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Rand Paul tells Kuhner what happened during the Benghazi hearings

Jan 30, 2013|

Rand Paul took a hard angled approach at Hillary. He tells us why.

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Welcome back to the corner report. We are now joined by senator Rand Paul. Senator thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Good morning credibility of. As senator and the first question I guess obviously on everybody's mind is you you made a lot of news. When Hillary Clinton came in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And you said -- -- been president. You would've fired her why. Well I think -- loose you know appalling that she admitted that she did not read any of the police for help from Ben -- She says well I get a million cables and so I don't have time to read all the cables but. Really our job is to prioritize. You know if there cables coming from Bulgaria she may not -- don't. But if cables are coming from one of the most dangerous countries in the world. I think she should have read these cables and she -- responded -- The people who work for her turn down the request for security. And people died and so I think that means is she just can't be in that position of authority and that type of position again. Senator. What do you think what happened do you did the White House. Know that this was a terrorist attack and covered it up and spun -- the American people. Or do you think they were just generally clueless for days on meant. We don't think there's three separate questions one is whether or not today provided adequate security -- responded in advance that's obviously didn't. The second question during a firefight did they respond. So that I actually am open minded. To the possibility. That he would just made errors in in real time during a battle site. I wonder though why we don't have assets close survived. For example the big gun ships -- -- -- control crowds. Why those aren't deployed closer to the Middle East and why they couldn't get there quicker. He shouldn't have them hours away I would think you'd wanna have them minutes away from a war sentiment. Even if we didn't have meant Libya maybe they should have been offshore are enough ships able to come close and order be deployed quickly. With regard to the political cover up I think there's no question there's a political cover up afterwards. I don't think it's -- primary question of all saw the primary question is where -- the Marines why do we not have adequate security. And while -- quest for security turned down. Senator. People have been comparing at least some pundits myself included. -- guys -- -- to Watergate. Except the cover up wasn't about a third rate burglary but a cover up before dead Americans. Do you see anything that's gone on in particular regarding. The deception for weeks afterwards. That warrants. Possible. Congressional investigation. And maybe even impeachment. I don't know about impeachment though we are asking for an investigation offers tools so I don't letter. With fellow members of congress asking. -- investigation our special committee to investigate this. I -- -- also whether or not. Trading or selling of arms had anything to do to cover up. Covering it up just to say no we don't -- called a terrorist attack or -- wanna say it's about a movie. It doesn't quite actually. I think it all together the pieces of the puzzle don't make a lot of sense just an expert as to why they were doing this cover up. In the last maybe. There was an arms trade going online from Libya to Turkey to Syria. And they did not want this to be uncovered. And they were afraid that this would draw attention to this. It may have also been a lot they ignored the security request a new BM this year of the consulate. Closer to the CIA annexed. But at the CIA and actually stealing and guns maybe they didn't wanna have a -- close together. But I think there are a lot of questions. The people who are over there and escaped had not been interviewed and I think -- they have many interviewed by congress -- They were going to be about a review board. But I think to review board also missed one important fact. There are a lot of lapses of security. But I think ultimately a lapse in judgment -- cutting the military should have been in charge of this mission. Typically the State Department and -- charge of their own security. I think when you go into a war -- the State Department really ought to. Have the military in charge can't we had Baghdad coming out of the war in -- is more -- -- sound and not as. Typical mission like Paris or London. We're talking with senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. The senator my final question on Ben Ghazi. You mentioned it at the hearings you've mentioned it again now. What is your theory or -- from reports that you've been gathering. About the gun running -- there what did the CIA was running guns from the from Libya in Q Syria through or into Turkey through Syria is that. Is that what you wanna look into. I have no evidence from the government that that was happening. I've read only good news reports have been news reports on fox have been new report from the New York Times. So all these people wanna say oh we're just scaring up conspiracy theories these are from the mainstream media. And they have been talking about and I've interviewed people said that there was a ship I believe is a Libyan ship. They -- tell left for Turkey. I'll within a week of the attacks a week before the attacks. There also was a meeting on the day of the attacks between. The ambassador and