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Chump Line Monday February 4, 2013 - Ally vs. Alley

Feb 4, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a nod to Howie's tendency to mispronounce the word ally which he pronounced alley.

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In this -- on immigration reform free green cards for all underage prostitutes. -- Alley financial. I suppose you could say that Great Britain more than Alley -- in World War II -- Ally financial sorry about that that used to be known as GG MAC. I think. That's why that's why I you know I find it hard to know you know I like to go with the old names you know. Like Anheuser-Busch. Is now -- be in bed of -- remember the new name of Philip Morse Nortel here Al terrorists or something like that. And I GM AC is ally financials are. City is. That's -- -- squeeze on the -- that the and then -- ago. That's the kind of gun control most Americans. And wants. But it -- What new appointment of oil and. That's where Obama says we -- Smart cuts that means in his vocabulary no costs. Why is the way go Super -- -- very clear all sorts. Ball. Everybody knows that. But he -- Halliburton hurricane machine and a hybrid. Over chocolate city last night just trying to make a -- things just like with Hurricane Katrina. With Dick Cheney at the controls and -- Euro -- co pilot's seat. Was just. That was a no brainer. State paper -- I like dynamite or Catholic class two weeks into the semester. At my local community college -- that I know that there's a -- button on the console. But what would you met somewhere along the lines you get -- type mode. I was surprised that's all I was caught by a I was caught by surprise. I just sold some different you know you gotta you gotta break it up every now and then -- you heard a couple of sneezes what's the big deal. Hey I'm all for being -- people from Boston again that means that. We're. Irritated championship. Who cares if the patriots in the super ball -- We've got Beanpot fever here in the Beanpot fever grips tough. Right right. And there's but dropped by eight and 8000 that there. What does it cover insurance thousand across 20000 dollars. After row for obamacare. Goes into effect that affordable. The affordable. Here the ACA the Affordable Care Act. If Bible says that it meant Menendez -- -- Republican and mainstream press to be all over whether that would get. Located if he was Republican you would think that -- it was a move they're trying to make a career out of it. Hardly -- and make your career how many times as much fun that we have much work that we may by the way well Larry Craig. The guy with a wide stance which I -- not say. How many times did you hear item five day. Certainly why you gotta do it again if I I don't discredit my legs. And I love my hands. So they won't slide. Sure. You know we have when it comes to -- sexual. Peccadilloes. We we are an equal opportunity -- we have fun with the Anthony Weiner to. And we have fun with Mark Foley when it when it was his turn but you know what Mark Foley and and Larry Craig never Huntsman made that there were different versions whereas. Where is Menendez according to war all sources. Actually. Did partake of the underage workers in America. It's. And yet it's important. You. -- don't hear you. Besides. If you don't hear about Bob Menendez from me before you can hear about it from. Nobody even rush really goes after Bob Menendez that much -- -- rush got stopped come -- back and that the into the states. A few years back from the Dominican Republic and they they took some Viagra on them. I don't know why that means that he doesn't talk about they -- -- of Bob Menendez or even if these two events are related in anyway but there you have it. Article parliament. Himself with anger about that -- are -- You know black girl -- any job quickly is that we can get -- What I hear he would work all day. Are you saying that -- For Barack Obama prefers people who don't work. You see SC is you can't overlook the working class of the non working costs. Or areas at the -- there -- worn out. Some -- only seems proper that John Forbes Kerry is the new boss at foggy bottom as I heard one radio announcer put it today. John Kerry in foggy bottom post those phrases go together and now he's got big heels to -- I guess he's the big heal you might say. I'm John Kerry and I. -- reporting for duty. You know my favorite quote now I thought I thought my favorite quote was from John Kerry was the one about. About John Edwards and you know what a wonderful guy it was molested as a family home and everything. But you know what my favor I decided my new favorite John Kerry. Quote as best -- poll will be a bargain. -- will be a bargain. Talk about the statement that world. Rings through the halls of history. A lot. Newton. They can be. -- Well I think lobby my birthday is coming off I'll be sixty no line here is old version seventy years old anyway. You know we already -- -- -- on -- virtual -- that's the third largest island in the chain one -- two by the second largest island in the chain. That would be Martha's Vineyard. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling have a card you. Okay that's at that's it for the trump like today that your point is the recorded -- mail message service of we are sure you call leave a message and India or that there might including weekends to -- number if you like believes such a message is. 61777934696177793469. We've made -- -- your message this time each week that. Our Alley in advance so I suppose you'd say that Great Britain more than Alley of power in World War II. -- --