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Chump Line Monday January 28, 2013 - The Shadow Knows

Jan 28, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a reference to the bipartisan proposal to give the illegal aliens in the United States amnesty. How many illegals are there in the U.S.? The Shadow knows....

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I would product. -- a football game broke out. Got it you know if if Barack wants to talk about the violence at football games let him go over to the Arab Spring where the Arab Spring is now on folding them in all of it's glory -- Egypt. Was -- 500 people have been killed in the soccer riots over the last -- few days there. Now there they approach the protesters are throwing rocks and what exactly are they pro testing over there they got the government they wanted to deny what what exactly is the it is is is their beef now. I can't stand but we're going to be back. It has kind of been given -- can. He was convicted by a -- hearing. Is that the problem. Why. All going to be. If -- -- your point skipping Gates's the other side note from Harvard that the but what's. Where it's having no problems up like a four month long Beers. At live at the White House. If you didn't want to war in his own place I think I'm for I'm for skippy it's. And President Obama says. Hillary it was a slow down the ones that act today. Kate has that ability maybe if it would have been no this -- this. Thanks mister president some -- -- have mentioned that the perhaps we are cut the sound cut in the wrong place but just as well as we had to get and secretary of State's. Illegal aliens -- in the United States. That shadow. True. LaMont Cranston plans on -- more in taxes to support these people are going to give amnesty there. It's going to be great for a it's going to be great for everybody who's that girl. What was that what. What. But it is -- that that's pretty easy. Cindy was talking about that through the they did what kind of strange it's -- -- -- different from manner. Now. I don't know I don't know what I don't know what happened to her you know we don't -- these people that have had these that these ailments lately that we we don't really we're not really sure about what happened to them. -- Menino would be another example is yet the state of the state speech coming up tomorrow night at. Annual hall I guess I'll have to go to north to go down to -- you -- to leave -- apartment house. And he spent more time now in the park from house Kevin White effort this. Barack Obama. He's from Illinois went to Harvard Law School. Rumor he knew what he's if he's a skeet shooter that do we believe that this does Jay Carney even believe that he Jay Carney was having a hard time keeping a straight face when -- Barack was talking about how -- Mexico he likes to do go to war at Camp David into a manly thing -- -- skeet shooting now. Yeah right. How we wouldn't get them to. Speech therapy let me wanna try to grammar if you're talking about an opposite along -- someone it is the secretary of state. It is not the secretary of pay off. What the attorney general's office is currently general opposite this and that the that they're -- now. She's a vegetable and eventually get snotty in -- -- I don't know what what do you talk about -- she's one of the best secretaries of state. They don't they don't call that article John Kerry mr. state. They're gonna call him mr. -- -- okay because she's a sack he's going to be a secretary of state. So plural would be secretaries of state. -- know. On one more. That's right he sees various members said about this. Hondo is on those out for the year maybe longer. -- -- Yeah it's been through I should have gone when I get ready for homeowners who can. I don't know that we'll get -- shooting through it with the president will be. Yeah John Kerry issued skewed about as often as the president doesn't -- enough. -- what are you gonna go she is Brent Vasher are -- you know he's he's a fine man -- sought a court. Kerry told us that that when he went to war the Damascus to visit them. And now what now what now basher or sought to mother has fled the country. Usually when your mom pleads please select the country that that means you could not count the two regimes like spam a matter of days not weeks. Yeah valuable options that country well trained Eric he confirmed that the athletes of all -- they -- Now. And unfortunately be a bullet train is isn't being built in California by. Governor Jerry Brown. He's broke but he still gonna spend seventy billion dollars on the bullet train another guy who lives in a parallel universe apparently doesn't seem to think that there's any any problems whatsoever with -- spending more money that he yes. -- -- -- And a great. I don't -- something you don't act immigration act. Zero this is is I mean this is just this is like pouring gasoline on the fire you know I mean we have enough problems paying for paying for the people where you're already and legally. Four they're free medical care for those who they think it is anyway but as soon soon we'll have a millions more. Pounding on the pounding on the emergency room doors. Toward an old legally. Grow -- in your view. And we really did you know. Illegal aliens go home you can't stay here you don't have to stay here you you don't have to go home but you can't stay here go back to your Third World hell hole and make it a better place. In my knee injury suffered because of about a football what about the stuff he was truly gave -- great. You know -- -- because what happened pride or shops -- ornamental adequate when you're doing it is that we department did wrong. I don't know I have been an -- I want a guy anyway. Idea I has -- -- from my daughter she -- outwardly female student at Deerfield I -- with the -- male student. To -- he was gonna show me around. And I showed -- and we went to the science building I showed him leave the room where where we played bridge. Try to film some of the old stories but is his eyes begin to glaze over. -- -- -- -- They did everything right. It's great legacy you know again at the unemployment problem this is kind of a moot point isn't it when it comes -- amnesty it's just not it's just not in the it's not something that they they concerned themselves -- That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you -- All right that's it for the -- like that it that -- -- is the recorded voice mail message service of our car -- you can call leave a message of anyhow or the day or night including weekends. -- number feel like. Leave such a message is 61777934696177793469. Illegal aliens in the United States that shadow there. -- -- --