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Playing To The Hispanic Voters

Jan 28, 2013|

At least 12 million undocumented immigrants would get immediate and provisional status to live and work in the Unites States under the compromise bipartisan plan proposed today by eight senators. One of the sponsers Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said "The Republican Party is losing the support of our Hispanic citizens. We realize that there are many issues on which we think we are in agreement with our Hispanic citizens, but this is a preeminent issue with those citizens."Howie was not happy about the idea of granting amnesty to 12 million new welfare recipients.

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-- our shores are a number that mumbled like mr. McAuliffe we see something suspicious like uncle Omar -- these it to -- using you beat the cards if there is say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To -- I feel guilty about all the food I eat during the football games. I don't want special treatment just treat me like the government government official I don't I don't -- special treatment just treat me like an illegal lately and that's all I want. Six point seven how we for the immigration missed that this is going to happen the illegals should be forgiven it's forbidden citizenship they should only become permanent resident aliens they should not be where voters rewarded for breaking the law also prevents them from bought from voting. All right. 1877469432218774694322. Ex -- fifty million dollar lawsuit against Soros moves forward. Wonder about that forward -- shop around for -- -- good though Obama judge and get everything dismissed. Donald your next with how we cargo ahead Donald. You like your last statement and on both the deriving benefits from these amnesty folks is right -- If you are gonna do that the only way where's the cap it's that you can stay here but no that's just. To be transferred what you're really talking. And this goes back to the 1986 amnesty. Patient talking like three -- what times the eleven million you're talking because immediately the wise com. As soon as that -- citizenship that's Brothers sisters and parents. Parents immediately on entering the United States there -- over sixty so. Get Social Security. Yeah they they call -- lie under that under the system but it's the same thing it doesn't matter what they call it. The other the other thing people don't understand everybody thinks that the immigration is -- want to come up here and make the battle life. There's an awful lot of people down here running. -- the board games down. Do you think that the in 1986 the whole lot in getting the status was voluminous. And this is not enough investigators. In ice to keep up for the for the -- blood is gonna take this -- in Mexico. Get them across the border. Take a lot I'm blue -- desk he is my light bill for ideas. And I want to be afraid so they gonna get and they have no record in the United States because they've only been whacking -- when -- Right right whatever I agree I think a lot of I think a lot of people have been claiming to be older than they were coming over cross over illegally amid and then and then claiming that their 65 when they're actually not nearest nearly 65 just making -- on the poll worker. Exactly what you're talking about criminal organizations. That I set up and -- looking at this and Egypt did you all -- gonna wind up now. Also someone was just telling me that the -- Border Patrol calls they have it that it it's like it's like -- a crossroads of the world now while on the border. And they they had the the people to come at the column -- PM's other than Mexicans. The Mexicans -- -- 20 it's been a problem but. He had -- -- it is not just Mexico it's all central help America if India China. Through all the world -- and but the big thing is and this is some Roy if you notice. -- they're coming out even with a gun and it's all related that's all part of bringing down the country. It's Mexico. Trotsky was killed in Mexico. -- he hasn't killed in Mexico could Mexico didn't want him. These people coming up here with the concept. That Apollo is derived through the government and that's true big government and is too socialistic up. Okay I'll have a hold their golf thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. How we do you really think these so called illegal immigrants are portable Republican no I don't well I know I've had. No he's come McCain said we are losing we are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote which we think should be our ports. Mean it was. Is she losing I mean he's lost he's lost -- for a long time I mean he's been in Washington for too long and a I don't know what's with that guy what it what this what makes -- think that. You know again if I'm gonna go back to Harry Truman -- and if you give people a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat they're gonna vote for the Democrat every time. You know and then as the guys in the Washington examiner it's set up now you know this border commission if the Republicans are recalcitrant on the border commission said the border isn't safe which of course the -- -- liken it besides. Because they're not going to want to while the Britain via. But the Border Patrol all the other law enforcement agencies to take off the globs. Yeah they're they're going to what the gonna blame the Republicans on the border commission for the fact that they had that they can't go ahead with the next step which is becoming citizens so they can so they can get the that the banning east. Officer mark you're next with how we cargo that officer mark. How are you talked about how they're going to have