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Gun Owners Be Proud

Jan 29, 2013|

Howie retold the story of the Liberal Gun Owner from the New York Times who first felt the need to own a gun after fleeing a hurricane with his family and feeling threatened. Howie asked the callers what made them buy their first gun.

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We talked about this a little bit last I want to have a little more time with -- tonight that. It there was a column in the New York Times yesterday and op Ed piece by Ian and Justin Cronin from Texas who used to what was raised -- around here. And that the northeast -- a big liberal northeast and her. And I when he was he and his family were trying to flee from Houston during a Hurricane Rita and they were stuck in this. God awful lot. Armageddon like traffic jam. People leaving Houston because they knew who they are working to get -- helped -- this was right after Katrina. And it was pretty clear that they were they were on their own and the city got he became frightened in the car because he he -- the car was just you know. Just. Stuck in traffic on eight miles an hour and he said he realized the the everybody in the everybody it was a foul mood and a want to -- guns and he didn't have a gun and he couldn't protect the Stanley so we decided to get a gun. And now it's become you know bid now he says he's got six months and he likes that he likes the training is training a sixteen year old daughter. Because she's very familiar even socialist is in PR she's familiar with the statistics that one out of five women in America sexually. A packed some point in the life. So I started asking people what what what made what what made you -- -- -- most are specific incidence that that made you by gun like this like this guy a Texas -- crone. He says by the -- still a bit liberal on all lap but he just thinks that he's tired of his. His. Buddies from the eastern seaboard writing that gun owners are just a bunch of inbred rednecks. Because he doesn't think that's true I mean obviously it's not true but it really will what what made you want by god. 1877469432218. Inning getting on. Up but I'd like to I'm thinking about it I mean you know beat the -- -- manager has control over that I I've I -- -- I've been won a gun for a long times and are you gonna get a -- and. I am I can too well unlike you I can actually shoot rifles but I don't have a hearing that. -- him go and I want a small handgun. I would not be adverse to having a smiling hang on I mean I I really wouldn't just because I happen to like. Guidance I don't like shooting things I don't like hunting like target shooting. I like to I like to shoot things that are breaking in the my house. Especially if they're especially if they've they were armed themselves that's that's all. I just I I don't think things are getting getting any better in this country you know a year you're you you know the people on welfare or rob a breeding. And just just a human not not breeding in the sense that their. Their multiply that story were one because of you know that fewer fewer people working. What's gonna happen when the money runs out I mean they're gonna -- got to come somewhere comfort -- And I just don't think -- I don't think word for very good time in this country. -- from Chelsea hey Chris Matthews we are stupid to believe in border control after you ban handguns -- the border jumpers be on the on the honor system -- come on unarmed. Exactly that's my feelings -- I mean I wanna I wanna watch out I'm like that -- Texas I wanna protect my a my family and protect myself. You know that we Eric Whitaker a moved back collar on after I mean Mosley was will give -- -- polite enough guy. Usual to -- you know we're not like it's -- like -- in a world -- like Texas or right penalties and main came to mind as well -- that you know what crops are many miles away. So you -- helicopter gonna get there're you're gonna get the can be as you call my moment when you're gonna get a -- very quickly. I should really not used and that my new one of my new favorite expression when when seconds count cops are minutes away. Mean it and someone so what texted him sit in -- the same thing with ambulances are for or off or by -- -- -- fire trucks -- -- recent one with. Then why don't we have -- her extinguishers its to -- to use until the fire department gets there you know. It I don't know it it seems to me that he -- -- guns -- big having guns is not about hunting you know in it it's a it's about protecting yourself. And I I'm I'm becoming and I think a lot of people buying guns because they were they're worried that Obama's point to try to would be of them eventually. And -- there was some somebody was this one big liberal than it was say and we -- we can get the young guns out of the hands of the American people within a generation. Make agreement 300 million guns right. You know this is a cops and a couple of weeks ago. Here you have the same people tell us we can't throw out. Eleven or twelve million illegal aliens but we can round up 300 million -- Right. Right. 