -- wasn't paying attention. She was that a woman she was in news anchor. Yeah she was a news anchors paying so much attention to herself on the issue walked right -- appear that you work right off. Here we have a picture and then that these guys year these these people screaming at eight. Baby you're gonna will all appear to adopt math. That is slow down my age and she pays new attention what's your story and -- While speaking of stupidity this is from. -- and stale after Orleans Ellison isn't sure what the state parent. A suspect in the strong armed armory of a quaint shop owner walked into the hands of the Lansdale police Michael. Christine and I -- a lot since the Borough police station to fill out an application for gun permit. And only an hour earlier. He had robbed the a gun store down the street. Many -- walks for PlayStation I need to get -- -- man. -- you already have a gun he still got an hour. Crises over and -- -- -- those those babies stolen gun with the trade threaten the guy with a explicitly decided it would be a lot easier vehement actually hit a 77 year old starter and -- choke -- That's got the economy and he makes more about -- -- -- it to get some -- in super glued inflation. Port saint Lucie Florida a teenager's recovering after police say he shot himself in the penis and testicle. While cleaning a gun he just by Al -- Eighteen year old Michael -- Leo first lied to police saying someone shot -- Molly was walking down the street -- -- -- life. This counsel why is justified after being questioned humidity accidentally shot himself dot suitable -- the penis is left testicle. -- -- lodged in his side. He tell police he -- again last month at a party. And by the way the -- went to investigate the -- happen discovered marijuana and guess what happens he was -- not drug charges. You know Wisconsin two dancers and exotic club in -- have been cited after the brawl over a dollar bill. As Juno beach Florida now -- was console. Dodge County deputies say they're content silk exotic last week to break up a fight in the -- -- strip clubs -- -- age started when a customer tried to give a dollar bill to run against but the other dancer ticket. Both women begin to probably -- the floor punching slapping an pulling each others hair other dancers and customers have. Historians CNBC right after the talk about economies come back stock market's comeback housing markets on the road to recovery not a strip clubs of America apparently Salem Oregon. Authorities say twenty year old Portland woman drove fifty miles to reach to me and she thought was -- client. After being solicited for prostitution through phone and text messages but -- something unusual about the destination it was the Salem police department. Stranger still out. The woman walked past several uniformed officers and clearly marked signs reading Salem police department. Before arriving in an unmarked or where they say she attempted to contact the means she thought was a client. And of course instead she was arrested the final text messages. Yap were part of a sting operation. Miami don't mess used to be a stripper richest part of flight over the -- top chino -- attendance one thing but you know Osama. Don't mess with man's best friend especially if you don't end -- shot and in jail because that's exactly what happened to a Miami man. After he jumped the fence naked no less of a little Haiti in Ireland began choking a Rottweiler. The dogs yelled to awaken the homeowners who came outside arms and confronted the attacker the intruder who is later identified as Tony year old Jeffrey -- Turned his attention for the dog to the homeowner he jumped on the homeowner began choking and biting him fearing for his life. The homeowner fired his gun twice he hit the violence the person was naked on the front porch step and has -- said the police it was totally got it. When -- resident shot him in the foot despite being wounded -- to not give up the fight the homeowner who police did not identify fired his weapon at third time. But the gun jammed find a homeowner was able to pin him down. While failing members call police officers arrived police tried to bite them to the that -- hate it when the gun jams. Excuse why you needed this is when you need to its. He's by the way expect it to make a full recovery from his gunshot wound to. Some bad news right now. Men and Scooby -- mask just showing off sometimes cops say the darnedest things -- -- night. Take from Wednesday witnesses called Fremont police to report that some guy was running around wearing a Scooby -- mask and not much else. The kind of call static coming up 42 point 5 AM from people -- -- Simon running for the parking lot of the luckiest supermarket. They described him -- not wearing pants. As scooby do a -- -- -- mask opera sir sounds like something that would happen in the parking lot of -- Miguel semitism like skill player arrived at the shopping center found their man behind the huddle bar. He was indeed wearing a scooby do -- along with the black leather dog collar and leash. He didn't have mine at this point khaki colored dogs caller and -- the 47 year old man told oppresses he had recently lost weight -- to show up this new body. The -- slim -- when Barack mentioned stonewalling is inaugural speech and now for that matter. New -- we did. Align -- stonewalling when riots occurred. A lime green your toy gun costs and hours long lockdown and a long island school and island long collar. Told Nassau county police she saw a suspicious teen and about 7:38 AM wearing a black jacket. And carrying a black back pot black pack. Backpack