Brown Out

Feb 1, 2013|

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown announced today that he will not run for the seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry. Sen. Brown broke the news with a text to Howie before his released statement to all media outlets. Howie asked all of the callers did Scott make the right decision.

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As you know Scott Brown is out of the race the story was broken on The Herald website. By he yours truly. Couple hours ago. Thank you Scott he promised he promised sandy. He told us Indian Mason why do you keep bothering me why do you keep asking me every day the -- are gonna run or not you're gonna get the story first. We did we got the story first. Sitting at -- BZ man of his word of sitting at BC and to doing the phantom Gorman a getting -- the phantom permit with the hand moments. And we were just sitting in the green room and they said maybe if you may be a couple minutes later it was like. When he won. So maybe a few minutes late because they Scott Brown's got an announcement coming up one. And so we -- there with paper immediately I said and I thought to myself said that the animals so I thought it was gonna give me the scoop first when he was gonna do. -- picked up my cell phone call them up until I thought I was in this story first and our return guy does some of some announcement come up so we texted back and says. I'm out your the first and now like immediately called -- -- we got an up there and all set. Set ago thank you what thank you Scott Brown I appreciate it I -- we won for the and you know I or are we want to be on the air today but I don't I don't think -- -- -- idols I don't blame for forget about it. That's for sure it's it would have been a tough race will will talk more about it we as we go -- here today this this hour even. And what -- what thing before going -- I just have to mention us this -- Menendez thing. And we can't find -- sound fort unfortunately but Lautenberg is on virtual senator is -- leaving having -- leave the leaving. The senate yeah I think he's leaving this or maybe you what he's been in a couple of times as you know he takes place whenever some democratic scandal ridden. Incumbent has to drop out they torment even knows about my eighty years old. While Burke today or yesterday. The either the senator of a former senator from the New Jersey he was talking about the scandal that is engulfed Robert Menendez. His he hit his colleague former colleague. And you know with these underage Dominican prostitutes. And he said it was a tragedy. And you would you. We've got her on the prostitutes are -- -- -- such that's I mean he said it was a tragedy and we looked everywhere I had Chris what everywhere wanted to get I wanted to get the actual sound but he it's in the star ledger and it's it but it looks like no there were no cameras or -- or microphones around what he said it. But -- he said it would mean a tragedy. You eat a US senator. Who is a liberal Democrat who was supposedly one of the people in the frontlines. Of the war. Against the war against women. Is going down to. The Dominican Republic on a on a shady doctor. Doctors plane. And then quit picking up underage hookers promising to pay him 500 and giving them 100 dollars. And this is a tragedy. This is the -- guys there're guys in prison. That the were just troll I'm not defending them. But we're just trolling the Internet and poppy. Made a connection with a with a thirteen or fourteen year old girl -- -- -- -- it was an undercover -- working in -- New Hampshire. And they get they get arrested and convicted. And they -- and touch anybody they weren't even have a conversation with a real person. And they go to prison for six or seven years and then under the new the new was stricter sexual predator laws. They get capped the end beyond their sentence. On a civil commitment even though they never touched anybody. And here's this guy they have prostitutes giving affidavits to the FBI saying yeah were underage yes we had sex with this guy yes he. Didn't pay -- the money promised. -- and a US senator is saying that it's a tragedy. Give me break. Witnesses. This is just it's it's disgusting what does this mean that to him to make it out like Bob Menendez some kind of see you know I mean this this this herb ought to be. He he ought to be -- in prison more than the more than the people trolling on the Internet. Well what a mess what a nasty would open nasty world it's become. I'm sorry I don't mean to sound and I don't mean to silica. You know -- bogey but it really is astounding nine and I know Wattenberg just like close to 980 and he's pretty senile. But still I mean you imagine this speech saying it's tragedy. We -- should just say he's my friend and beyond sorry that by the situation has it evolved but I mean that. To call. Call the guy getting off as it to being touted as a sexual predator -- perhaps a pedophile. Such a tragedy OK I guess is it a tragedy for Republican is out as a -- for why didn't. Think so. All right 1877469432218774694322. If you would go if if you like quarter -- magnet. Free -- that you can come and get a -- that you can these magnets are available the Howie -- Scott Brown. Book signing for which is not going to resume and in earnest. Now that not we don't have any distractions facing us. But if you don't wanna wait for the next book signing the -- around which spread to three weeks away. You can you can you can -- to send a stamped self addressed business