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Mary Beckman is suing match.com for a dangerous hookup.

Jan 26, 2013|

She was assaulted and hospitalized for months. Obviously the guy should have spent his life in jail, but is the web site really to blame?

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Good afternoon this is not Nelson welcome to the program. Then the air with you for the next couple hours. You know -- schedule so you are the stars of the program. As usual we'll have all the -- at -- -- talked about got some. Some topics and some ideas from it than. We can start there but welcome to join in the way you do that. Our number 8774694322. And still feel free to -- available to it. The text message code is 68680. And the email address H Nelson at wrko.com. Wall -- systems seem to be working. So we hope you'll avail yourself of the opportunity. Well actually I got a few. A few interesting indeed well let me begin -- -- -- and -- has set up -- swing the producer of the program. -- -- Co opted to FaceBook page force or some of the stock that you were hearing about can be posted there are some of the interviews. You move some clips. -- there's one clip of Hillary Clinton has a longer clip you'll be able to access. Just you know the the link is FaceBook dot com. Forward slash. PH OTO on Sweeney's -- the usual way. So that's a new availability for the program. Now some of the smaller stories. That caught my nine. One year after apple surpassed ExxonMobil. Has the most valuable publicly traded company in the United States. ExxonMobil has reclaimed its dominance is -- Apple's been sliding. Shares of ExxonMobil inched up yesterday. To make its market value 418. Billion dollars. While apple actually do formed in thirteen billion. But there in the expectation is that that's probably gonna be short lived as soon as apple gets its act together with the none of the new phone but be that as a -- thought -- was interest in a lot of money isn't over 400 billion dollars the company is. Is valued at the two top companies. Where else do we have we have that smoking now. There's some interest thing in some not very good news is a matter of fact. The unwelcome news. Is that will -- step back for well. Women word contracting diseases. From smoking. Less. Or less frequently than man. During the 60s70s. And eighties and lower rates of mortality from smoking than men but. It wasn't known whether there was a biological difference. Or. There was just that women are not smoking as much as -- well. Women in their interest to try to catch up to men who have more this and other issues later. And -- caught up in smoking and the end result is unfortunately that the new researchers shown. And in fact women are no more protected from the consequences of smoking than men. The female smokers in the study represented the first generation of American women. They generally began smoking early in life and continued to have that for decades. And the impact on the lifespan which we have the risk from death risk of death from smoking for these women which 50% higher. Then the risk reported for women in similar studies carried out in the 1980s. So in any event that's the end result is there's no biological protection. Yes and perverse way you ladies welcome to equality. Speaking. Speaking of women and -- it's more than in the sleazy. This sleazy. Undercarriage of society. There's a former. Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader for those of you uninitiated that's football team. Of the angles does not that your. She had sex -- -- underage student. OK she's admitted to that the underage student was seventeen. -- now. She is in a lawsuit. Because there's a gossip website that she claims defamed her. With lewd online posts were submitted anonymously. And some of these were submitted even before. This revelation about the the sex with the students -- this whole thing sort of more -- the sleazy. Underside of society. -- why you have. In this cheerleader who had sex with seventeen year old and we are now exposed to go through the charade of with a straight face. Of thinking about how damaged the seventeen year old guy is for having sexual the Bengals cheerleader. Yeah all the guys are now try to put -- trying not to smile. We're suffering seventeen euros hear these stories. Give us a break and let the guys get by and if you were younger you -- -- gone by. But the point is that a few years ago it wouldn't have been mentioned. Even if someone new body would just being considered inappropriate to discuss. Now. This posting defect in the claim is that defamed her. Because it said that she had sex with every Bengals player and suggested she had to sexually transmitted diseases. Moments and that's Bogut should she -- China's super reliable but because it was not there was no attribution to the post. This gossip web site. Is likely to get away with that she's asking for eleven million dollars and so it goes again I mean look at the sleazy in this of the posting. That this is what we have now for site twitch didn't exist before. So. But to. Not everything and in terms of advances in technology leads to progress. Speaking