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Max Robins Monday February 4, 2013 - Superbowl

Feb 4, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today Howie and Max mostly talked about the Superbowl broadcast, the blackout and the truly suckey commercials in the bowl this year.

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OK time now for Max -- with his TV report Max -- on -- how we partial was brought -- -- South -- savings bank just better. Visit SS SB dot com SS SP dot com Max thanks for being with us here on how we our show. Hey how are you recovered from Cooper and -- yes. Yeah I have a I was you -- up those commercials were basically pretty crappy lastly Max what do you think. Yeah I think mediocre -- where it would say would pretty much sum it up I mean. Didn't I -- last year of course I'm hometown boy there -- He had a couple commercial I think back about that Chrysler watching the native Detroit can't say. Which was don't really striking and -- and I don't think you really had anything quite like I mean. There was a man who wants you. -- -- you know Pug part straight about. You know search Ers servicemen and women coming home I mean. -- it I didn't see anything it is really I went wow that -- -- real moment and that's gonna really capture people's imaginations. Acts like this to my kids. That I missed some of that commercial was -- something that I don't understand 'cause you know I don't I only watch Turner Classic Movies and Fox News Channel to meet. You like that that the thing about lead the gold seating that the goal beating that the Reid knows I mean what I didn't understand that what what is that all what what was all about it was just. I thought it was just stupid we've just been real silly you know -- that -- -- bell at where you know all the octogenarian. Get wild and crazy was kind of fun Spanish. It is Spanish yacht but that was there that was dealt -- that was pretty interesting that was one of the more standout commercial. I can't that's gotten some good note it is but I think that the what Paul Rudd and throw it -- been body you know it was. -- -- it was two minutes long did they have to spend four times three point eight million or did they get a little bit of a discount on math. They're probably got a little bit of a discount -- but not much you want to see -- -- They had with Amy Poehler got I was kind of hard to put it it wasn't you know what an extraordinary and I think. You know you want those super lawyer could be could be really great. Why did Budweiser decide to introduced to different dark Beers I'm one night. I don't I don't get that either from a marketing I thought that was something new you know they teach you not to do when not -- to introduce one new product at a time notre. I I that you would and we think but I I don't know I don't know I think that Budweiser. And at all their affiliate brands at such a huge market cheered the they think they can do whatever. You know hook up. I don't think he has -- ripped open space big commercial kinda cute I mean you never go wrong with -- They didn't go to any stock was as usual stupid. Both are hated that want to bar Refaeli and that that ugly nerd that was the Iraqis. It was that a team that. I had I don't know I don't know I mean. You know. And -- you know -- soccer mom Obama picking up the kids to go -- -- you know again it was -- on. But I didn't see anything where you're gonna I don't think there was anything at all these that it. Was really cut through advertising. I'm a year from now. Tell me again why the Arabs were mad about that Coca-Cola have -- again again my kinda missed the economist religious war there. I don't I don't know either I mean it would -- people I think you're -- you know we -- jamaicans who were upset about the all I can and we're the guys burgers -- -- -- -- -- you know our laundry. Do it brought the pardon me I was -- -- I don't know you know to how people take this stuff are too seriously. And at night it didn't. We've we you know we got a better game that we -- -- commercial for. Like -- thank god for the a blackout because it was a mature game until the blacked out you know whoever we're. Whoever was at the Helm of the Halliburton hurricane machine last night deserves a thank you from all the theaters. You whatever you want people who is who has whipped up a hundred to pull -- -- -- I don't know -- you know the beginning of that it was kind of funny but again they took too long for the payoff be. That commercial about the guy who has potential might image goes -- example the -- -- united shirt yeah it just wasn't just -- they don't OK but it wasn't I don't know. -- your to a they have the up papers in New York had broken the story about his love child last week -- that's just I kept thinking about during the turnpike commercial. I