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Mandatory drug tests for high school students?

Jan 31, 2013|

Would you be ok with your child having a school test them for drugs through a hair follicle sample?

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-- this is Jeff. You can also. And education story. That is starting to gather a lot of steam. There is now a pilot program under way in Kansas City in many educators are looking -- is a potential model. For much of the country including here in Massachusetts. In Kansas City high school. Will begin collecting. Hair from all students. To conduct a mandatory drug tests. Apparently rock first high school says he'll start this random drug testing program. -- next year during the -- thirteen 2014 school year. And they're saying you know it's for the children. They have to protect their -- older and and if there's anybody who's made bad decisions regarding drugs or alcohol. They wanted to intervene they wanna get the parents involved they wanna give that student help if necessary. And then help them get on a -- of better decision making and better healthier choices for their life. And so apparently went to school is now gonna do. -- for every student enrolled in -- high school. They are gonna collect sixty strands of hair from the student. And passed for several types of drugs including. Marijuana and cocaine. If a student has a positive drug test they will have nine -- day east to get drug free. And furthermore apparently according to this program. If the student comes back drug free. The Dutch student after graduation. Will have his files destroyed. Is the -- he was or she was tested positive. So it won't affect them for college for university your afterwards because what nobody will know about the failed test. And a lot of the students are supportive of it the principle loves the idea. I have to tell you I think it's a horrible idea. Don't get me wrong you know on tough on the war on drugs I think drugs are destroying her youth. A threat to our teenagers. We have to enforce our drug laws. But this to me is an orwellian step too far. And I'll tell you why. It's a means very reminiscent. Of what we are doing with the TSA. Because we have a few bad apples. Suddenly. Everybody has to be. Molested. A cost did harassed. We have to have our -- taken off our belts taken off. Are the most intimate aspects of our lives -- that south suddenly become violated our privacy becomes violated. Because of the fear of having a few terrorists. When they refuse to do profiling. To me you should profiling schools. Yes I believe he should have some drug testing if you see a kid who's an obvious Boehner. Whose eyes are in the back of his head yes say come here I wanna do a drug test on the and then you do everything possible to help that student. But the suddenly come in and punish everybody. And make everybody feel like somehow they're basically a semi felon. I mean think about it. I wouldn't and I was an honor student for the most part. When I was in high school I didn't know I had some bad patches but overall my grades are quite good I was a good respectable kid I never did drugs -- never smoked. I wouldn't want somebody taking sixty strands in my hair. And checking it for drugs that's one of your business. It's it's. Again this state is meddling. In the private internal matters of people they have no business by intervening in its none of your business. It's a violation of their liberties and of their privacy. And furthermore. I'm very uncomfortable with people having my DNA. What why. Why do you need my here. What do you need -- on final four. So I think this opens up a tremendous. Pandora's box the huge pandora's box for abuse. For harassment. I think you really inconveniences most students. And I'm completely against that. 6172666868. Should all students. -- undergo mandatory drug testing mice again collecting sixty strands of their hair I want to hear from you. May show Europe first welcome to the corner report. Then morning snapped my buddy. Timor problem okay -- Again that they weren't that says they can they -- quieter. Stay don't have the same rights -- itself now. Just. One is two and one is four months. Okay they've buried they are not -- -- high posts are there any parent and has had any teenager go for any high school. Today we -- both played at every event. So they're not just they're not going to be on -- so many of some are. But not obvious the I I say. And they're extremely destructive -- Extremely destructive -- -- Op Ed in PP catch and Matt Elliott that you think is very expensive unfortunately which. Fleets to secondary problem for perhaps that whatever. -- The drug enforcement. Police. Have. Are overwhelmed. That you got violent group of people are well Pletcher. Our. No hurry for the violence there aren't sample the violence out here in Middlesex County. I have direct knowledge. That are. That one was quite threatening -- and wonder what their death. And these are serious people that they can't get a box where. -- narrowly I have every confidence that the cool -- hope that information I didn't it was better. You know we're sorry but you're free information. Out of -- hiding it. We parents. So I I feel like into their excellent tool for parents. You're -- hill and I think that every parent who has any awareness out there are a current drug situation. I don't know if you say it is got. Aaron yeah and I worry. You know like the target or obviously it would they worry that