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Special senate election is almost set- Where is Scott Brown?

Jan 28, 2013|

Shouldn't Scott Brown be making his intentions known now? What's the hold up?

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666. -- show. Election races pretty much on. Representative. -- -- You know we haven't seen in the moment and I don't know how long but anyway. Is now in he wants to run. He's made it known you will be running and congressman Stephen Lynch is pretty much said he will challenge mark in the democratic primary. And yet -- the Democrats are gearing up as they're getting their fundraising and do and died year. As they're getting their political machine mobilized. Where is Scott Brown. And the longer he waits. People who may run for the senate with -- they won't run Republicans. Saying well just wait for the governor's race. Are now being sidelined. And paralyzed. Or. People that think we'll have brown is gonna run. For the governorship I won't run for the governorship all run for the senate race there are being paralyzed. So the longer Scotty remains silent. The more the hands of the GOP are being tied to discuss this and so much more. We are now joined. By the lone Republican columnist and blogger at the Boston Harold. The one and only the holy -- shod holly power. Good how -- you -- if not making it sound like it sixty minutes interview. I. Felt like I was saying how great you are yeah ha ha ha ha ha. Truly didn't backing you -- thanks Ali your -- Hawley I gotta tell your your phenomenal. Yeah I never thought -- -- you kind of humid you. Holly I'm just curious what do you make what are your sources telling you what do you make of Scott Brown's silence and his reluctance. To announce whether he'll be running or not. Well I think we're gonna see him announce this week. To week. Yep and that's what I'm hearing. I -- with John Kerry going to get. Leo I get this nomination can go through tomorrow. Because that's gonna put up the pressure and you know went -- nominated we need a candidate because its -- 150 days. Till the election the election cycle officially kick off those -- -- longer wait. Now the question is. Will he step behind. Steve Clinton's announcement as you know for Friday. Went kind of botched everything by -- I'm you know I'm gonna announce next week in many tickets bad can. He's trying to keep this defense going -- is not racist that's -- So now you know Wilkie announced on Tuesday you know where lynch announced on Tuesday which means that round. We'll probably announce on Wednesday or does brown announced tomorrow depending I think he's waiting to see what lynch does and then he'll follow it up with his announcement. The other thing that happened that it's pretty interesting today it's -- the governor's races. If you check out the Boston Herald opinion pages Charlie Baker's got a terrific. Op Ed in there about how the Paris killing us with these is gonna kill our economy with these is with the tax increases that he's calling for. And I think this is -- baker staking out his position I'm gonna run for governor and I'm gonna make things better for the state of Massachusetts. So -- senses that you think you'll Baker's gonna position himself to run for the governorship in 2014. Scott Brown you're convinced full run this week. You think he'll announce his run this week. I think it'll be either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week as Scott Brown will make his announcement. We're talking with holly -- Rashad the lone Republican columnist and blogger at the Boston Herald. Holly when Scott Brown or if what you say when he announces C hasn't officially announced but your sources are impeccable. This week. Handicap a marquis grounds race -- lynch brown race. Can brown beat marquis. Can he beat the democratic machine and if so how. Yeah I think that I can beat the Democrat machine because the election will take place during the summer. And these machines a lot of the machine won't be there I mean for for example the teachers' lobby of vacation. The machine it a lot harder to turn people out in the special election so you know in November they had this huge. Surge for Obama. That surge. Will not be there. And so you're gonna have a lot more fair -- it Scott Brown what Scott Bradley did do is try to come back to the right. Secure the Republican base. You know go after the people that. That believed in him that he was like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington type that they. Go back to his roots of the first -- And then he can win that because look he went at the end of the day. -- against marquis he would take 37. Year congressmen and I don't think anybody in the state want to even name him. You can name it accomplishes marquis had and then three when you look at -- record I mean talk about he'd -- -- Democrat Democrat. Who who both the party line doesn't. Play anything bipartisan. Has -- and for all that sucking up to the Democrats had gotten virtually nothing got. And so you know if he's a lackluster congressman for 37. Years I can think he's going to be any better in the senate. Seat. Holly is going just go back to Scott Brown for second how what do you think he needs to do to secure his Republican base. What does he have to say what does he have to do. Because I can tell you my listeners. He doesn't have a lot of support among my listeners he's got some support. But even that's lukewarm. But he's got a lot of people saying they will never vote form. They're not -- campaign form there are done with him so what does he do to win back those alienated disaffected Republicans. Well he does when he did a couple of years ago -- I'm Obama. And the when he first got elected it was because he -- -- going to fight against obamacare and if he comes back and start taking on a lot