Gay Scouts

Jan 29, 2013|

The Boy Scouts of America is considering ending it's national ban on gay youth and adult members. The proposed plan is to leave the issue of sexual orientation to the local troops. Howie thought the scouts were asking for a world of hurt and lawsuits if they carry out this plan.

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Should the boy -- ban on gay scout masters be reversed. And we're 5050 and a. I mean. Doesn't this doesn't this back rub controversy. Involving involving your post. Your hosts alma mater tell you something about the -- the dangers of this. I know I know that thing you know you you know that heterosexual men attacked attack females students. And there's no there's no doubt about it's there's no doubt about America would say that they that they don't. But I think this is just asking for more trouble. I don't I don't think that -- I think you don't how many how much trouble the -- skelter bedroom when they released the documents over the last. 5060 years we have had. All sorts of lawsuits I I don't the and it you know when now now to be politically correct the Boy Scouts or -- are saying that well we you know we're we're gonna lose our funding for a if we don't let the gays gays become scout masters. I mean. Why would -- gay wanna become a scoutmaster in the first place I mean how -- quite yet. Two members of the Boy Scouts national executive board Ernst and young CEO James turley and AT&T AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson have supported dumping the ban on gays in favor conclusion regardless of sexuality. Just last summer the beast the BSN BSA had reaffirmed -- the and to keep gays out but it wasn't a popular move. Membership and BSA is on the decline and financial support is failing as well. The Merck company foundation Intel foundation UPS the united way have stopped or postponed donations to the anti gay policy of the 102. Year old organization. But we're where we get into the fact that I'm like OK here it is. Certainly it's it's -- in the Washington Post for 1234567. 8910111213. 141516. Pair. Sixteen pair -- the in the Washington Post. Certainly the reputation of Boy Scouts has been tarnished with reports of molestation in the court ordered release of secret files also referred to was the perversion files. That listed names of suspected child molesters. BSA has worked hard to protect boys in recent years since 1987. Two deep leadership has been institution which of followed protect spoke boys and adult leaders. -- any adult member Boy Scouts is required to update youth protection training every every two years. And any evidence of sexual abuse of discount must be reported to the local police. So. So if they have this problem why should they why should be given that why should be given that a problem why should they make the. Scoutmaster headmaster how shades of gray of these titles. Jay from Chelsea says how we never got a back -- about a front -- Kate did you start you know we look yourself first before you read Szymoniak. Sheets. It's how one more Hollywood my girlfriend gives me a back rub it always leads to something. Well well Peter handle says it didn't lead -- anything in the he's he's he's consulting with a lawyer today about the about what happen but decide. This letter that was sent out by Deerfield Academy last evening. In ended up in the in the papers. All right 1877469432218774694322. Or talk a little bit about. About the Steve croft last night on. On piers Morgan show. I can't believe he said some things that he says I mean sixty minutes is a corrupt organization. Is it not a me too we all agree on that. I mean. These are the people. Who. Fabricated. A story about George W. Bush in an attempt. To. Fix the 2004 presidential election you remember that. You remember the fake but accurate Texas Air National Guard memos they claimed that they they claim that the bush. That they had memos. That from from the early seventies late sixties saying that that George Bush had had done on a wall because it missed so many meetings of the Texas Air National Guard. That the the the piece ran on. At about 8 o'clock at night by midnight the peace had been -- holy demolished. Simply by the fact that the type writing. On the memos. Was from the from word. If there was not a -- typewriters like cut back in the sixties or early seventies. And they -- I put together a 88 and using word god awful which which show version of word he was using but he put together a blogger put that's this where -- term pajama media -- and because they said. Guys in their pajamas or are doing a better job than not CBS with the guys in the pajamas were trying to get -- -- the guys at CBS were trying -- like give hope that the likes of Dan rather it was ahead it was even further up on the you know the total Paul. Then that Steve croft mean there were involved in trying to throw the leading care. They didn't care too small certain. So -- in the he would predict he had reproduced the document totally and he had he -- he put his document on top of the CBS document. And they would they who was blown out of the water within a matter of within a matter of. Worse and now Steve croft says well we don't. One we Barack Obama like accessed because we don't ask him the tough questions with George Bush not only. Did they ask him tough questions. They may. -- stuff about it. Then -- based fabricated think they -- -- They try to do they tried to throw the election. To what John Forbes calorie. Who's now about to become the secretary of state mean is this astounding what you play the hole cut just play the hole cut but Steve is like his. Of this interview which I mean again is is is borderline if it's -- he did everything but give them back rob. I want to thank you for getting every single bomber in cities I've been trying to get in the last two years of CNN personal. Our. That's a lot what is the -- Did -- he he's coming here because there's two schools of the old one is you'll the most brilliant and it's ladies you're an American television. Another one is you give him a soft side not their -- I suspect is in -- industry based. Now I think that first of all I think you'd like sixty minutes it's. And we had a huge audience we have a format that -- -- its long. We can do twelve minutes or 44 minutes. We do look you know we do a good job of editing and -- hold on and I. Big or good job of -- So that means that if -- if the president makes a flop they make sure that it doesn't appear on national TVQ believed that. I mean did what they had to the same thing for. Let's go back to George Bush would they make sure that the George Bush when he says something kind of wacky like what were some of those words he used the new clear. Musically here. Or. Or forearm. After what the words were released this report sometimes they they yet they always played him back over and over again. And I've been doing these interviews with -- A few weeks of war he declared his candidacy. So I covered him during the campaign and it kept doing it and in the White House but I think it's question of fairness site we have not just. I think he knows that we're not -- play gotcha with him that we're not gonna go out of our way to make him look bad we're gonna make stupid when we will public will let him answer the question. How how bad it's that. It's -- and it's not to ask him any tough questions not to play gotcha but with George Bush okay to make stuff up you can make it up. 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22. All right let's -- -- -- for your call 21 that's -- Q yeah I mean they they they really ought to be embarrassed. You know I mean I know they have high ratings but the do you know anybody under the age of Bob. Seven be -- watch sixty minutes at all I don't I mean I don't that topic I don't think it's demographics are very good the show the show and the only reason. It gets a lot of well listeners is because not not in this case because there was no game last week but that they got they they have football. You know they have football during the fall when they when they take a lot of ratings that count. And and and took like. Next next week -- I I would assume that they'll have a sixty minutes right after the Super Bowl you know when that'll that'll get huge ratings just because -- OB seventy million people watch in the yet. Super Bowl post game show. 1877. Let's see my father was -- -- professional in the Boston area. Now let's see here Oman. Let's see my father was a scout -- in the Boston area I worked at scout camps for many years there were many gay scouts and leaders of my old man had a great care for every one that water came out of the closet. Believe me. And here's one more how we -- partner and I have two girls and two boys we have not let her eldest son joined Boy Scouts. Because because we cannot be involved we are not all perverts. Yeah but isn't there a better chance that there's going to be a problem I mean the fact that they have these files -- boy scout headquarters about all the problems they've had doesn't that seem to indicate that they do have a problem. Mean maybe it's all gays that have a problem but you all. I know that you don't have -- Momo gay people iPod eat you know. But budgets that would leave these kids alone and did tonight then I find out maybe they didn't. You know it's very. Very disturbing news. 18774694322. Mike your next month saying they all -- on boxing all -- molest children all -- gay men molest children. The gay gay men have more sex than any other open population there's no doubt about that is there I mean I think there have been studies done about that. Mike your next -- -- cargo have Mike. All -- Yeah our our right up around -- -- that tore up Dan rather run it -- untoward or. The very next night memory that the guarantees seven year old woman on the fact that I heard the maternal and she remembered how. The colonel Barry it's that all I -- -- that. That you -- that's what they that's with a New York Times ran one of their most famous headlines at least famous to me. -- Texas paying memos fake but accurate they put quotes round fake but accurate map -- So all I I had -- hanging in my him in my -- office in my house for for years fake but accurate. Yeah so like my identity at our school. I was somebody's ID what is it in any war takes place for the call Mike. 1877469432218774694322. John your next with how -- cargo ahead John. Doing. Am I used to be a boy -- My father's my Brothers insistence -- joined -- -- and and I started summer camp. Outside of Manchester, New Hampshire yeah I was fourteen years old -- -- wanted to counselors were turned out to be -- Iraq. Oh man you got everything you didn't you'd you'd never went to an all boys' prep school that's the only thing amassed. But job for them to start button down in charge of the Boy Scouts. I'm sorry I'd rather see the Boy Scouts closed and never heard from again and to a put back kind of apparition. In -- a little boys apple what happened to me. You always. And -- it like saying you know we're you know we're -- perverts I mean it's not like saying well you know I mean not everybody who who was drives along the blue bell avenue was that he is a gang banger. But -- you have a lot better chance of being shot. When you're walking down blue bell avenue that you do when you're walking down the very street is that correct. What I remembered