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Ann Coulter On Rubio And Immigration

Jan 29, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. The big topic this week was Republican leader Marco Rubio joining the bipartisan coalition for illegal alien amnesty. Howie told everyone to .check out Ann's newest best seller Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

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Joining us now on the on the line is -- in -- In his is -- the best selling off first Vermont from from. Various from the conservative side. And the title of relate to sport gets mugged. And two great book and you you should pick it up immediately but Ian did you hear a lot Marco Rubio on what rush tonight. I did not I watched him on Hannity last night please tell me we still have a rush. No no rush was a rush was pretty much. That's up to somebody says I -- my techsters in said the rush was like Chris Matthews comrade Chris gushing about Obama. But at least rush played after after rubio lefty said what a great job B did what I what a great guy he is etc. etc. but that he played some sound cuts. From my Alan Simpson in 1987 and compared him to Chuck Schumer and in 2013. And they were the exact same cuts. You know once we once we get this sort of settled that won't be -- more problems with the illegal immigration everyone will be in here we've got to do this they're living in the shadows you know all the all the old cliche you know. Laugh hole. -- laugh at all. What we did the exact same -- the well as Obama and as McCain's IE amnesty. And Republicans think they can bully out of the way Democrats bully us by ten. Confidently asserting is not -- that you're not allowed to use -- that word. And you're not allowed to use the word illegal oil we can -- when people start trying to control your language like that -- assume they are up to no good. Is -- what is. I mean -- can stay until he's blue in the face that all he cares about the enforcement it's gonna be enforcement person Portland art. So what -- step one of his bills on his legalize all the illegal immigrant. So they are legal to live and work you're the only thing they don't get immediately. Is citizenship. Well. You kind of have have jumped over. A decade of her goals -- to get and who can lead to Europe and work here legally. But this -- -- and also they can't collect any benefits either you know I'm totally dropped the anchor babies Bennett's -- then they get a hold. The old ball. The children they have will be able will be citizens that will be able to vote and collect benefits but I don't even think you have to wait. Four and and by the way Hispanic up high and out of wedlock birth rate of any ethnic group in America. So there's going to be a lot of democratic voters coming down the site. -- the good yeah the only thing that. Sources say the first ACLU -- -- apple won't do it. And some federal judge says I don't know that it would earmark here illegally we're not going to try animal welfare. Well I I agree I agree and I also -- and also the back taxes that's I mean there's another laughable part of the proposal. How do you prove what they've been earning an income since they've been being OK really legally. Yeah I -- I even thought about that I was leaking of hard ships. We decided to waive the up you -- to do you know what an all bad it's the same for you is this really it's always a hardship to come up with those tax payments every every three months. -- don't know what's gonna give me -- me -- hardship waiver. But it's supposed to be limited to I mean what they describe Benoit in that he has put all of the police and affordable like two very different things not only did we not know. How much they've been earnings because they've been being paid illegally we don't know how long did here. No it's supposed to be even people have been here illegal alien configure a long time establishment for the community to get broken -- -- -- anyhow what you and say I've been here for five year. Right look guys here's my CIA here's mighty bill from the electric company. And finally this idea that. He's holding now it's the people and parents. Our citizens gap and that's really get -- report the government to crack down on the board. Well I think on a minute so they're going to be here legally living here illegally. Working here illegally but. If if president Hillary Clinton come Bannon says -- -- with the let's just throw open the border. So that -- that anyone even be blue ribbon commission that's supposed to be the one determining whether or whether enforcement -- our. The public don't match. Okay we're taking away your legal -- go -- current. Like to -- I like to the -- a lot about. How by keeping by keeping the tabs so that we can see when they leave a nice -- when -- my guess is that. Oh you mean like uncle Omar. Who'll won't sub Beazer Rihanna out in 1960 to know any any now has a a even though we can't have one. The authorities I've talked to won't say. Well he has a valid Social Security number and a valid driver's license and I say well how can that be if he's in the country illegally. -- say what we are records local fact that mark you must about it in the 1980s. Or maybe even the 1970s. I