of Obama policies that are you know. What I mean you know we're not. Bring he's a bottle is not like Dick -- Okay if he's ruling this country by consecutive order any overstepping its bounds at least -- On Friday the court even said the appointment that he made to the National Labor Relations Board would be real well and then he can't do all these things. And so you know if armed browns start that they played -- many illness spread that you're going too far. Okay this is not what we wanted. And and start holding Obama accountable for a lot of the crazy stuff that he's trying to do. I think ground ball you know will win everybody back okay Scott Brown goes back to the state senator that he has been. And and goes back to the person any racially like he will win everybody over because he's one of but any marquee you know. Live downing mansion in Chevy Chase Maryland even calendar he's not a Massachusetts person. I mean apparently he's his -- -- neighbors in -- They can't they can recognize a mean if they see him he added. I'm -- if he really -- I'm not hitting the Eagles once a year to pick up the mail. Yet he's a lack of what he's a lackluster congressman. The link you'll be a little bit of a harder because blank had this perception that he is more conservative. I then looked the other -- most the other Democrats in the congressional delegation. If you actually look at his record. He's not all that sincerity yes he did vote against obamacare winds that then there was like forty other both of which he voted for Obama camp. If you look at his citizens against government wait Brady he actually has a lower rating than Barney Frank aren't cutting government way. I the actual link is no. Which is no. Conservative which is actually at that attack since that Limbaugh. And done in methods but he has his perception of being -- -- -- took -- harder. It 88 you know you've got to change that whole perception. And that and that you know in these states change in perception can be very art and politics. -- final question can land should beat marquis in the democratic primary. Probably not. Tonight he's gonna have a lot of union support. But Markey is got a lot ATM was already got kind of like the establishment. Democrats with him and in the Pratt and he'll also be. Look you know could get a mountain -- democratic primary are going to be the extreme left wing liberals. And that's the marquee appeal camp. Holly we have a couple of callers that wanna speak -- is that okay sure sorry Joseph -- -- with holly -- Rashad. From the Boston Herald that don't. -- -- so let me and Alia outlet I am I conservative I can't believe what I'm hearing I think you're wrong on every count. First off Scott Brown has no Republican base because there is no Republican base in this state the only woman because in comparison Democrats. Wanted to stop Obama here. What's that failed he had nothing now what you want in it -- it's become like -- Try to attack civil right which is not holiest you'd think that lots -- shop well. You say that it mocking it -- in Massachusetts and not total stock what are the reasons that will stop -- we don't Elizabeth why aren't you from local hallmark. No one can -- law. That's what the Democrats have -- -- -- good. In on the -- -- Scott -- -- get -- got a guy who we are inside at the end of my driveway. It is an all poultry -- you really shouldn't even bother Ron. Well look at a couple things. I have one I did you know I think with Scott crowd should come back to his roots where he blood on the issues OK I think when he went to lacking any kind of blocked his. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Attitude gonna hold everybody accountable. And I think he's got to do that to the U one of the reasons why we locked in November is because it was a ten point democratic Obama surge. Obama will not be on the ballot it's all about getting out the vote. And -- that's where we can be much much more competitive Republicans in this state. Do far better carries special elections that we do during normal general election so it will we will have a better chance and that's. Three I mean marquis is from out of state I think we could use that against them overall -- I would use that 37 years of being a congressman. And having virtually no accomplishment. Nobody want to one about. We only have two senators did go down there. And it could be you know basically it I don't collector that -- won't get anything got so I mean you know. Only let me ask you this why do you think Scott Brown is refusing to come on the show he's been -- mean now for at least a month. I've asked them to go face up to his voters who feel abandoned and betrayed by him do you think you should come on the show NYU I he's knocking -- I think he should definitely come on the show. You know because they think you know when Scott Brown talked feeling and in talks about things that mean I think he makes a good case turned -- I mean I'm sure he's probably get licking some wounds from November it was a hard -- -- polling data I had him a couple points ahead in I think he took the victory out a lot pretty hard. Especially with considering what what do you -- hit a mean -- Warren and hit an absolute disgrace. And you know in losing because people just came in for the Obama surge. It's got a heart you've just got -- heart. Because field type crowd didn't extremely good job as our United States senator he passed more legislation and I think John Kerry didn't ten you -- I am and get him two years -- means so he was very effective US senator. He -- him he'd get a lot of things right he did something's wrong but overall he he. He's you know he's been he was a terrific senator and what we've got now is just -- Harry Reid -- up there. Always Hollywood Jack calls hello okay so basically -- you're saying Republicans should galvanize