to pay back taxes yes column. I'm wondering at what they feel the -- do such a step how many audits you think we'll take place we -- that community. Why but I'm just gonna say the officer -- I mean audits I mean that I don't even I don't even think that's in the in the -- I've cards to me it's gonna be hardship everyone's gonna claim it's a hardship you know. Linemen and. I have so many relatives here I've got to support thumb you know I mean I need to get on that the I need to get on the stand the food stamps the card. Well when I'm getting ideas you know you're right make clerical error in our returns and there's something called the punishment. They lose that. Think this is gonna take place bounce that would who's always start making the payments but then the hardship came and dating my mother in law from south. And now no longer be able to make those payments but okay you'd think you'd think about garnish their wages. And give -- you know fight it looks seat up for all the receipts for the past five years. Like they would for the average American has been paying taxes for the past forty years. I once got I was once a filling in on -- -- talk station and I forgot and I got like 300 -- I forgot to put it down my my income tax. And I got an audit for that 300 box. Right you'd think that's gonna happen you know the -- pleased with. But. You know it. -- officer mark 1877469432218774694322. How could -- everybody is somebody off every time they talk about the plot of socialist to destroy the country. -- I I I don't want you know this is a depressing enough topic as it is I mean I feel like that we have to talk about a otherwise I would be. Derelict in mighty do be such as they -- say as a park shoals that discussed this current events. But I don't wanna like orally depress the hell out of everybody else and we depart about the mideast if you wanna eagerly that you wanna get them prosper. We have talked about the these what's happened in Compton California in the end get get more the press there's a lot of stuff going on its it's not very very good right now. 1877469432218774694322. Doesn't Florida look really nice right about now plus Knoll was state income tax meaning it yeah you know there's a story there's actually a story. In the in the New York Post that you know it's model only you know Tiger Woods said two Phil Mickelson -- as we move down to while Florida like all the rest of us. The big story in the Wall Street Journal about it today. And there's a that there's a he'll fight if if lefty -- were stay with no income tax like for you find he has plenty of it will be. Company athletic -- company. But there's also a story in the New York Post about about the hedge fund managers Wall Street -- New York for tax free Florida. You know I mean always people -- liberals these people all voted for a Obama. But you know Mount -- and now but -- there -- the taxes in new Yorker probably over 50% I mean they're not quite as bad as California but they're pretty bad. The city's hedge hedge fund executives are flying south and it's not from vacation and increasing number of financial firms especially private equity and hedge funds. Are fed up with New York sky high city and state tax rates are relocating to the business friendly climate in Florida's Palm Beach County. All -- like to hear that that's good for property values. And they're being welcomed with open arms -- should be. Officials in Palm Beach recently opened and higher office dedicated to lowering finance hot shots down south. Florida is a state of choice. Says stay alias -- -- global development chief for apex fund services who moved many of his operations to Palm Beach. It's organically grown there's only to drag people down there -- 20 income tax jurisdictions. There are other perks to like the fact that it was 77 degrees and sunny there yesterday. -- -- The in New York State and local governments took fourteen dollars and 71 cents of every 100 dollars earned in 2010 according to state records the only state with a higher rate as Alaska so I guess it is right I guess it's I guess it is right that it's worse than California. Florida residents just lost just 3.3 1% of their income and total taxes -- New Yorkers to pay just over 5%. 187746. A day in a -- to a Florida. When the price of when the value bureau state goes down spotlight here where they just freeze everything India they they just freeze via the valuation and -- raised attacks -- -- that your property tax despite prop 21 -- never really goes down. I've had -- -- cut to our last three years I've had my property tax -- known for because they they yeah they big they promised they they honestly appraise the property. And it could mean didn't about a lot but it went down some. Which reflected the the real estate news. It I mean it's a democratic county to that's the weird thing I mean it's just so it's just so weird to see. Honest government I mean -- just it's hard to imagine living appear. 