mean. Everything you're supposed to have this a suspension of disbelief but it's impossible. No I now and -- job. No one can explain me why -- have this urgency to do something about eleven million living in the shadow of their living in the -- we've got to do something right. But -- what this is why that's an. Eleven in the shallow stuff. Didn't help and John McCain's home state they step out of the shadows in Phoenix to throw beer bottles of the cops and in the in LA they. They step out of the shadows to what shoot blacks and pomp and you know. In Massachusetts they come to watch become the Statehouse during working hours on a week -- to why it -- -- to lobby for rough re instate tuition. There there -- in the shadows. It's the same contradiction. The proponent of amnesty have rubio McCain and they'll want -- simultaneously. Today. Well if we don't -- we don't doing things what we have now with the fact -- that the anyway. And then they talk about the -- of living in the shadows goal well you know which is that I'm I'm thinking living in the shadows that we is that we have some sort of some sort of different kind of -- people we meaning across the border illegally and you know I know people. Well educated Canadian. And -- never taken a dime of either Canada or the United States does government assistance. We waited ten hearings to be able to come and lived and worked here illegal. The coming up this then that's a fantastic you get the vote. And if you're filling climbed as 60% are illegal immigrants are to adapt to it didn't take government -- expense. But really that that the he areas living and working here illegally and again that is step one of rubio -- proposal in Portsmouth never content. These people who determine whether the border to more important that we can now get some additional benefit of citizenship. If -- blue ribbon commission. If not you know it's not me it's not the American people floating atop the minutemen are not commenting greed out if they blew -- Think that the Washington DC blue ribbon commission look and think things yeah -- know again the important point three memory areas. They think you know we don't happen to look at what happened. The eleven million aren't happy go home they will be legal now henceforth forever more their children will be that in their children about their children and debt debt government while they are and and with American citizens of other rather. The ability to live and work in America. Being. -- most prized commodity in the universe. Why on earth would a country not -- day we want your -- we want the best in every country to come here we won't happen some day. Over whether it's it's a packet to any copies. Senator -- down in lower Manhattan didn't want -- to commit terrorist acts as happened. More we want to get the German signs. Right I know I my my barber and and in Palm Beach he says he's an englishman and he said. They give me a hard time when I came over he said they asked me that I have any money I said yes. They said do you speak English I said yes they said you have a criminal record I said. No they said do you wanna work I said yes and they so we don't. If we want you'll hear. -- so I'm trying to don't be -- -- just don't. I don't see how how they should they said this up with a straight face yesterday and and you know Schumer has standing right behind him. Bob Menendez. I mean Todd -- talk about the Boy Scouts and purse you know in the in the first hour. If -- if they're superb anywhere all these allegations -- if -- it's not what 10% of these allegations are true Menendez is a complete her and if they want even. Ask him about it on ABC or CBS is getting all this crap about. You know why were running this back -- on Obama and Hillary Clinton but ABC was just as bad with Menendez didn't even ask him a single question about these pieces underage workers. Yeah I'm just so happy that that he offered them a five under is only paid 100 we finally the goal to serve as the ducks. Good job Bobby wanna -- and it's your own product as it. But Menendez say it -- Menendez who can't even speak Spanish. Well and I would also add that the idea that I mean the reason company like rubio. Is going to be all in favor of amnesty is is even though the entire country -- the way of California and we will never be able to Republicans will never be able to win another national election. Is that is that at this spandex become a larger and larger portion of the country they're going majority in California this year. And of amnesty go to route runner up in the country. Republicans and some Republicans feel obliged to run Hispanic. I think that's going to ticket -- kind of came away. We've we've we've picked on -- to voting Republican all these years like Alan -- said Michael -- It doesn't work it's not being Hispanic that makes this manic vote Democrat -- the fact that these are poor immigrants that could be from any country. And they come to this country and Democrats finally got on welfare. We got him got it definitely having illegitimate children is dependent -- and and poor immigrants are the most adaptable could be a worse had the democratic part. Yeah so once 617 says if if current immigration laws are not -- why should