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Ann Coulter On The Massachusetts Special Senate Election

Feb 4, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. Ann and Howie spoke of the Massachusetts Special Senate election now that Scott Brown is not running and the future of Fox News. Howie also told everyone to check out Ann's newest best seller Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

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Joining us now on the on line is that she does every week he is in Coulter the author of the new book -- And and thanks for being with us here on the Howie Carr show. Always good to be here -- With a -- hero Harry Reid on the intro talking about Bob Menendez he's an integral part of what we go. Out a. That figured I could just socket and when -- and even and a about. Well you know what's funny because. You know they had -- -- Stephanopoulos was on I guess a week ago when they read before the immigration. Proposal came out. And they they had Menendez on an end they wouldn't ask him about it I mean if you you know how can you not. -- guy about this but that but now now is bosses on Harry Reid and they asked him about it. So I guess say what you will about Stephanopoulos he may not know the difference between now Morgan Freeman and Bill Russell. You know at least he has the stones ask Harry -- about Menendez about -- together and not that he got much of an answer but at least the least he put -- on the question on the table. No I agree I mean the rest of that in the -- -- and did its classic. White water coverage so they can say we technically covered. They have run. Based article written by the -- most boring reporter you've ever I thought I knew what was coming in this story and I still couldn't pay attention. And the first funny paragraphs or on the only thing declined cares about in Portland paddling and wait wait wait the other little allegation about the underage girl. I mean maybe this story is true but the reason the reason people tend to believe things like this about Democrats is. In that they often do turnout to be true as the mainstream media is completely ignoring it or even specifically. Specifically covering it up. Right the more the mainstream media ignores this kind of story whether it's John Edwards or Bob Menendez. Or Jesse Jackson. Or Jesse Jackson junior the more you believe it's -- oh yeah. I mean how well I mean -- your experience tell you what's more likely to be true what they ignore. They expect a it doesn't have that John Edwards feelings about that they'll. And the other thing is to really realize this Tola told -- from Chelsea mentioned it to me today UNICEF faxes -- one of my listeners. He did the the Republican lieutenant governor of Nebraska. They the the Oklahoma newspaper the Omaha newspaper went -- respond records which we can't get on our lieutenant governor in Massachusetts but apparently they cantonal Omaha. And they they found out that had been calling these are women he when he Indy always estranged from his wife not living with -- wife he is and not only is he not running for governor into India next year he resigned as lieutenant governor because he was calling these women. You know 10. I guess I don't have to tell you what party pollute and yeah. I -- wonderful heart and no one of. Shocking things about the Menendez. Story. Is. And that he paid back up like 60000 dollars for the private plane. And some web site -- the daily caller which was web site originally break -- full story. They would they looked said Menendez financial reports that and what he gets paid as a senator and -- that this is probably half the money he had in his bank account. So he does not planning on paying any of this back until we got -- With the did the daily caller also done some interviews with some of his neighbors in Washington and they say oh my god -- wish we could get him out of this building. He's he skates crazy every night he's got some -- wasn't a woman and hear screaming and yelling and he's but 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning he said -- cap. Mean these -- real you know. Daily caller asked that I said that door that's been pretty shirts do we call it did it's -- What they have some real journalism going on now. It is or is or is Bob Menendez is staffers call it the right wing radical blog. -- -- -- Did a better job in the Newark Star Ledger though you know. Highs in the of the daily caller I mean they've broken a lot of stories and they're not always about Democrats. One of the ones I remember I know there -- a lot more beyond this but one of them won that one. When Michael Steele was head of their currency. What was the name of the club -- only -- -- Donors feel always felt like a lot of -- Club what you're. Yeah that's right they did yeah I do remember that the other I mean they've done a great job I mean these people they know that is on the and -- on the world in the world of the Internet. You have to rule you have to do you know or in your rock earn your keep you have to earn your chops GQ I can't be like the new work star ledger and your colleagues say. Why aren't the real estate ads coming in and be more right. There's some no one wants to live in New Jersey and there's something called Craigslist here. Have to have some more layoffs I don't I don't know maybe if we put some -- in the paper do you think people would actually pick it up in the morning. All -- -- that they -- for the daily caller to break the stories and ignore you write or or the right and editorially say. Bob Menendez has the answer these questions and if you're -- if you rely on the starlet ledger -- the New York Times. -- -- -- What story are they talking about -- You have to these questions from -- -- -- we don't know we