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U.S. Economy Go Boom

Jan 30, 2013|

The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. This was a shock to the mainstream prognosticators who were expecting slow growth. Will this mean more Federal Reserve stimulus. Howie queried the callers if our economy on the spiral to complete ruin.

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We're just take a few more calls on this if you wanna talk about this -- the economy and and well just about it we'll take some calls. Let's see here -- your next with how we -- ahead Tom. Go. -- -- of all there is the government straight PLO is that it takes to get health insurance. Because messaging system that's a pretty what did they don't. There they've got up on all the audio and half ago and I yeah because my employer. They cut the the only hourly part doubt and I was so often health insurance yes every took quarterly. So in the summertime I hire fifty are -- employees and we reach that like three weeks because they're your portfolio. So I have to offer everyone health insurance. So that's got to go to try or six -- and. All I know I remember this guy and I remember this what are you went so what are you up against now. I don't know I don't know what but. They're well what messages just it was six. They the -- because they want political I'm gonna fire moment for our employees and hire part time employees. But now all my -- our employees policy gym together to make a -- trigger a full time. Like I said that's what -- that's why they're right that's -- they're starting to watch people in 2013. Employers even though would be the new. Walk -- go into effect until next year. They wanna make sure that this is not what -- doing so so what you're saying is the state. The state realize what a disaster once so the state it's the states stopped the practice but now you have to deal with the feds coming behind the state and and committing the same. Absurd. Absurd. Takeover of a private business basically boils alto. Right so at this summit I want when I want such secure can all apology it's from back I have to offer that health insurance. And they are all that fourteen is engaged is that they already have health insurance that it doesn't matter. I know and here's the thing -- remember the one of the big things when they were passing this this ridiculous. Monstrosity of wobble of the bill back in 2010. They said. They said well you know the great thing about this even Republicans can agree about this is. Bit now. Kids will be able to stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26 so even if their women in the basement and at home when they're losers right. So what -- saying is not only about 26 year old losers being covered but now they're forcing you recover fourteen year girls. Right but it they don't look at the fortunate drove it right we don't you disperse or you know X amount of hours US bought -- dipped fourteen at that age. Good old days they all worked 40000 some -- once rejection and all that luckily -- -- and I have -- -- and sign a -- and they look at -- like two -- -- It's ridiculous that -- atrocity 2000 Altria account if you need to do all. Hardly. We just got there we discuss our W two forms for the year at Europe radio station they've forgotten to put in that they now have the list by how much health insurance possibly gonna happen again after recent out all the W two forms. You know I'm sure I'm sure that's -- this -- the only company that's doing some -- How many trees forget you know forget the fact that health care is -- why is gonna get worse. It's gonna get work Spencer of the the the the yeah. The rates. -- the life expectancy is gonna go down over the long term I've no doubt about that how it treats. I thought these moon bats left trees how many trees are gonna die eight. To keep up with the regulations. Of this ridiculous. This ridiculous. That's making everything worse thanks for the call Tom. Good luck if you work for olive garden to full time managers and 25 hours a week for everyone else corporate is hiring lawyers to prepare for lawsuits thank you obamacare. Howard Jim neighbors support what was it worth. My surprise surprise surprise. Surprise surprise surprise. We don't have -- statistic that's not a surprise though is an. And I've -- Man. The Democrats probably figure after five years of obamacare will make them look back to blame bush so let's just blame the Republicans as a whole when all else fails when someone else's and that the message they're sending. Of course that's the message they're sending. -- being the Republicans. The three branches of government right we are learns in school -- generally don't I know. They don't really teach American history and government like the used to we all know -- three branches. There's the executive branch controlled by the Democrats there's the judicial branch supposedly purportedly a an independent branch but basically Democrats control. Except for the Supreme Court which is hanging on by a thread with Republicans which control the -- even not even. The guarantee Republican control. As we saw last year with the obamacare when John Roberts. Decided to war it just decided to roll in office. In the you have the congress which is half controlled by the Democrats have controlled by the Republicans so. I. See -- Seattle -- I get the feeling that the Democrats are in control of more than two thirds of the US government yet the Press Secretary for the president of the in