we think you mean who wins would be enforced when a quarter. And so and also well since us. Partly because we're starting it will okay the first thing the first yellow legal. That is that why no rubio plan that we need to hear anything else. I I know I mean. Again he talks of the game with concern on most conservative issues but how seriously can you take him a -- for this if -- -- this I just don't I mean the Lindsey Graham and John McCain also those guys are lost causes. But rubio war. -- -- what -- can go to an Ivy League law school -- -- you don't wanna run for president but he's used by he has a pretty Smart guy you're -- -- I think though he's stated that you keep talking about background you wanna use the GOP credit card to get back lash back black and -- with kitchen. His claim to fame with the Tea Party is buying better than Charlie Clinton's. Well -- get a little -- out. Much of a selling point when he was running. Against Charlie Crist. He had to grip the port supporting McCain they amnesty plan. And now you got up until Williams -- his name on it and how -- -- McCain -- -- points. It is McCain amnesty plan. -- just coming here to do the jobs Americans won't though. Well -- cut some jobs that rich people leave before. I want to I want heavy with illegal immigration to take the job of wall street journal editorial writer at. I'm of New York Times journalist and reporter. But other than that I heard it. On yeah the politicians that's what I want illegal immigrants doing one of those people are facing competition from. Desperate poor people willing to be paid slave labor wages will be held on TV -- that they are as opposed to when it's God's open hands. You know what I mean what -- that -- -- -- a few years back balls were rumored in the LA times and they were talking about. You know the the first wave of illegals come over here in the sun up yet you know a date set up the straights men you know there roofers. -- carpet there's things like that they they get a -- foothold. They need to become American citizens they have to start following the rules you know Bob bonding the business paying unemployment insurance. Pretty -- a new wave of illegals comes in. And undercuts them just like they undercut the anglos that were in the business before the the first wave of illegal Scott and then that the first wave of illegal torn -- US citizens. Base grow and go up too high. Idaho or Nevada or somewhere to escape the biggest trying to escape the illegal aliens 'cause they can't compete with -- -- unions the unions pushing that's what. What are they -- Labor and black I mean I think that's part of the reason Romney got 30% of the black male vote under age thirty. It is black people especially black people who want jobs who are who have been screwed the most by not only generally by the Obama on that particular. By the waves of illegal immigration it is a complete -- and fraud but the people definitely want. Illegal immigrant -- our border import desperate low wage workers to come to America are either. Well wage American workers -- this for the wealthy interest would you leave so that they get cheap labor. And pass the cost on to the taxpayers they get cheap nannies she made cheap mobile it. For anyone listening out there you're not actually have an opinion on illegal immigration to ask yourself why I may. And I'll raise my children. And -- I have a little boy. And the answer is not yes yes yes then illegal immigration hurts you believe you have to pay for the school. The health care would be the food -- -- recent. That that which you know. Michael Bloomberg and Arianna Huffington are paying they're they're urban dwelling on that so that they can we have and the taxpayer picks up the. Someone says are we doomed her -- won't know who were you for now I mean Christie has been pretty loose on this emigration to resonate. I think you're right about that. So the man is a few dance card. Well. He could change on that the only thing I'll say is I mean he's been on my -- the guard. At least not up against guard but he's no longer mine my -- love. From the moment he burst out crying when I met Bruce spring -- I was sick into the -- bike bash is now. But can't tell you that meant to him why and and they haven't had crude I don't wanna be committed to anyone hurt me -- -- in the -- got to see what they do. But Pettigrew and again at Princeton and Harvard law. Point one I'm you've attacked for rubio plan on as amnesty. He's not sure and -- shame unlike unlike rubio. -- -- huge state tax those that has -- Republican president before. That Andy was quite good on with that Meet the Press get -- that would Meet the Press conference that. Any time at a national review conference over the weekend he told he said the first thing first and we got to -- was everybody canceled their subscription to the New York Times just poisoning your mind. Every day I think everybody in Washington. That and I'll report back. -- and I know it's they were -- and I've mentioned this yesterday Mexican gangs are now attacking black families incompetent -- cart -- You don't I mean that's like -- that's like the symbol of the the rap. The -- Renaissance right. -- and it's not only. Mexicans attacking black you