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Women in the military?

Jan 26, 2013|

Will it lead to a slip in standards or is it a good idea?

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Our number -- call -- society now -- reminder again we now thanks to a swing producer FaceBook page. We can see some of the stuff that we've talked about human. There's some of the -- and use FaceBook dot com forward slash. PH OT. Okay. I see from 617686. JD is the -- -- code for this. Text message -- And he writes -- you can't annihilate Republicans -- the only ones working. Good point. And from 781. Javier the only one making sense well thank you once while I need to. The laudatory supportive comment. Also from 774. -- the Republicans losing election after election someone should remind -- about 2010. -- one no longer ago was it when the election went very much the other way. Now things happening in the swing back and forth. When you think it's carved in marble which carved in water and politics. 8774694322. -- -- afternoon your next to the other third David -- -- I was very popular name. It is definitely come -- and there was a debate -- from Brookline I don't have to think that -- Alter ego. That's did you go over your era restore our faith in the name. I understand that sentiment in the productive caught so that's deadly. I think -- is correct I think the demographics of the country -- changing him and -- but I think it's being done deliberately. I'm you know -- Russian -- to do that they didn't really good job from the perspective that. Like -- and he he thought about it you know -- Latvia. I basically in the play and you can destroy the country about -- that would that would let people in context and they. Throughout the Russian technical election. It's similar bulletins. And -- terrorist enterprise editor at the other eleven. Well I today that better Howell who wished filling the United States with which people to cause this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is 50s60s. As opposed to what we've -- But Dave Bush who is engineering this demographic change and what is the demographic change their engineering. Well I think. I think women are not using that. America does not with that people from the I think it's certainly -- this short -- -- let's look at the -- Yet the problem. -- -- and you know they did that that was always occasion people used to rail against the immigrants who were coming from Europe you know they. They didn't like the holes in the it and like the Hungarians and the Germans and you know there are all leash and the difference is that back then the people who came here did not come here for a hand out. They do has those handouts systems weren't there and I will say. The majority of the people come I think even illegal immigrants probably coming -- work and make a decent life for themselves but there's a significant minority. That doesn't. That comes here for the handout that comes here for crime and that's where the problem managed. I would I would respectfully disagree with the goods study that talked to somebody who is now living -- And I brought -- and -- commit a crime at the -- -- Cunningham. A number of personal industry. And their devotion typically compete on an advocate and I would it's. Take a look at this second generation that would went. I out of wedlock but that's -- -- and Hispanics and it's not good. -- this has written about static. It in the black -- and in the black community it's more than two thirds. Where's that at that but it comes -- about Americans grew like car that would and then you simply because I know you're. From the back we need to talk about him as you and you're not big proponent of the feminist fantasy. And lead because. Yeah -- out to officially. I all women into combat. It's I think it is absurd and I think we're going to be okay. Until identical situation that we improved side. Well that's. And I'm going to be an action. Does does this mean soldiers will be the -- And that you didn't seem accused did what we were captured by other questions. David thank you I it is on the list in fact though is gonna get to want to get to Hillary first but I think since you brought it up. And a friend of mine -- sent an interesting article. That was written by James Webb who did serve in combat. Taking the same point of view by the way that combat is just so -- -- -- -- -- of women in. Two. To focus on the point however it has been done I mean this is now. There's there was an announcer made yesterday Leon Panetta -- that there's going to be women are now going to be alive for combat. -- solution to the people talking about it and they shared. The standard things and that is that all well. As long as the standards don't change. Then people should have a right to do it whatever is a what they wanna do and that includes combat and if not too many women make it well okay about it. But they should have a chance to do it. And there are a number of things that I thought first of all course that's a libertarian perspective individuals have a right to do for gonna have a military lot. They should be open to everybody in the qualifications. For the job ought to be. The same for everyone it's true that most women won't be able to qualify and the -- strength and stamina. But -- those who can. Some you know the amazonian tribe -- okay. I would add another factor in this and that is I was curious why nobody brought up selective service selective service. Is still in existence men when they reach eighteen against boys becoming eighteen -- command all have to register. There's no draft any longer is a volunteer army. But I never understood why women didn't have to address -- rouge for the draft because after all. Setting aside combat for every person in combat what is it something like -- ten people behind that person in administration and support. And certainly the women can do a lot of the tasks in