of lawsuits. Two New Jersey men are suing and -- civil war to do this they're suing subway. -- that is to say the you know the sandwich chain food chain. And they achieved by the way it's the world's biggest fast food chain. But they're the shortest that they have been shorting them by showing so called foot long -- -- That measure. Less than twelve inches but it's not like they measure four or five inches. Apparently they measure about eleven or eleven and a half inches. And over this there's a law suit. The company issued a statement saying that the sandwiched -- can vary a bit. When franchises do not pay to the Jack corporate standard that can you motion that. The lawyer. But the plant loses in New Jersey -- -- little class action. Sued to also go to file a similar lawsuit in Pennsylvania. The state court in Philadelphia. He said he had sandwiches from seventeen shops measured and every one came up short. Even though the alleged short of a half inch or -- bread. Is relatively small it adds up he said. They have 38000. Stores around the world I don't know what their. Doesn't say here how much they're asking for but I'm sure -- -- bundle laughter all just think of harm that's been done. The damage that they eight and eleven and a half inch solid instead of a twelve inch. And here is grounds for somebody the name of the lawyers giving here's Steve indignities. DE capital and I double TI yes. She's he's lawyer for the plaintiffs there is a case for disbarment. Now probably he'll sue me for saying that right. Let's talk about abuse of process. You know that they can be two guys should get into it while launching a line -- they're probably the the lawyer probably told me we can make a lot of money. What do damages for that. Wrecked his -- and it was a half -- short -- exactly how do you quantify the damage that. One. One more in the in the category of very shake your -- can't make these things up. And speaking of lawsuits. Mary -- Beckman of Las Vegas is suing match dot com. For ten million dollars it seems to be that the number of the going number 111000010. Million. Because she meta man through the dating website which quite popular and he tried to kill. Back let's say achieved an unmatched dot com for two months when she met weighed when Rick wade Ridley. In September 2010. She shares took -- -- only eight days to see his true colors she broke it off he turned violent. According to back when he broke into her garage from the police arrested and he says he was wasn't there her -- was there to kill me she said. His intent was to kill me that night this got really discuss serious because. She did get beaten up. She was stabbed. Ten times -- -- -- IP stomp on our -- she went through a law. Fifty years old she is real estate agent mother of two left her hospitalized for months. She had -- -- three had surgeries -- seizure. It's it's certainly what she went through was horrible. The only story takes a little bit of a bizarre turn. The goal line for his part killed another woman ended up in jail committed suicide. -- he's not a picture. Wrigley. -- This is the. While it's in the she she endured a lot and and she then said that she. She is that a lot of struggling of thinking or why she. Lived and the. Other woman died. And she can handle the conclusion. That god had shaved her that night for a reason. Sure she shows it's my mission in gold. -- someone from being hurt or help someone make a different decision with the online dating choices unquote. What she after she's after a disclaimer which probably authority is but she wants a stronger one. You know a disclaimer showed little what you find on cigarettes warning that dating sites may be harmful do -- does anybody not know. That if you just beat somebody you've met online may not be the best -- in the world. So for this. She launched to help people but she also would like ten million dollars which of course. Will help her help people and helper helper -- I know she went through a locked but he -- match dot com they did it. You wish this thug who's now dead. Anyway -- our economy issued this statement what happened to Mary came back and it is horrible. But this lawsuit is absurd. The many millions of people who have found love on match dot com and on other dating site should know while fulfilling it is. And while that doesn't make what happened in this case any less awful this is about a sick twisted individual with no prior criminal record not an entire. Immunity of men and women looking to each other. -- -- also found a little perverse. Is when she said guy -- me that night for a reason. And I'm showing you went through which you did. I'm Mary -- but. If that's the way you think you're god -- you've got a very weird view of god or you believe. In a very weird god. If you think in order to get. Disclaimer on match dot com -- -- god engineered. Your near death experience. The other woman's death. And this guy he's the -- suicide all to get a disclaimer on match dot com. Something is wrong frankly with your belief that you. You are the incarnation of what Woody Allen once said which is the one thing you could say about god is that he's an under achiever. And if he is using your technique to get this across so that you -- here. Ten million dollars. Yes he would be an under chief. So okay we -- under the bizarre I guess that's one of the stories that's on the FaceBook -- now. We'll have -- under the heavy stuff government shouldn't is pretty -- The the the real stuff in the real world and be able called himself out of fairness to those who call let's go to the telephone lines you can join -- as well. And we're gonna get to Hillary Clinton and some of the other more substantial. Issues. 