a representative from Turkey. Well. Senator yesterday a bipartisan group came out on Capitol Hill. Pushing for basically the 2007. Bush amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. Do you support it do you not support it if so why. But right now -- concept it's not actually a bill so I haven't seen any kind of bill or action. My main concern is that we should have security at the border first. The security of the border should be verifiable. If it's not Merrill probably tough for me to support. I do think though that we have right now de facto amnesty we have eleven million people here. Undocumented. And nobody said an amount they've been here prolonged walking out -- now some of their kids and -- you have been born and become citizens or become old not that there are they now the voting him becoming citizens. So I think we ought to do is. We have a -- independent agency that reports on border security we ought to do things to change and it -- border security. And then in order to have any reforms he cheer for about five years. We should have an independent report comes -- congress has to be voted on. That says their border security. And every government -- we traded any kind of are you know forgiveness for people here are here illegally. Any -- we've done that we've asked for security and we haven't gotten a security is sort of like exchanging. Tax increases or spending cuts you know trust Cabrera. And we've had trouble getting the verifies diet I wanna have a really strict. Reporting mechanism work congress votes each year that security is improving before I'd consider something like yes. We're talking with senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Senator there's a big push now -- to assault the Second Amendment sweeping gun control legislation. Executive orders. Where do you think Dianne feinstein's bill is gonna end up do you think she has the votes they get it through the senate and get it through congress. You know let's say possibility in the senate although there are some Democrats who have been in favor of the Second Amendment and watching how they vote. There's six Democrats who will be up for election -- 2014. Blue States voted for President Obama 40% or last. So a lot there -- road to restrict the Second Amendment they ought to be quite careful. It will see I waste my hope is that in the house there's enough Republican unity. To protect the Second Amendment that this woman -- What people need to realize is that. Gun controls for people who Obey the law people who don't Obey the law the laws have no influence on -- we have significant. Laws against murder. You could be could imprison you can be put to death. And yet the people to in the shooting are breaking the law to do you think really they're going to be get hurt -- a lawless city you have to go register your gun. So even right now 86% of crime is committed by guns bought illegally. The strip after the gun control says he'll just change those percentages up nine the year 95%. Bought illegally. But he'll make it harder for poor people to get a gun for self defense. And it'll make it harder for law abiding people to get a guy and and I just don't think it'll help the crime problem. Senator one final question for you. I had Pat Buchanan on last week on the show. He says -- the future of the Tea Party he sees you as a potential presidential standard bearer in 2016. A very serious contender. Are are you thinking of running in 2016. I think it's too early to tell where you know wanting to be part of the national debate. Wanting to have Republicans stand for something again and not. Capitulate to the other side so much. And we'll see what happens but I won't make any kind of decision for about two years on it but it is something within the realm of consideration. We have been talking with senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Leading Tea Party senator and and Tea Party leader in the country. Senator thank you so much and -- you have to go I appreciate -- thanks for coming on the corner report. Thank you thank you -- -- 6172666868. Is the number. 6172666868. You heard my interview with Rand Paul. What did you make of it. Do you think. He's somebody that could potentially lead to Tea Party and lead the Republicans and 2016. Would you back or Rand Paul for president. 6172666868. Vinny Europe's first thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Good morning Jeff I am disappointed. In the response that Rand Paul gave concerning. Illegal aliens. He said yes we need a stronger border bodies that the we're not saying they're basically the United States including its sovereignty and way if you. -- Fifteen million illegal aliens well become citizens would no longer a sovereign nation. Well he could not defend its borders we cannot defend our borders we no longer have a sovereign nation. What a nation cannot defend its borders police had not saying nothing about. Getting illegal aliens through self deportation. -- out of this country and I'm very disappointed and it is response on that subject. Vinny isn't enough that you wouldn't support him in 2016. It's. I I would have to see how that. How the chips full I would need to hear more. But right now our. I mean I'm not supporting Scott Brown just said about a minute you're right didn't vote I'm gonna vote for Clint Eastwood. Could release the twenty foot tried instead of -- don't -- -- Pop pop up thank you for -- at all of any. 6172666868. Eric you're up next welcome to the corner report. I Jeff basically. I gotta tell you the you know spirits had a minute net decrease in -- people coming across the board