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Police Blotter Fax Friday February 1, 2013 - Horseman

Feb 1, 2013|

Our two winners from this week's police blotter fax contest were a drug dealer who butt dialed the police who overheard the deal and a man who had sex with a horse because he thought he could make a horseman.

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Friday my name is -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. This time each Friday we. Read the best interest of the week in their contest goes on all the time -- police blotter Max Friday. All week long we ask you to send in funny stories from your local daily or weekly newspaper. Some some papers call their police -- the police slaw and others call the police. -- -- And the Dickinson did standalone stories you can either email them to meet personally it how we car at wrko.com. Or you can not -- from two -- -- yes we still have a fax machine one of the few fax machines left in the building ties to fight for -- yes 66 -- because we needed it for the deaths among other -- among other things and we get it -- we have -- -- my -- -- GA from -- we have and we get a few -- -- get a few -- on stories on here that's true I mean that's that's how -- -- -- BT -- -- starter -- with the facts actually. Our fax number is 61777934676177793467. And -- we will -- -- from overall for a week and at this time each ship Friday night we read the funniest ones in our opinion and we selected the two best ones of the week and they get a nice price what is the price this weeks -- And a wonderful collector's item teacher from our friend Bob -- for exports growing trend I mean it's done specifically. For police blotter. -- by anyway he can only win it. We thank Bob every week for doing now thanks to mr. -- lettering on -- Iraq now teachers and -- some blue ones for a Estes yes these debris -- telling her that the bitter clinger T shirts by the way should be in next week. Will be giving some of them -- too well these the runners up that do not when the teacher at the first is from talent mention. It's lots of Pena talent Manson and a quick return man had hidden loaded gun and a car while engaging in sex with another man in a parking lot. But the tower immense and holly and according to police. Why didn't why didn't they go inside get a room. Well this is just yet here they are causing a scene essentially -- doing lewd -- lascivious behavior in the movie on public parking lot. Police came and guess what they found when they you know besides that they searched the car. Do not call attention to yourself if you can certainly call on you know. Is it is very understanding though is there any answer to why they were where would they would be in a hotel parking lot rather than a hotel room might gases than. Just kind of hidden threatening more. Hyannis a man was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol after police found him driving aimlessly. In the back parking lot of the Barnes double police station. Michael Sheehan first caught the attention of officer -- more when Sheehan turned into the back of the police -- -- only police officers were allowed more who has I know. -- Mike Sheehan I don't think this is same guy I'm glad I would -- Kevin is your Mike Sheehan 57 and his eleven Ellington now -- and it's nine now. Moore who is and is pleased critic thought he was an officer arriving for the midnight -- -- kept his ion menuing because as vehicles driving erratically. When he stopped in the back lot he failed a sobriety test he was conveniently -- the police station to be -- to this card. Now it was target you -- an Olympic trespassing as well. -- averaged. Two men are facing drunken driving charges after one drove to the police station to bail out the other. We times does this happen usually used on its it's the wife for the bailing out the husband or vice Versa. Still average police arrested -- shoot -- After he was caught driving after his license had been revolt. -- he'd tell police -- Bennett an ice fishing derby in refused to take a breath ice fishing -- police believed he was under the influence they later restaurant mr. she checks friend Brad Anderson bought him after he -- the police station. Would bail money enough prisoners that he -- appeared to be John romance. She there was a story in the Wall Street Journal was -- about that now now rather opening bars on the -- on the frozen lakes mean like not just looked like she empty plate bars. But there -- real bar real real honest and drag on the dragging them on to the ice with rocks. That they just that there are open all winter long meanwhile mr. Anderson told the opposite he was the most sober person in his group he was arrested the police is that happy. I mean I thought stripped. -- Exactly. They tried to go homeless snow mobile and smashed -- -- rock. This is from -- the courier -- it's. A union man was arrested on a charge of domestic violence terrorizing after he destroyed his own computer with -- -- Because he was -- his former girlfriend is using it against his wishes us. Stephen -- Scott. How did his former girlfriend at his computer. Well it doesn't says she wanted to use out because I -- apparently days they still live together. All I you know I've I've heard of the is that one of the things in this insult the rules that the -- -- wife for divorce but they still we still sleep together and yeah. But this is a boyfriend and girlfriend. Say this started when she would let him cook chicken because he doesn't clean up after himself. And the disagreement escalated when she decided to use the computer -- using his computer and he didn't want or -- in response. He went to another room got a Mac was alcohol in order in this incidents at the computer and smashed it you know it does not -- but I'm limited and in re kind of scary it reeks of alcohol and dives. Are something steps. Along those lines. It talks accounts Salem Oregon police on Saturday night were hunting for remaining held up that -- nights doughnut shop. The robbery suspect and to the star simulated a weapon in his coat demanded money when the -- picked up the from the man fled without getting any. An officer spotted the suspect and hit him with a teaser. But the suspect was able to get away police are still searching that he -- firmer the big. I yeah. Witnesses reported seeing in the end. Witnesses reported seeing a man who fit the suspect's description vomiting and police are searching for the bombing trial. It did DNA tested I mean seriously gonna go look for the Obama file now file. But Hanoi city Pennsylvania Eastern Pennsylvania