the executive branch which is 100% controlled by the Democrats. Goes out there and says the economy is shrinking because of the Republicans. Really. Again. How dumb that they that they that they have to be. To say that or how bummed that they have to be to think about that they have to think we are if we're gonna believe it. And you know I guess if you really care about whether Lindsay Lohan made at the -- this morning in LA on time might may be that believe it or maybe you don't even care. Lee your next with -- we are going badly. I -- I just went -- store my wife grew up in the UK in the northwest up in Liverpool and this whole would have what's happening right now is. Really scaring her a lot because which she's sorry in Liverpool was well and the unions. And they had actual socialist on their City Council. -- getting a lot of control. And started having straight. You know what the big shipping companies did what they moved to Scotland. And they took. But city that the whole city they took it down I mean it -- my wife went from a very prosperous. Family. Says everyone's being out of work and everyone having to emigrate it was as bad as Ireland they had -- -- they had to leave. And she says this is start to get that same feeling around here. You know and it's like its key concern you know it's crazy it's out of control. Presses me more than anything mostly you know I mean because I'm I'm near enough that he in the line I mean you know it's like camps I'm gonna I've been planning to life on social security and Social Security was going to be there. But it's it's depressing that you you can take that the that a group -- fools. Could take the greatest country in the world and in in the space of no more than two generations. Completely. Implode the economy. Yeah well she -- it done in one generation that's like this isn't some like to know looking -- booked in chief sorry it happened it went for a you know Liverpool had. Three of the major shipping companies in the world and they finally said we can't do this anymore so they left. Right and how can adequately how for the gonna compete against the shipping company based NC Singapore. Where they basically have no taxes. It's exactly I mean that's what she's saying she's like this is so regularly you know it's very eerie to earn their -- I know it it's just so that so predictable I mean how many times do the same mistakes have to be repeated. Just because the people pour in charge are too ignorant to understand history or economics. Yeah well I mean you do you're looking at like unions and it's although we can't give and we can't give and then all of a sudden there's no money left. Kids and -- because there's no money. How is that how was that how's that work action working out for the hostess workers by the way. India began the getting ready to sell -- breaks cakes for about 400 million box and that's the first month ago. They got the bid that you they all these all these private equity companies now. Have. Have gotten gotten together pools of money in the gonna buy off the specific brands you know whether it's at twinkies or hostess cupcakes aura which -- cakes. Or you know and they gonna and they're going to you know where they got a while Beckham and you know we're -- ship them out from the gonna ship them out from nonunion bakeries down south. And the finish in the gonna ship them out of in the trucks that are driven by non Teamsters right. -- -- When -- first start this -- My initial when I first called. The initial thing was why don't we just get some social Democrats would do well you know appoint. For the senate like him enough to edit my uncle Teddy this somewhat from the labor party or focus social Democrat tibia -- -- because that's who would balance. Thanks to a calling 18774694322. -- -- I might think about this and you know some people still say this well you know the economy is going to be -- is going to be in such terrible shape Brian in 2000 sixteenths. Sixteen that you know this with this will be a blessing in this case. And I remember when Winston Churchill was upset in the 1945 elections right after world war two and that. His darling Clementine his wife said -- well who knows when he this this may be a blessing in disguise. And a Winston Churchill said at the moment it is very well disguised. And that's all I can think of about what what the situation we're in in this country this is a blessing in disguise its its very well disguised. Stanley Euronext with how we cargo ahead Stanley. Yeah Ali is no surprise surprise surprise here are members of my old man told the house down there. One dates this that our 694322. And even have you know we didn't even have to DMZ here or or the Internet are tweeting hernia that -- and everybody know what was going on. Yesterday had confidential and magazines like that. And you could just see here and kind of figured out with your own eyes. 1877469432218774694322. All right. Before Romney care blue cross blue shield 800 a month after Romney care 16100 a month was forced to settle for Harvard pilgrim for 14100 a month. And I have to eat the first five K and co pays go Obama here. Goal -- So. The the father of obamacare which he even says Romney -- is the father of obamacare the father of obamacare is eating you alive. So now you want to bring on the -- young men. -- -- Of obamacare. Romney each year and you think that's gonna be better for you better think that through again. 