and are actually more going back from coming in itself. There have been some stuff going on and deportations have gone up so. I don't know where you're talking about where there has been like you know there's this massive influx of people coming and yeah they're a lot coming in which club you're actually more going back and -- -- Eric the number of illegals has gone up in the last four years and the only reason why people are going back this thing is we -- a Great Recession. We have a massive recession there were no jobs out there and it's not because we've enhanced security. But people are still coming end. Particularly certain about that then there's no so it's it doesn't mean anything as far as. The fact that there are left illegal aliens coming over here. There are less coming over -- there's still coming over. Never know you're right you're right that's not old you're right it's not 50000 a week it's 30000 a week spoke earlier right. And there's -- going back then there are coming yes no that's true that's that's not true and everybody that there's a net increase in amount of people come. More people more they're more people leaving. Are you so what is a rocket look first of all I mean that's suspended from the Obama White House the number of illegal immigrants keeps growing every year. So it was more people leaving and coming in the not the total number -- keep going up but let me ask you this -- leave aside the numbers. If your suggestion the way control illegal immigration is to kill the economy. No I'm not saying that at all I'm actually I'm saying that -- your ears being about the fact that that I know that there's been no. Border security and stuff like that when they're out. It isn't it there's an open border I mean I can tell you I look I got border agents who were telling me it's an open secret I can tell you how many -- get into Arizona. There is no border security it's a joke. And that this administration claims that is the more secure most secure border we've ever -- that is a blatant lie that's fine. I'm going to Canada and we try going in the candidate to -- a lot more difficult to get an attendant at a level lust. What is what is Canada have to do with -- southern border not a Blair -- like a guy who cares we don't have any legal immigration problem from Canada would -- problem. We cut short suddenly and out I'd learned some social and protect the southern border saying here's just a one her all the drug dealers than you are coming in from. Tommy tell me how many illegals coming in from Canada genius. I don't know how many how many do you zero. Don't know Eagles coming in from Canada there are no certainly not all -- hockey players -- -- -- on this doesn't make millions of dollars and help our economy are actually there under the sort of white student at Portland and all you have to upgrade I don't bring up race you brought up ran. Not sure and certain I want and I would like yours and all that stuff won't duel. So there aren't drug dealers coming into all the problem with the drug lords and drug kingpins it's an imagination. This a figment of our imagination. You're unbelievable so 1 July about the numbers then that border is secure and then importers not to. Your everybody it's OK you know what it's guys like you that are making our country. You are immature girl yeah well look you're not argue you're telling me let me ask you this point blank I'll finish just argument right now food are you telling me. That this threat from illegal immigration is does high or higher from Canada than it is from Mexico. I won't say we're concerned about carry them. Where I asked you a question I want an answer is that -- or is this threat from me illegal immigration. Higher or as high or higher from two and a Bennett is from Mexico -- do we know why do you. Do we have twenty million illegal Canadians and America. Body and you abide by -- 6172666868. Bill you're up next welcome to the -- report. Tirade or are you -- you very much sort of become more this -- -- -- illegal immigration as the biggest threat this country so much. What's happening there's a foreign nation Mexico insult -- workers popping their populace and to all our country which. These people -- gonna be allowed to vote they -- old motives aren't represented much in return these are represented like congressmen sent it to such. Did an accord and ultimately Internet read the constitution. And quoted a foreign present I mean that so many things these people into this country. And I honestly believed. Back we're only in this nation we really are. But normally makes me sick is you don't -- -- -- -- I concrete down Massachusetts Jim actually is she went in that area for 380. He would stay occupied. The world against. -- -- whirlwind tour life which usual approach and I was in certainly great idea that they don't look at these old colonial English don't and I know first action. That there rolled around in Knick greats discussed it would be politicians. These politicians are not -- -- treasonous son of god and I'm -- biggest -- on the change is that Benedict Arnold I -- -- -- twice. Do you strike the -- looks aren't populace into this country stich he does American citizens that the polls. And I thank you very much -- committed to this state on the radio station do you -- all you really don't. Thank you so much bill look it you John McCain is got a rude awakening because if they pass this amnesty bill I'll tell you what happens Arizona. Arizona goes from red state to a blue state overnight. John McCain will never. Get reelected again that's how stupid he is Jeff corner on the corner report I'll take all of your calls right after this break. Its name in talk radio can only be heard in one place. You've been here for Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon. Number three on Boston's only talk station AM six AV WRK go. 