the military. Always could that have nothing to do with combat. -- I don't understand why the selective service is indeed social elective that it only. Sexual and gender vs another and I haven't heard anybody talk about that the women who are pushing for. Roles in combat haven't mentioned about the selector servers Charlotte put that on the table. This year is being pushed by a small minority of people. Nor -- employment. Who viewed somehow some opportunity there. And I'm sure that I found myself thinking also at a deeper level and they got on the go along with the individual rights argument. But I thought it's interesting to to speculate a little bit about the following. Lots of important concept in society. Define clear definition. Sometimes. That's the way it is sometimes it leads to problems for example the word fairness which was. Bandied about in the last campaign they should pay their fair share never define. And therefore lead to misunderstandings. And probably a bad political resolve. But who was in the spring court justice who said knee can't define pornography nobody knows it when he sees it. How do you define. Good neighborliness. These things are almost impossible to define and yet they are part of the fabric of society and so too with the gender roles. It's hard to delineate. What is masculine what is feminine. What makes sense for women would make sense for men but there is clearly some kind of natural difference. Which may be hard to put into words or or canonized in terms of law and yet is there. And I think a lot of people are concerned now that we're kind of violating in a way this. This -- -- concept or may be a natural order of things by putting women on the front line 90. It is done for example in Israel are much of the details about it. And look when you have to you have to. But you wonder whether in the case like this where we don't have to just because there's a minority of of women. Who think that somehow they're not getting ahead unless on the offered the opportunity for combat on the front lines. You wonder whether details should wag the dog here. I'm not sure they're easy answers to this but I thought it was worth pondering the issue came to mind Israel us think about. What's going on society we accept certain basic differences. For example women dressed differently right even on television on and on. On. Important occasions. We just accept -- that there is going to be -- -- difference between the two and I'm gonna shut this up now. We accept. And tolerate. Different kinds of behavior in women even at higher levels and -- employing now about Hillary Clinton which gonna get to -- -- That the whole question about. About women in combat and I think there's a -- flawless said and -- I think you sent to go along with the individual rights but I'll tell you what's going to happen. Because this is the political motivation not a motivation done for purposes of having a good military. And that is the standards will change. Because just like to help with -- affirmative action. -- we're supposed to be or don't discriminate but then what it turned out that there weren't enough blacks in say the fire department police department. The standards were changed. Shall Blatche didn't have to score as high on the firefighters the police excellent. You mark my words that'll happen in the military when there aren't enough women qualifying for -- There will be the change of standard to allow the women to get through because they'll be meowing in complaining that. -- I don't know whether how far down the track we're going to go until this becomes a real problem probably not until it's in the real situation. But there are cases in women do face different challenges on the launch of their captured. And they're doing much more likely to be raped in mistreated. After capture than say for man. 8774694322. Is the phone number. 68680. Is the text message code the email address and Nelson and wrko.com. From seven -- one Republicans need to be less conservative period wrong amid the wrong -- mine. Editorial comment to that I think it's just the opposite. I think the conservative approach will resonate with a lot of people who are trying to work hard for a living. And wanna keep more of what they -- the matter of fact we're going to have here this. Statistics from a poll Rasmussen did. Just published Wednesday the 23. 52%. Of American likely voters who says Americans. Believe hard work is the path. Most followed two richest 28%. Think most get rich by inheriting money 9% unsure. 30% different poll same pollster. 30% of likely voters agree with the president that more action increases are needed 51%. Saying no. 19% -- she's saying number 30% 20%. That's the percent of the population that is left wing that agrees with the Obama thinks we need more taxes more government. And apparently agrees with seven they want this text messages that's at such a disappointing the high percentage parties clearly a minority. 877469432. To the phone number Brett. Inaction the program thanks for waiting. Yeah the it was thought your problem I heard. That well the sun is closest to the earth that winter it's at a different angle and doesn't really strike figure with the force of the -- in the summer. That's why we have winter. Yeah I -- I heard it on your program whether you have a physicist just stop us. -- years and years and years ago. You have a good memory. But he reminds me that I get asked a question that I didn't give an answer to his -- which you're speculating about. Okay I'm glad you mention that -- because -- of the audience and answer the question asked before. Was the days have been getting longer since December 21. But the coldest week of the year is the third week in January. Now we're getting more like from the sun and more heat from the sun. Why is it that its third week in January and -- the third or fourth week in December that the -- -- the answer is. -- yes