18774694322. Florida equals bed bugs and please no thanks I'll pay income tax that's remained. In Maine doesn't every bed bugs -- forties. Tom your next what how we cargo that -- Thank. You. Like one of -- with this motor voter. Registration. Rolls it out cards. Basically comes down your check in. You're under the handled the perjury these people aren't checked in. US and in the party. There's no way to stripper in -- you know like all the state. Secretary. The question. Project in the league. Page and also called the which which very argument. And I mean it just that in the polls. And I started -- people. You know argue US an. -- which -- It's like target you know people you know -- -- I -- within then -- these people get up there these senators got there with a straight face may say we're going to walk. We're going to put India mechanism that ensures that foreigners leave the country when their visas expire when you don't -- we well Epstein what's going on in this country I mean we don't know it's BS with these people kidding. Well you know bump but you have the connection I would love to see someone pay an illegal immigrant and Graham. To go into the registry of motor vehicles and and do look like Andrew bright part did with that acorn organization. And then black -- on our noses something in wake people up but this country of what the hell's going on I want I want to vote. We have to do that Tom I mean we have the day we have the example of the president's own own uncle. Who has a who has say he's an illegal alien he's overstayed his visa by fifty years yet he has what they what the government says is a valid Social Security number and a valid driver's license. Well the only the only thing about uncle Omar was not registered to vote unfortunately. -- -- -- that would have been the smoking gun but. You know I talked to friends on FaceBook. About this issue and I grew open up a suburb of Boston and a lot of these clowns are just. Totally out of touch what are what is going on what our country and they think like they're doing a good job by helping out these or illegal immigrants. And I'm gonna -- the -- that had really thought this through with would be eight. Eleven to eighteen million illegals here -- -- amnesty you're one of the population explosion. It's gonna happen. I know and when the unemployment rate is the is the highest it's been in in decades. Three at least three decades. You way you have a an economy that is sputtering. It's it's crippled by all these taxes were start we're starting all these new while welfare programs like obamacare and the jury Mac. And and how I mean how is. How -- -- gonna pay for this it's like it's like George will said yesterday yeah. The president of the United States slips and some kind of parallel universe where there's plenty of money for all the stuff you know than they just prints -- they print some. Quantitative easing -- call its printing money. 1877469432. To soak up and -- uniquely Florida's your primary residence. Why I don't live there more than six months I mean they you know the state of Massachusetts comes at New York I wish. A worst state of Massachusetts would would be as easy on me if I try to claim Florida residents as they are as they want to be on. On a juvenile killers I mean they're not ruling that they just knocked down over the weekend you know when the evade the they they yet. They put on trial balloon the ball now wants to reduce the sentences. For juvenile killers he wants him to fifteen years in -- neither eligible for pearl how many times you heard somebody say in the report. You know what the big problem in the state is. Is that some some fifteen year old kid killed somebody murder somebody and the only in the have to do fifteen years that's just too damn much can we get the governor to introduce some legislation so that they only have to do fifteen years when Western -- -- -- it never. Never. I don't care where you stay out here who your pocket to nobody thinks we're too easy we're too hard on juvenile killers but they -- they -- -- not to this bill's gonna get through legislature but I mean we have our own. Crosses to bear here in Massachusetts and not just. You know Barack Obama but we also have a corrupt state government and -- and head and a governor who is increasingly moon bat and his. You know the the fig leaf has fallen off. Ron Paul your next with how we cargo ahead Ron Paul. I don't slightly different take and immigration issue which I think. Demonstrates such group operatives but. Sometime ago my wife and I. Hired an Irish -- -- in Oakmont it's too big it was due to be a good bet. Only a lawyer and she's there for the next three years we -- -- compact actually paid who made sure to today. -- community college and what -- the process is to return to the home car and our country. The -- and had an interview whether it be embassy or consulate -- town. Should respect for the interview. Application was denied -- permanently barred entry for must -- figure. -- -- Of course the follow up calls to cemetery -- in Senator Kennedy corpus work. Well I guess that's a pending legal -- so we're not the position in her. Just like church where there's not we. Well rompuy -- but you know -- again if you were Harvard student an illegal alien from Mexico. You know going to Harvard on you know on. You know for a free ride you would die if they try to pick you up and deport you that be big demonstrations in the night on your behalf and Harvard Yard. But not a young Irish -- blown -- -- -- excellent -- by the way for the -- I'm. Yeah thanks for the call -- 18774694322. This is the volume talking about the same guy who was been lingers compelled as that story really surprise you. Now you know I was thinking is it mostly when I read the story yesterday about that I am wanting to war -- going to was -- penalties for juvenile killers. I thought to myself you know this guy this guy will pardon bit quicker. If he gets if -- doesn't think he can run for president I think he would think's stopping right now from pardoning them lingers that he thinks is gonna run for president bill Moyer was this guy you want. Who who -- Brutally raped and it terrorized that beat an oil and only. Enough -- for women's star in many -- claimed over and over again that he had been framed by -- by the man. And that that he was an innocent victim because he was black. And -- so he says if you'll just take a DNA test your view you know you'll find out it's not me that that that raped or of