and Allen memorial high school the collar city was also carrying a lime green gun. -- swat teams searched the school -- firing guns eventually they found a toy line greening -- lever action her gun and Steve locker. You know I'm sorry I'll be honest with the FIC a line going gun I'm not thinking oh I'd better call the police. I'm thinking it's a super soaker or in this case it was you know right now of -- And Escambia county man was busted for a string of robberies on highway 21 allegedly committed seek to pay his girlfriends court costs. Marcus Baldwin was charged with four counts of robbery with the fire arms six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He's now in with a total -- of 80000 he used a pump action BB gun. During a robbery -- -- businesses on highway 29. He told investigators he committed the robberies or to pay up his girlfriend's probation costs which repaid in the fall after the January robbery. Not to get the money back if they find it's you know -- you know. Obviously you know about the government in. Lime greens the BB -- years. Mr. -- human allegedly troops on floor after finding husband with other woman. Brenda -- 51 defecated in your needed on the floor then went on an armed Rampage to the house. After discovering her husband and better and another woman according to a case reported by TC from. I found him in bed with a naked chick what was I supposed to do she told deputy how -- was in the future and let's say issued stormed into the better -- vero beach Florida home about 2:30 AM. Carrying a rifle and threatened to kill -- her 42 year old husband. And his lover after her husband managed to get the gun away from her she was 51 and he was -- 42 yet she urinated on the carpet outside the better for dropping reduce on the kitchen floor -- -- feces thrown walls. She found a second rifle begin to strike items are on the house including nearest pictures and Christmas decorations on a plan where words she'd been until 2 o'clock and I don't know. I'm not at first and advocates sounding to me like she was she made last call at the local local bar and he was. He was figuring that she was gonna get picked up as well absolutely alliance eagle -- Tribune gang member Clarence Allen. Came to Lawrence district court to watch the arraignment of his three friends. He left in handcuffs after a bystander to wrestled him to the ground found -- couple of detectives. -- was wanted on a warrant for our armed robbery with a trio of Lawrence police detectives spotted inside the courthouse. They were apparently there for three teenage members of everybody's killers or even be okay. A local gang of thieves went in connection with a spate of recent robbery all these guys we've been talking about for days this is believed -- good he's a good boy a very good boy yes and apparently the detectives figured out that other members of we knew the players in the grip is so we thought they might be there and sure enough there they where. Definitely it was. They don't imagine I -- the -- they've they've come to this they've they've come to this sorry pass in their lives when they have such a fine role model is their boss. -- Kolb a when we win the yeah. You know I -- -- of the highest moral probity. -- the two -- the first one a Wisconsin man is charged with having curbside sex with an abandoned couch. Is negotiating it quickly abandoned count yeah is negotiating a plea bargain with prosecutors and is expected to cop. Next month to a misdemeanor charge Gerard Streeter. There's a cop good as the -- going to rat him out it's 47. I'm as detailed in a criminal complaint. -- streeters 11 PM furniture tryst was interrupted by an off duty police officer out for a jog. The cop Brian Edwards reported spotting a subject leaning over the couch facing down and it looked like he is having sexual relations with sonic coach. As he approached the yellow couch she yelled what are you doing the suspect later -- an administrator responded by dismount team. And running away what are you doing your filthy curve as Streeter flood advocates -- of the defendants penis was Iraq. He added that Streeter had been trusting his pelvic area against the cushions and trying to sexually gratifying himself by rubbing his penis between the two commissions. On with the interview the yellow couch was it was wasn't that it was a trial -- -- it was just too traumatized -- seeking counseling at the moment I don't think it's. I don't think it's ready to you know and that -- -- can testify -- -- you know nothing. This is the other winner as a side knocks -- Nixon. A woman was injured when the -- she was writing die and fell on her. The accident happened at -- cutting horse park and Knox and Nixon. -- they'll fire company chief Thomas -- said the woman who was riding up and now when the horse suffered a massive -- -- -- this New York yeah. This were -- people ambulance he wild horse suffered a massive heart attack and fell back on the writer. He said the words. Lead was pinned beneath the animal and she was taken by analysts the door Austin hospital. It took firefighters half an hour to lift the course off the loan losses or is it Pennsylvania -- towns in Pennsylvania and I don't know. They used airbags encrypting it terrorism player lifting car accidents at accidents histories the horse. -- firefighter from more than three decades said. I've never seen anything like it there was a special on hamburgers the next row local -- that was selling necessary. -- -- today for another exciting episode police blotter thanks for this case. Okay thank you -- 1877469432. To a point where.