18. Paula how Paul the UPS guy says how will you need to small guns won as a throw down. 617 I got mine when the twenty year old unemployed bomb moved into his folks house across the street. I bought a gun because Obama and the Democrats don't wanna -- to -- I was looking for a husband and you could find a darn fine guy at a good gun club. Which that's interest thing. -- handgun check the men's room at the where I'm district court. Somebody -- like that -- the left the -- in the this about the third -- I've gotten about that guy today different forms James you're next with how we cargo ahead James. I would -- -- 3 o'clock hundred degrees they'll. Act at all news -- and the like why we're discovering. Call up -- storms that are. You must. All next on a -- -- you'll. He did. Like go and yeah if I don't. Let's look at a guy like Google friend here so look like portrait turn around look at what city duplicated my. I've written a letter that sort of randomly -- -- the basement door was open. So someone else so. There -- -- real that we don't know how that went out there -- -- -- this jump up in. What window and does that I'm in a way that I would spoke you know they reckon I'll during the day out. It was fighting and called 911. Covered -- fifteen minute flight -- all week -- that that would help always switches to wake up by accident. What was still little right now. I mean -- still live field Wakefield I mean those are modest suburban urban as you gap for pounds and I hope this guy Patrick that was tell me last night you can call 911 and get -- get all you need. Is less -- tonight. I don't. Police number and phone not 911 today I don't know we Apollo prominent repeat itself -- populated. You got an equalizer now James. Yeah how long did it take together to get the upper. Street. Well. Stick the courts there and it took a few months. I'm glad you got when you feel you feel better now. Thanks for the call James 1877469432. -- should take those courses may be due to show I'm all for that despite that before I'm -- about the sales department in nearly. Get back to them I think we should do that amount from -- audience. -- -- I suggest you take a basic course before in my hand -- that'll help you decide what pitcher needs and comfort level go to the Sig arms academy in helping New Hampshire. -- for 917 wife and I were attacked by a pit bull while walking are two mini schnauzer will never happen again. Mike. His his Miniature Schnauzer is don't ask him if he's got a permit to carry he's got to protect his he's got to protect his family members and 18774694322. Of the -- argument as pure -- the street by the way what is thrown out. Thrown around as a gun if you if you end up shooting somebody and you're afraid that they're gonna charge you with by using excessive force in charge to. Manslaughter something you have a gun it's unregistered and value cleaned of plants. And you -- and you throw it down next minute or victim yet claimed the guy holding Ghana he pulled a gun on. It's it's it's an old it's a cop thing this Steve Stevie -- claim the FBI agents once asked him for a -- now because they were planning to kill a guy when there are gonna pick a -- But the -- or five FBI agents on the on the pinch and one of them could not be trusted one out of the trust that one out of the five could not be trusted to keep his mouth shut so they decided to take the guy. Rather than used to throw down and kill him. Mark yeah it's it's it's I think I I was heard you throw down first from a police. And in the situations involving police. Now now while you don't crime my so -- So prevalent you hear more from a civilian the civilian population mark your next what -- -- -- ahead mark. I normally. As much as. -- am sandwiched. But this person or the corrupt yet back in the nineties and early cute bankrupt. Albeit sort out and hungry and I don't find out -- because I have a wife and -- and unlike that dom -- -- I realize that they are my personal responsibility. And since -- area opposite. I carrier got. Bought the only problem is that lol because it's cheap it's it's a treaty. Police chief commissioner's. Discretion. You know I tried my one day course waited six. I had a week. Go in just you know you develop it or she'd -- like up like -- November we finally in February the next year. That had to wait six weeks yep I like. After that sell off -- -- in the cold out here all act which spot. You know if you need one. You know I'll probably use -- we. I don't think anybody unregistered guns aren't wall. Art is and how you can go and get -- much where you wanted. You know bought still hold you know rock -- or whatever. But are limited to what I can I legally. Uncertain manufacturers are outlawed because they -- scary. -- -- A world -- like it was you know we get a MCM which tonight if you want one. Right collect but I can also a time when they actually. Offset a -- sports -- it got pulled it right at least four. Or. You're right thanks for the call mark which are.