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Commissioner Daniel J. Curley resigns

Feb 1, 2013|

Welfare abuse forces the resignation of welfare boss!

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Then we'll go there. Battle welfare she. Was forced to resign yesterday and the wake of a shock in internal report. All of you welfare check this so. This shocking internal report found. That he staggering 47000. Families 47000. Were receiving taxpayer funded benefits. Are completely unaccounted for. And that nearly thirty million in food stamp money went to recipients were not even eligible. So 47000. Families are receiving taxpayer funded benefits are completely on accounted for we don't know what's going on. A nearly thirty million in food -- money went to recipients who were not eligible. He wanna talk about welfare abuse welfare fraud EBP fraud. And so Dan Curley now had to step down in the wake of this stunning internal report. We are now joined by state representative. -- O'Connell. She is Benny leading champion of welfare reform. Up on Beacon Hill. I happened to also be at her event last night which was absolutely superb she did a wonderful job it was a room packed -- of supporters. Represented of O'Connell thank you so much for coming on the -- report. Hey Jeff good morning and thank you for joining us plus I was my. Pleasure -- without him my pleasure and you made a big deal about it last night there was almost the centerpiece of your address to everybody. About how EDT fraud and welfare abuse is rampant. And now we have this new internal report. 47000. Families receiving these benefits -- accounted for and nearly thirty million in food stamp money. Point of people who were not even eligible. Where -- what can you tell us about this -- were you shocked were you surprised. Well I I'm surprised it finally does. The commissioner has stepped down I mean it's been two years -- of being -- law -- being -- I'm wrong. Being told that these are all just anecdotal. Thoughts stories and now this is proof proof that we are right that taxpayers are being defrauded out of millions and millionaires arch and I -- -- this is just the tip of the iceberg and these programs. We need somebody to get in there and fully fully audit these programs find out how much what is really happening. Shawna we're sorry your representative O'Connell. We're probably. Oh wait I mean I don't want you to speculate because we don't wanna be reckless or irresponsible. But if you were to be let's say somebody leading that audit or advising that audit. What would you go after what when you say the tip of the iceberg how bad is it and how deep do you think you ghosts. I think it showed people we are gonna be shocked when somebody somebody I'd like very caught it and who item that's a pitching or. Finally gets in there and that's this program fully. So we you know we know that they are not doing Jewish temple it's verification -- -- Social Security numbers. Are -- -- didn't see a pinpoint it. So they found that this 47000 people unaccounted for there are thousands and thousands of -- that are actually in the system. That's fraud only in there that have been let in there. I'm at it it's gonna be akin -- that we open up we get somebody good in -- -- -- -- this whole entire department. In the end how much money do you think ballpark. The taxpayers of Massachusetts are being defrauded. Through this -- rampant welfare abuse. Well just look we don't trick to date about fifteen million dollars OK and so there are millions and millions of more we spent. We spent one point chew over one point two billion dollars. Just -- the food stamp program. So you can just imagine how much pride is -- programming and how many billions of taxpayer god we can say I'll bite by getting someone in their curtains really gonna do their jobs. And you know that I have filed legislation that would take care these problems. Any sort that nobody gets a dime of taxpayer money until we verify who they are what their assets are and if they are truly. Eligible to receive the benefits. We're talking with state representative. Sean -- O'Connell. A shattering new internal report. Documenting rampant welfare fraud rampant food stamp fraud -- -- the welfare chief was forced to resign and step down. Representative O'Connell. When you look at the rampant welfare abuse. Do you think. Is it does he do that people in power do they know it's happening and they're deliberately turning a blind dying. Do they want this to happen because they figure these are -- voters and their supporters. Or they just negligent. I think it's a combination of all three of those things but yes I think they are turning a blind guy -- I have people that actually worked in the department of transitional assistance. Calling me and emailing you telling me that this department and out of control. The latest call I got what's. Somebody who works you're saying that he has to let someone into the program give them food stamps what you do they keep -- also. Social Security number and the reason you know it was because the Social Security number -- first seventy year old man who work somewhere part time and it was they wanted. Who gave its Social Security number. So it is it's purposeful and it it's happening in Israel. State representative O'Connell do you mind if we take some calls with you. They are 6172666868. Rob welcome to the coroner report Tehran with representative O'Connell. Did you have great topic com I think this is one that really earned a lot of people rear ranch are out here. Did you hear the stories about the drug bust up in April where eleven guidance here illegally -- and Maryland all have. You know SS EIA card EDT guard and other people -- so what are -- are really bother me at any time that the governor asked about best. It's purely anecdotal it's all that she argued a story that people make up. But then he's real quick to go radar track too -- media need to billion dollars down would -- it should count close to a billion dollars just so well there are brought. Solidarity. I don't vitamins and herbs and debt China and my only question is how much do these EDT -- actually carry on them. That a lot of people but it's only cup auto bought some people think it's a thousand I've always wondered. How much they have a lot nabbed at all so when they -- them how they replaced. That's an excellent excellent question rob thank you for that -- Bankrupt so yeah I mean that they have to -- that -- didn't try to -- cash and -- -- can't. So shaken up and cash. -- like 750 dollars unlocked. On their car and they get it every single month. And end up and it dished it to get food stamps to their rental assistance to the health care. To -- the other benefits that we give to people Massachusetts taxpayers are very generous. I guess I should say that the