helped -- -- -- can't. And that's unfortunate and it is very it is. Even more -- a lot or indirect -- you cities not only for the health of the kids but for the people that statement now are hurt it more. Michelle thank you for that call a -- he clearly makes the argument for the other side you make a lot McDonald American and I do make a lot of excellent points. Drug use is rampant. There are a lot of gangs in schools the drug peddlers are in fact investing our schools there infiltrating our schools you're right I'm Moroccan and deny that. My concern is this we're turning schools into social engineering laboratories. To -- to punish every student and say you have to have a mandatory drug test we're gonna take strands of hair. And collected for DNA. I'm very uncomfortable with they're what if you're an honor student what is pure straight a student. You know to me were constantly infringing upon people's civil liberties I would say give the principle more discretion. Empower the principal. They know many of the bad apples are and give them the tools to go after the people who are selling drugs and using drugs. But don't punish everybody for the sins of a few. -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. Eight -- -- -- out of work out of my Malcolm I totally agree with you it's just an excuse to collect DNA she. That government does not here. What is going on in the school necessarily it's an excuse to collect DNA and not so and another excuse to let parent trap about. And the other thing is. It's a great idea to allow the principle to do that profiling or teachers but aren't unfortunately that never gonna happen. Familiar right result can be -- consider discriminatory. PC and that's the problem they noticed a small cabal. They know who they are who were selling the stop the serious users who use this stuff. But if you go after them all of -- discrimination. So what they say is all let's test everybody. And again it's like that PSA. It's exactly like -- the PSA at the airport. So grandma's gonna take the belt off. Grandma has to be frisked everybody has to be inconvenienced. Because we don't wanna have to go after a certain segment of the population. That we know afterward -- committed terrorist act they'd be the one committing the acts. And so now your honor student is very basically treat him like a felon. Here we gotta we gotta get -- drug testing now give me your hair give me your DNA. The next thing is I swear in and it went just fingerprint. -- your fingerprints. -- Joey Europe next welcome to the corner report. Ability my little -- we've gone to a drug issue with one of my -- And it would opt out I did the blood -- but I. It -- the only safe biscuit it was still quite yet but I wouldn't wanna go back and have them do not predict if I'm with him he was glad that you don't. I could've gotten extra sort but you're the people that I have -- today didn't do anything I wouldn't want there ice -- critical fronts. Jody if you don't mind me asking what drug was your drugs who was your was your child using. All of that he went out of without the top of pot you know what I'm at a Harlem. Why don't I don't I don't quite know what credential how one that's a lot of spin -- within DuPont but you know don't don't wait weeks they've done. He nodded his Caribbean Obama to do wonderful you know I'm pleased about it bag today but we we did that the family of the much talked. Because adopt but if you responsibility. Jordan is he cleaned up you clean them out. -- he has yet he has gotten done around rather than thirty that it took a long time. Lots and lots of stop people they -- -- in the I don't think I'd. Public security best of luck -- god bless you. That looked to me it's up to the parents. Ultimately these are your children you have to know what they're doing you have to know what they're taking you have to be on their back I've been saying this for a long time. You're not their friend you're their parent. And a family is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship. Run by you and your wife or you and your husband. This spouses it's a two headed dictatorship. Period full stop Kevin Europe next welcome to the -- report. They're good morning -- just mild or cure -- -- I believe this is a blatant violation of the fourth and probably fourteenth amendment -- unreasonable search and seizure. No probable cause and privacy invasion. And and what straightened things out there wouldn't be collecting DNA they be doing a drug test drug that was the accumulating and yes. And -- they'd be testing everybody be too expensive -- probably take everybody's here. And test so once they wanna scream for that if I had my kid in that school there is no way around it I don't shave -- -- I think everybody is still expulsion chip they had. More and a very interest thing I mean think about that you know what I think you're gonna start seeing kids. I bet you that's a very good point because I know I mean I'm in high school you know kids are. They're gonna say oh yeah out that's. You wanna get my hair and we'll get this and they're gonna start shaving their -- And then what we have -- huge mess on grants to 6172666868. Is the number. Should schools be allowed to conduct mandatory drug tests. On every student and taking sixty strands of their hair -- would check for a test for marijuana and cocaine. I wanna hear from you all of your calls right after this break right here on the -- report. We knew that. To talk. Other guys. Because your new home.