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Chump Line Wednesday January 30, 2013 - Bitter Clingers

Jan 30, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a poem dedicated to bitter clingers everywhere and their guns and bibles.

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Yes sure that it cleaner that's how we get out here. -- -- simply not viable suspect it might thirty. -- a. And it -- every -- line. That's another that's another. Another rough. And another way to tell bitter clinger he he doesn't go for this free -- thing. Only right that it dining -- It took place but won't -- laws don't fit the bill -- Patrick hill. Another example of the had a -- These he's you know it's it's just ridiculous let me just try. If you don't. The warns the -- -- -- about what's going on the second administration more I think about it I don't cure for. The ball is running for president -- he's still gonna he is still going to pardon in Borger. Always suggest that that was flattened we have public the oil that we could be important to what the country's. We don't imports to countries we export. Ex squeeze me okay. Sorry about that thanks Barack thanks for the correction. -- -- Remember. And Menendez. Now under a minute ago. I wonder if us senator Menendez will invite him on the next the next John good -- of the Dominican Republic are probably not because the the Fed's last night went into the offices of the doctor West Palm Beach. Looking for his records such a story in your region now. The he got to -- -- you you got to give somebody credit both on and down and I guess I guess that can be. US attorney's office in Miami west -- They're they're going after this guy even always a Democrat I mean but he's ever were one of the things that -- and one of his last appearances on the show before the election exit Menendez is the most -- -- Democrat is the most corrupt senator. Their wrists. Mean -- that's. That is a profound statement I mean that put think the people that puts him hand off. -- I. Let me declare both privately and I'm Eric. But Italy's big economic growth was all I -- sorry I have already started but I think -- The economic growth wasn't lol mister president the economic growth was Null. Your daughter doing in college. He registered don't know would be your outlook -- -- learning from -- ought to think that I do here. -- border wall family gets a little too close to -- Boston to war to be eligible to win the election. She's she's going well in college she -- our resident lost and I guess you could say in -- -- lives in the Fenway and Emmanuel College. But she is registered yes she is registered to vote she's resolution devoted. In in Wellesley she votes at the the Dana Hall School like I go. -- -- About that it would I don't know if you rhetoric has had a long. You know -- -- is gonna remark on this tomorrow and in the in the daily factually sends me says they cut my stuff and they let that go throw. Yes I mean isn't -- -- Yeah but I mean that was that was really pushing the envelopes and the I mean I'm glad I'm well -- shocked. Did you did you get it standing by the way now you didn't get it now okay. -- that's probably your best when the when media. The hole before oh god defensive -- league calls and says -- who let that go through you can say you didn't know what that what it meant. And -- and emotional about it a man named bill -- throw things around them has been. Ogle get -- rounds and then you became. -- And -- Obama. Would get positive days crying yeah it is. You know bill that now. What ever happened to you today just think about this. In 48 hours John -- slide shut -- will no longer be your United States senator. God Jerry and I -- morning fraternity. This secretary of state will be no bargain. It was visible component on the basic requirement that the committee that governor. It's not around here. This there's not even anybody in -- -- neither of the two -- ball in men that are representing Massachusetts in the United States and it were even raised in the eastern times. I'm sorry does this make me a nativist does this make me a bad person to point this out there was there was nobody that could've gotten it was a if -- from. From Massachusetts at least from the -- and they -- the Oklahoma. And North Carolina on -- okay North Carolina that's that is eastern time zone they. But the government to out of the three the -- governor in two senators are arch. Well like we've got -- the -- secretary of state. Yes secretary of state. Go ahead. The -- he's it is. You know I have a his jaw. Tell me what me. The I thought I was. School. In Baghdad -- purchases. Well of course. Or wall. A price of us flying squirrel off to what Nantucket story -- have dinner tonight at the chance chance to clear -- and have some lobster butter. -- like better than lobster butter and some 500 dollar bottle of wine you know. Yes it's it's tough being a United States senator you -- he went into the United States senator you did have two Nickels to rub together and I you're worth a 193 million dollars it's -- it is a great country them no matter what anybody says and you don't have to be an illegal aliens and make that much though it helps to be an illegal alien but it's. It's not required. We've -- importance. Bjorn -- to -- what's different that is. Absolutely -- that's why you know people said oh my god it will be rid of them but he'll be our secretary of state. As opposed Yahoo!. -- what that -- that. No he Jim neighbor is Jim Nabors a scout master now thinks he's not a slightest thing. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you. All right that's it for the -- like that a chaplain is the recorded voicemail message service we are sure you. Call and leave a message of any hour that there and I including weekends. Joplin numbers you like to leave such a message is 617779346. Mine we -- him in a clear message at this time each week. Yet what bitter -- how we get a kick my wife is really not a viable suspect I think my thirty guests. -- shot.