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Chump Line Thursday January 31, 2013 - A Penny Saved

Jan 31, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a snide remark about Congress and their spending - a penny saved is an oversight by the Congressional Budget Committee.

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And. -- -- And people -- worked up because he spent one point six million on a plane trip out to Vegas I mean I I you know I wish I could get excited about that but you know he -- he doesn't care. He doesn't it's. He's just the you know he just locked into this season he's gonna take it all the way he's he's got a chance to be that the head guy in the Andy's gonna get a chance to wreck the country through. Man doesn't get any better than this for Barack Obama. Man how it this way to just get word about a minute. -- may not last over the home -- -- I don't but also the refrigerator at five minute animated -- and not date and style automatic. I -- again got him animated that papal -- over hopeful I. She broke the Iowa it's never too. To world leaders start knocking on doors up there for carcasses at least that's what you. -- on -- it's and it did living facility. So that it is getting new rule it out yet it. And covered roommates ward -- That is it is a nice place let me just tell you that it's a really nice place. It's stone bridge at Burlington and -- likable even if you go out there and if you'd like to make a reservation to what to show your parents around call Mary -- 78127200807812720080. I couldn't believe how nice it is out there. Up and say that this simply because it managed to do it this effect on this trip it. I think those passes and that -- you know. It was supply him as important -- the common thing that Perry has the gift that. She was working at that channel seven at that time my I was worried. AMA fifty times. Which was in the channel seven building I used to work at channel seven but it wasn't at this time as organ for the radio station. And his office his senate office was right across. The walk way. And bright and that was the post office on the other side so. Everybody worked in those buildings were run into each other all the time so one they should book undergoes some time now and and so as a whole day so I took him over to the Red Hat and bottom of the her. I did -- bottom of -- these were 193. Million dollars now but back then it wasn't worth a dollar and 93 cents I don't think they that's the -- when he was. What's bothering in fact that you bought a guy who's worth that much money of the year my money back into that now -- -- the it's just that. He's just such a phony he's such a thinker I just I can't secure begin the. I tea I I saw -- culture that so many things I saw him do that I'd never seen anybody else do you know like he was one time under fire for a for something -- on Sunday afternoon. And I ran tomb of the north station I it was again I was working for TV this was his first campaign in 84. And so he had his kids in front of him like literally like human shields so that we would ask committee the tough questions about the story. Another time. He was doing a he was doing a fund raiser and I I had a mile wide shot at that Wear out what -- them on that you know 6 o'clock. And so. I never I never worn any make up when I was on the street. I don't know I don't know anybody who -- be they do now I never worn and that's why I go off the woman. Welcome intimacy. John he weren. Where we're at a hotel downtown in this he's a guy we're in makeup. I say you weren't a Japanese nerves a little bit of a hole. I couldn't I don't know I. I never liked I I always used to make sure that I would be 4010 my god I've if I don't Wear make up for the show. I always make sure wiped it off before I left because -- won a block into a bar somewhere where we're make. Might get people might start getting the wrong impression you know what I mean. -- -- the politicians. Have a crisis to a I don't PP. In desperate need -- it. Cut the cut but cruel act okay. You know how I know there are multiple when you go all data about understandably. Are. Just get it. The -- have some headline on the front page yesterday the you know he's backer he's he's he's right on top of his game or something JEF from Chelsea semi. The fact that -- -- The -- should be sued for false advertising guy what people -- funny. Not play in the city. But what's the best cut of the movement. Fighting. You know -- said he must -- exciting you know when you first heard you know you don't know you know what's coming at the end of that. Do you know what usually happens at the end of that else. I can't say it on the air. You know. Power. Didn't. Days. What. Like to conclude that way that it Mary. Two. Eight. Supporting Mike. I look forward. It's it's. -- pocket. Say you. Birdied Tipton in my pocket plenty. Jada -- cut front we come out of here some of the -- cuts. Some of the moment. The carry cuts summoned him being attacked on of the various TV show -- gore cuts the key outs or mean excuse me the gore yes I'm sorry I'm sorry. Okay how what how we what were the circumstances about the you know -- well I mean the kernel could tell you when it's open half the people in the state I mean he has a half but. Of busting in line whether he's at a clam -- current Adam -- -- off -- ice cream Steen and all I have. Or or the in the old days the shuttle back to the city I mean he would almost go to the front of the line. Because he was such an important figure and -- that was his that was his line do you know why am. He always did that but believe that's his MO is our current model. Is he is one thing he picked up from the Kennedys. You know I yeah I know we always wanted to be a Kennedy and he went on Jack Kennedy's boat. The summer before -- Dallas. Eddie you look like he was kind of lost weight he was trying to be Jack Kennedy but it wasn't come across when he was I don't know twenty years old. But. One thing he did pick up problem is never paying for things he he he always this with a -- the bill and say. Oh yeah if your merger hair if he's the manager was there it's a all you don't all of a mile to speak about you know we're -- place this says that if the manager wasn't there are also a just give me a owned -- a napkin please I'll just write something nice for the for them for the a manager in the owner. T I mean he really did I hit it wasn't Jewish charity that where tossed around -- like mammal coffers. It was it will which were restaurants do you go to the a -- waitress a web sites and he's all over him in the Boston page. And the and the DC page as well. Good -- to a really. How would you jury that article about in the guardian about uncle Omar what are the odds he gets deported slim to -- Yes exactly. Exactly the one thing he can say about uncle Omar is that he never registered to vote I mean I know that's. That's faint praise but still he he never has tried to cheat the system that way every other ways try to cheat the system but not that -- And Howard who once again it goes to the way and -- the kind. You corrupt system in the a clean out the -- it now. Just get tired and OB GY. With autism -- In order that was in matters if you got to go -- It's. 978 says I saw him cut -- line and away. You know Smart politicians. Who go to wakes -- they either goal right at the very beginning when there's model line they go right at the very end when there's model line. But they never go in the middle and cut in line because you eat that really irritates people right. But John Kerry is. Do you ever. Do you go all -- you know all I have. Well still say we haven't talked to probably two or one -- area good. -- the motoring 78. Or the fine of all day eat well maybe occasionally the 71 but not very often. I was the only good thing I disable -- Menino is. See from the area height. I'm like the ball any remote. Or -- -- position early that'd be the governor. Who was born in Illinois. Replace the senator who was born in Colorado. With -- interim senator who was born in North Carolina to join the so called senior senator who was born in oak lawn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Him and no coach US embassy in Kenya. You'll see you'll see an illegal aliens self deport about the same time you see -- report. Walking down. Walking down beacon street. Area in which stated that there. Real moral. Beaver state Fannie and said he always wanted to ask liberals you know how do you feel now that you both of them one up by via affirmative action. So how do you feel Barney how do you feel. -- What do you what do you think affirmative action now Barney. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly -- you shout. All right that's it for the -- like that it -- when is the recorded voicemail message service of our car show you call leave messages in the hour but there and I we may or may not play your message at this time each week say the -- -- number is -- such a message. Is 6177793469. We may -- -- that message that says that. -- this time each -- And saying. It is compare -- no bending forward. You shout.