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Chump Line Friday February 1, 2013 - Chu And Screw

Feb 1, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a play on the new Secretary of Energy's name. It brings new meaning to the phrase Chu and Screw.

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Will Michael Kelly I don't it's there's no Michael's belly anymore sandy it's it's he's he's so that Michael has -- left. Michael has left the business. I'm -- farewell tour he visited western man. Very rare just popped out. Have no fear when it can really get. It's on the right -- -- speeds past. You know what you know they were always get PO all these years ago. Kerry being the senator. Sometimes sometimes one of the beautiful people would have by what have some kind of zoning problem some that it -- this explicitly. Cases well. And so while light shot -- -- rating these pieces snotty or others to want. Two to the town officials halt try to get his campaign contributor body. Variants on the local zoning laws. And so -- -- called up Michael office. Was the last time the senator was -- hall. Long silence. Ominous violence course you could say that about you could ask him the same question and get the same ominous -- just just about. Maybe like 340. Out of the 351. Cities and towns the commonwealth because. There -- just didn't need you know. I get out -- list. Yeah out does stop saying that stop saying can you get out of here -- god it. Kerry and I. Rough morning for duty. You're John Kerry and you have reported for duty and you know you don't. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here you don't know what you've been not been these US senator from Massachusetts. Now for one hour sixteen minutes and 232425. Seconds. How we would -- -- with comrade Chris. That was waiting. I think it's cool way. He got a and maybe there was a bad ice cube mixed in with the Kuwait I don't he's he's just east east so we lost that I mean. He lives in this all white Maryland suburbs probably gave -- even be a gated community and he's talking about -- he lives in the majority black city I mean he's he's totally. Out of his mind all and another one of his places where he lives that he doesn't have a place on Nantucket that he spent about five or six million dollars for yeah he's a -- and other people. Wonder if he goes over to war light shots place on cobra program and Iowa. Korea for like station in the early evening before they go go over to the shop the clear and for for dinner. With some lobster butter infused whatever's. -- -- Now that's got I was gonna have complete time maybe he can write what could you do it. -- No I don't think so I like like to go to the book signings book signings -- fun. You you meet people giveaway magnets make them happy have your picture stay with you make a few box. Or. What we're always. -- -- not only regret in particular. I mean. I guess it's really really been a pain upon -- -- you know the last couple nights. He's he's not the president but he's gonna get nearly as much. Protectionist the president later realized this about cabinet officials about is your cabinet secretary get all kinds of security and of course she doesn't you know he likes that he's so modest. The the secretary of state that he doesn't like and but they they insist upon. Does this mean that they now that that does this mean that the fire hydrant will be coming back to -- Beacon Hill no it does not mean -- The Secret Service well insist that are the security State Department security wants -- that the the fire hydrant is still represents a major security threat to be used to the to the extinguished statesman. Yeah who reported it this -- -- -- if -- 49ers got through. About 100 I don't watch my technically -- -- Bob your -- they would like -- -- cars. That. Almost lobster man unless it's a filet mignon you know -- -- question is is is is Ed Markey going to be rooting for the ravens you know I mean he is after Raleigh resident of the state of Maryland he spends. He has spent many more years in Maryland but not just days last year but many more years in Maryland that he spent in Massachusetts. CIC a big Joseph Flacco while Ray Lewis guy. I don't know -- Scott Brown out of Italy Italy -- Democrat running. Come on. By the way. If you're going to a Celtics game and Super Bowl Sunday I'll be signing books outside of legends -- the Madison Square Garden club is is a selling the books and in within the proceeds well some of the proceeds will be going to the woods foundation and the Celtics foundations -- so I'll be signing the books and selling them before the game. And again at halftime ran outside of legend so to see them. But the trade. Rules and squirrels. -- screw the taxpayers at such whose motto. Kudos to date currently stepping down as. Commissioner of the department of candidate or that -- helped -- badly as the and the -- that dependency -- you all of that because -- act endeavor. I get it on the check that during the next next break from the -- in my amassed warriors. Diary and see if he's Leo warrior. If he's if he's a lawyer I would definitely make him an odds on favorite to get a judgeship on Muniz is he any -- for review less incompetent than Mary Beth temperament whose who where I was the director. The commissioner of public safety. Now. It she got a judgeship that -- Is that a terrorist act in -- yeah it is there it is what protests idolize. This. What they do. -- Lloyd dear close personal friend bush are all saw this minute. There's been any. Champions. Of stability and human rights in the Middle East and look forward to working for him. As as we make Syria. One of the one of the the cornerstones. Of our new Arab Spring policy in the Middle East. -- stop being -- it is illegal in all they can have an amnesty. Self deportation. Would that it were would that it war. -- wondering. What it what it does. I'm not an area. Of -- like it. -- -- I. That Joseph Biden's Joseph Biden's Secret Service fraud committed suicide last week in -- when Barry. Barack Obama -- -- good created a duo. And all. All Mitt Romney did was -- his dog. To crate on top of the car he's getting kicked down -- they are still getting kicked down the stairs even after all this time like he's Michael leaping -- For somebody. -- -- confirmation hearing. It'll what you make up about -- that is -- -- that proposition of. In in case you have heard succeeding that carries as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be none other than. Senator Bob Menendez. Who was caught it and tragic situation is this fellow villagers senators you know -- Yeah how often do you say you know someone someone you know gets get picked up with underage hookers in you say this is a real tragedy. -- tragedy for the guy who got picked up. The chicken hawk. That was here last -- line message. Thank you for calling out retired -- jumped. OK that's it for the -- like they've been troubling is the recorded voice mail message surface of how we cars drove you call. And leave a message at any -- or the day or night including weekends the trampling number if you like to leave such a messages. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Written for the brave. -- and you shot.