18774694322. Paul your next with how we cargo have all. I highly. I -- to give -- Henry Ford quotation what's. If you think the US government can provide you with health and happiness take a look at the American Indian. I never heard that when Matt is really excellent. Yeah I hope open 2000 all of file penalty coming in 2014. Because smokers. Real -- there is I didn't know that the united. Heard bad smells so good of 5001. For obesity. But I am not positive. Today now well Barack Obama have to pay the 2000 dollar fighter or only -- he had an -- and I don't. -- gras day Pellicano and that you're right you're getting me back on to that Jim Nabors. Subject again while McCutcheon there banks. This is evolved here not Romney each year. I I hate to tell you -- open but Romney is the father -- -- -- -- DNA testing and he comes back with -- Romney's the -- I mean it is the it was left on. The be the bawling orphan was left on the hall's doorstep and he made it worse. But it's the it's. It's. It's Romney's deal he he's the one. And you know this is I mean. It's a disaster it's the state helped here in Massachusetts is -- disaster it's becoming clear clear -- taxes -- oil because. Beat the usual sources of state income the the state sales tax and state income tax. Are not enough to provide for Romney here in for -- the other services -- the -- did it attacked suspected that the stone age. In the long talk about it because it's on PC. Dave your next with power -- go -- -- I don't Ali you know what it's really frustrating that Americans just don't get a you know and and it talk -- the dip in the GP and how surprising -- It's not surprising her for those about to have been paying attention to what you know they're they're doing to this economy you know that the economy is 70% consumer driven. And the real basic point is. Let's say the average Americans that Arnold 650 dollars and -- -- you don't pay your bill. And then you go and fill up your gas tank that's the biggest drain on all of on consumers people don't have money out there there until we're not there yet they support. -- only. -- one -- if that if if there were some that any other president in his right mind or any -- -- party in the right minds would say if if this acting thing. It appeared on the scene and and suddenly. Suddenly promised to make the US energy independent and an energy exporter they would be they would be saying let's go -- let's Gulfport. And everybody's worried that they're gonna try to stop -- dead in its tracks. Now why only. But to look at your -- You know like I got there I got a mistake for all the people look for Obama an eight page you lose your jobs to work for -- talk. Thanks for the call they've won 8774694322. 603 the contract is up for 30000 plus Stop & Shop union employees in in the in February. -- should be a real treat for management for about three weeks yeah right. 187 says there's always enough tax money for the hacks well know you know the the you know I was like him. Well you know we we can't afford. We can't afford to have these -- tax rates we we can't afford it's it's -- money it's your money it's mind. Their money. What gets me is that so many of -- lives I know think Obama care doesn't go far enough they want complete universal care with the government having complete control also coverages -- You know what you -- get coverage will be -- and every one what a terrible coverage except the people that can fly to walk. Fly offshore to war two to Costa Rica or somewhere where the where the hospitals will all be dealt. For rich people in America. 18774694322. Since obamacare passed my premium went up 100% may 2010 it was 310 today it's 563 and single a nonsmoker and not fat but I'm over fifty. One hates it you know you -- know what's this up this guy guys just give you an example it is a much singling him out but that. This guy Mike clarity was -- AS -- city councilor in diary he ran against mumbled last year he lost. And that they tried to run to get back on the City Council and lost. And so now this guy Jack Hart has decided to go into the dreaded private sector eased a cent state senator from South Boston so. So clarity is gonna work. Clarity is gonna run. The position now again he's he's he's desperate to get back in the public office. -- think it has anything to do with the health insurance. Mean do you think that might be why some of these people are so desperate to get -- Get day on to the on to the public into the public trough because you know this guy this guy for charity is a lawyer. But he. You know that the cost of health insurance is so high. -- but they want the they wanna get back on the in the hacker or criminal matter what the situation. No matter what no matter what the job is no matter how bad do what they're running for every if there was -- if there was an open if there was an open seat upper. So I'll be dog catcher Flannery would probably be running for that so we can get on him back on his cell give back his health insurance that's just my speculation. And our car. One 87746943. 