we are getting more radiation from the sun. But that's only one side of the equation the earth radiates. Heat loses heat out into space. And it's this is always happening and the reason it takes longer for longer to -- there's a delay between the shortest day of the year. And the coldest week is because even though more heat is coming from the sun as of December 22. Even more heat is still being launched by the earth. With each passing day until we get to pass the third week in January. And then there is enough additional. Daylight there's enough additional heat coming from the sun -- over compensates for the loss. A heat that the earth. Is losing to space and the earth begins to warm up knowledge of the earth I mean are part of the earth because of course. In the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed. And by the way. The the reverse is also true in the summertime. The longest day of the year is does is June 21. But the warmest week of the year is the third week in July. And it's the same thing you see even though that gays are getting shorter more heat is coming. From the -- to the earth. Then is being launched by the earth into space until it crosses over to the days get short enough so that that equation turned around. So that's that's the cancer. Ali. I'm I'm very glad that you reject disturbed crony capitalism. And -- crony socialism as a better terms for but I think that technical terms for what is going -- Is -- called corporate visible mercantile -- That's where the -- unity government favors certain businesses sort of. Yeah I and you're right I and I would go along with like corporate terrorism because it it connection more than corporations. But you know it's also. It's not just corporations and look at unions for example there are the beneficiaries of it also. And mercantile -- yes but it's it's a completely unknown word to the public. Shall I and I like he had you know what bothers me brandish it. Capitalism already takes enough pitch. And what's going on here really is not capitalism capitalism. Is when the market operates and you don't have political powers interfering with it that's capitalism. She emotionalism is the other way around. -- this really is closer to crony socialism and also just as a matter of vocabulary. Each time we started. Trying to communicate to people especially young people. The virtues in the efficiencies of capitalism. As a theory of economics. And actually the theory of morality that you have a right. To work for your -- you should be regulated -- the issue of right to keep what you weren't I mean that's that's in the moral domain. All of these -- the benefits of capitalism and I think we have to start. Start changing the language you -- lines were never gonna win the political battles. Yeah whoa whoa yeah -- ridiculous and debenture peer review. What would trade -- -- good -- the pro capitalist government. Anti YouTube -- yeah I'm glad you brought it up -- thank you Obama. 8774694322. I'm on the Nelson. Welcome back this is on Nelson had did a quick look up want to check on it and apparently. Israel and Germany and Canada are all going to have women in combat. This way it stands finish reading the piece by Jim Webb. Senator. Secretary of the navy alone he wrote this 1979. Pointed out that women did not serve in combat. In Israel -- lifting those long piece very well written. About the prospect of women in combat in the United States who have been going on for that long. We've been talking about it. 877. 4694322. Is a phone number -- your next on the program good afternoon. There is. A I was gonna talk about. Republicans catering unit basic as -- quick comment on women. If if a guy on the corner of -- -- clarity and worse to slap. His wife. I hope that you just about every guy who observe that would goal -- to back and put it in his place really quick. I think it's -- and they. Sense with men. That they were certain lines with men and women in water is that you do not strike a woman. And I believe that when you put a woman into combat. That innate sense within our warriors doesn't die. And I believe they become a distraction because -- men are looking to protect. That that's killed when that that your. Glory com -- -- -- to kill Vietnamese there's a protective Bruce. Bonds and you're right in -- there have been some studies that only government fingertip. That men have a lot of trouble seeing women in this edition -- and in a combat situation. A terrorist. That day and there is there is that natural reaction and by the way to go back your original example. If you saw a man slapped by a woman you wouldn't have the same reaction right. Now you don't have that visceral react now very very. Should try to put you get caught -- your body. And as matter of fact they have these things going on you can she commercials women did -- all time what does it VA eight as a commercial. Where the woman keeps bopping the man because he could out of the -- instead of the terminated Jewish. I remember in what was it. The Disney movie. Some are calling from way back down but. They -- a 101 dalmatians. At one point the woman he gets the man. In the face with a bag of rocks and she's Disney. Right as it is for kids. And it's considered to be perfectly okay. -- so you're right there's a very different standard I think. -- you mentioned because this is one of the things I was trying to get to where I say it's hard to define the roles. But it does seem to be something that is there and we know a violation when we see. Absolutely. But as far as Republicans go I think one of the biggest problems I mean. You know these guys to Sochi Republicans catering to white conservatives sorry pal that's. Their -- on the picketed it's not a racist. It's nothing of that nature that is the base of most of the Republican Party. And I think the biggest problem Republicans have now compared to Democrats and I could give Democrats an -- plus