774694322. As a phone number. The text message courtesy to 8680. Email address a Nelson WR. Wrko.com. This is obvious and welcome to the program only go first to Don good afternoon Don you're the icebreaker welcome. -- You know these women know -- -- sugardaddies. You know it does to feed their wallets and pocketbooks. And that's why I'm not a date and seeing anymore because you know they use your -- money. Basically some of them not all that stuff. Yellow line I would think that the don't think most of them don't guard most of them generally. Them -- Those people that. So greedy. Wanna in this greeted you know -- -- -- Don't know Pat Watkins. Well -- but we do we just I just mentioned the story about the guys who were suing subway because. The foot long sandwich is eleven and a half inches -- -- talk about greed. Right it's not it's not limited to the female of the species. Let me ask you done if you had personal experience. Work. Where some some -- Did I didn't grow. Woman that was all an old woman interest punishment should fit like Chicago that. It is our right -- did -- -- Yeah. And how much on the sugar daddy did you do. A lot a lot but I let the time I mean I was working in and a good job in him. -- that -- you wish they can regulate the other kill took we'd go to hotels. You know -- You know your shoes and then the money basically. So I take -- you ended the relationship. Did you do better with the next one. But an actual that hasn't been an extremely -- the long ago is this morning and night. Seeing. 851986. -- and six. 1986. To 2013. Is of more than a quarter -- I didn't pay that debt because because one it went bottle put the right person in my life you know I've written you know I'm. I've got a lot wait until it's I'm ready to have a relationship with somebody again. While Mandela should not rushing into it but I would think that even with a bad experience. Waiting over 26 years is. It is certainly caution enough. No I wish that a lot of times that. I've tried in the best that they can I have. The tendency towards alcohol and and -- trying to -- you do that -- You picked over clearing brush. And AM Wednesday and I -- in those twelve step program that. That you don't know relationships until -- yes so -- Always I write is though they say is that one of the steps. They no relationship and you're -- over. I'll do this -- boat but. Step but it's just. Well done good luck I appreciate your sharing your expertise with us. -- that. Thanks. 8774694322. That is telling me we have to patient bills -- new obligations rights are gonna take a break be right back on the other side. With more discussion more of your phone calls. Text messages and emails I'm not in house. Welcome back this is -- Nelson mention again that the new FaceBook page and -- and talked about. That case and suing match dot com. You can see the interview I guess it's posted them by their -- FaceBook dot com. Forward slash. PH OT. -- news service of the program on passenger. 87746943. To choose from them. Text message coach X 8680 email addressing Nelson W marking -- dot com. From. 207 that's Maine. How -- -- many calories subway is saying this obese country we live in. Followed by -- well. I tried maybe by shortening the shall choose. From twelve inches 211 and a half inches. He's done some thing. During the obesity problem. Anyway 8774694322. -- a phone number rich. You know actual program good afternoon. -- it noted it's partly be able to start -- we -- -- a lighter now. Also I liked it liked it may keep clamoring for it -- all APEC. Well there of god fearing man I believe in the rule of law. What era are part of four women like strangle right now. For what it can't people -- If recollect it. Water. That -- line. We're pretty. Hillary. And and I made a cheerleader high school for to a three year. She put too much mental anguish. Once again it being it god fearing -- I I was about this today. -- it for god during the and you got pretty good sized list of people you wanna strangle. Yet what you know it well it IQ. -- -- and that -- lobby all act. That god forgives the Tennessee he's not so. Not not so with the actual lack. -- -- one more comment on some subway. Occasionally IE and frequent -- establishment. And I can say a 100% of the time I've been satisfied with the product. I'd not thought and they are with like Italy -- measure that make sure that and -- Yet that's the problem rich you never measured it now now the next time you gonna start looking at that sandwich and you go to launder. Is it really twelve inches or is that eleven map and -- -- join that class action lawsuit. I I I would like picking -- a bill I don't think we can -- Silly -- silly and stupid people that file privilege. Yeah I think well we only got -- well we ought to do is it lawyers who who invent cases like that. Well I have to -- society something I mean. That's really the problem that you a couple of guys who line into loss of loss allotment that you actually have a lawyer who's gonna take it. In IP it's it's very happy and it's a waste of two or three years. It in the book to have it at a reputable law school or let a court the the decree comes off the back of a match book. -- are rich in there and and wages just keep those diseases -- right. I don't want to watch in the paper. 