size envelope to what. To the mail room manager PO box 812330. Wellesley mass 02482. PO box 8122330. Wellesley mass -- to. 02482. You -- most of the show what how we card but US or you can most -- short how we car packed -- how we cart dot com. Click on the live audio streaming also what how we cart dot com you can take part of our daily Internet poll questions and what does today's poll question and one of the results thus far. Did Scott Brown make the right decision to not run for John -- -- Yes I think -- 75%. Think it was -- off on odd decision. I tell you the Republicans I hope there -- I know they're paying attention here today because they they need to go up to the secretary of State's office and I get some nomination papers and and start working this weekend and from a -- package source with the people going to the super Super Bowl by infamous super ball. And a people -- you know by at the supermarkets for people you know women. Food supplies for the Super Bowl. They've got they have they've got twenty. As of today that got 26 days they've got to have everything in by February 27 today's February 1 they gotta have everything -- by February 27. The 101000 certified signatures from. Republicans and independents that's that is not an easy task. In the in 26 days expression when it's winter. So I hope they -- getting started I guess they they brought so my guess -- secretary of State's office. You know brought brought some up paper storm last night at the they -- -- Democrat the Democrats and Republicans both of their of the state committees have their meetings last night respective state committees and their respective meetings. I hope Republicans picked up some -- boots -- Is anyone Moses to try to get signatures it's not an easy task tonight I don't know who's gonna -- will be running. Let's see was -- was -- news my campaign that is almost paid off though was that wonderful. Be water to say I hope they'll be blocked considers getting into the fight. 978 I think I think Lautenberg -- it's a tragedy he's a Democrat. I I don't think he meant that I think you meant that Menendez is such a great guy. But it's just that this is just that this is just a small character flaw you know use you don't date you don't flying flying out of the country on on a shady guys. Airplane and then not picking up underage prostitutes just you know it's it's it's a vice you don't like putting too much salt. On his. Now on his on tray in a restaurant. It I don't know that it's not a. Let's see here are you guys gonna have Obama gun salesman of the year magnets -- not for awhile. I got how ways books -- wait to -- Scotch when it is available the dollar store launch site policies come on give him give him credit. Give him credit 187746943221877. Force. Sean oh culture -- we're gonna have Sean O'Connell lot of little bit later by the way. The added the -- commissioner of the department of transitional assistance resigned yesterday. You know room of those 191000 anecdotes about the speaking of the senate campaign the 191000. Returned to envelopes for my EDT cardholders. -- 191000 its. 47000. 47000. EBT. He beat he cardholders apparently don't exist. 1877469432. To a -- wanna have Ed Koch and that apple security. Now now once again every you know sorry you know yesterday -- interest -- today EI Ed Koch and hope. All right senator Motley says 617 again she says she's technically a resident down here but -- -- see -- war I see your warm Palm Beach dicier and in Boston. 18774694322. What's your raw reaction to the news about Scott Brown -- make the right decision. And a lot of you die a year give a lot of you don't like him but you know what he he had he had the best chance of winning the seat and he would he would have been -- he who also who -- what -- vote protected your interest more than Scott Brown in this state in this state. So one some -- just said right right man wrong right right me I'm wrong state. Mean that's the thing I think he I think you know what you looked at it. He's got one. Maybe. But. If he wins this time is even able. A shorter term than he had before he has lastly what do had less than two years in -- -- it would have been running against Joseph Joseph Joseph Kennedy. So he could end that up. At the end of 2014. Having spent eighty million dollars. Broken. Run for the senate one. Four times in five years spent eighty million box and and of surplus in five years in the sent the mean issues. He he just. I don't think he sought as being worth it you know. When -- you know offices in this is now this model are like 2009. You know when he was running its -- Coakley mean that was just that was a he had no boost Waco like this is for -- avalanche. You know -- -- they don't have to give up their age -- this time does this would have been. If it lost the in the -- line. 18774. How much Jeff Beatty Jeff Perrier Joseph Malone now know that's not none of them -- gonna none of them. Will won't will run lynch will win at least he's pro life. I don't know I don't know I mean IE what -- the question is will enough people come out well enough people cross -- I mean people like me. I'm an independent I I'll switch over if I have a chance but it. And vote you know I know but I know the election rules and a lot of people the election is enough to make up for the moon bats I mean you don't that you you know the fact that. But lynch is pro life is going to be is going to be used against him in the moon that community and you know the -- back after gonna come out. And lynch is just