possessed. They catered to their base. And their base is mobilize. They get out they invoked. They carried signs they go through the neighborhoods or four. In the petitions to get people to vote. Whereas Republicans statistic according to deputies say is -- -- you've got nowhere else to go so you'd court should just gonna vote for us. And what ultimately happened just three million Republicans stayed home and didn't focus last election. Yeah well. I think it may have been the little thing that's that's working here Allan is there a lot of people or motivated to vote. To continue or to extend the hand out programs. We -- which they are the recipients. But are not contributing anything to write. I don't only believe that I only said that is because my cup football games. Democrats first Republicans and where the Democrats we're gonna get out there and make sure -- wins. I mean granted I agreed that there's a certain. Hand out mentality. I know like locally down here and that's an area. A lot of really. Whatever name was they went into the project and -- -- World Cup rounds elected they're gonna take away as Japan. Think. That's right that's exit you know until -- But definitely this RV is -- people. We're multiple animal and -- win again to be able to make sure these people for a. And -- right there are ground game has to have some improvement but the reality is down that 35%. Is as of 201035%. Of the population. Is on -- means tested government program. That means you are not Social Security or military or -- like that this is something welfare and benefits like that 35%. Now when when -- and Romney made that comedy -- at 47%. He could inflated that figure. We have another 147%. Of the population does not paying income taxes. Some of those people on Social Security or from the military and so they have paid taxes in. But nonetheless 35%. Is enormous population and even the forty -- You know if you're not paying income taxes. It becomes a lot more -- To vote for programs. That are going to be paid for by tax money. When it's not going to be your tax money that's gonna pay for them. And you are getting money from the government it's our natural human reaction you find ways to rationalize why Charlie good program. We don't you think Republicans could counteract that. That if we went into these poor neighborhoods. And said. Is this really what you want is this what you want for your children. For you Koreans have the Democrats really provided -- With a better quality of life living here. Republicans are -- -- say -- and will provide jobs will provide opportunity. Is this really. What do you think is the best for your family for your children. Grandchildren. Of community. I admire your optimism by fear into any case. Answer would be -- what you want yes where's my check your probably right. Thanks for. I. And you know what well -- saying is true though that -- that you have to do you do your funeral long term education. We talk about generational welfare where people are on that one generation to the next. And they -- -- where dangerously. Out of control and we were close to a tipping point when she get to enough people. Who get to vote for programs. For which they the beneficiaries. And for which they have to put in nothing. It's going to be very hard to win elections. From 50 wait. At the bank of which I work this text message there is selective. Attire requirements. That is all males must -- times. However for female wants to Wear a -- she can't if she should it chooses not to that showcase to. And then you rode him yes you sure there are double standards. From 978. Women in the military estrogen vs testosterone. Maybe that sums it up right there. Another -- from 617. Why do you do talk radio. Well. Yeah I enjoy interacting with the folks. And believe or maybe it should be. I'm hoping that maybe we can effectuate some change. I. I feel. Strongly about the issues about the philosophy and about the country and I'd like to see some improvements made I think we can do it so. We try is a long uphill battle that is not mailing your success story here certainly not in mash cheers and speaking of women. Hillary Clinton secretary of state. Finally got around to coming before congress. The talk a little bit about India us in there was one exchange which -- gotten a lot of attention with senator Ron Johnson. Who -- about I don't know why why. Basically he was asking why did you get it so wrong that you're blaming the video. Member of that video of the infamous video that turned out to be completely bogus as the reason. Why didn't we get a straight answer. And Hillary Clinton responded to well. Ruth a little bit of passion show we say let's play the clip and then there will talk about -- and they played again it dude with a different. Question before but here's Hillary Clinton responding to the senator's question in full. Formal hearing at the senate. With all due respect the fact is we -- four dead Americans what -- had a right protest it was because the guys out for a walk when not decide they go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can't to prevent it from ever happening again senator now. I honestly. I would do my best to answer your questions about this but the fact is that. People were trying in real time to get to the best information. Time now there are a number of things -- the first oil ought to mention is a once you imagine if a man. Had been testifying. And shown and displayed that kind of temper that kind of loss of control. How it would have been regarded. It would have been regarded as somebody who was ill suited to the job he can't control himself. He allows his emotions to get the bassinet and played via split the first part of that clip again where she she gets the fire and brimstone part of it. With all due respect the fact is we -- four dead Americans what -- had a right protest it was because the guy out for a walk when not