have -- I'm all sorts of ethnic divisions within I mean the white people -- Hispanic and think I think it's one group of people away. American blacks born and raised in America are. -- there are a lot of vicious ethnic divisions among Hispanic even think rubio helping himself or Republicans are helping themselves I think oh let's just running Hispanic. On it hasn't worked. We don't get black vote by running or any more black -- -- the UW by running a a black Republican. And and Hispanics are far more divided than than blacks -- The ethnic loyalties. Someone once -- Paul to run for president wanted to get him. I would like him my only concern I'm sorry old but I have got to be they are different we can't win the next election. -- -- little short. I don't know I think he may be a little short he may he may be a little on the libertarian side I wonder how he comes down on this. This amnesty issue. Good question. I mean it's seen in Houston for a libertarian. You can't have a country which is basically what these amnesty proposals are. I mean if if we didn't have a welfare state. Americans still assimilated people as opposed to having bilingual education and bilingual ballots and bilingual. You know nurses and no one. Things being McCain's and good luck with that. I might -- you're open borders -- I think I've mentioned before. Back when we had a huge influx of -- in the 1920s. About 30% of them went home because they couldn't make it that's why Italians -- like our best Americans know all the Italian Republic and we have battalion on the Supreme Court. There are good that the Americans because we got the criminal welcome. You just go on and on different became. Yeah I know it's. It's just you know it's you'll probably also what -- point system rubio some of like he really believes that Democrats will work honestly -- Mean -- I mean that's true I mean you can't. I mean I can see in New York reporters to a New York Times reporter saying well you know they're gonna. They're gonna it and is a quick -- tighter controls to make sure that the people whose visas expire go home I mean that you don't either she knows it's a -- her doesn't care right. But scenario. Rio was the speaker of the Florida house I mean he's dealt with -- Democrats he knows that they this this -- particularly on this issue they are totally untrustworthy. He was busy getting about Black -- -- and that's. Disappointing and even. The Democrats we're going to work really hard with Republicans to close the border. You can't close that when you start giving amnesty that is the biggest in the sense that I mean it is like putting a pile of gold on our side of the border. I said every thing of the border here just get into America -- -- your idea or he -- the first step out of rubio bill. He is legalize eleven million illegal immigrants you can't get around that. -- working with Democrats and even if you believe that I agree with you it's madness even if you believe that he did Dylan yeah. -- -- There was there was a story in the -- paper the other day when this place close to Boston you probably know about or are port city. That the city is now having to deal with with unaccompanied illegal alien minors just showing up in the city and asking for help. And gore wanted to go to school of course they don't speak English they have no money they're here illegally and the city is being forced to take care of them. And I believe that's. The way right. Right and and they say what are we gonna go. How would send them back. I mean what what they. What it how was that toward the taxpayers of the city of -- and I'm sure the stick present state of Massachusetts served. By having all these independence movement to the move into the country. Now I know I know ended with a strange thing I mean as I -- in mode. The country does have something to make up war. With with with black Americans not because of what we did because of what the Democrats -- yet and still. The Democrat. Board were pretty bad system to black people are born in this country and the Republicans have to fight them for 200 years. That's being in bed. -- Like I mean we put civil rights law for the U verse. You have to pick your your people at home more Americans -- to -- America and it is no longer the land of hope and opportunity. Then why bother escaping. To America. Yeah and a 617 says border enforcement sounds a lot like a balanced approach to spending cuts like the tax increases exactly yeah yeah I get to. Tax increases the tax increases but those spending cuts we get the amnesty but we don't get any any border security or any tighter laws nothing nothing. This thing is -- I guess we don't even have to get to that argument would be one thing to do what rubio plan was. What we're going to enforce the border first and and the Democrats are gonna join with us hand in hand and securing our borders and making so we know who's coming again. And then once we have that all the illegal aliens here will be will be allowed to live and work your legally. No he'd start to -- Unless million illegal aliens get to live and work -- legally at that point there's no going back. No one's going to say OK we said you could be here legally able revoking Mac -- home. Right I mean we we