hearing -- -- years ago there was a survey done by one on the sociology. Or psychology classes. That was done by UMass Amherst. And they wanted to. Wanted to prisons and we're talking. To. The -- files who have been caught. Do all the little kids. And it turns out that more than 8589%. Of those data files etiquette -- gotten caught. Worst self proclaimed homosexuals. What's that tell you. I don't I don't they're there there are a lot of heterosexual. Kind of files to I mean a lot of heterosexuals statutory and not -- I don't. I don't wanna get into statutory -- But -- there're there're a lot of men were attracted to little girls I mean look at some of them one of them was the doctor for rose one of the opposition for a one of the other prep schools are -- handle -- right they caught -- what porn I mean it's not just all gauger on Yahoo! you gotta you gotta you gotta admit that. Right I I I I admit that but to put them in front of situations whether it be sharing it -- in the middle that my wife to. Helpless at sorry that's rock. Yeah well -- say now again I didn't notice that they have to two men at you know two -- up you know to to watch scout leaders together they can never be by themselves. But that's just like I mean that's just like the Catholic Church did you know when they start them all these problems with -- they started checking everybody's criminal records. They they got you know what they found no my wife's record she had returned some chick -- in Concord about fifteen years earlier in the set. Some -- usually the police record and and you've got to get this cleared up. And you know and and she said you know way you're -- father she employee. Was bringing bull run away boys in the was placed a raped. And your your head and you never hassled him but your hassling me about a chick -- movie from -- from nineteen 1987. Thanks for the call John 1877469432218774694322617. Your ignorance no longer -- but always entertains. Was -- me. -- does that mean. What quite sad that I mean you can dispute what I said but I is it particularly ignorant I mean I've I think I've been taken some pretty decent points here on both of these issues -- you're next with how we are going about. Hi how human nature being what it is straight. It's if you stop and guy -- -- fifty years -- even about it Fortier is thirty. In attempt with 214 year old girl to do with the -- of actual. Even with the other guys -- it would be really really haven't been difficult to. Deal with it why is OK stick man was itself. So proclaimed attracted to other I'd expect minute chat with state twelve year old boy. You know I mean it's human nature and and I noted. I don't know of -- -- it's such clear cut but not and they -- when I was young but arm bands are really -- -- that they're part when I was. -- -- And men aren't gay men are more sexually aggressive than that heterosexual men. Well -- all. -- and gymnastics class my younger kids went to spell right. And I remember it's run by a couple of -- Attention has been high school in the I would -- -- helping these fourteen year old -- -- all these complicated things spotting moments that you wouldn't expect. Well not not too long operate in -- -- -- or interest to -- were to go to the -- Paterno CEP and body work. You know -- on with some of these girls that they got to your ears all because you have a guy hanging out with girls and electric Coca. You know we're doing well it's been all over the place and not how you doing come about it's a normal you know -- a lot better. I'd like -- under the tree you know mom that maybe people can be openly about it. At a forward operating base in my boxer shorts with a bunch of other guys wanted to say it's going to be really awkward. And it's awfully caught not Iraq it's. You know what's it it's almost like you know we're being told to it to disregards human nature you know I mean this is just what we are we're. You know -- were talking last night about fear and guns and fear being a prize up primeval human nature -- one vote one vote. Major parts of human nature. A sex is even it is even more basic part of human nature is an. Oh yeah well. As you know much more distant to upbeat and carry a baby in labor and birth rates hit. Extract must be extraordinary. That human being doing -- until there more than six billion on the one on. Right right just. I don't know it just doesn't seem it does it it doesn't seem that it's worth of the problem community you know as a heterosexual -- do you think I would -- -- sleep -- attempt with a fourteen year old girl I mean. Not that I think I would go crazy but I. I don't want I don't want people talking about it I mean why would it. A gay person who's a scoutmaster that would be it on top you know. On top of everything else it would be a lot of hawks and you could say OK -- you know I'm an old -- that's why I'm saying there's a lot there will be a lot of talk but what a lot of clock. It would be really were minors and struck monitor instructors in college but you know I think the key and being in terms of the animal they are all go -- on the third of the the -- right. Also in that hunger want -- need you know reproductive needs and every other you know what I heard her there it was don't want incorporate it with its Ichiro. And it you know out there in your cleavage because watching. You upbeat dignify -- well you know -- is true for anybody including eight people. I thought to pick politic you -- you know regional showered. With other guys in the military and not even care you know I mean it. Beginning at one and. The I have a female dermatologist I never she always brings at somebody when she's with me you know just it just protect herself more than to