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Was Scott Brown's decision to not run a selfish one?

Feb 4, 2013|

Scott Brown once again betrays the GOP. But, he does it with a smile.

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After -- Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up all liberal bowl 6172666868. In the number. You can also affect us at 686 city. We are now joined by holy -- overshot. The long Republican columnist and blogger. At the Boston Herald. She has an absolutely must read column in today's paper if you haven't read it read it trust me. It's called it's titled. Our honeymoon with brown just ended. It is a devastating piece. She basically says his decision now not to run for the US senate is like leaving a bride at the altar. We're now joined by Ali robbers shot -- welcome to the coroner report. -- -- -- -- you gave it to them with both barrels I gotta tell you that and in today's call well I didn't hold back. Pretty disappointed with what it's gone on I have stuck by him and happy to stick by him. You know when he voted you know for a lot of things that I outward not so great. You know especially -- Dodd-Frank. I'm you know I'm not crappy album middle class -- that there. And that's bills took me I can no longer do any real estate investing because of that. Hurt me very financially I never said anything I you know I just missed it by hand I. Stuck up within with a conservative with the Tea Party people. Told them they have to stay in line and and they truly believe that I mean I understand the threading the needle here in Massachusetts. He can't be as conservative as we like our candidates to be. But there with absolutely no reason for him to string people along telling then that he was going to run for US that it. And then pulling the switch at the end of the day after the chairman site. It would it would that nasty dirty tricks and I'm sorry but you know Scott Brown owes something to this party. Some consideration. You know to leave it's that's just such -- -- moment that we're scrambling. Well you know marquis -- three million dollars already in the bank. Yes you know we get Steve lynch running I mean these people already have a head start. And hit for him to leave the next candidate to step in that far behind is wrong. Absolutely bra okay and it is no reason to do it it's not about threading a needle it was about not thinking one. Step further about the next candidate or about the party and I didn't do this I just wrote about what he did. We're talking with holly -- Borchard. She's the lone Republican columnist of the Boston Herald she has a devastating column. In today's Harold you have to read it -- a lot of people are not aware. But apparently there was a lot of behind the scenes in fighting going on for the chairmanship of the Republican State Committee. Between around spic. -- Hughes. And -- green who was favored by many Tea Party people. Right well I think Rick Green had a a lot of people that wanted to support him because. He wasn't about one person he was running about a whole ticket that they -- all of the candidates who want to focus in on. Excuse that the former staff member for brown and members were bullied into supporting. Part because they said. Scott said if Rick rain wind I will not run. And that the many members were told that it's the only way Scott grabbed the -- for US senate. If if they voted accused. Moreover they were told that the only way the party was ever gonna raise money it's because Scott Brown would bring in the money for -- -- Now I left high and dry without a candidate without money and it. Eat yet he kept -- until what he did I'm sorry you just don't do. What you did to the party like that message we want these people who have given up it weekends have given up you know made thousands of phone calls. Knocked on doors got everything. I mean I've had my head handed to me is many -- many parents the inning by got. And -- kick in by the Democrats on many different levels. And I you know I I did a lot of volunteer work for Scotland last year and this is just you know it was a -- trailed the party. You know this isn't threading the needle of you know of trying to move down the medals to appeal to voters this is the complete lack of consideration for the party. Holly I'm just curious why do you think he decided not to run. I think the decision had been made a long time ago. And that he held back. Until after the chairman Terry. Really so even though Kirstie uses candidate won so. If he had. Since I. Jeff I've always said I don't believe in -- incidences where Democrats you know when that happens it. Over the next decade is the other things just happen I don't believe in coincidences. I don't believe that the following day after Hughes -- after his game went. He's dead now announces he's not in Iraq. Now I don't believe it. So what do you think their reasoning was that he wanted to use this the state GOP chairmanship fight to get his person and control the state apparatus. To set up a run for governor when he fourteen. That's correct. OK and you know it wasn't -- -- Charlie Baker -- get out the people that would have liked to have had a choice in the governor's race. This is just not this is not a way to do it. You don't leave the next candidate for US senate trying to highlight that. He just don't okay. And to think that the party should be all but one person running for governor you don't know we meet you know that this should be a primary he wants to have the government. That's fine I don't know Republican running for governor. I have a -- of the timing of the colts' sake he allowed just thirty days