don't we don't it would rely on right wing radical blog sites. Yet yet I know some some comedy writers and they are dying to do something on Menendez. But they said you know we can't do it because the audience won't know what we're talking about. -- This is beautiful comedy. Yeah I don't with the same problem last year with Elizabeth Warren you know when -- -- -- claiming to be a fake Indian you know you couldn't send people out on the street to do what to ask about the fake Indian stuff because the globe was giving the story good leaving alone is George -- -- used -- -- and -- No question most listened to talk radio or read the -- -- the only way you knew why you you know that she had this problem and that she was flipping properties in the in Oklahoma City that was. That got an even bigger pass from the mainstream media nobody ever found out about that one. I really amazing Republicans ever win any elections at all. He went with the media -- plus does it really shows integrate common sense of the American people and enough of it get through. That Republicans can win elections. I mean is covering up -- Menendez story okay yeah maybe it's not true but there are an awful lot of underage prostitutes. Claiming detailed knowledge of Bob Menendez and is not to refer. Right and -- and guy and and he's not exactly. He he's not exactly issuing forth forth right denial she's about as a the he's about as believable as Harry Reid is denying it and and the other thing too is that they've they've got these emails from this FBI agent who's been investigating -- in the heat he's telling the source and everything he's telling them about the underage prostitutes -- stroll. Yeah yeah yeah elbow that would be other things someone. Someone's said his FBI agents friends had said was was significant. Not one -- this immediate. Midnight raid on the doctor's office and in the case they've been working on for about six months -- anything about it goes public. They don't just issue a subpoena. And go -- in an orderly way take their time about collecting documents I don't know why shut the place down at midnight right. Let's go to suggest state level of theory if that's. Yes what do you think of Scott Brown -- pulling out of the senate fight here in Massachusetts. Well not too bad for the citizens -- messages that it's probably good in good call. At least at least for. From from a distance it appears that Massachusetts is more inclined to elect Republican governors than Republican senators. Yeah also you know even if it won and spent 20/20 five million dollars you know. This time you would have had less than two years to serve before it probably would have been look at that Joseph Joseph Joseph Kennedy you know. And just like I said Mike -- -- -- -- -- would end up spending may be fifty million box to serve serve basically. Less than five years in the senate and ended four elections or elections -- To serve five years in the senate I mean that's pretty. That's pretty. Not. And that's tough it's very tough to want to get up for these kind of elections. But not the problem is we don't know of anybody else to want to run -- And -- do that and was hoping for a department. Our -- well you know a big -- the try to was they they've been talking about the -- the one of the Romney's running -- arena was -- the Celtics game yesterday where -- into one -- -- Romney's people and he said none of the Romney's are planning to run and today bill weld dropped we've got out of the race -- he wasn't -- he's just come back to the state but. You -- Mimi bill bill weld endorsed Obama in 2008 that's what that's what kind of our republic. Yet I said that's -- that's about the best you could get these gay rights and yeah I mean I would. I haven't run for office I would want to run for office I can't think of anything so painful and unpleasant design problems but -- I'm very sympathetic and consequently can -- any of the Romney's -- hires Scott Brown -- not wanting to turn around and running another race right away. Now but I think the other thing is it she -- -- -- -- -- -- book signings with Scott lately you know since the campaign was over and and these people come up to -- that lava man they they talk about the terrible things that happened to me you know the cars got key. There -- -- -- got spit on it you know at the University of Massachusetts. You know they're they're front lawns cut be impolite -- me just me. Just nasty stuff -- our -- richest. You know it's not the end of the world or anything like that but it's just it's it's it's much on the make you really wanna -- laden you know take on the world again. Right now and just -- feel I and I think a lot of right wingers politicos feel this way right now. It's that if we were at war for. For a minimum of three years I mean really started -- national past Obama care and our side got all ginned up and about the rallies the end I obamacare rally. Obamacare passed the Tea Party start of the 2010 elections the big sweep of the Republicans. In the office and then we start with the Republican primaries and it just war war war non stop and does the presidential election. It was again the feeling well and no members six I guess technically November 7 at like shelling just suddenly stopped. It's just stopped and there's nothing you can do you're screwed for the next few years. You're depressed and and that's why. I. Everyone I know about political people I know we that we cut down on watching political news by about 985%. Well I -- the people all the time in wherever ago that tell me that they they say -- in the way they don't even watch fox anymore you know. Not -- -- -- -- see what we're all depressed from watching Turner Classic Movies and true crime TV at least I ailment Gossip Girl had been catching up on. But -- will be back you know we need a little time to rest. Obviously the the the 2014. Elections are going to be very important. Because if we don't. Apple leaks adding -- mama hold back Alice and it's pretty close about Armageddon tax rates of up to 70% -- having amnesty. That'll be the end of the country but let's just. Just -- until we start again we need a little bit of down time. I guess there's a -- and Gabriel Gomez someone just reminded me of attacks -- he's a a former navy seal he's ease interest and running -- he has no he has no experience or no background I mean that's that's tough to start out at that level you know it was a senate Canada. You don't unless your unless your Hillary Clinton and you have the mainstream media you know acting as you're blocking backs. Right and you are married till morning hook. -- media law. Right exactly but he he's and we got to have somebody went on -- much time -- get a -- to get 101000 signatures by the end of February and you know what's -- fourth of February and two short month and a you can only get up for mud dumb luck for -- Republicans or independents so that's like sixty -- -- down to 60% of the population you can you can get it from. Could be some Republican House member who could run now. I guess there's -- there's one that's thinking about running he's a he's a former -- judge and he's a former legal counsel to one Mitt Romney got in the end Winslow. -- was a guy Richard to say he was a he ran for rock congress against against here last year ago few that we told you about John purity. He's that he is he's so corrupt he needs a corkscrew to get into his pants are probably. And he makes he makes Menendez looked like a member of the good government so see -- This is yanks his two gangster Brothers in law both call them the biggest liar in the world. -- -- Anyway I mean it was a libertarian dumped them in the in the high and you know cost him the election but still I mean night. I I said it I said what do you know we was first name you know mentioned as a possible Canada so I think he's still Smart from lose and to Tierney. I mean I sure would be IBM you know I mean it's not his fault but me. He'd libertarians. Are on and that's just something you know wrecking other elections -- they put that money would now star and run in this election. I'll tell time they faced a little scrutiny instead of just wrecking everything for every deal. But it had that and knowing about this development Allah god bless them. On he'd be willing to do something I would want to do run for office. But I think I'm right in saying. And let you running from something like like this state house or from. The United States house of represented. Usually use these first time runs for high higher office like that -- -- or governor. -- usually not not only -- usually lose but it doesn't turn out to be stepping stone for another office that mean it's like Herman Cain or Christine O'Donnell in the big. Right now there's always -- there's always a skeleton in the closet. -- there isn't it just. It just never read anything else whereas if you come from some other office. Look like in Massachusetts Statehouse that about the eerie place to run from you need you need that in. The nonsense of having been involved in politics before it did to take on a big grateful. You you know that the element about it that when there's whenever libertarian gets into race against specially against the epic we challenged Democrat like John Tierney the congressman from the North Shore. They always insists. We have to have every candidate in the debates you know we. Know everybody's. If you have if you want to put your were you know your reputation on the line running for office we have to have you there so you never get a chance against -- one on one you know it's. It's the governor of Massachusetts got reelected with 49% of the vote he -- yeah. -- thought it also helped get Ronald Reagan elected. That's true it helped -- early on -- to get a landslide -- my guess it also helped bush get elected to -- away you know whip did you know. Ralph Nader on the ticket. Armed that night although I think that's exaggerated but in the states in which I'm probably. Despite my my little knocking -- libertarians just -- I think Nader as well a lot of the libertarian votes which if you look at. On the number of people who voted liberty are often made the difference in some of these and calculate. That was -- I heard there were not. I think that they actually that they actually through the Democrats and semi. Looks pretty bad. And I'd not that I want to dampen anyone's hatred of libertarians here but I suspect a lot of those cases. They were jerk off pot smoking. Nerds who would not have voted. Otherwise anyway. And advocates have Nader every place we've got a lot of vote it was like please like can't afford with the Democrat is winning but I. By now 80%. This. I thought I remember driving on on Sunday morning proved to my birthplace of Portland Maine and I was one now congress street the main drag this in 2000. And I thought -- -- and looked and looked out on the street there was this line of people. Like the look like bombs I -- a new soup kitchen opened up since last -- -- know what it was or else -- program with. -- but. I think it would actually determine that Pat Buchanan hurt. This opening willingness to. Geithner was is it a lot of the a lot of people said that they. They meant to vote for a gore but they voted on -- they voted for Buchanan instead IQ I just only. Overall if you looked at the national number of votes -- inning got verses the national number of votes Nader got it looked like Nader have had more of an influence. But you can't into the vote the way in states that -- club. Yeah. Now what do what do you think about