governor is very generous with taxpayer dollar -- and we just heard another story and it's not anecdotal because we have our receipts. As someone who. It's their food stamp money they received got printed out from the register and they had a 7000. Dollar ballots. On their food stamp -- Clearly. Gross abuse went somebody's got a 7000 dollar balance on that list -- college and your car out what was right. That people they have 234. And five park just for themselves. We have people from New Hampshire getting Massachusetts EB cheap are people some -- island getting Massachusetts -- because there's. No verification. No enforcement. That's your taxpayer dollars out there. Not -- taxpayer dollars are going towards. After quiet -- another great point. The governor tried to raise our taxes by two billion dollars another two billion dollars out of your pocket what do we know for a fact that it's. All this money inside that these -- -- turning a blind eye to. Dean you're on with the coroner report. We Sean O'Connell. I ain't bad and I'm so great appeal work but I'm just -- things I know how we talked about bishop HO. It when you guys could put up on your web site let collapsed he -- out -- -- the movie you're holly yeah and talk with them. I think that would help future a lot of people don't you don't know I don't want -- agenda item -- leaders say -- don't -- them a phone call. Big complaint I email them -- cut them needy. I mean maybe -- don't get that my question is how is the governor had how can he just trying to blank direct and how it's easy only. Lolly gag you can't be empowered one partner who can just say all your help. Turn a blind eye to it nothing gets done. What you know you've got the executive are the key points these people thank you want to turn a blind eye and that's why they have such and they -- why you and they don't give you information and they protect each other. And we know luckily we have you know how we -- -- scooter who really keeps on these issues and brings into light. And we have people like queue behind us and you're right I'm people can call my office -- O'Connell at the Statehouse -- that information they can email me I'll give them information age and also fill up some electrician called dot com. Because people do you need to contact their legislators today and Taliban are asked them respectfully. He signed onto the alcohol EDT welfare. Favre represented of O'Connell what's the number that they can call. -- office. My office number is 617. -- that -- too. 230. Silence. Barbara welcome to the corner report you're wrong with representative Sean O'Connell. Hi there I have to read the thing you are you work on -- because. It into the long overdue but I want to -- any attention and oak summit that just found what the president tolerate it. I have a friend that does taxes -- electing stump for example up and she had told they had a course that is in a total. But for people come here and translate the Dominican Republic Puerto Rico whatever. The goal -- -- that the program they get explained how bank and they put forward and on their address go home. And they have other checks forward it. I -- and then they come back and they out tax. The tax return to get there and income tax credit to get money backs -- -- the time they met a war. And what the -- for them to live and their home country. And visit us on occasion reputation. And I have a sound that the go abroad and that people don't know what other people don't investigate it. I don't I am a -- This is -- Barbara this is such a scandal this welfare abuse is the mother of all scandals. Are represented of O'Connell have you heard these stories. These yes I heard the -- story and age you know you're right Barbara that bad does happen and you're skimming the system has become a procession as people make a lot of money off -- And it is very difficult it's just. Site to get any reforms -- saying that and I think I and that's I think two years now -- with a lot of my other colleagues and you know they just like at that based on volume they try to eat your account and most people and that's just going away that's what they want you. You do that go way. I haven't done that and you know I think all of that together have really made a big difference here we also need to people didn't get the federal level as well. Kathleen welcome to the corner report you're on with representative O'Connell. Good morning market under the O'Connell I'm -- -- out why I called my representatives I called my congressman and I called -- -- I'd turn in people or defrauding welfare not only about their patrols security disability. I have a one -- beneath me. She works from home making it -- sheet that they will get -- -- go to the gym every morning. Yeah how surprised meant that I reported these people to feel security reported welfare fraud -- welfare department. They've got nothing about it could be people still receiving their Arafat. Even within jury duty. And they were mentally. I happen Massachusetts IE car. Oh my goodness okay yeah this Hispanic I heard other people and other Yeltsin even count the states. Say that they get what -- witnessed the think -- and nothing happened and I represented at that contacted. Just that we know happened that we know that people who aren't even illegally in the country can get benefit because they the child that was born in the country. -- I mean aren't -- rap album than outlook and what about welfare giving help out just which appear -- -- not working don't need child care if you're disabled -- not working you don't need childcare. A -- appeared to salute yeah -- the and on your points are right on and we need leaders in this state who are going to stand up so this side that the use of taxpayer dollar. And not just -- knowing what's going on but we can't do anything about it. -- -- -- -- Do something about it. Representative O'Connell how much do you think this system is being scammed. By illegal immigrants. Do you think it's a large percentage of the fraud that's been going on. I think it's absolutely a large percentage of the -- going on we are that you know again the Patrick administration -- they'd find I. -- illegal immigration in this state as well and it's. More than willing to give out benefits in state tuition and welfare benefits here. We have been talking with state representative. Sean -- O'Connell. Representative O'Connell keep up the good fight. Very quickly can you tell our listeners. What's the website they can go to what's the number they can call to back here build the combat EDT fraud. They can call 61772223. -- I have. And my web site is shot -- O'Connell dot com. Represented -- O'Connell once again thank you so much for coming on the corner report. And keep up the good work. God bless you. 6172666868. Will be right back after this break on the corner report.