decide they go kill some Americans. That's good enough okay so just imagine the guys -- taking that told the senate. Might have been cited for contempt but he shortly would have cost at a cost to his career right but we put up -- -- with the women. Not only that I saw a snippet from the view you know that program I only see it when. That it's mentioned in other news it you know the hand clutch there with that they've got they've got several lead hands on the front and a bunch of other hands in the audience and the. All up one. Think she wouldn't. It's a sure. So there's a double standard that should be eliminated. Now the party is I wish that senator Johnson or somebody would have said -- spare assured display of temper. And -- for you what you don't want she repeated what I don't want to see repeated. Madam secretary is I don't want to she knew. And the ambassador from the united name for the into the United Nations and the president of the United States mission lead the country. Coming up with a bogus stories about a video that was to blame. That you've repeated again and again at the end of your remark she shed in real time we were trying to figure out which happened what were way past real time. Four weeks after this event. The administration was almost dating this falsehood. Susan Rice went on five TV station because Hillary Clinton said she didn't like doing TV the president of the United States senate Hillary Clinton said it. We have a ride as the American people they get a straight story if you don't know what the situation is saying you don't know but don't tell us. That's a fake video. What and it turns out to be not that at all the other two possibilities here. Either you knew it was a fake that it's to say that it wasn't the video but it was al-Qaeda. And you deliberately didn't tell us that because of a political campaign. In which case it's downright relish. Or you were ignorant of it you didn't know what was going on. And I'd like to know why two weeks for you to know what's going -- That would have been a nice response. As it is an immediate comment she decides soon to run for office. I I would -- here that. That you you she made the comment earlier it's nominee's remarks she made the comment earlier about how she expect to accept full responsibility. For what happened what does that mean. Apart from just throwing out the verbiage. What does that mean to take full responsibility. What consequences. Are there to that. Is our panel think the -- to resign. This just get a demotion. This year to get to dock in salary which is should I take full responsibility. But without anything that follows no consequence of that it's a meaningless slogans. And nobody seems to be pushing Iran. You take full responsibility. How have you taken full responsibility. Madam secretary. What does that mean besides throwing out some words and talk is cheap. So interesting that kind of dovetails little bit with some of the other stuff were talked about but here's a clear double standard. Where she can get away with being a petulant female. And -- -- look the other women applauded always and she wonderful. Because they're used to doing the same thing emotional outburst are tolerated with women even women and I position which would not be tolerated. By men. Except maybe in a talk show that's different. Good to break -- we do okay my apologies to those you online when we come back they'll go immediately. To the phone calls are -- us. OK welcome back this is on the Nelson I promised I go to the phone lines let's do that 877469432. To the phone number Chris you're next on the program. Good afternoon. -- -- Crew issue there. Chris. Paul you are there just about pushed the button. -- -- -- and are very happy Larry. They were really aggravated me about that whole thing Hillary as they should we pull out all the people -- -- and -- She arm them you know what really you know we have to -- -- and figure out what happened. -- You could bring her in your work and you're responsible that -- department. Would try to figure out what happened before actually went to block the talent. And I. I don't need to Scott brown and the courts haven't been -- I've been getting -- call from the Republican National Committee and that he ain't. Retrieve them because they call during work hours and I get somebody at eleven now. Not yet one penny out of me until they grow acts and -- -- -- And skinny pretty stupid Democrat who they -- You know I tell you something currency in fairness I know what you mean but that's format really didn't allow. For much. Of a direct examination I don't think it was and while that each each questioner got five minutes I think. It would've been nice -- they had asked point blank questions. And you know pinned her down on things that they. Not only did they get done a lot of time but they alternate so after a Republican comes a Democrat who choose it over. It doesn't lend itself to a really good inquiry. In tennis. And who acted the way she can't and they should react the same. Like other group performance mrs. Clinton. -- know -- it's not in a quest. We re trying to step out of app -- with it. Only -- for five minute you know -- We -- not. That's that's what. That's what I. But Chris I think that'll happen. But the camera will be -- and that and that's better too because otherwise you'd get all this posturing by the there was another time under performers relationship. If this is more than political it's personal and then she's out getting choked up and -- because somebody -- clip. In the 2008. Campaign okay it says four plus years ago. Where she said the same thing this is personal and she started getting choked up a -- you looked a lot better late than she does now. But it -- it was the same thing that she years and always and she's sweet stuff. And you know the bottom line is that. These men and women and then in Washington a lot because they become too friendly