8774694322. You never know what is gonna grab people's attention right. -- you come up with different topics some of them -- like someone frivolous. Patent for ball. But you never now what's going to news. Which direction let me and in a couple others these are not quite so frivolous source -- -- discordant with the natural order things. -- initiated products. As story. That. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This -- last Wednesday union membership. Rate -- fall again. From eleven point 8% to eleven point 3% of all workers it's the lowest level since 1930s. Total membership fell by about 400000. Workers total number of people in the in union -- fourteen point four million. More than half full launch -- -- in 34000. That is the decline came from government workers. That range in the private sector the rate of membership in unions. As -- fell with the slash report from six point 9% to six point 6%. Look at the other way around 93 and a half percent of the people. In the private sector do not belong to unions have any kind. Not -- surprising. That we're unions have been booming is in the public sector because there's no. Incentive on either side to keep the cost us why not go in there right there in that you're negotiating with someone else's money. In in a union in the private sector management. Is concerned about the money that they have to give. For benefits of any kind because is coming out of the corporate pocket. But at the government level what are they negotiating with the negotiating with tax dollars you think they care a lot about tax dollars. I don't think so. There are. They're perfectly content to spend more money as a matter of fact there was an interest in program on last night on Hannity I'm not. An amount devoted Hannity fan but this was very good mainly because. It is had a couple of other people on there one is Peter Schweitzer who has -- well he's he's an author many times over most recently throw the wall but he wrote about and the other was your fellow from bright part Steve brown and I think it -- And the name of it was called boom town and talked about Washington DC this is -- -- how much they care about your money. It was fascinating because they did a really good job of pointing out what's going on in Washington. Washington DC now and for those of us who visited their few years -- it's a different different world Washington DC now. Has the highest rate of fine wine consumption. In the United States. Now fine lines are expensive wines to be number one in the United States says something does it. One out of six Americans worry about where in the next meal is coming from one out of four Americans has a mortgage is underwater. But seven of the ten wealthiest counties. In the whole United States are counties around Washington DC. And Washington DC. Now has passed. Silicon Valley. With the highest per capita income in the country in the whole country. Washington. -- highest per capita income. You can imagine what this is because Washington has some slumming areas there -- some people Washington who don't real live very well. So -- -- got to be the highest that means the people of the opera and are really raking in the dough. Now and where's it come from. It comes from lobbyists. It comes from the expenditures of tax dollars not your run out there and their money is it. That's our money people come there to get special favors and use that term crony capitalism I think that's a misnomer we ought to get rid of it this is crony socialism. It means favors being done by the stayed at state expense stayed expense on our expense state doesn't have any money. So this is what's going on in your capital and it's both sides of the -- by the way. Democrats have more power now than the Republicans but it's going on both both. Parties contribute people once they're out of office they goal and they do lobbying and they live high off the because of it. They talked on Lambert teen dealerships in months variety dealerships. Say they have a new airport. Just for the corporate jets that come in there. We're Dulles airport which is the main airport Washington for the inauguration. They mentioned -- a couple of days at one runway. Closed to commercial traffic just allocated to the corporate jets coming in. To come and hard -- with the political powers that be the Washington -- does this come from it comes from government being able to give special. Privileges special contract special. Tax arrangements to companies. Dutch what's -- not just companies unions as well any group. Then truly -- of dollars literally trillions of dollars. Do you think we ended up with a sixteen trillion dollar debt. So many social security and Medicaid etc. And some of it is this stuff. Your thoughts are welcome. 