high school says vandalism forced it to create a policy. And which toilet paper has been taken out of the boy's bathrooms. Boys in -- Hanoi area high school. Now must go to the school office to request toilet paper and sign it out to follow principal Thomas Smith says that's helped solve a major problem of bathroom vandalism has been going on for two years. Lucy some students are too embarrassed Adobe apps to get to a paper and going home sick instead. Remember when the when they used to walk people used to put gum in the enough in the water found each member that's at you know. Now that we don't have water -- more because there's that I don't know maybe think about what -- that the the health club where Wednesday they ran out of paper -- sort of the use the waterfront which -- used in the water splashed up in my face and I thought. It's corporate come in this thing like war and did you really don't want your -- School days and the water fountains there that are between now restrooms here to -- -- well. Like I used them wants a full of bottled water from a for the plant to be honest just because. It doesn't seem to have much water pressure kind of worries me it. Gwinnett County Georgia. It's an alleged inside job that has ruffled some feathers to storage facility employees accused of stealing. 65000. Dollars in frozen Tyson chicken wings. -- was wondering if there was some kind of thing but the wreck wreck that. You know ruffling feathers I was wondered if there was a play on words finest cities yes. Gwinnett county police arrested Renaldo Jackson -- Patterson both are listed as employees at nordic cold storage. Where the wings were -- a claim to be Patterson's mother told CBS Atlanta. She believes he's innocent he's really a law abiding person got a boy is C that's tries to understand that at all. He's a good boy had very good boy how much chicken was still on 15 pound bag of frozen Tyson chicken wings sells for about 1250 -- you do the math. 26000. Pounds of wings. By the way have there been any follow up stories to that alarming report earlier in the week that it would not be enough that chicken wings for the American public on Super Bowl Sunday in these guys are running around stealing 26000 pounds of them expected that story was -- that by. By by the wings actually big chicken out. Scare scare the American public. South the -- the army police department reports that a motor vehicle stop Monday on long pond drove the drive. Led to the rest of a man with over 100. Prior and trees on his driving record. Pedro Jose from mean now the fourth. Of Al life circles up the -- -- -- I read this -- did you yeah I read this one out and a hundred new mansion one of them. This is from Bristol Pennsylvania Michael -- broke into his neighbor's -- to steal pain medications. He was caught -- how you ask it had snowed. And guess why he has that followed his footprint gesture right next door tracks ripe and ready to. -- that they're neighbors have have. Proxies in their medicine cabinet by the way I guess they must chat over the back over the back and to some insect in the nine -- whatever -- -- And -- ago and now they've got most -- -- Our. Teacher in Aurora Colorado a 23 hurled high school teacher. Is on administrative leave pending an investigation after a local news station exposed half naked pics and pot smoke and boats. Posts from her Twitter accounts on the CD. Watching drug -- go down the part human it's funny because I have -- in my car and missed up parking lot she tweeted this sheets -- this. Just got called miss -- cutie points for being clever however you are still -- read another one of the teachers. Tweets. Yeah another teacher tweeted that back to work on -- this is what she's tweeting about a student oh she's tweeting to the student is jail bait yeah. You are still jail -- him. Yeah yeah Smart you know -- it's nice to the youth of America is being taught by -- problem. This. If the two when bachelor's degrees just. Aren't worth what they used to dividends. Nine with a little schoolhouse degrees -- of the -- on the plane. Orange city Florida this the winner these letters to owners a authorities say a Florida Tug truck driver -- in jail after his cellphone. Pocket dialed 911 and dispatchers. Listen in on a conversation about the sale of drugs. Nineteen year old Matthew dollar -- was surprised when of -- county sheriff's deputy pulled him over and asked him about his conversation with two passengers. The Daytona Beach news journal reports 911 dispatchers pinpointed the cell phone's location. And sent deputies to investigate from the conversation we're pot dealer 911 it's beat this match has learned they were driving an attempt techies he was a tow truck driver. Well like I found this crack pipe in they found a crack pipe one dollar -- he was arrested and charged with possession drug -- Hickel is totally throws you tell the police -- the pipe belonged to his father. No -- gas that is very nice are right. This one it's just so creepy. -- When it comes to post arrest statements the admissions made by Texas man arrested for having sex with a horse. Barry are good reminder why suspect should take advantage of the right to remain silent -- statement given to a sergeant with the Wharton county sheriff's office. -- Mendoza Tony nine. Waved his assorted rights and told that they late night encounter with his -- rights or his sordid rights to vote Mendoza. But the waiting to hear from his girlfriend noted that I told myself. If she didn't call me I was going to go next door and mess with the neighbor's horse. Which is what occurred in. I was trying to make the courts have. Read the instructions on the on the on the book of the jar you know refute the the you know what last for more than three hours you should seek assistant let me tell you what he said to the police after being arrested. I was trying to make the -- have a baby I was thinking it would have a horse -- baby. I'm -- analyze I blew a bleep in the horse I think got off the pocket and put my clothes back on and last I promised that I've not been back over the -- -- wasn't over fox croc men at syntax -- the horse lover whose rap sheet included a wide variety horse lover felony and misdemeanor collars later pleaded guilty to publicly admit to criminal trespass. His criminal -- substances evolving paradigm. He by the way was how old was a horse -- I don't know but he by the way hung himself -- his chance -- Good career move -- Indeed all right Spezza that that's. And it's a colleague Carlo a week from today for another exciting episode of police blotter thanks Brian. This case.