toward each other. And they don't want to -- -- -- but in the meantime -- the middle class acts. And the people of this country suffering because we have a bunch of -- that. Perform on stage. And really don't give a crap about any and how the perfect example of that. They don't want to get in and actually same thing that's -- her. And it and it -- So annoying because if you have a problem. Picking his spots. Some. You know. Yeah yeah. That's right now I know that's why we have this program Chris I'm glad you're on arsenide. And 8774694322. Doctor -- here next good afternoon. You -- -- to -- when you make that statement about Hillary saying and I take full responsibility. Guys that's another one of those things that -- he -- you know effect change it from some 24 year old Playboy model might accept the bridge itself fat and so ugly. Making even more like question do you is. As you listen to that. Has anybody come up with why. They didn't send does this leave the you have of I'm support connect Coke like well why didn't play well. You know I'll tell -- -- I was I think it's been asked but the amateurish curious to me and the answer is they say. They didn't have time to get there and money were responding question would be. When you found out that it's an ongoing situation. How did you know how long it was going to last. You'll win you'll find out that there is a problem in bad -- she YO to scramble immediately. Because. You don't know whether it's going to be seven minutes seven hours seven days so how could they know in advance. That they wouldn't have time to get there. He had the deputy editor activate and is that we just blow it and that is what. I want to know being aware -- Woodward and Bernstein well I'd say why are they doing something about it is not a bodyguard challenges the administration. Well it's not over yet your right to ask the question and we'll see where it goes I hope this doesn't get I hope it doesn't get deep sixth. What a series of hearings children be going on. There's got to be other gonna be additional inquiries -- not sure the format -- know we've gotten away from the grand standing right. Now now and I can add any more the circus stuff so hopefully they'll be able to do some real inquiring. And I hope but at least the Republican control House -- Representatives -- if they didn't then nothing would go anywhere. But at least there they can do for their English and I hope. I hope. That's that they're not gonna let her off the hook just because she's resigned the position. That's a prize for letting off that's like somebody like that that somebody who's accused he works in a bank using -- of embezzlement. And he resigned his position until well I guess we can't talked about the embezzlement anymore. Right yeah just because she leaves doesn't exonerate her from wrong doing that may have taken place while she was in office so I hope the gonna pursue it. There it is probably going to be some perjury and it -- statements to that they're probably gonna cover up and begged. Thanks for gone. 8774694322. Is -- phone number. From 617 Einstein's definition of insanity doing same thing over and over. Actually. It continues -- from Brooklyn keeps trying to change your mind. A man -- with -- let me let me -- -- I'm reading this is because. The definitive than what people frequently says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results and the attributed to Einstein. Einstein never said okay. That doesn't sound like Einstein and I was disappointed to hear John Sununu -- You from the former governor of New Hampshire former chief is that site Einstein. It was a quote by some obscure authors can't remember her name written in the novel but not that long ago but it's not for mine stuff. This is where people frequently do that to give the quote that they're giving additional weight additional force that comes from a man who. Who were. Reconfigured the universe -- must be important. Well you can use the quote if you want but it does not belong to lines. 8774694322. Is the phone number 68680. Is the text message. From 617 whatever doesn't make let them eat cake -- ice and another 1978 Bill Clinton just join the army. 01 other thing I want to mention a good look up on Wikipedia and they said it's 3% of the combat force in Israel is female. So apparently there women all are on the comment lines in neutral but of course. That's a country where there. Very existence is at stake on a daily basis we ever know anything like that since world war two and even then watching on our torched. Rich you're leaving your next on the program. -- one question I'd like out. Is that and the second debate your boss the president told the nation that I call it Jack -- Jack. Well then why is you and I'm Patrick on out for the next week on everybody responds in. Demonstration. Excellent point Richard of course you know that was a contortions. Of what Obama said Richard -- it's a really nice contradiction. If indeed. That that was -- should have been brought up during the campaign because it's an inherent contradiction excellent question. We we need you in the senate dared ask those questions. Instead of the guys there -- good point. Thanks. Let's see we've got about 452. To OK Mike got about 35 seconds now give it to you. -- -- -- -- -- Current. Is the agenda -- Coke probably got a brutal. I -- in the donut shop and actually a woman committed -- was obviously pregnant made sure -- -- -- -- -- They -- -- racial what covered that take. You know to allow yourself to go through so -- that's not knowing the future it's a -- debt probably never know what might happen but as far as arm back. We've -- fighting in the business. -- -- and that's pleased that the bad. Which -- -- -- over the country because they operate encourage. -- -- -- That's gonna do it for us will be updating the FaceBook page or through the week I'm on Nelson thank said hopefully see you next week.