protect may -- but I understand perfectly well I mean I have no problem that -- you -- you've. You know we live we live in the strange world where -- where everybody is is swing is suing one another or rock claiming that that they've had repressed memories are. They yeah you know they they were -- violated -- many years ago. Yet but on the other hand you don't -- -- we say this is terrible we we've got to change the conditions that that led to this. -- yet on the other hand we seem to be to be politically correct you're supposed to 21. Set up situations where the same thing can happen again. Thanks for the call -- could call Ed you're next with how we cargo ahead at. Idea -- like program I think he is it. We have to remember one thing in -- is that I have eagle scouts in the family yes it's -- vote on our guards in the country. That they take that got out. Did not believing in the same. -- -- it Judy you know it goes against God's -- it goes against the real god. So they got twisted that around integrity of all places but it has collapsed outside. -- I I don't I don't think I don't see a happy ending for the Boy Scouts are just caught between if you you pardon the expression between a rock and hard place here you know they they're just by I don't know how the I don't know how they reach a compromise that that that will enable them to want to get get get more members you know. -- thanks -- placed a call at 18774694322. Since when did they allow scout masters to sleep in the same tent that scouts. How you don't ask me I I don't I don't know it was not a boy I was cubs hope we never went out on any idea was that -- I dropped out -- they dropped out. I'd never made it to the -- scouts. When they asked me to write some currently at a letters saying you know we write a letter of congratulation to legal -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be on the cub -- you know -- you -- you did better than -- But that was I I don't know anything about the Boy Scouts except what I read music what I read is that some scout master has been arrested. 18774694322. A South Park did an episode about this it turned out to the straight married guy was molesting kids which mirrors reality what I mean that's true too I mean that's say that's that's there was a there was a congressman and knocked an -- -- A Republican congressman way back when. When Barney was stolen my closet and and he he'd he had five kids and he died debates. You know and I remember writing about that Boston magazine and seeing how Barney at some uses some. Fund raise or something that be -- and in Brookline and Barney came up to me wanna talk about that a bottle like the closeted gays that there were. Q again he was he was -- out of the closet yet but he was talking about 18774694322. Karl you're next with how we cargo ahead Carl. I Alley. Is the prep schools have been covering or. Through these guys Earl Long long aren't. They've they've covered up even this may be as bad as the Catholic Church. I think you you realize that such. You know -- -- -- according to handle when he was interviewed by The Herald reporter last night. He just he just talked to this guy the lawyer yesterday afternoon. And I'm like I said I I opened my email at 650 last night and there was a letter from the academy. So I mean -- -- for you again I feel -- did not set on this story. You know immediately. I literally. I believe but debt but. Somebody you know it's it. Not too long ago that I still -- imprisonment got from Philips Exeter academy they covered him for years their body locked in the pumpkin man. I'll -- -- and yeah exactly. And the popular ram which is one of many sit there you see some of these. There was followed -- a -- -- me and there was the doctor they caught the doctor touch hi cutie cutie warned on his could garner. He's in he's going he's going to prison most likely. Daniel she -- you have been New Hampshire it's covered for some other professors that have been caught the Olympic. It's it's and there it is really you know we -- on the Catholic Church can -- for a rightly so even though on tap for. Rightly so what is the fact of the matter is. It was. It'll it'll probably. The reason a lot of this happened. This because they liberalized the Catholic Church in the mid sixties they've -- a -- lot of people that they should be applauded as priests. And they were all at night and as a 50% -- -- Gary. And OI it also. Looked at -- file can be either gay or not is that the fact of the matter this kind of follows for. Both boys are all day are they. Yeah. Well you could say well my you could say that these teachers you know technically or are our panel files like yes you know the -- female teachers going after -- -- fifteen year old kids -- fifteen year old boys. But it you know I don't. Yeah you're right door but you know there were some there were some up priests in the Catholic church and again I'm at the film itself defending everybody today but that. Like father gave him his his uncle was some was a monsignor. And solely knee he went to the seminary in -- in and the straight guys in the seminary so you get this guy out of here this guy there's something wrong with this guy he's -- all here. I don't think they are off the -- homosexual they just said this guy is not cut out to be a priest. And his article. Said he wants to be a priest his mother wants him to be a priest well shall -- -- there with the kids in the family he's going to be a priest. And that they made or priest and look what happened -- that up by -- up molesting a bunch of kids and got them murdered in itself and in state prison. 