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Chump Line Tuesday January 29, 2013 - Deval For Transportation Secretary

Jan 29, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a request to make Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Transportation Secretary so he can try and put high speed rail service in the rest of the country instead of to Cape Cod.

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You don't happy and then had to point out. But rather poor of words and I -- think. Everyone's got their remind everyone to get their mind in the got our -- you know -- wanna say something like that I I senses immediately that I've I've used the wrong terms like. Two guys actually two callers on a -- said that they they shouldn't be ramming it down the throats of the Boy Scouts now that was a truly unfortunate choice of words but that. I didn't die until she mentioned that I didn't even think about that. What's that about overturn the ban on -- out masters I was in without salary back in the seventies and eighties. I never had a straight. What he's talking. What can I say I -- a -- and in the it in night in the condition to work. Make any snide remarks today -- much. It's complete and and all of -- well we'll hear how weak on the wheel well. That poses it can't hurt right it is will they ring the dinner bell. I don't watch me today who left in the refrigerator forgot it. So I was very glad to see the weekly feeds come in from the -- -- Austin's premier Asian mining experience on one or its August recommend them highly eighth place in missile fine. Feed every Tuesday afternoon and we enjoy it and so seagulls who -- who who popularly this this for this building. And though it's just a great two great great restaurant and we thank the one thing and we percent of overall these years on every Tuesday. So -- Bloomberg. About these kids being promoted as thick as a very. Upon further investigation. They found my name on the client list. Still little single person on the client list -- believe it. What's happened in my old friends. -- they all moved away years that they just. I don't know what I don't know. -- -- the game and maybe not our case we have a problem. It is it might -- -- you. All I can tell you is. That the guy in the the guy that the globe quarter of the global priced places. The -- newspaper of record of gay marriage they they quoted a guy who graduated many years after me at -- who now works in the Minneapolis. And a guy so I you know I hate to say this but I'm not surprised that that. This guy got into this kind of a GM at Deerfield. And you know I feel a sale I felt the same way now but it's just the you know. When you when you hear about somebody who's who's that way and did you find out that he's been having. Backward -- with -- younger and younger men or boys were every wanna call. You're not surprised I'm sorry if that that offense that he wants PC sensibilities. I would like gay man wanna be a boy scout leader. -- -- -- -- -- back guys want to work and a donut shop come how we. Budget C a fat that's budget NC where -- -- wants to work radio station because there's free food all the time. Maybe this should change the -- -- this video -- I think giving back rubs anybody wanna talk would be you leave by the way just -- of the state that for the record. Think those -- the only two places I ever thought yeah those are the only two places I ever. Well now. It looks like so but he was doing. Just a little bit more between -- area is -- out of school and -- Tippett got under sound effect here. Sons of Deerfield rally. The hood days. In and put come -- of the day. Saying their -- through stuff for decades. The key air field the air field -- the air field. -- -- the rest later. Off the current expectations that could bring high speed rails the entire country and that's -- -- It. He would be the first governor to become transportation secretary back when I was a duty here field John Volpe became secretary of transportation under Nixon. That would be great that would be that that's my job of that that that job doesn't lead the big money. The -- why don't always a guy who's all about. The -- of its. You know and a Libyan would be in the I don't think being anything in in government is what he wants he wants to get out there in the dreaded private sector makes in my big box. By the way the word is that that the rumor beat most -- -- problem rumor now is that it's going to be. This woman named Carol fault who used to be -- if you issue was the first wife of but late Boston city councilor Bruce -- And a if you don't Bruce more and more shall probably understand why she's the front runner for the choice given most of -- other recent appointees. And support and I also heard up from a very very reliable source that Steve lynch will be getting into the race on. Thirsty. So that's that's good news I I didn't want market ever free ride them by the way and -- hometown today if he even remembers its its hometown Malden. Woman was stabbed to death. It just a brutal brutal murder in -- hotel. I wonder if Ed Ed I guess at camp I can't really comment because. He's he's on his way to the mayor's state of the nicest city address this evening you have to be in place by like 630 that's that's what they're telling -- the speech starts at 730 you have to be there by six or. It's. Been pushed by both. Move but it wouldn't buy it won't be good. Republic did not drink in the cool way. It's I don't think mine only many Republicans who drink -- -- Kuwait. But I can I do wore them -- had a lot of blue. Lose. And random. Walk hand. The juicy bit the new republic they're the ones who broke the skeet shooting story weekend. The tweeted out a picture of Barack Obama -- with the shot got supposedly at Camp David. They said the -- from the White House website and about two minutes later they realize that they admit that. And the city they released it up put up fake picture. And it was a Photoshop picture there is no picture and shootings shooting skeet shooting shotgun because he never has. That it reached skeet shooting or any other kind of -- on the White House. That was here last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly Connor you -- Does -- still live in his mother's -- I think he's got the whole house now but no one in -- -- -- season -- the newspapers or on occasionally knock on the door and it's. You know when the phone don't ring you'll know -- Ed Markey. The other one says it'll take they don't take -- take all the ball for nothing well except for the -- like the -- point is a recorded voice mail message service about how we are sure you can call leave a message at any hour that there and I including weekends. The jump line number if you like to leave such a message is. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each week that. Off the current expectations that. When I -- -- -- country is that can apply. -- --