gonna have to try to make sure that all the Scott Brown Republicans and independents come out. That's why -- -- -- at most but the one thing that was kind of -- yesterday it was you know I like the way he dumped on Marky you know. And now -- 38 years but he you know we wanna about a driving home last night was he -- on Moscow opera. You know he -- he needs he needs Scott Brown's people. You know we shouldn't be he should they should be given a Scott Brown a good leave him alone tell people ingredients. He want he wants to was that that's who who want who. Lynch needs he needs the he needs says he needs those independents who voted for a Scott Brown to vote for him. 18774. C'mon how we that's up about men and muscles are just anecdotes I now I know -- just it's you know. Those are just all those all those emails from the FBI telling the source that is information is is credible. Those are anecdotes to now they now they've got the actual list of the names and what the women were like one of -- action who lives in Miami that's -- Obama. He likes he like some do you like some yeah on here like some -- that's what the Mets quotas on Menendez. 1877. Force public Carmen the -- Leo. He does live in Massachusetts but I -- -- kid that his campaign schedule would be somewhat limited by the fact that he's in the camp at at the federal medical facility the Evans. -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- I -- -- it was a terrible poor decision by Scott Brown. Because look at its first of all that whole theory about it being in the candlelight. He he it's so it's like prevent defense in football it never works. Okay you're you're conceding that it would no one election and the that the best possible chance we -- won the election this is a special election of voter turnout which we know what the you would part in the election what's the big deal OK so you're you're going to look. Even if you run for governor there's going to be more voters in the governor's race if you think you can't win that's one -- market when the next one -- taken him. But here's the point though -- why why run for the swim when you're just gonna get knocked out again in less than two less than two years as. -- -- You view one of parliament that you can win in Massachusetts again. Okay. Right so so -- that in a bigot he could still ran for governor secret around for senate and said you know what I wanna beat governor. And that would put them. On the road. It's a it's a poor decision. An -- I have to believe it comes from your -- birds from -- you know he's proven himself pollute or over and over you know it's just it's it's it's. Where millions run that the Romney campaign he got accountable the average Joseph I know what he's doing and I don't think Eric -- remembered as the work again after that campaign which I don't I don't alternate knowing it. I don't think he was. This was a Scott Brown all the way made this decision by himself -- for the call -- 18774694322. Is it true obamacare the cheapest -- and we plan is gonna be 20000 bucks yes I read that. On the Internet this afternoon myself to. That's what they call -- the for durable. Care act you know. It's all it's great a thirty fake Indians for -- Oklahoma available on the democratic side. 97 -- look at it this way with him not running you two will have more time to coddle hey I didn't come here to be made sport 18774694322. What about Whitey he's back in town a real fear and favor. Again the same problem that faces Carmen the Nuncio you know what limit that campaign availability. Rush you're next with how we cargo that Russ. How I believe that he made the right decision I don't think that he wanted to put himself -- normally throat trying to push back the frontiers of ignorance that elected and a you know if you side -- outs base. The night that he got defeated. You could see someone that was really disciplined in the process because she lost her husband she's knows is a good person. Any did his best and it wasn't. You know Russia should hear the stories -- you know I've been complicit next -- on the -- on these -- of the book signings. The strings that -- happened to people you know over the last during the last campaign. You know they were they you know they work -- spit on. Threatened intimidated. Made to carry signs for the union. This poor girl Lott told the story about being that you mass amber stock clash was a freshman and one of those auditorium type classes. And the professor said who's for brown -- toward choosing only wanna raise your hand toward. They got they spent that we choose Lieberman class were passed. Mean this is this is the way these people -- meet you know. OK so you -- -- the end of the world or anything but you know who wants to go through this again so soon after you've done it once before. Absolutely and as I feel for the guy because. You know he's a man of proud and in this by the book try to do the right thing. And -- gets so lambasted from from certain group. Yeah I know they they they just hate them they they haven for one reason because he's a Republican I mean that's yet that's where that's where it boils down to mean they they I mean they. How could you support. Elizabeth Warren of one of the biggest phonies. I've ever seen I mean a bigger phony than John -- A bigger. Well off as a bit at almost as big a -- is John Edwards. And yet she she defeats him by eight points just because she's got the -- Thanks shall call -- -- your next with power cart or at GM. You know I remember what you had -- brown -- you -- summer recess appointments. And you try to exploit them that you know that they that congress was not a recess -- they were -- You know you don't understand always the bear and he was very dismissive about. You know this pesky thing called the constitution. In the separation of powers. In New -- -- would not mistaken that he knew better than anybody. And he didn't I was glad it got defeated the -- Come out so well week. -- -- -- Or any war in the -- -- that it nobility -- how many technical Huckabee excuse to order remedy at a solution by saying look it. Do we have to you know are getting tired of that I think I I couldn't. Did did did you approve of his vote on -- K good he voted against -- you know. Oh I mean that's a pretty big vote the -- especially since she's from Massachusetts. Is yet. I mean do you think you're gonna get another vote against does some movement like Elena Kagan. You know not let it I'm not saying that everything it was -- I'm just saying that you know he wasn't cool keep portrayed himself debate. Especially for a glimpse of thought that we -- conservative. I have been talking I did an interview I think it would would Glenn Beck when he started out he was a constitutional. You know that constitutional candidate any -- up there it indeed indeed. Riding bicycles with John Kerry or whatever -- was. You know what what do you Jim Jim you know what that was about com and you you -- -- actually. Wait wait he he was riding the ice with John Kerry won -- be friendly with John Kerry. So John Kerry wouldn't jump in and start campaigning whip granny warrior and sure -- he didn't meet. You know Europe Republican in this state I mean you've got to walk a fine line why do you think it was sucking up to while mumbled Menino. You think you'd think he enjoys listening to marbles bought mock -- you know all I mean it was trying to make she mumbled out of a fine. -- -- in in Terry's Casey succeeded in mumbled case. Mumbled got in what -- with with Elizabeth Warren I mean he was trying to get reelected each year. You can't put on a guy for for trying to stay alive especially he's gonna vote with you 80% of the time. And they the opponent is gonna go with you. 0%. -- time. Right now are probably -- out because he -- -- in Susan Collins and that would be it's not politics. We are trying to articulate. And instead of saying you know I'm riding bicycles this guy could do what I think is right. Period so. Thought that I'm gonna go right -- -- and I'm not ride bicycles with John Kerry so they'll come out so wise you know John Kerry is not your most mature individual I mean if if if I want you it was an old saying in in enough Shakespeare you know when they they talk about taking over France in recess and and recess. Paris is worth a mask. Curses were amassed I think I you know what I think -- senate seat is worth taking a bike ride with John care. Oh okay thanks for it thanks for the call 18774694322187. 617 Scott Brown made chumps W radio host. Adam you won that big jumps outs. Early audited or we chumps. And and what's this hosts world there are many -- left Eric you're next with how we cargo ahead Eric. I don't agree a little bit with your last caller the reason I had a problem with Scott Brown. It's the first time I've voted for a whole heartedly. I'm in here really ran to the conservative side. You know he was he was like to Tea Party candidate. Right will be the only. There really was obamacare and that fight right. What it was in the then in and that's why I voted for. But then when I watched him this last election and he realized that he was in trouble green -- then he wasn't going Middle East he was Cold War. He's running commercials about how he's pro abortion. You know its first full when he got into the and it was so that was was with the Democrats. Chops that'll. You know peacekeeping support of the assault weapons ban. You know he's shown himself to be more and more liberal LB artist Ali I've look at senate voted for the first of all heart that we are really it's. If you were in again I don't know likely portly -- You -- excellent drove down. Now I don't know I -- hit I would vote how old people but I don't know who would have voted for consisting it's probably wouldn't wouldn't talk about this. Lesser of two -- -- the problem. When you -- for the lesser of two evils is still a couple of. Evil line I know I know you know that's that's you know nobody we don't know I mean we're not in that you know Eric we're we're not in the garden of -- anymore right Arnold will have original sentence I mean this is this this is the world -- live -- you know. You know what point at what point do you say OK this -- -- represent my views are so important but at what point you say OK you know. Doesn't represent me aren't too many things I can't in good conscience anymore get multiple. You know at what point state. But you know I always figure somebody's with me 55%. Of the time in the other persons with me 45% of the time Michael for 55% and they'll think twice about it I really I mean I. Maybe I'm just it may be am. Just overly pragmatic but that's just the way I look at I. I I don't. I I can't see. You know staying out of a fight are voting for somebody. You know what's it's like great Reagan is one said -- you always you all wanna stay with somebody is with -- 80% of the time rather than its. If somebody is your friend 80% of the time that's your goal with rather than somebody who's your -- 0%. But how we are are we not polluting. Are we not polluting the conservative movement into looting -- Republican Party by doing that. You know that's -- more and I don't know I don't know but still the action that how I would that's normal. Born in South Carolina no no you're right and there's no doubt I'm not achieve such Republican. It's a lot different than the structural -- Republicans are trying to Republican still question you know I completely agree there it's a -- it's a tough call. Thanks for the caller. 