course they. The the DNA test work out prove that he had he worst via person to win cortisol that are rape -- And -- gave this guy. I think at least 5000 box over the years 5000 box just donating -- was legal defense because he you know we just as -- have just kind of soft spot for. The believed him despite all the evidence another Harvard Law School to. 18774694322. If the stated mass was as easy on -- was they weren't rose Kennedy's well you'd be -- -- -- what I'm telling a -- and a I'd seen the -- the department of revenue since before claiming now from Massachusetts were claiming to before residents say they they wanna see. If only it where this. This hard for an illegal alien to prove to prove that he actually resided in this country. You have to they would wanna see all all your utility bills they wanna see your property tax bill they wanna CIA itty -- donation -- -- to the church to find out how many week -- where there. In Florida I mean it's just they they do Aaliyah. They ate a complete. The logical -- of your rough lenient as to what -- to try to prove that you're really Massachusetts resident but of course went. Rose Kennedy died. And a letter file from Florida we don't care why should the Kennedys have to have to pay have to pay their fair share. Kathy your next with -- -- cargo ahead capping. I Alley com Italy and I'm client about the interview last that was the Barack Obama and Clinton. And that was such a far and -- -- -- in the country. Believing that she could be the president that states. I'm. It could be a president of the United States why can't she be the president of the United States -- Totally ridiculous to Egypt president and I ever open up about well. You bastard Democrat I know -- side thank you -- it's. It's been absolutely a litany proposed cap attacked government going to Europe. Yeah no -- in the -- that that you know Steve core -- but we couldn't couldn't have asked any more puff ball questions I mean. That was like soft corporate war and on on on must CBS. You know. And commitment to bagel in between NB CB. I don't watch Fox News at that -- -- it true. This is another thing that another another crazy thing that Obama said over the weekend with the in the interview with the new republic president Barack Obama cast blame on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for shaping compromises a dirty word. He's blaming -- I mean there's there's one fox knows there's all those other networks that are that are towing the liberal line. If he's and he's mad at Russian Fox News. Big business and they supported him and take their money and he's very happy to take their money and it paid our. Yeah and -- doesn't pay any G doesn't pay any taxes up for a recent year. Warren Buffett is. Is being sued by the government for billion dollars in unpaid taxes I mean these guys are regularly again they wanna raise the taxes on everybody else and a you know the big Obama supporters but when it comes to -- plan whip out with their own money invest their shareholders -- look at those companies that. But that put up the special dividends right before December 31 shall we wouldn't have to pay via their their -- stockholders including themselves wouldn't have to pay at the new higher tax rate -- -- -- -- issued ball and it's. To to to get the money. To the payout to avoid paying the higher taxes and then these these one of those guys they Webb was the guy CommScope. He spoke at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte last summer it was talking about how everybody had to chip in and pay their fair share. Then he goes home. To lead to corporate headquarters -- sell bonds. To. So that he can pay -- giant dividend to himself and all the other raw fat cats that don't Costco stock so they don't have to pay taxes like the rest of us who want to -- And thirteen income. The all donated money to a fell on the liberal donating money whose money really wasn't yet you know that that's that's that's a good point 603 that's via. That's the real mystery of the whole story is that the I think the ball donated his own money to Benjamin Wagner. 18774694322. Don't forget Spielberg now yeah I saw -- -- this company. To what Disney right before be here in October because she wanted to avoid paying higher taxes he says he's gonna separate charitable trust. I'm Howie -- 18774694. -- George Lucas not Stephen Spielberg he's a big. Back to Spielberg but it was George Lucas who -- about an October before he -- Was wanna be subject to the the higher capital gains tax and via high income tax he saved I think 400 million box. By area by selling at that point but again east. You know he he's gonna spend that money actually you know -- why we we don't spend our money wisely but that he had to do that to make sure that the he can get to the charitable causes of its choice. -- -- -- Eddie you're next with how we cargo ahead -- I thought yup thank you. You know I find it funny big talk I had all these illegals coming and you know I think that much money. Which well with -- ought to take care of them gigabyte of food stamps -- medical yeah. Housing and things like that but -- its -- people we forgotten that we were aboard but it well. You talk about veterans. Talking about -- Chara talked -- about it and instrument that aren't that aren't always right now been one that went all the shoes. Yeah. Yeah I know I know exactly I mean -- one of the one of the veterans getting a discuss these kinds of breaks that the illegal aliens are -- -- You know in the opener of the IR Obama and sort of battle and -- work -- and -- -- every. You know I accept what it -- -- up -- -- not very much help but not now. I don't know what I'm myself personally can double. I feel like the one