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And metabolic and answers which took his green. And it works just ask people who used it if you wanna lose ten to one knee or even thirty pounds call Sean I mean now. And tried the new axial weight loss formula. Absolutely risk free. Call 86162. Point eight. That's 8616228. Best of all you get the best money back guarantee in the business. So you have nothing to lose literally except the extra weight. Try -- now and get a free month supply with your order. 8616228. That's 8616228. I. Op. Ed. Welcome back to the -- record this is just go in Boston bulldozer. -- -- I don't know I -- Yes I wondered too large support your statement that -- it has a much greater problem. But the legal immigrants coming in from Mexico than from Canada however I didn't actually know somebody who is say -- legally resident Canadian. And my IE was actually trying to call -- I heard that blood has been an online. In order to recommend -- not Mexican political scientist who has four. Not having a larger amnesty who is four. Op -- yeah -- -- investment in Mexico rather than having an open border into the United States. A doctor Fred. Richard and I got to tell you there are many Mexican academics who say this is a disaster. It's a magnet. We're gonna give amnesty to twenty million it's gonna -- and -- to pave the way for another amnesty and about 1020 years. And you know what it does to Mexico. -- cripples them. Because instead of dealing with their corruption. Instead of dealing with their domestic problems is like a safety valve. -- send the war up also -- the more up keeps sending a mop and a -- gringo and so they don't fix their problems. It it it hurts us and it hurts Mexico. Richard Europe next welcome to the corner report. Thank you have good morning how are you Richard pretty good. Mexico is actually a if you look at data from -- Are important. Move. You know what we have going for them it is clear that very fertile country. -- get what -- you oil. They've got a great Blanchard grow. You know. -- Croat who say that we felt like bad. They should be one of the most prosperous countries in the world. But because of socialism. Because of corruption. Because of cronyism. They run that country into the ground. And so whenever the people start rising up or get hungry what do you think they do send them up north. Let -- at a live off that number Ringo let him give you free healthcare and free education and welfare. How elixir up next welcome to the corner report. I just ordered and I -- -- -- -- the -- problem so we just got -- they have thicker illegal so. Because I got a call about what what certain systems. That. I can't tell thought exploited today in contact au people about all the suddenly there it got sacked at this quiet. Pulpit Eric -- and. Well Alex I think you're gonna see if they try to ram this thing through. You're gonna see huge revolt in this country. I think you're gonna see people say forget it we're not paying taxes and the question I have is this I came from Canada. I do I I paid all my visa as I -- the laws I got my green card I played by the rules. This thing cost me in total. 30000 all works. Now let me get this straight I had to pay 30000 dollars get a -- -- immigration lawyer. I had to go through all the loopholes wait in lines file all the paperwork. And what if fire coming from the southern border. And called myself. Jose corner arrests I'd be sitting they're pretty without amnesty. It's wrong it's just wrong it's wrong. That's like -- We'll get their attention. -- people stopped all of earlier saying there it contacts. -- caught up with -- systems and politician won't have anybody anymore and Alex. This is starve the beast. That may be that may have to be on a strategy to starve the beast is the tax revolt say sorry we're not sending our money anymore house Mexico. -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. Caught red -- I think I would suspect that what we should do is Ben. The immigration from Mexico. Basically. -- unless you're very -- highly qualified. Person who deserves a place in this country who can help our country. -- deployed. All the crucial element. Back to Mexico and if they return. Which is this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the federal penitentiaries. That late and out but -- some kind of an impact to keep the country's somewhat. -- -- what we have to do first and I don't seem like a broken record. We have to build the mother of all -- why didn't stop the bleeding to stop that hemorrhaging and then. -- -- all the criminal elements and let me ask all of you this. Unemployment. Is at it about 8%. The real numbers are 1213 14%. If we have real unemployment at 14%. If Americans can't get jobs. Why are we bringing in immigrants. 200000. Highly skilled immigrants every year that's it. We don't need another immigrant dot com and until we get our economy back to what it should be. Put America first. Now the only station in town fully exercising its First Amendment right to. Boston's talk station KM six saving your landlord JO. When it comes to planning for your retirement protecting your state and your family. Are you prepared. Most people sadly are not -- attorney Melissa Victor can help you protect your life savings and your assets. Caller 5082305777. Too often people don't planned properly and lose everything if they need.