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Max Robins Monday January 28, 2013 - Vegas

Jan 28, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...this week our big topics were 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Vegas.

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Every Monday we are joined by Max province. And he is a veteran. Journalist who's been covering the broadcast industry for many years he security answer all of your questions about TV. And a Max are you there. -- -- -- Well my hip and. That's pretty good but did you inherit did you inherit colonel hunt -- a cell phone. I think I'm you know I'm going to be had to another part of the of the poll book when -- -- -- that a little bit a little clearer over your. Not so much. -- -- -- -- our society you're pulled the usual funny if you like. I will be from eight indicated it would certainly. They're sole power if -- New York. The -- Always. Check in the mail. Right now they've they've -- elective opted in Wellesley to to save -- thing now. A year or two or three dead spots in the in the now. Are currently. OK I think your little better now Mac so what what's what is going on here -- -- I saw that the the price of a Super Bowl spot has gone up yet again I mean -- that's not the -- though it's up to three point eight million this year. -- -- -- -- -- There -- almost as much as a spot on the monkey business. It is it is say you know they I guess this is -- though us CBS may expect a lot of the interpret say a loss leader for most of the idea. Most of the rest of the year pretend you know every other year they get the super ball also so it makes up for to a degree I guess. It doesn't get any viewer since the great promotional that would probably shows on the network. What you know the appetizers not a big sponsors they use it is. You know the hospitality. -- parties all around I mean there's a lot of ways people trying to the most three point eight million dollars spots. The other thing about Super Bowl spots to how you. And they've got a -- they have a lot of white beyond. Thirty or sixty seconds around the Super Bowl -- -- -- -- article I've used to the world that -- some real buzz about from the get some real chatters so. I we know that Robert here's what when where and when I was sort of delicate and cable magazine did -- kind of like these analysis of and it came up with effect and I think back and Super -- I was about 2.5 million. But how it was actually efficient it would buy with a target. Right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I thought that they spent a million bucks on all of their advertising last year all their advertising. They're T shirt company and now we're gonna spend three point eight million on this and on the Super Bowl. It's sort of it's -- indictments like taken the mortgage payment down to Atlantic City got me itself. Putting -- black of the roulette table you know it's. But but it's a lot of fun to talk about it and you know what you're the most interesting thing about the Super Bowl when the commercials. I write -- I know it's been pretty good though they've been they've been pretty decent I must say. A judge in Tulsa yeah yeah yeah Jane Chelsea says -- any truth to the ultimately am Neeson is now filming taken three the world's most careless bad. -- -- Somebody in the -- war. Let's see how we're Chicago fire going. And why did leverage and abruptly I'm guessing it had something to do with the ratings. Yeah I think that there ratings didn't give a much leverage. -- let's see way at white Grimm is taking so long to come back is it on the bubble. Yeah I mean in an office was just the way they -- -- -- -- fresh episodes show. And -- it is presidential -- -- Yeah let's see here. NASCAR got tax breaks power their ratings and ad revenue. Pretty good -- -- you have to make a lot of money you know I think the second biggest spectator sport in America. How supplies nurse Jackie and other great shows on showtime -- great shows why the heck are they only thirty minutes launches 41 victory -- And I didn't get weather no good for us. Exactly that's what I was like into there also a lot of less expensive to make to win there only half the link our place. Okay let's make some what -- some phone calls here for Max Robinson about India TV question you have 18774694322. A one wrestling match before go to the phone calls. I mean how does how does Steve -- sleep at night. But but -- -- -- -- -- I don't I know he sleeps in a very plush placed and Shearer but I mean the. And don't argue argued he's -- he's -- -- a comfort zone Obama administration. People -- -- was ever easy in our viewing for goodness. And just last night it happened to be the Obama administration. Now. I kid I -- until I don't think Joseph Biden was too happy about -- to you I wonder. I wonder gives Obama cut that deal with Hillary you when he was getting all Bill Clinton's support off -- -- you know. Yeah well I I liked I liked what Steve -- we talked about a guy with a hit with