18 says it is quite the pick 11. Republican. Vote one conservative vote one. Courageous vote I would pick out of L Elena Kagan thing -- indicate there's there's no way Elena Kagan is. Is qualified to be on the Supreme Court it than that and there was no way she's she's in -- not only is she done nothing basically in it except BO and academic and legal profession she's -- or should model warrior she's not tried cases. She and she is and she is and video walk she does not care about the constitution article were liberals on the court -- it and he recognized. And and he it to me I mean that was the best -- he -- and you know what. That stopper for getting on the court but you know at least he at at least he didn't he didn't go along to get along on the outlook. Marshall your next with about one go ahead Marshall. Well there's a couple of things is that talk about it and it's still waiting. -- -- somebody Boris 50%. Scott Brown Billie. You know voted 50% with the Republicans. Myself -- And you know 2010. And not a big Scott guy I'm on the chairman of its own committee here yeah in the Republican Party and I'm always -- Reagan kind of guidance as you know at the end of the fight you vote for the -- Yeah because you have to do. It was kind. You know these. He can't be trusted it and just before he leaves each city can vote against the Second Amendment a mean. Do you so you can trust us ever know you just never know to get this guy. Can -- -- save mart like I hate to keep coming back to the source only a broken record could indeed be trusted. -- yeah cash she can be trust that she can always be trusted to vote against. The First Amendment the Second Amendment any of the bill of rights basically except for a cruel and unusual punishment -- always vote -- -- be counted upon to vote to make surely the middle class gets hammered. This is absolutely this is absolutely true however. If we keep put those kind of fear that these other guys -- get into the race certainly that we can trust a boat are aware. -- TK didn't go -- actual with a guy that you know you've you've got to -- to have you back in them domestic in my opinion. Who's knife that each victim whose -- did he stick up it was back approach. Of course the great course but they say it's -- -- give that gave bomb after you got let the very first time he says. Well guilt is the Republican Party you know that he Buddy Guy they didn't elect me it was the people yeah. There was not all him I was OK change my -- three times in the recent rain. Because -- the only guys standing out might sound you know with a silent for a and then I hear this speech that night it was like well wasn't me you know it would some older person that helped him get elected. While he was just saying that he wasn't solely at Tea Party person I mean I remember I remember people call -- and they were run they were just listening to the to the news that we're just trying to pick up a Massachusetts art station and they were they were pollen from New York you know -- Work we're we're driving now we're driving in the east you eat where we're heading east where is the nearest Scott Brown headquarters in Holyoke Springfield you know I remember that I mean we're. A lot of people -- a lot of people drove north. You know from the -- I understand what you're saying is that he was elected by the people of Massachusetts right. Ali but -- didn't get that the second time around. Because he should he you know he proved he wasn't act. You know you that you can mean nobody you can you can be like you know an amoeba. You have to be somebody at the stand up for something and -- and Tim -- I mean what happened 2010 was you know a whole lot of people's -- -- Republican number I'm conservative and a lot of those guys elected office I mean including Mitt Romney and everybody else in this last election. Everybody wanted to be a bit but he's best friend to can't get elected do. Now well you Rhode scrub brown Mitt Romney couldn't that's for sure thanks for the thanks for the call -- search for the call up. Marshall 18774694322. On how we car. 1877469432218774694322. This is an Alabama hardcore Republican will never be elected in this thing. By the way I know Republicans like brown can't be counted on in Washington on the close -- glad he's not running. 978 Lynch's entry into the race made it harder for brown went twelve rally moon bats for -- thus making general election turnout higher. 9782 how are they going to vote for here in Massachusetts what dream world that these people have been. There is no chance of someone to the right of Scott ever getting voted in Massachusetts. Stop dreaming you're driving me crazy. 