877469. 4322. Is the phone number Roy -- afternoon you're next on the program. I -- comment one is you're your your comment about the woman from Las Vegas to actually match dot com. That she has an unusual. Image of god be under achiever. -- I want to know about this confrontation in a Broadway Show that come from book of the royal hunt of the sun. Is a confrontation between. The -- In Peru and Pizarro -- that one -- to conquer him and they were talking about ought to -- what was the alleged to be disarmed of this son. And the Catholic priest said to the -- how can you believe that that man is the son of the son. And the income priests turned to the Catholic priests make that at least we can see our guard. That's right. And then for a long time that made the difference right to get right you get left that it where's your gun you can't -- -- Records and so you know everybody's entitled to their own opinion of what god is as. Yeah I don't know why but if I and that's true of course and and did 22 other people will never heard of some of the religious tenets that we. In the Judeo Christian society hold -- I would find it bizarre all the way from the virgin birth to Joshua commanding the -- to stand still right. Right there's some things that -- they don't seem to square with physical reality but I'm much. Right that this came from empted for those people young and that -- reiterate this story or because not everybody may have heard it but this was a woman. Who dated someone -- match dot com and got nearly killed by the guy could -- a thug. The guy then killed another woman. He then the killer committed suicide in jail. She survived she -- match dot com for ten million dollars and she's come to the conclusion that god spared her. Because she she should have a mission to get a disclaimer are stronger disclaimer put on match dot com in addition ten million dollars and I would point out Roy that. While now may be supernatural things in miracles may be a little hard to believe that anybody who believes that this is the way gone past the work. In order to get a disclaimer on match dot com he's got two dead people and one badly injured. If that's if that's the best he can do something drawn -- and I can't accept her god. Right right are probably and a. I agree I joined the common values you're your your your discussion about the public sector unions. It's gotten so extreme that in Cambridge. They are now setting policy the public sector unions. And one example is the library is open on Sunday not as a regular workday but only by volunteers are not allowed to. Force anybody to work on Sunday because unions won't let them. Well yeah welcomed the government unions right thanks -- what about. -- should keep in mind on this unholy alliance works. The unions and ask for goodies from the politicians. The politicians grant the goodies to the unions goodies they have to pay for. In return the politicians get support from the unions. And so it spirals around and neither side has any incentive to do any thing except. Just keep going. Because it's not coming out of anybody's pocket except ours but we're not at the negotiating table. Speaking of which we have to pay bills and other break head right back on the other side more of the program and nothing else. Welcome back. Don Nelson I wanna mention hello a couple of text messages which you can send news succeed succeeding. From 781. Maybe a foot long is actually a size ten foot. Which -- back to the subway. Foot long -- that is important on such good answers said anyone that may be their defense. Five elation as notice how the majority of lawsuits are filed on behalf of women. That's probably true but remember that subway launches his behalf -- and from the map of two guys. So far from the jurors. 857 contributes by good you mean workers' rights question mark why don't you move to China there are no unions there. Well action as one grand union I -- says so this federation and everybody in in China and I moved to China. When I don't think I should go to should goodies. And what I don't want is no one unions getting an additional stop either -- dead everybody else's expense as. Political connections but in the private sectors this. Disappearing and I don't think. People ordinary workers' ship to pay higher prices. Say for the roads the bridges just because there's some unholy alliance between. Politicians. At the state level and the unions which -- they get their power otherwise they have nothing. We just came through the coldest week in the year want to mention that. So now it's going to be uphill from here actually went fifteen to the 22. Is the coldest. Now the question for you -- ensure a little bit. But as you know the days have been getting longer since December 24. -- to December 21. To the question is of the days are getting longer and there's more shallow and coming down on the planet. And is part of the plan why