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Mumbles Menino And The State Of The City

Jan 30, 2013|

Mayor Menino gave his State of the City Address. Howie as the leading expert on Mumbonics in the area felt it was his duty to translate.....

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Are at last -- was -- I don't I don't wanna keep you waiting until 6 o'clock for the greatest sound -- -- -- -- -- that are here it at three won't be here at six. So why why keep you in suspense I mean you unit in the -- you didn't have the heart to have to watch mumbled Menino state of the city. Address and -- Ed did did was inspired about seldom was sort of discouraging word. In the in the newspapers or error on the in the media. About the Mobil's speech you know as we said yesterday once all of that to -- that the big. Gold -- yet to reach was being able to walk to the to the podium. And for annual hall I was all that well all these do once he got up there he could he could be marbles again. And so this is this this is we have played just a couple of few of these cuts and a you can -- you can listen to him before move onto our first -- the treasury Coakley. Attorney watt Coakley the treasury Coakley attorney generate Coakley the church -- -- Okay. And turn it did needed even call by her first name Marcia. Attorney generate Coakley next -- for new valves. To sprint and they're bright. A new balance cut spending in Brighton for new valves. For sprint and they're bright. That we spoke on anybody in the building about ending. It's it's close span I think that's what's going on outside their office windows and when they they've they've torn down a bunch of crappy old warehouse buildings over the last few weeks and now they're ripping up -- Be a concrete around that maybe this is the coast -- that's at least talking about that's going on that on the balance I. I don't know that their -- spending so that's -- that's good news I guess for the tax base of Boston. Got people up funny. Not play in the city. Young people are. Flooding the city. People up quality not -- in this. Fighting -- that's not I'm sorry I usually have an idea that's just not even close. Anything like recognize. Things and he is trying to save some people are flooding. People are full flooding the city but he says food. Anything flooding are fleeing on -- in the city they're fighting. Not fleeing the city are maybe it's one of these new things like a flash mob maybe it's -- like this is the new this is the new U 2013 flash mob only now they five. You know they put they send out at least they tweet out messages and and then everybody floods into the city. I don't know that's that's why I am the -- MB. Professor of ebonics I have the Thomas and mumbled mean mum on -- -- on X right exactly I have the the endowed chair. And my my thing my Imus say he's meant to say flooding that's funny flooding. In English is fighting in Mumbai attacks. Find your potential is enough to Paul cautions growth. He only must the courage commitment -- -- -- -- on the -- The you have to listen of that one again arguing protect those enough to Paul -- growth. He only must the courage commitment courage and vision -- mission. Even much of the courage and creativity to one lesion. Is always says arguing protect -- enough to Paul -- growth. He only must the courage commitment courage and vision -- mission. Even most of the purging crew most of the encouraging creativity to purging he was once more urging in the city. When you're you know it takes it. To go to go -- to go downtown with a bunch of other. Ha. He had -- and and -- spanned confide. -- requires. Courage. There's so. -- first aspect task is improving public education. In that city. Our first pass get. Let -- get skip a green and yellow basket. We take it with me when I go funny. -- task is important public education. And I city. I hope he has more success in improving public education in the city this year than he did with his. His goal of making the city lose one million pounds total. Question did do people look looking thinner field and they they would they did last year now -- that -- Now must unlock the potential. A follow problem. The that the result does that all those woman include. Martha Luther king junior must unlock the potential. A follow -- woman. And of course they -- Agassi it would also include attorney generate. Marcia Coakley for treasury Coakley. He mumbled -- hit a pothole on my bike and went boom -- I call. If there is say this Evans pushed up their call line 11. We have another theory you know this is the thing about you know when you're when you're in two and you know win with -- like we are here at Howard Archer on where I'm parked you know. You've agreed to be different opinions it's like it took a long time to work out forms on the results well. You know what what what a trip with a real translations of the reservists -- so somebody says that. Then he means that he but -- the fighting. -- people up flooding. Not play in the city. -- one of idea what do mighty rival professors thinks that he's really referring to -- funding. And that this was say this was C -- -- between the lines endorsement of the Second Amendment because of course -- fraud. He is one of the most famous -- rods in American history is -- there. And so young people flooding the city you know in fact though when you think about young people are flooding the city I mean people getting shot down every day of the week you know. -- gay guys and kids going on their way to one. 22 choir practice are getting. Are getting flooded in the city. Everybody's babies right about that but I you know this is a guy who's who used to say. If somebody shot and how she can't call he can't say I'm responsible for that because that's private property I can only be. Held accountable for people who were shot on the street so now he's taking responsibility. For anybody's guess who gets funded who gets -- funded industry that -- -- -- that at 35 I am one of those young people flooding the city this year. Fleeing the city this year. Flooding improving education. OK we have anything left there that that that's that's. That's it. We'll play those again at -- at 6 o'clock. Those were were. That split I didn't want. I don't wanna keep it suspense you knew you move. You know what's your read in the papers that it wasn't really. The straight scoop did -- everybody has to be nice to marbles for summaries and I don't know why but they don't. All right 186. 1877469432218774694322.