the Obama announcing we gonna need more taxes we get it we can have Smart cuts in spending all of the work Smart that's another one of the worst at the -- the liberals have kidnapped. From the rest of us. Smart it was we've got to do Smart spending and Smart cuts. -- another in the Euro the you know or the senate them is very stupid. -- I think Smart and a -- I think government York's at its complete look at a group of government bureaucrats on this problem. I know the other one night like. It's it's it's in Spain. I mean it's a -- of refusing to have a discussion. The way they keep talking about how we just want to have a discussion. I'm out instead so much on MSNBC I'm getting myself Alina claiming all watching it's her closet will be OK I. I'd check team element on MSNBC but the big points on -- is we we want to happen discussion of why can't we just tap the discussion went up the discussion. And like you just take your yelling it. You people keep -- Of the discussion discussion -- your will tell you will tell you what's gonna happen in the -- will shut the bleep up if you don't shut up will call will say you you were engaging in hate hate speech. Yet -- on the up and may write about that this week but do you know who knows maybe I'll write about Gossip Girl. So I would like to get this out quickly on your listeners may well. Already now but one is this business about. This was the New York Times editorial today or yesterday about -- and this nonsense going around on in the home it's 43% more mart reported three times other. More likely to be used against some morning. On 99% of those are it was thought. They are suicide and there's no evidence but on. Or the freedom the availability of guns is more likely to lead to suicide. Guns are banned in detail and they have to fight our rate of it was thought there'd been comparison done state this state -- with gun control and of course the changes over time. On states without gun control -- have more suicides in places where guns are male no there are not they just commit suicide in different ways. So bright and we don't Bobby Kennedy's sense Bobby Kennedy's estranged wife did not have a gun in the house perhaps. Totally positive but she did have a rope in the right. Right and use either an -- -- not so so so first of all. Almost all of those deaths of the homeowner are in fact suicide. But more Oprah what they're comparing our apples to oranges they only compare one -- one dog. Well I'd -- Huge when an home intruder come the end without actually killing the woman who injured -- sometimes -- -- just cracked and the moment from around. -- -- intruder does help but pay into the police get there. And many can go on and and go to prison could be rehabilitated and go to Harvard Law School not a better outcome. But that outcome doesn't come because he'd be -- owner -- the dog owner did not actually -- a moment -- On about a that's totally. -- -- And -- did you see the column last week by the guys from Houston the -- the liberal Vermont Texas just -- Cronin is his name. You should you take a look at this you're gonna write a gun column does he he was you know he was talking about how he happened to get a -- and you know cause of Hurricane Rita he was a traffic Yemeni realized he was on defendant in this family was on defend that. I don't set any -- said he says you know I know all the statistics but but you can't decide he can't you can't make all your life decisions on statistics. You've just got to go with what what what feels right in -- got in he said I felt right my -- I needed to have a gun in my house to protect my kids in my family. Yeah yeah no the government wants to Kelly okay well maybe you're not feeling suicidal man how. But what but we did we know you might change your mom and now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be suicidal. Let's take a call to Fran Coulter the she's the author of the new book mug and she's not appearing on TV as much -- because she's watching Turner Classic Movies are so she says. But she's actually watching MS in a much. Ferris are next with how we car and Ann Coulter go ahead Paris. Well god how we will -- forever this is my second time when he added you'd never forget your first time it would with Geraldo what that it. -- -- -- You mean senate candidate Geraldo Rivera. You -- somebody's got a statement at that place but I told the police. Reelect him I do every night but. She. Correct -- the fact there were leaving Blackstone Shelby tiger many of us. There are still lots as a matter. We've led to a party well out. I'm sorry you like to party rally Saturday in Wallingford and at. So as the -- felt so there but well never. Let on channel I mean I don't and it. To be on Hannity and -- that they really like -- I'm gonna beyond rabbi. At 3 AM tonight. But I'm going to act like Gossip Girl. Here -- -- very governor. I think the boxes or the boats go. Is it is it libel or slander it's slightly under that because it. Yeah I think it I know it's funny thing happened and in fact my friends and LA have been trying to. Planning protests for it in other banning plastic back and hit it a play even though of these. These disgusting back here it made me you know to. The bags you can at least from store to store and read reusable bags they cobbled. -- They're they're crawling with bacteria and there have been studies showing that more people are going to emergency. Hearing Beasley and the ball -- Plastic bags so we've been trying to plan protests. NLY you can't do they won't tell you what date goes into effect so OK I kind of agree that the color printing them. More important things like gone. And plastic bag it's the Bible protests that. Thanks thanks for the call -- 1877469. Ports 322 you guys crack me up you'd rather live with