is it that the coldest week in the year is the third week in January. I know that you can you immediately run to the start doing keystroke. But you know it's probably good to think of all of that -- in -- problems if you address -- promise has not -- There are no sources to go to so and think about a little bit. But there's one other question -- like -- this happens to coincide of course from Martin Luther King's birthday. And so the question is is this racist because most meteorologists. Are white of course and so did they schedule the coldest week of the year. To be around Martin Luther King's birthday and I say that with the anticipation. The next caller. And it is it's. -- from Brookline. Dave good afternoon you're next on the program. -- -- -- Such ridiculous premise. Was it to you now the drum roll the tape it in it I'm not well most serious thing. It's ridiculous. But ox did you see -- you see that you have to understand date that all the nonsense about race and and every time that -- Israel shall I felt I -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there is real racism -- They are -- -- yeah I -- mere knowledge you know other white you know white men control everything day. And the white meteorologist control whether and they did it intentionally mark our words. Well obviously that is changing. And I know that upsets you that white and I'm not going to be able to. Control everything about that. What they're public bird before you got the look at the bright side then either Martin Luther King's birthday will be changed or the third week in January we'll get warmer. And. I mean this. But haven't talked about it talked about the bird Bobble in the word. In violation because John Boehner which I agree with them I actually agree with John Boehner. What he said that the product wants to. You know violate the GOP CN. -- and -- The reasons that I agree with him its because GOP. This election. Individuals like you see talk radio. Chat about the -- chambers. Another reason why did Republicans lose he'd nationally election year after. Even without -- while driving it that that would even if that were true why would the present one and one violate the Republicans and UN La annihilate me. And not I agree with what he's saying and I agree to what the president is doing because you guys are never going to change. When you listen to Colin Powell last weekend we listened to every publication Joseph Scarborough said that the Republican potty. -- that you guys on whether it's fox is that what this -- talk radio echo chambers you guys. Did not get that demographic is changing the you've got really needy people every. Not a good -- you know I don't let me. -- -- a lot but the -- already gee -- we already know what it is we got now. You don't know what it is I'd -- you guys to calm mode that. Here on this stage in the BR holes when you talk a little bit warrant we talk about John Kerry when you talk about the president you guys against -- pat yourself on the back -- Cuba -- other regions. Why did did alienating. These group. Let me let me you know as usual when Dave -- anything he says a lot of silly things that. There's sometimes it's interesting to take some points from because it does apply to others the reason the president wants to and -- I wouldn't use -- -- and but he. The Dave says he agrees okay the reason the president wants to destroy the -- the Republican Party. It just a Republican Party does not agree with. With the president. That expanding government. And having. X the control. Of authority from Washington is a good thing for the country we or Republicans believe in very limited government. We believe in individual initiative we believe the private sector should function. And that they should be in minimum of regulations coming from Washington not a maximum of them. Government is not the solution government is the problem. And the solve the solution to the pro Israel will not come for more programs in his inaugural address. Obama made it clear he doesn't wanna get rid of any of the entitlement program he wants to expand the reach of government who wants to control the energy sector you're right the Republicans are opposed to that. So that's why there's a philosophical disagreement. Actually this post and whining about the demographics. That. The end result of the last presidential election was a difference of about one point 6%. And if you take a look at the way the numbers -- The black vote was roughly the same as before the Hispanic vote was up by a point. The Asian goes up five point the white vote was down by two points. -- not big trends but the point is you're never gonna get the black from. You don't get the black vote because the black vote is for the whole -- The black community has been sold a bill of goods. That they can't make it on their own that they are inept and therefore the only way they can get somewhere is with government handouts. Republicans are never going to be able to compete for the black. Because of the party of the -- is the Democrat party. So what we have to do and unfortunately that issue of the Hispanic community not to the same extent -- communities about 