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Col. David Hunt On Mid East Goings On

Jan 31, 2013|

Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt checked in with us about the new rumblings in the Middle East and reports that Israeli jets have bombed a convoy near the Lebanese border hitting weapons destined for Hezbollah. Howie and the Colonel wondered if we are just going around in circles in Syria and Iran.

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Big big and troubled more trouble in the mideast. It's the last couple of days you probably read about this. That Syria has been trying to war apparently move by anti air aircraft that material. Eighty aircraft weaponry down to Hezbollah in the in it's eleven on and you know there is Syria is allied with I ran their sworn to run by a form of Shiites -- Shiites. The the Syrians are -- white Shiites and Hezbollah and I Rihanna are just regular Shiites. So there are -- I guess that they can be a regime is on the verge of collapse so they're gonna try to get these. Guns visa aircraft weaponry down to was dumping has -- the use against Israel. So Israel decided to take preemptive strike and and I when the convoy started leaving the military depot they they -- they bomb that destroyed the destroyed it. George wanted to check in with the colonel hunt this is a bit this is a major escalation in in in what's going on in the mideast is it not senator senator -- colonel -- Sorry about that currently -- -- -- you know network problem but what can we get on Centre on now. Does not do it doesn't ring -- -- Way I would do. Thank you I appreciate plot that you take. It is it is. But what this what you're really did. And last 24 hours. Six hours. Go after these Russian missiles I think seventeen. Which are very effective. It's -- -- think they work. And they get series inside Syria they did this strike. -- -- elected base there was serious -- they actually hit the deep well. But you rarely said they waited Toby Talbot on board left the -- But it is it could be nipple thing you know what struck me adjustment to get yeah it is just the point oh it it's I think Israel. But it right to defend itself. Little inside Syrian border -- and drop bombs and had their. There were get it would calculating that the public carried him -- in this series would. Wouldn't retaliate and with elections in. Issues going on Iran -- Iran would retaliate. And oh by the way he can't let these things and -- -- around. Well that's another good example of what happened Libya. When when when the problem happening got. But they have brought government to protect. Our country killed also closes and base -- was to a weapons proliferation. In about three weeks later weapons that were from Libya were being used against our allies -- Molly. And in Algeria and this idea of weapons cachet and try to get a handle on the other had our regional. Poisonous Arab Spring working out splendidly every day that I knew there's a new -- dividends from a. Looked fine -- that secretary of state that it. You know since the thousands -- at least. The aren't -- goes well and the incoming. Why haven't dropped a dime and John Jerry. And kept it to cancel the Arab Spring is not war and -- -- for example right now and want things aside. Me is about to go -- -- power right mom's gone. Right would now what appears military at Dodd and his regime which. Goes wherever they go kill. -- if you don't you know we -- -- before if you don't have something in place where something takes someone to take over. That's at least acknowledge. And you wind up where it will be. OK or wind up with Egypt which 22 countries have blown up. Yeah and now what -- -- -- is threatening enough in Egypt the army is is saying -- you know were we've about run out of patience with this side nonsense. In worth thinking about moving in and take it over again like we did under Hosni Mubarak. Yeah army chief of staff -- compliment you've got Egyptian army -- it's just that. Said its collapse the government collapsing which is that precursor to I think we'll take over -- and and -- by the way echoed working out too well. Look at Pakistan about a place. About the irony though that this was in New York Times today that that you're usually you have a if you you have the the the guerrilla forces are attacking the regular army. But things are so screwed up in the Middle East. In especially in Syria that now you have Hezbollah and guerrilla force has cut had come to the aid. Of the Syrian army. In parts of Syria and now and now you have to guerrilla forces fighting each other the Sony the Sony guerillas that are trying to overthrow area. Are fighting to be. The Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas were trying to preserve the government of Syria and and apparently the Sony's are taking the measure of the the ball. Yes that adds -- it yet very well said. -- -- -- -- On the other the new senator went to duke -- you know the new senator. -- But forget it -- and also throw -- a mix of thugs al-Qaeda. And again -- weapons split merchant business which you know. -- Israel I think. Did the right thing the problem though is in the middle of this turmoil is not least when it leaves and you know Mohammed takes over. -- now what you that Israel. You know not exactly the most favorite country in the Middle East are best friends but not you know. Now is injected themselves they haven't attacked like -- about five years. Thought it as a complicating factor to something edgy or set. That this Arab Spring had not had before which was this an Israeli influence. Now it's directed to directly development which will only make things worse it's gonna make it very. What now is as Heather is. Is. It's a -- -- just giving these this weaponry to Hezbollah or its. Or is he selling it to them to get it -- -- a lost -- up to leave the country I mean I know this is sisters down in the UA in the yeah yeah gulf emirates you know she's got tuition for five by kids in the private schools like here those are very idea of those schools cost more than Deerfield. -- more than -- Wellesley College right. So it's there -- is he trying to raise some hope by selling selling the stopper they are they just all buddies and they're giving it away. -- things yes yes. And yes they yesterday charging them also in the back and help you mentioned that given them a lot of yours. And and by the way. You know which client along with. Other like we're certainly trying to get a handle on this which again goes back to -- got -- was very deliberate successful job. Try to get a handle on the Libyan cachet. And -- huge cute where. We are guys recklessness in Iraq. We talked about -- five square mile. At lower. Ammo and weapons. In the profitable complicated one of the questions and get the more. The more successful weapons of good ones we really want to get a hold we always get among some kind of Ctrl+Alt. One -- -- members Kerry said during the hearings back in 71 you know how the US command to be the last soldier to die for failed book cause. Mean how does a side get anybody's going to go into battle for him today these days. I haven't threatened the spirit and these patent law and the somewhat if there's a lot of money being spent and this year I mean he's still bicycle police. On the note that this deal is still in force and have both law. On some law. But law so that's how we get to do it. And it has been at peace and they still patrol there. Except when Israeli government I mean it's interesting that they didn't didn't we gently. How many did you attempt to shoot down an Israeli air which means or what to things tactically but I. I think my point is that this really complicates. An already ugly situation. With Libya Egypt and Syria now that Israel I think should. I think they're -- they're right. Well thank thank god John Kerry is on the scene now does this'll be -- she should be able to get the bottom of this with no trouble at all thanks thanks for real with a score on. And now we --