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The economy is shrinking, yet this liberal caller thinks otherwise

Jan 30, 2013|

Listen to Jeff destroy this liberal who takes exception with him about Obama's economy.

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Welcome this report. Yes you have to stop with this -- -- so I mean this is going on and on and on you know you Egypt have got to stop. Stop a bullet. Oh well you're a year and continued disrespect to this president. You guys lost. The old boy network about the go down hill John Boehner had it right in that neat. And violation. Has sprouted. I mean I hope Obama completed. You've got to -- they'd just stop move on and face the facts. Did you know whether. I don't. It gave you sound like forgive me but you sound like a fourteen year old at a school yard chanting Nan Nan -- now we won you lost. He's annihilating our economy. He's in violating the American people. I'm asking you a very simple question -- this latest jobs report the economic reports show for the final quarter. Minus zero point 1% growth minus. We're shrinking. How what are the. I listen to the expert -- community marketing and he indicated that he's going to be. Levi. -- yeah yeah you. We have local publication and you sell what I -- -- -- -- to listen to -- then. -- while I look first of all tell you this. Mark Zandi gets the kind of history background that I have spent the years in journalism that I have -- -- syndicated columnist read by millions of people. Then we can talk. So frankly Mark Zandi couldn't shine my shoes if you're in -- if you're 10. If you wanna play the credential game. But I'm not talking credentials I'm talking do you fox. Four years this president has been in part -- -- for years as president has been in power let me give you these are Scott's. Ditch the debt is now with sixteen point four trillion it's gone up six trillion dollars. Unemployment is hovering at 8%. 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. The economic growth rate has gone down every year for the past four years it is now minus zero point 1%. Now what's your argue if he's such a success. What's the success. Well you can't -- if you cashed out -- what is the American public elected. I'll Obama a second title to sour grapes and talk to true this. Guys look are they don't ask you this I guarantee they elected all day if they elected bush twice was bush a great president. No -- want to -- but but Dave they reelected in 2004 genius. -- are. In her and my right hey listen what if he got reelected by your standards right by your standards no. No he see and that's the spin and that's the line. High up on what I told on bush in 2004. I took our 2000 or they listen look -- If you wanna have a conversation we can have one. I criticized bush in 2000 I criticize them in 2004. I criticized almost all of his agenda so I -- Unlike you I'm not Iran is already high. If you let -- kid they would be calling you up actor and kept cool. He's. -- like a child you see that's what it is like give you evidence they give you facts. And you sound like a thirteen year old on a playground. So -- -- -- figure -- you may mean -- you are not Arnold just how they lose or Dave genius if I'm a loser what are you doing listening to a loser. Record what does that make you people tell you what -- -- -- New -- are already today. Adios. -- the asylum the bell it's raining you have the robot into the asylum. Don't call me with your pajama pants on from a mental asylum anymore okay because obviously when I give you guys five X you don't want to deal with that. She now you you don't know what to say minus zero point 1% growth you guys are going berserk. Because your faith in the dear leader. Your religion your cult of this man is now being destroyed in front of meteorites. So basically now it's this and kill the messenger. Don't blame -- these are objective numbers Anthony Europe next welcome to the corner report. Thank you mr. Carter. I appreciate your time I would just call -- the quick point. I'm not giving into everything you were talking about the basically regarding the -- shooting. That's -- listeners keep it shot well aware that shocked I'm not a right or no small like I just want to let you know about dropped the most. I thank you and you're right that team my bad -- it is shot with a shotgun. And he's never held a shotgun he's never held a rifle he's never held a handgun. This guy I don't think this guy even knows the difference between a shotgun a rifle he doesn't -- -- and I'm telling you this man is a complete phony. So I ask a very simple question you claimed he said this every weekend. I go skeet shooting up at Camp David every weekend. Forget every weekend. Imus skeeter. Once one kind that you went skeet shooting in the last four years you -- the evidence. Give me the evidence dear leader. You can't because you're a liar. He lied about the skeet shooting as you lied about the economy as you lied about your record. What are you gonna -- now but minus point 01%. When he gets sick a morning again in America normal you have to go by.