the great ego he says. You know they are already Mr. President they're already talking all over this town. About the fact that Hillary this year. This town -- like when they say it is now you know and bill gives a bully Steve if you -- -- You throw -- -- Well. I think it was because this is definitely. Definitely the case so I mean. I mean I want you have to be this is this is this was Obama -- see Hillary as his successor. -- unit and any anybody who thinks now that she's not gonna run. And we can do and I got TV channel -- results. So three point eight million dollars. -- She's got what what the questions go do some about the classes on what's up with that. Well Austria I guess you'd say -- from the concussion and there was I don't know it was one of the tabloids here are ever published story read up at Boston College. But if you look at one of the weapons is kind of -- really good special kind of -- words because supposedly. From the concussion she yeah she still has blurred vision -- Hoping to have when you start running for president -- when -- like 65 you know. Yeah -- We're in particular picking up the red pulses through. I don't suppose that we she spoke we have a full recovery kind of blurred vision from a concussion is normal but we -- I hope Pelosi and to carry -- where she can get the best deal on Botox. So it's funny I was watching real it who have gold partner as we can implode it was and police -- ball. She is really just Dalai I don't know it's. With the. I just flat out insane though Max you know you -- go to bed -- you've got to run a coherent even you know. I would I would that I wanted to get some instead of these -- that would have been injured and need you know. I mean I know it's funny to me. Mario Iran that is PM CS IQ remember he had to Republicans won this pollster and some other guy and -- at Howard you know. And they were all at least you know whether you agree with the alternate or at least relative we coherent you know and and and it brought some light display. Telling me you're disappointed because she's coherent I mean. -- I'm incoherent. I mean that's when she's at her finest I think when she talked to the Republicans want children to have dirty water they want them to eat poisoned food. OK. Okay. So it's -- And -- where you win or when George Bush was president when she said we're losing 600000. Jobs a month 600 dollar and don't think so I don't think -- -- -- OK -- that your next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead Glenda. I think it's Linda oh I'm sorry. Umps are an island -- sorry I can't tell you right there I'm glad. Good good good I want to find out I was 16100 Penn is doing. If you're not just. Just OK just OK it's not permitted up you know how we got the comedy -- This kind of they're trying to -- it's -- if you took put the -- the modern family or we were living in the White House -- -- -- the -- was the president you know. And just. They Yasser argued today when do you like Israel. I love it I love I can -- because you know since November I don't watch -- anymore -- I don't care about what goes back and watch and it's like I did well at a take it lightly in little outer room you know that. I I'd -- my laptop. And I think it is that it's -- That Nancy Pelosi -- usually pretty and a but as far as what -- -- the other everybody has a bad night every now and thanks thanks for the call 18774694322. Let's see here we investments story it was going. I'm doing okay. -- Someone says Bill Maher sucks. Hillary looks like. Go Hillary looks like an elderly bell both from Scooby -- with those ethics is the well why -- I figured Joseph Biden Joseph Biden's one of -- Secret Service Boggs got killed yesterday thought he'd -- he fell off a parking garage deck it's the first time Secret Service August government killed. Well. Everybody stories where animals. I know Obama a one Biden killed one and Mitt -- just -- one and then on the roof of his car and he stormed -- all the grief about it. Alex you're next with how -- -- Max -- go ahead Alex. -- To get much out of that that's the snow yet -- enough broken Max. Yeah we got complete a flurry of some kind of they have potentially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph your next with how we card Max -- or a joke. I -- actually do -- ball so wouldn't. It we'll see who's going to be a commercial in Kurd and Julia and breaking bad. -- is going to be. And your enthusiasm. Will be decked out of the date yet. The sort of -- bring Ingram won there it will be there with a final. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other operation dimensional -- When this is how the rules started errors at this week it starts. Where. Tomorrow yup they -- -- noted that to be better off the national -- a real reality show about the state house you know. But hot it would be like I like I TV show people with cops coming and all the time and ragged these guys out and cops. Are. -- I'm serious it's it would agree that it had a great show you know -- the lieutenant governor claiming he didn't you know he didn't know anything about. Demanding an investigation and expressing -- and expressing. The great displeasure when the investigation comes back saying that he took money illegally. -- -- and extract. Asked what I investigation Max. Well. -- You know. In or do they okay and I think that I was I was reading something about parliament in India all things and it seemed to me in public and it won't vote here this is common practice is like a lot is a regular on the war. You know about it and particularly if you do and everybody beyond the parliament here in the audience -- well. -- -- be good to be an auctioneer it's -- during the Indian parliament what I hear what I hear it at 300 of them for your 400 moderate and -- lady down run 500 its -- once it's going twice. -- 100 dollar bill stopping bras that's another thing the show has sex appeal to Max -- ago I pointed out that's very you -- -- -- sex appeal it's got cops it's got you know it's got everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that I don't agree got a lot for himself -- -- let's -- this debate out shortly monkey business at all. Let's see how to elementary doing. Are pretty good pretty good -- seed yet they're kind of based on moderate Sherlock Holmes story I think -- -- potency of the I think likes that show how optimistic. Yeah. Let's see -- O'Reilly said he would thoroughly greats Steve croft from Sunday night or let the -- that's one to watch I guess let's that's a that'll be good went to watch tonight to a Dave your next with how we -- Max -- go ahead Dave. Hey guys they don't yell -- you mentioned not breaking bad and ANC security about Helen wielding -- it's gonna compare. I'll only panacea but that is coming back I don't have a great point but it is -- back look at these kids thank you. 50 wait how is Sherlock Holmes TV show doing the one that's made in the US also hurt Korea's about the one that's made in the UK in his bid that -- to me it is -- yes -- popping committee's report right after the 5 o'clock news he'll be back sex with an update on the -- on the terrible terrible situation out on the highways. So go ahead Sherlock Sherlock Holmes. I'm sure I'll show his potential to appear on BBC America that's doing the final bedecked with new episode. That the other show the American when we were just talking about I don't know the -- that last caller or the typical elementary BP yet and that they would do it okay. -- Four injured I think is winding down. Dave your next with how we card Max -- go ahead day. And -- -- That's felt that -- sitcom on ABC neighbors to. Almost went OK just okay. Well over an -- is it's I enjoy it allow my searching your ultimately. -- of our show kind of quirky become part of a lot of them aren't big app just before monitor it. Yeah right yeah right it's it's its competitors at least -- on them as openers and yeah secede from America social service system all right Jessica. Yeah its yeah it is it's quirky like he -- but it works. Yeah the part comedy. By the way the way every ratings for the last night on sixty minutes a lot of people or interest in most win everything. I don't I don't know number -- -- -- look what we've we've got fired off your child can. Let's see in the -- right. The other begin to see that -- Euronext with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead. Right now and I'm -- because tiger today it should ever appeal Chad and I guess the word that you will get a lot. Commentator -- he sure is the time where the fear of the world are -- chill number chilled water. I read the stories. We -- probably says. They want to spend more and they have a high profile TV gig and -- wanna some that it wants but more part of the family. Indeed that one side or the other you know they were paid too much or that those. They're able -- was getting too little -- there. The out they want a reason you're here one reason was cited and I think the New York, New York magazine which is a bit on a case for a long time is that. She announced she was a running for president on mark love and Roger Ailes went crazy and said I payroll million dollars a year to make an announcement on my network. That was I don't like the last straw wasn't Max. Yeah I think that what I mean it is. You know -- -- and I think it's attempted. You're I was and machine workers for election go -- do things -- way. And Roger -- we go to we know how accurate it's important for Tony Soprano. I mean usually loyalty above all well and once -- -- Just don't take his advice to. You do -- and because he is the man when it comes to Fox News Channel. I mean it and I think it. I would believe that story I would believe that he's paid a billion by -- consultant. If you go to our syndicated radio with big announcement like that the economy news. He could not -- Rule rules some people -- fringe ended this past Friday a couple people say that. It would give up front that it would mark it down there. A lot of wind today it was way -- it is winded to implement