ounce and in the senate and no one else but not much. They have about what. They seem the forgotten American citizens in general. But to spread especially the troops immunity they don't I mean. When you win now Barack Obama says the American support. A path to citizenship I mean that sounds that's absolutely no. That's sounds like you know how can you be against it's it's like being against the Easter Bunny. You know -- path to citizenship by me. But if you asked -- what do you think about illegal aliens that are rather crowding our prisons crowding our emergency rooms crowding our our welfare world. Mean what do you think about them what really about the fact that a third of illegal third of people foreigners are on welfare of some former another compared the 15% maybe it's close of 20% now after four years of Obama. What do you think about the the fact that if you're if you come from a foreign country are more likely to become a charge. And the throughout American history you would buy you had to have a sponsor who would who would. Who would promise which sign a legally binding document that he would die he would take here view the fiscal. -- financially if you if you became a eight Burton on the state and and now. Now the state is his so is responsible for all these millions and millions of people. 18 said don't worry John Forbes Kerry reporting for duty. Has the ball hit the ball has not contacted me about the about the senate appointment I'm sure I'm sure are probably the my driving home on the -- in the snow. Well all get a call from now. And I'm willing to I'm willing to take the job on a temporary basis you know. All you have to do was look at -- -- -- war is they said when one you know Mitt Romney said he was going to appointment to -- John Kerry's. Seat earlier John Kerry -- like the president. All you have to do was look up at the roll call and see how Ted Kennedy and voted and I would know how to vote about vote against him every time now now I have to do farm appointed in himself there. Just look up at the. Any words. Vote in and see see what she how she votes although the other way. 18774694322. And no I don't know I I don't have no objections to being on the American Indian committee. 18774694322. Hey I have always army veteran of eight years month's unemployment till I was able to get a job. Aliens get all the help they want one. In illegal alien hit my car one time he gets his brother on the phone begged me not to call the police and that he would pay for my car. 18774694322. How we all the baby boomers made their billions with the freedom they had in the seventies and eighties and now that they've run this country they're taxing. The rest of us to death and passing so many laws -- of us will ever have the chance to make any money. Well formation the only about a seven anyone they gonna take away our money though bog your next with how we car at least that's their plan Don you're next with how we cargo ahead. Thanks for taking my call you know when they said eleven million they just picked the number and threw a solo act. That could end up twentieth -- -- Exactly yes. And they -- and again they can bring in their relatives want to -- once they become citizens they can they the they get to bring in there were relatives it's it's it's a chain chain migration. And well and then and then the trip in the relatives get to bring in their routes. At another -- saying the frequency. And you know this year they had the printing. Ballots in Chinese because of Chinese population has grown so large and -- and the last thing is. Most of the Chinese and Quincy can speak English too by the way I don't worry Chinese really asking for the ballots to be printed in Chinese or was this just the you know some and well exactly that's what I mean it's -- -- say yeah. You know -- they don't -- and -- only in a lot of these towns where they print the ballots in different languages you know one thing he could say is is a lot of these groups have word to speak English. And they don't need the ballots in different languages but -- but the government the government is tribe wants them to be dependent. It's -- it's a government law when they reach a point. I know it is when you have a certain percentage of the population -- half the print the ballots in in in in their native upon. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. Why not met for -- senator surely you'd just. Pat -- I have a better chance -- commitments pat you're next with how we cargo ahead pat. Yeah -- sound like you know good job security for bureaucrats is what you're talking about now. He developed here here at that thing is what it was sometimes in union guys better start thinking about this is a bipartisan issue because -- are. Those people are going to be grab and there are jobs to go. Yeah -- they'd better get on board with us on this deal in and stop it and you know the other thing up your mind. They have a bill -- -- watching explained that the audience about it. Up -- way to citizenship it's hard -- driver's licenses or at least alien. What does that we do -- leads that social benefits from the federal and state government every drivers like the exact correct. Yes yes we are -- -- -- -- -- to dependency. Yeah that's right in the people mistake don't realize that the legislature is trying to get away with that questioned drivers -- early. -- -- think there's also been a lot of time coming up with these names they you know the dictate that they test they test them with focus groups to see. You know the the the a product securing the border. Insuring the foreigners will leave when their visas expire all that sounds great why didn't we think of this before pat. Thanks for the call -- Howie --