and support ground. Against either marquis or lynch Tony Europe next welcome to to the corner report. Hi Tony. Here -- with -- -- shot. Are we lost Tony Steve you're up next welcome to the corner report you're wrong with holly robber shot. Good morning Justin Morneau Ali I see I'm not I don't I'm not sure what you're talking about volume each car went senate's. DC and he started kissing every democratic but -- -- -- if you -- aligning themselves what Obama law and Romney cute stranded distance himself from. Absolutely everything can server now. You know and we don't count on him to what we stand his ground. But I mean. Cured that line and Sally -- Barney Frank. And in just there was unbelievable it was like you know I understand he's got to play a little bit you know play politics. But she says she was completely -- it's an -- from the right. Why that's why I think -- -- -- you know he'd get a move in this election cycle could be come back to. You know that he's met kind of goes to Washington to hold everybody accountable I think that was what went and got -- selling points. I think he'll say he should go back could be in the guy he was and -- Let me ask you this let me play doubles I'd rather I am -- you're playing doubles -- to come and be very candid with you. I don't think Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was the real Scott Brown. I think the real Scott Brown is the Scott Brown that we saw. That's supports the federal assault weapons -- that agreed to raise taxes. That has betrayed the people of this state on issue after issue after issue he's essentially at heart a centrist. He's a moderate he's a centrist he's a liberal Republican. And he ran as a Tea Party here. But in his heart of hearts he doesn't care for the Tea Party movement which is why you why he's been thumbing his nose at us for the last two years. I can't get them to come on the show. Well I'm hoping he's gonna come on the show -- okay and because you know he's going to be running and they need gonna need every. Yeah he's gonna need the talk radio behind him again. I would say that look you get a look at author Scott Brown's record as a state senator. Okay it went United States senator he was one has the very few out there that worked really hard to hold. To hold the Democrats accountable in this state. And you know against those thought he did extremely well. Is so I would come back to back I adapt to you know we elected he's one of last week you know he's got to come back and pray that that -- -- John your -- with on the corner report with -- -- shot to go. The auto about the editorial person would stick with what they what they stop and let our right. It just because they pass more legislation -- -- a lot out more gap but most people that doesn't mean you wanna be in the room when -- -- it. Find that guy you expect it lot of argued show the other day and get -- brought the issue up. That's thank you so much John holly I think he's gonna have a primary challenger I mean there is a lot of anger and disaffection. With Scott Brown. And -- I'm telling you. Brownies if it's somebody challenges him. Brown's gonna have a race on his hand whoever it is could be Joseph blow literally Joseph six backed throws his hat in the ring browns got to fight for the primary. Tony are up next welcome with on the corner report you're wrong with -- rover shot of the Boston Herald. -- good morning how we thank you so much. I just wanna say that as -- -- -- I error Scott Brown supporter I won't do what ever it takes to make sure that probably disgusting individual. All I work for our. I helped people I've told people to get -- in it. For him to go up there and say that. He stabbed us all in the back in everybody remembers that occasionally but the democratic state. If we're gonna pick up Scott Brown's -- Democrat. Might -- a Democrat -- I would not -- Scott Brown I would be going directly. Anybody that -- I can't tell I'll be working or. He's such a follow the end if he discussed it cost. So badly in my family we just did nothing but talk about. How disgusting he is because he went out there and the first thing he did was different -- any. A -- -- and what about the -- -- gotten there. Holly is gonna dance with the one that Brung you. And so final thoughts what do you what do you say -- final thoughts on Scott Brown. Well I agree that you get it the F with the people that brought you there OK thank you also got to remember at that we are in the state of Massachusetts it's. And that Scott Brown was running in an -- army the air. And win the pole went polling data show issue that the Tea Party is. The negative to sell high on the Tea Party. I would be challenged the Tea Party people that they've got to go out there and kind of fix their image. Because right now is take killer with their numbers that -- The average voters the independents are not. They are very -- -- Tea Party. So if he'd get a they've got to work on that -- agent Scott Brown's gonna kind of work on. You know it's sticking more to the person that he actually is. And that he's got to come back to yelled that he is going to fight against Obama when Obama does these crazy proposal. And that furthermore they yell at the legislation that -- men are the insider trading that was going on. Scott Brown took on everybody to pass that legislation. But you're right not a there's no question about it that was a good bill. He did one good thing up there but honestly Ali. He has betrayed us on issue after issue. And after awhile when you act like -- -- you talk like a Judas you walk like a Judas you vote like a Judas. People think you're Jonas and he's got a problem holly if you have connections to Scott Brown column come on the show or I don't think he's gonna win. Thank Charlie holly robber shot. Along Republican columnist blogger at the Boston.