ago or even sixty days ago did say that he was an interest in running for US senate. Or give us some kind of indication likely needed we might need to have a back up plan. Like he had he had the field clear for camp for US senate. I mean look at wood shot at Senator John McCain -- he did everything possible to make sure that John Kerry was appointed to that Scott Brown had this seat. To run for not gave Republicans. Scott Brown. To run for the -- -- why did brown I'm just curious I mean he's most likely gonna -- lynch is a challenging marquis but let's just say the money. The money's on Ed Markey to be the next democratic nominee. Marquis is a weak candidate he's a machine politician he's a phony he's basically a carpetbagger. They don't even Norman -- they could even recognize -- of the song. Brown could win this race technically why did he not go for. I have no idea. I mean like he's been very easy beat I think -- force somebody like Scott Brown. I I don't at last week I thought you know we were I would discuss it on your rated show quiet but says Scott could be marquee. I -- a share. Why he did this it's you know and I -- it's the timing to me that that he go to Republicans. You know CEO of the Republicans some kind of -- see an issue at all that -- have. Now should he go head to head with Charlie Baker in a primary campaign for the governor's race. Can't do you think baker can beat Scott Brown. I think -- acres continues credentials. On the fiscal conservative issues have far more intact then Scott's car. It's got voted for Dodd-Frank that the job spell and then the these fiscal deals -- you know that was not a good vote. Baker has been you know has solid fiscal conservative credentials. People might not like a month some of the social issues that -- fiscal conservative issues. Are unquestionable. And is that the guy who ran an in -- is for the guy who -- health and human services. Charlie Baker you know last week quoted great op -- that both. About how bad the -- is it going to be out this tax increases that the governor is proposing are. I think speaker will will rally a lot of support. Among the fiscal conservative and I know that. At the end of the day you know Kelly you know. He might not agree with China at all associations but he -- never done anything like this to be you know elect brown left the party at the altar. -- -- we could have won and US senate seat in at that hasn't been opened -- 28 years and Scott left that high and dry and Friday. We're talking with Hawley -- -- she is the long Republican columnist at the Boston Harold you have to read your column in today's paper. -- If there is a 2014. Republican gubernatorial primary. You looking at Charlie Baker do you think this decision by brown will have sold disaffected and angered so many Republicans. That baker could come out over the top and basically brown cut his political throat by not running for the US senate on Friday. I think that really has hurt himself with a lot of Republicans. I heard from several state committee members that supported his -- Ford chairman -- -- Be trade. Checked and double cross. And got the feeling it's pretty hard right now about what Scott has done. He would have active actively get out there. Yeah I think he'd have to give over his database. To to the next candidate for US senate. Make it available at a party. Voters that he identified lot selection I think he's gonna do a lot of different things to make up for what he did on Friday. Before that people would consider you know making him the nominee because at the end of the day you know -- our party if the -- If we're gonna row we have this get together in this got to be some kind of at some point in time you have to think about the party once in awhile if we want to grow the party. It weakened against statements like it's not the party it's the person we can forget things like that but when when there is no. Other ramifications. Other then you're you're screwing the next person in line to wait like -- I I can't begin to explain Mike Scott Brown did when he did and then I'm really disappointed in him and really disappointed in him. They're talking about and Romney may be running -- talking about tag Romney Mitt Romney son. Do you see any of these. Names being floated out there is potential viable candidates. Well you know and -- Romney. You know they've -- viable candidates I think that they've got. Problems with you know the last. November's election. And it's it's going to be hard road for them because they're there they're behind PO market buried at three million dollars in the bank. I've also heard -- went is another candidate that's considering it he is you know. He would be a good candidates and former US attorney Mike Sullivan would be another good candidate with this -- Said that you know we've got some possibilities of running I just wish that they didn't have. And texture and a disadvantage in the history. We have been talking with Hawley -- -- the long Republican columnist. At the Boston Herald. Do yourself a favor check out her column in today's paper holly thanks so much for coming on the corner report. How honest they Ali. What do you make of Scott Brown's decision. To pull out of the senate race to not run for this special senate election. Do you feel beach raid. Where do you think he made the right call. Do you support Scott Brown. Or do you opposes decision not to run. 6172666868. Is the number 6172666868. I'll take all of your calls right after this break. There are 96 point nine reasons don't. -- Rushing the ball weekdays noon history. This is Boston's only home for talking AM six WRKO. Talk with the attitude.