have people like Barney Frank and thank god is no longer congressman. They wanted they were busting people in his district illegal aliens for selling cocaine and he was trying to and they were deporting them. And he was trying to get a brought back you know why why -- -- -- -- That was it was sell sell cocaine sell -- I worked on tapping a lot of the criminal aliens provisions of the works for the Senate Judiciary Committee and and you know obviously as -- in the -- that kind of surprised by the number of Republicans. That person who would today. Problem it's just a little development. And you know you. Did it wasn't that you know a bald accusation have -- be convicted in the United States court blob with all due process protections for what you are convicted. A very -- felonies. On -- -- that used to go on the problems I was fixing war they'd say oh yes we're going to have a deportation hearing now now go up. You what you are free to leave and they never come back criminal aliens convicted criminal aliens are being deported at a rate of 4% the year until I got the Senate Judiciary Committee. But anyway -- Republicans. I think and you -- -- Little felonies have you been confirmed the. Right -- the width of the mayor of Boston -- Menino last year they were asking him about this -- people shouldn't be deported for a for these small crimes like stealing cars. Stealing car. I mean what does this car was stolen would have been there wouldn't be that's a little cry and. Yeah I mean I can't imagine going to another country and thinking I could steal a car. -- -- that you're you're a voter ID card. Please -- there. I don't what bullets it's funny because the mayor just -- you've been sick so he's been gets me going home to read go to like the suburbs he's been -- at apartment house on beacon million which is right in the middle of the city. And suddenly and he's discovered two major problems that the rest of the signal buffer forever. Bombs. He's now he's not quite well -- where does this come fraud. And Jose want to ask what would these bolts and it's amazing what those -- reality will do for these people. His record -- wreck -- make Iraq PSAs now about -- you'd ever cure it up potholes are bombs. Rand Paul is by date so one that's from 617. And kind of diet thing about the outlook on not being tough on -- Paula if you heard my list of requirements or who we are throwing in the debates. Republican debates and Republican primary that got you wrapped up in short order. Time I also don't think we should be taking a risk on running a woman and I'm a woman mrs. and me and my short thing it's not an anti woman thing. We need every possible advantage we get out. Can't be because -- -- looking. We are stationed all -- -- short can't be a woman must be -- -- Oregon and that's got a -- good and some great. And he can't be fat. I did not grow up when I was throwing out one minute. And that's not to -- the I just don't think about it as big of a problem. Not. -- -- debt demographically I mean it should be the key to success. -- Ever since the American people stop smoking they've gotten progressively -- by the year. -- -- -- -- But now like me I think people have an image in their minds on it when the president should look like and and as I've said many times you rally we deserved stupid voters -- And we have to play up every advantage we have -- And mine my 11 piece of evidence at this point is tailored for the American -- And it was exciting to -- actually working in the senate not congressman but senators how much they collide. Light is nearly identical -- -- -- -- the norm Langer -- My column I said the column idea regularly called the world's most exclusive club if you actually go in the gallery and it looks like a convention of weekend. TV anchors everywhere there's a 42 along. Yes they do all they always the same surprise. Yeah Al Leiter and this is evidence that people have an idea of what they think. On the political leadership look like and and why sacrifice that we haven't won any of of of all can. The senators and governors. As I've said before that the governor of Michigan and Florida mean. I'm throwing in New Jersey for now but we're keeping an eye on the about man's. We have the magnificent head glued we have Ron Johnson from with the content. We have really good candidates without having to run. Someone who is blown up I don't know I kinda -- And Johnson was the one who was who -- got Hillary the other day you know to come back and say what does it really matter -- analysis and it was great of a question but she was so used to getting soft balls. But she's she's she treated it like he was he was -- gone way over the line and he. She addressed them like he was Rick Lazio. Yes yes yes and there you have a that's that's our guy on Johnson -- big Tea Party candidates. Excellent speaker very successful businessman big Christian we. Candidates out there that we don't need to run the women short people were members of the of the health of represent. Okay in Coulter thanks for being whether -- title of your latest book is mud and up thanks for thanks for joining us. Didn't watch the Alley. Is she rushed on the wake up on rubio I'm not believing you're addicted to horrible. -- --