7030. Democrat -- the black community is is round 910 was even higher because of Obama -- 936. But the Hispanic community is basically a poor community that also believes that the only way to make it. Is through the -- George -- to be done here. He's not pander to the communities. We stand by our principal. And we address the issue that'll make the economy better and we have to anticipate that as the Hispanic community. Becomes more affluent and more. Involved with the economic mainstream that there are voting pattern will change and if it doesn't happen. Dutch too bad and we'll have to win the elections by going around them. The best that for the Republicans now is to. Actually to go after white men because that's the greater likelihood of getting additional votes. Has scorched flies in the face of what they would want us to believe that summer which most court blacks and Hispanics but honey do that. How do you do that if what they're looking for is more government handouts. When I cannot for that it's bad for the country ultimately even that for them all they don't realize it. So this business and the demographics are changing it -- they are they always did go back a hundred years ago. They knew the influx of Arab immigrants from Europe the demographics changed but the belief in the American dream was there. And ultimately these people join the mainstream of America and America had a great century because of okay -- wolf thank you for calling. Always a pleasure. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Text message code. -- it's a six day. Email address and Nelson wrko.com. Let's see. From 857 actually the same 857 if what you do what you saying I assume what you're saying is not racism I don't know what is. You're you're right 857 you don't know -- I don't know -- you're talking about -- referring to the joke I was making about Martin Luther King Day in the white meteorologist. But I asked for the rest of it. You don't I would challenge you to define what racism is racism is when you make judgments on the persons on the base of a person's race. When it's irrelevant. Like for example when someone gets passed over for promotion in the fire department even though we scored higher on the firefighter exam because he's white. That's racism. Arguing about where the votes are going well. That's an analysis that people can agree or disagree with but it's not racism. Go back to the telephone lines. Another day this one from -- good afternoon day. Yeah how are you lobbying stuff like to bring up I may use the name of -- slogan is that all right sure. I heard him last night I was very happy to hear. And I dear leader known as Obama. Made a little mistake. When he appointed. Three -- I guess I don't know I guess it was a couple appointments for the National Labor Relations Board. Because he said that. The senate went into recess. When he did it I think it was about a year ago and that's kind of what's not in recess because there is something called. We need to achieve in quotation marks -- recess. And it was not -- recess and a federal court. And the reason why bring up Michael of them this because I guess it was his blocked firm and some of the lawyers. I brought the case still on this federal court than many have voted three -- nothing. And I am said that. Obama was. Breaking the constitution. Yeah this is -- -- sure appellate court that struck it down I'm glad you brought it up it's on my list also often and that's first significant because the appointments and email awhile and had left. But the appointment she made gave. Game presented a quorum so that three of the five positions are now filled. And they have come up with some over 200 innings 218. Rulings. And because the court has found that the appointments were unconstitutional. Because the senate it was not in in recess. Because the court has made that ruling -- no calls into question all of those edicts by this very left wing board. By the -- disregarding. Did district got a note that they have the court's decision have you heard that the. You mean that the White House's. Yeah well there's. There's going to be a real challenge and now it may what is the goal of this Supreme Court but of course until it dies. This appellate court ruling is supposed to stand and if the president starts ignoring both the congress and the judiciary. We've got ourselves a little bit of a problem but it's a very good point that you brought up today because it means that a lot of these rulings as someone -- apparently been significant. May very well now no longer. Be able to be enforced in the whole -- gonna have to be. Reconsidered with different people on the NLRB. And by the way. If I may bring up my name's -- go from Brookline David. And -- When he said happy you don't get it and your bid the other talk show also conservatives they don't get it either. Because. You know awards is 1% of the other side of the coin in the in this -- It's the ideal is. These that got 51% as if these are uninformed. They don't know what's going on that they don't know the facts don't -- logical at all. Break in -- Sharia up against a hard news break back on the other side -- Nelson.