603 to stop how we stop he's your friend and satisfying to be objective he is not the conservative you want to be. I want someone who's gonna vote to Jamaica Mitch McConnell the leader of the senate so that they wouldn't get some senate chairman in there. Like guys like were asking the questions yesterday about hagel as I'd like to seat Ted -- be the chairman. Of a a committee I was very impressed with them. You know. I -- that's why didn't even mind have a -- heaven on Olympia Snowe from Maine I would I rather have somebody else group remain that somebody will little more conservative someone one more conservative. Yes but is Olympia king a better than -- it Olympia -- better than Angus King. Yes. It will it will anyone disagree with me on that point out that -- that now that you're seeing it up first handedness in Maine and and in the cut in the in the nation in the senate. It's back it's better even if someone only when you're 30% of the time it's better than -- somebody is with -- 0% of the time. Hubble cupcake your next with how we cargo ahead. -- Howie I'd guess that you might signal -- might find out your belly port side. I'm not yet -- it. Excellent excellent if it does happen Abu cupcake remember there's AM 830 to fall back on one side the sun goes down. I let you open that site you know you should consider it mission to -- it's. What am radio people call you let go -- Yes it. I have I have both of my I have both of those stations on my Bob magnet I guess that is my q.s Elkhart the ball magnet has both WR KL and WC RM on. -- The politics there are a cork the bet you -- it can't be there. We're never gonna get put in your -- here but it's more ballot what are like you about practices. He set that up -- to go to the race. -- publicly whether they're public or not. Understand it's always for years and then they're gonna have to fight -- royal junior junior. I think about real well and to put down its adult beverage. And it. Yeah you know I mean when you say something like that you put on your adult beverage are being in my -- -- say. As well let's say anything mean that sums it up does that. No no no I. But that you're talking about the book the rich and the -- like you'll fit right but he sure we eat or libertarian guy. The money. He could. You don't -- -- -- keep going back it was great -- great call that John Silber doctor. Yeah and it's even break. Nokia has sparked that would be quite. Yeah that I would be classic that would be much of a fight -- he has -- you know he -- back in the state apple cup cake he's always worked him up a Mets eleven. Yeah exactly I don't particularly. It's getting our go to this signature which is what irked that I can get them. Okay that's got -- -- someone's gotta run I I heard BM Winslow was thinking about it but now I'm told him Winslow is not thinking about the state -- from north park he was he was the legal counsel for a for Mitt Romney. So if it's a if we got to go back to the future we got to go back to the future with bill well you know I mean he certainly better than Ed Markey and in the meantime mom going to be voting in the democratic primary for Steve -- 18774694322207. I agree snow is better than wanna be independent caring. Yet that's the thing I mean you have to -- -- just. Just think about orbit this that's required the plot just who who is more who is moral and likely to make the same vote. Was it Olympia Snowe or was that Angus King who was more likely to make casting vote was at Scott Brown was Elizabeth Warren. That's all. Birdies it's gotten it's not rocket science here -- to figure out who to vote for. Just figure out -- market hurt -- who's gonna hurt vehicle least Dave your next with Howie -- go ahead Dave. I hours ago and I I hope that -- got decides to run for governor because I think he'd be. That kind of very effective and I think that he did. He could win a pretty decisive. Pretty decisive. Contest because that they were probably look at it Steve Grossman Robin W. Yes somebody like that and and I had the do this at the situation and at the state level is really deteriorating rapidly here both in terms of fiscally and -- and ethically you know. Right and I think Scott -- well liked by everybody up there are so you know it is his job. It's Matra bipartisanship. Would really I think be a lot more effective on the state level then that it was down yeah. I don't know if you likes to -- like pennies you know some politicians you know just tend to become tend to go with the legislative branch and others with the executive branch of the QB BO legislative guy you know. I I don't know I'd but I see him I see him I I hope he does I think he'd be effective. Yeah I'd like to see him run I hope he runs for something else but I you know I think this was probably good move on. You know him -- for him personally thanks for the call -- John you're next with how we cargo ahead John. And -- -- -- -- with the tell all here. Yeah right ordinary coming up to the and I really keep -- alluding to the act properly to Kagan vote yes. Yeah you know you people are seeing people involved they did have the votes to confirm or even without -- vehicle -- at the. I got to know the article okay we he's quoted -- meeting -- there in -- to read summit at the quote from Scott brown and collaborate quickly. OK it was very clear to me that we spoke -- -- supportive of the men and women fighting to protect. And very supported the military as a whole I do not feel that her judicial coop then will -- the men and women who were serving I mean this is what he says. Okay do you really believe that. Well he voted against third job what can I say. Not only they had the votes to confirm her without him voting for -- Okay. What -- made easier for him to write it is easier for him what the with the moon that you what do you know with the moon bats I mean Elizabeth Warren used that against him and at least we're three of those before debates I remember it. -- -- --