18774694322. Among our car. 18774694322187746. Lines were three. -- -- -- -- -- using the Bible to denounce gays question mark OP is not cutting his beard wearing clothing of different materials all from about actress. 978 the majority of profiles aren't actually gay but far be it from facts to comment -- I -- those -- -- files are are are much greater. Proportion. Have a much greater proportion of homosexuals in the per than their percentage in the population which is two or 3% right I mean that's where it boils down to. In the Boy Scouts one leaders never share attempts with -- two leaders are never one on one with -- three boys are ages. Twelve for eighteen and aren't helpless little kids. Yeah well -- -- -- kid that that twelve year old payment to -- possible can. Well you know it's different to I mean when you you know on this kid that this this now adults who came forward to what Deerfield. Recently he -- he wasn't he was probably around 1617. Years old I mean he. And now he claims he got a you know the he had a sexual contact and he's a very angrier disturbed about it and I don't think that's I don't think that really I don't think that's salient point. 1877469432218774694322. Five away however I would've looked -- hot teacher go after me when I was fifteen they're not guilty he's discuss must mean female teachers. We didn't have any female teachers in Deerfield across the -- we have one female teacher she was the she was the wife of they had master. One child for him. Sharp picture last week when she was there she was. She was in her mid eighty's so of shoes shoes will be on the -- stage 18774694322. Threats you're next with -- cargo ahead threats. -- officer -- called from amateur public and -- Couple comments. -- I am what is considered day adult skelter. And as and the scout troops. We do have to go through. Safety training every other year. They do before you're allowed to be registered -- here you'd have to ask fingerprint fingerprints supported background yeah of course there's some people who committed crimes against children who've never been arrested. Also as a former police -- certain investigated child sex crimes for fifteen years. I would say. 99% of people that arrested. Reeder family members or. Obama new boyfriend. Were they were not homosexuals. I I don't. I don't support what the scouts are up against I think scouts should be allowed to decide they want the we are young boys. But I in -- not. I think it's it's politicized and it's probably gonna happen and I disagree with that. Right I wonder how do like to be the scouts I mean just look at that formal legal liability standpoint you know that day you rob mr. mr. -- president little boy scouts of America. I did -- did your organization have a have a rather weekly book called the how to file block. You don't which you while recorded instances where the stuff -- yes we did have a -- -- little why did you wonder how this person. Who you know who you should've known -- you -- more likely to commit this kind of crime to come into the come into the -- organization and molest my client -- agency -- I mean it's going to be it's it's going to be so obvious what the would be the attempt the attacks that are going to be made on the Boy Scouts. I I agree and you know remote in society people. Who knew how to investigate something like that back then and even now I think -- -- -- their heart of hearts it was wrong. I don't think there was an intent. And it may be disingenuous here but I don't believe so to cover it up and it's where armed. But. Societies moves forward we we do know now that there are predators out there there used to be transparency. But it's like every. Traditional. Groups -- system. Is being attacked now and -- if you don't believe in the rainbow and it and I I'm not anti gay. Com but I I don't think that. Someone's lifestyle should be -- dominant organizations stroke just to be politically. Thanks shall call threats 1877469432218774694322. And -- Frank you're next with power cargo had frank. Those. More but it was a scout master for about twenty years my Boy Scouts I was just out. And I'll put it what there was never oil along the new church -- -- it became a big trip or at this summer it was just. I've heard of there was always two men. In at least one. The only person that was -- and computers. And displayed for -- or something like that there's -- slew of people and there were -- about electronic crap you know. I'm never -- experience. Would -- cycle problem with discovery in my troop. But I have my orange report once I wanna the other men. Have merit badge concert was given -- ask about certain things. I wouldn't like to -- guy try to order license or like a modest doubts. Yeah yeah it was he was -- he was done and so you know it but what -- -- -- like -- -- you'll disappear or at Pelletreau. It's an -- you know I mean it -- the Boy -- I mean I percent of its -- peace or to position. Ya know they they are they are and I you know I am just regular when I don't I don't have anything against them and I I think I think they do do -- good job but I just think. -- -- They can't win here they can't went. If they if they don't allow boy scout if they don't want gays there they're raw hole before all Zinn -- neanderthals. Etc. etc. if they -- while. Gaze again and something goes wrong bin they're gonna get snowed I mean aggregates own worst than they already get sued when one -- scoutmaster turns out to pack a a yet. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Delegate and a lot of the people -- that have been molested don't wanna come out and sing anything look at Scott Brown I mean he wasn't wasn't boy scout but it was at a summer camped in the week was -- fast -- to want to name the guy that -- -- -- And he refused to do so. I'm now car.