2218774694322. The and immigration speech yesterday. You know you know the. Okay it's becomes it becomes self parity this is from Mark Kerkorian the -- from the immigration one of the immigration reform groups. It's a it's a gimmick used to make the case for broader amnesty. Here here's young Luis has been here since nine months old valedictorian headed to MIT and when he gets out of them when he's in when he gets out he's going to join the American. Is our military to help bank which are follows bare for all eleven million illegals need to get amnesty. In his speech today the president said just that pointing out young Allen born in Mexico came here as a child going to college studying to be a doctor once the joined the air force. Somehow. Helen is an argument for comprehensive. Immigration reform. One notable thing is that he said he illegal or illegally six times by my count including once saying the tide of illegal immigrants. Contrast this to rubio and McCain who cling to a leftist euphemism undocumented. So are so for the Republican amnesty pushers to Obama's left at least in this respect that's pretty pathetic. That's I didn't even thought about that but it's true. Obama is more likely to use the word illegal than John McCain -- Mean. The senatorial or abolish hadn't come to an agreement yet when the speech was being written so I suspect Schumer called the White House and asked if they complete schedule a speech for a bomb on immigration and -- that so we -- -- Republican co conspirators. That they had to hurry up and beat Obama so they would like they were playing catch up so having announced they were gonna have a speech the Obama administration had to have -- Had to follow through but they had nothing new to say so they just saw -- hit hit -- eleven on the keyboard for the stock amnesty speech. 187 get the you know the -- Associated Press has been. Telling people don't don't use the word that. Illegal aliens no no -- document that workers on documented we must call them undocumented workers. Then it's calling them illegal aliens is like saying that the economy is in the bumper beat this. 7% unemployment rate and that's not high it's the new normal. 18774694322. -- next with powered car going across. Ali blessing in disguise. The 2016. And my -- Believe me I put my money on the front getting back in the against the class -- them. I -- great. I agree I never bought this thing well it's better to always suffer for two or four years and then that everybody will figure it out -- either people who people make that argument that more much more faith then in the the American electorate and I -- Or you know I would say. You know how -- really I'm really sick and tired of these dumb downfall that vote that they're they're real facts. But the fact that this saps we have to pay for. Well. I don't -- be you know they disarmed some conservative groups came out today and they want a war restore the American history part of the MCAS test in Massachusetts you know you have to. -- to get a certain grade on American history to graduate high school may say that that no one's being thought no one is being -- American history in Massachusetts. When I graduated high school he had a you had their way had taken American history course and had the past have been this through long before him Cassel obviously. But it -- I don't think the powers that be want American history taught in the US. And how it whatever they have taught in American history it's been 100 degrees the word from the throat. Right exactly exactly yup you was yep it's them you learn yeah you -- you was. -- you have these the these minor incidents in minor characters in US history are now bumped up to watch. This to a -- they get as much -- a textbook has Abraham Lincoln. You know because they there. Well you know there the kind of people the ball would appoint to the US senator to the sheriff of Suffolk County what can I tell you Dan your next with how we cargo ahead -- I think if you read -- I. Who are not a lot of people think it's true like. Obama's saying only goes on and get the health care wondering well what do you illegals there doing jobs Americans didn't don't wanna. I won't work harder or if you make it how about this -- if I if I'm elect and I won't raise your time if you make under 250000. I won't raise your taxes one dime. About when I was a big -- or how about this one more locally if I'm elect that I will cut your property taxes remember when. Clinton and. I know you know and see if it's pathetic the world out of -- what are we supposed to do you know I mean if you don't do that what do what do you do you throw -- the TV eight. Well. -- -- to get a certain jobs. No way you know kind of -- to I don't think of the army and he doesn't have -- 401K so you -- -- new brightest spot. You know I think it should be I think we should have a law against people being able locked warehouse stores -- -- in the car doors. You know -- all need they need places this guy. -- cars that pride. Calls your mom calls -- one mumbled said a few years it shouldn't think people should be thrown out of the country illegals just because they committed some small crime like stealing a car. You know obviously spent obviously those are the words spoken by a man who's never had a car stalled. Thanks for the call. Peter quickly go -- Peter. Now watch more. In. Democrat Democrat legislator from its -- sure. -- Only ire of many people what they need to get work done and they don't ire of many things -- -- people -- know what they think that we. How how was this how old was this person said this. -- what it looked like. Be it Elizabeth Warren bigger party it would die you don't sixty Longoria error back on its sport coat altering the art. They don't hire as many people as they can afford the CD by the way does he -- EPA yeah I'm sure he's not in a business but if you got a business what he hire more people when he needed. Well that's why is -- that much about business. Sure. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. On our car.