a little bit about rules of engagement CBS. What are. Marian your next with how we -- and Max Robbins web Marion. I guess I wondered about it shall call who you think you'll. I used to enjoy that general. Yeah I don't know right now in particular I think lately and I think -- shelter -- what about the response for good. That was Laura -- and by the way -- finally on television. They've got for the for the interest people's -- There's nothing funny on television married you know and watch sixty minutes last night. Yet but I know it's funny show Don I'm capacities. Our guys and -- Thanks for the call Marion 18774694322. -- you -- next with how we card match -- score ahead gem. I don't know why the best sort TV has been canceled got abducted from the Cartoon Network bought every book when he picked him experience. I don't know. I don't have an. Cartoon channel has -- kind of jumped the shark hasn't Max I mean I mean no offense Jim I mean you're obviously a big channel cartoon channel but those this this one of the adult -- Though undeveloped until it was on the it was out of the Cartoon Network. I mean I -- that the adult it cut -- the Czech deputy to stop killing enemy regularly. But this with a good -- that is that you show because the superhero that technically connected -- decent event is that. It was the best so I think that's not it you've pretty much. We just go out well is -- I think you have a minority view there -- more people felt like Cubans Sylvia. Where does a Cartoon Network a stack up now and ratings it's not what it used to be is it. You know our guys network is -- -- kids market has really changed I mean and then end of the network it's really come I mean you know Nickelodeon doesn't have the kind of crazy great. Did his visit to -- damage done real well. Yeah ABC family -- my my kids and they get older but there's still watch and of all the damn time. You know. Whenever the card -- -- go off take a break for thirty minutes or so they switch over to ABC family. Of course that the Kardashians don't take too many breaks as far as I can see from going you know going downstairs and a single turn off that bully it's rubbing your mind. And they tell me go upstairs julliard actually how -- car and and a Max province go ahead Joseph. Howard had a habit of Mexico without papers I don't parched. I think we've got. It. Don't -- -- -- that much bigger in -- interact power it kind of accept that there are gonna show them a little better. Yeah I think you're right -- -- -- I thought we -- another you know we're going to need another show like 24. The we're ready for but he. All my Financial Times got a lot. Better -- but. You -- more like that quick reaction invention. We're like Kevin -- new show blacks. What -- will hopefully not. You know I never watch -- got a lot of crap dictate -- -- go -- crucial for white people. Reports say -- like -- LP I mean the taxpayers like Canada anyway. Yeah I mean I think you'll find an audience she's a terrific actor it's got -- you know great cast. But you know it's incredible excitement of the white mountains where there is you know this serial killer and then those that tortured FBI agent the serial killer at the million. Still out of the world following his orders but I guess it's really graphic. A lot of critics is that a little bit too graphic for -- just felt as. It makes what called Joseph Bobby your next with how we -- Max Robbins web Bob. Aren't. Really really cool surely Kmart music years ago -- -- wil Purdue's got back there are from back on. I well I think will be acts. -- -- -- Jack Beckman back orchard. Definitely. Definitely. Thank you thanks 218774694322. Does the event ever have a chance of coming back on NBC that show was awesome. No that's gone that's going going -- -- sort of a really good pilot can't they just couldn't make ago. -- your next with how we card Max -- Glen Davis. -- -- I yes -- -- I want it and now about eight get why they don't mean and now ready. Because they only made 22 episodes and I think the rating on -- aren't so great. I don't know we're gonna make it now I love that -- -- -- has. Yeah I get a I know it enjoyable out of -- I watch super street episode I mean you know I white chick. Like Dennis Quaid but it. In. I don't know I think I talked about this report flat but that shook me. Yeah it BO OK thanks sorry Avis. Rob your next with how we -- Max Robbins go ahead rob. How can actually do it. -- to I'm a little and -- that I don't know -- or Hartford. OK thank you aren't too closely next deplorable and Sunday at the weeks that would just terrible and that you -- The -- why you go girl. Probable. Who would watch the pro ball and yeah. Yeah I know I have. I've watched that -- and I was nine years old and I realized nobody was Tryon and that all the players that had just lost the week before -- phoned and said. You know like all the patriots for instance and don't. This. OK we gotta we gotta break basin -- beware of those -- we'll talk to next Erica I all right okay. And now we are.