the dams in this administration and complain that it's everyone else's fault all the while you can't put up a candidate worth his -- in salt. Well it's hot out I don't get GM's fault or my fault that would that that nobody wants to run in the state I mean it's everything is stacked against you mean why. I don't I don't boy -- -- how would you blame. You know the -- these -- Scott Brown or bill welder -- to say for not running. No in fact it's in and the same thing has been happening Californian now that has that happened a year ago and in New York. And it just becomes such a one party states. That you'd you'd stop getting here is Republicans and after 2010 when Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman to very impressed that women. Businessmen and women that make a lot of money where we're basically conserve but that's slightly different positions fairly impressive people. It was in 2000 and the year of the Republican revolution. You know they did in California to see what kind candidates you're gonna get in California but -- need to understand. Millions. Of their own money on those races. -- and poignant element again not like we get New York. They lost two and would do is to they lost Jerry brown and pat are there because two -- Democrats are a part of a future. That's why they -- just all brown and Barbara Boxer -- Jerry hit you to party. Did you -- Cuomo's rod. Brady favorability ratings are down not double digits since he went after guidance. I did see you back. That's that's that should tell you something even and even in a blue state were Republicans are having all sorts of problems they there's still. People still in the gut -- to go owning guns. It's always been the third rail Democrats would not touch guns and in 1994 crime or nineteen. I into the 93 crime bill that had the first assault weapons ban or -- like it's happened unfortunately in the 94 election. And all these long standing Democrat that's when I went to work for the senate judiciary committee for the first thought Republicans that both houses of congress in in half a century. And I knew a lot of all but if you Democrat. Staffers who remained and they told me how they'd go in to Democrats thought that the push down. 2222. Vote for appointment crime bill but it's Baldwin at two Democrats -- longtime Democrats would be sitting at their offices brought. Saying if you make me vote for this I cannot win reelection. And all of them were knocked out that was based heavily heavily on boat which is like Democrats. Have -- it doesn't matter what the New York Times source salon magazine of the Huffington Post does not done. Elected Democrats know that they can't -- gone. And and that's what ever -- -- -- -- over the new -- shooting and all the nonsense about this time it's different this time it's different looks like this time it is to. Bill your next with how we card and call or go ahead bill. OK I'm one of those guys I mean I'm still Hamachi pregnant. But after the lead the presidential election I just gave up on politics and and I'm not an iPhone I just as like I don't want to hear it anymore I hit it and it. And that like to know how we can try to surround and I am pro gun and I don't wanna see -- gun control I don't -- you're Obama is -- Talking about. Anything and how much of -- Republican trend the restaurant. -- And -- different column. After all the week in response to this is that the device it was mainly used elect I don't think conservatives should be discouragement not to -- in the mood. Especially this sort of dated date so I don't wanna hear about. Obama's cabinet nominees and what it said today it would do nothing to do and road who. Cut back. But Republicans should and conservatives and Tea Party membership counseled me not be discouraged at his meeting able Brookings institute report and but I mean right now response. You with the bill. The health and the EU bail. Because I think you expect that the feelings of a lot of people. -- did not do well for an incumbent. Winning a re election I mean their. He didn't he did make some records in how poorly yet. A lot of demographic a lot of it it is it is that -- four years or that they are and you know with how we mentioned we got. We got Andrew Cuomo is probably going to be running for president Hillary Clinton Joseph Biden. Irishman -- the governor of Maryland. O'Malley AIG's one of my -- he would even dumber than Joseph Biden. He is -- Running for president and hopefully -- get to work not congressman Mike Duncan finished and they have to have the patient's primary fight that we got to go through. This time the wind will be out our back we do not need to roll out our policies on illegal immigration or on films or on abortion. -- issue by issue Republicans do well we have been meeting against the we all -- against this but we. We have risen from the mansion before and we will again they'll rest stop for Dallas and -- A -- remember to look on the bright side now when you see Dennis Kucinich on TV in the longer says the Ohio it says Dennis Kucinich dot com. Yeah. Yeah. If you want to -- Dennis consider it you don't go to the has studied the Capitol Hill anymore. Right and it's kind of a funny thing I mean I think part of the problem. What with the conservative movement is the system of consent of the people can can do well by themselves but harm the party about the country would. We got -- break it now one person wants to say yeah I want to ask you what about Obama's gotten photo this weekend. You see the gun photo right lied. They tell but it is silly and I just think it should have a little flag with the word -- coming out. OK and thanks -- be aware of this we appreciate watcher that I yearning Hannity and -- on that I that I thought our I talked to assume I'm how we guard.