guess nobody you know every match like over the to have -- whenever. But I. On the what do you made great qualities look at -- Listen let -- from Chelsea says Max said Jim -- married his longtime same sex partner why the long delay was he waiting for his parents -- -- I have no idea -- the advocate -- -- I was misled us. -- -- -- Sort any other what was it that was the way it was a huge John huge number again as always for the super -- -- was this the baby was more than last year right. No I actually I think I got a double check where I thought it was down a little bit from last year. Craig had earlier was up by that you don't seem like you would be it seemed like you'll be down just because. Last year you had the giants and the patriots to to what top ten markets. Not only top ten markets could put -- to -- city you have you know big following that goes. Actually by actually Baltimore San Francisco I guess a top ten markets do but they're not up quite aside is New York anyway. But right right. I mean if -- -- here if you're network executives he wanted to be seen from -- and it came from new -- It to where they don't have a team from LA quite yet. -- -- there I'm sure they're working on that. 1877469432218774694322. That's the appropriate number of -- how we partial the other question for Max a what did you -- above beyond its beyoncé. Are you know should these young guys that would California type show I mean I think -- the kind of Super Bowl kind of extravaganza you want some performer who kind of crosses different demos. So what would you think. I thought she looked pretty good that's about all I care about the music. So. Did you hear that she got this read the -- of this reunion with two people I'd never heard -- but they looked pretty good too so I wasn't wasn't displeased with below normal performance. Although I can get you sound down in the you know -- wouldn't matter. But. The visual work -- to -- -- -- to how we got that Super -- -- that was underneath. Point four million people who did. Okay so -- down just a tiny bit and from last time someone says the so what says the Paul Harvey I like the Paul Harvey at true. Yes white kids with me they want somebody said somebody tweeted one government said that that I had changed my life. I don't good. Yeah I did get little going a little bit. I I was good in the sense that it day kind of like tried to blog -- Chrysler whip -- -- Dodge Ram tough with a -- with you know blue collar workers you know a guy with his hands all the all cut up. I thought I mean I thought that was more effective -- and did -- treat that a couple of years ago actually. Yeah I wouldn't know it was a it was a -- -- a kind of reminded -- a little bit like -- you know and -- the the Chevy -- W respect you bet there are yours along like Iraq occupied just had their and I think that effective and and I think probably in the long run suited to achieve which pulled apart street is probably effective as well. Yeah and so -- like the problem -- I didn't care much for the prom at the right but I got punched in the face I was that a victory I don't understand that's. It was and why he won the black eye for Christ's sake. I don't think got a kid who nerdy guy forget who -- -- Probably. An all male body. -- mean you know that was and again there's nothing wrong with I -- The love child was the end of -- not Joseph Montana's I'm sorry I mixed that up pipes are gonna get that mixed up I'm sorry a -- items and it. I'm sorry about that. Did you I guess he never recover from just look at. Right the Mercedes that witnessed with the sympathy for the devil was about was a guy like that Alec when he vanished there at the end I was good -- your next with Howard Kerr and Max out Max -- go ahead John. Percent I was very interesting -- and undermine the proposed broad outline in my heart. After this the back of the touched down. And an early opening kick out the second half. Hey you found out that dad bought Britain's secret jets go they were still watching beyoncé did even -- that the -- game it restart. Button. While it's. Heidi all like you believe that John will -- what we have heard about that by now yeah. And that's how weird it. Sounds weird to me that they weren't getting his feet and they have put his -- time I've been out a check that out. I'll just just -- how we -- web site I mean the ratings -- were darn good I mean eight underneath point four million net debt that's the second highest rated Super Bowl the last 27 years -- Last year masters Super Bowl but I think the most watched -- a 1110. Yeah. Yeah and not pretty not in the near. Yeah you all was -- the -- collides dale that someone like that the collides dale was pretty good too. My kids didn't get a bicycle to understand he was he -- that horse troop what was it you don't know from -- whole approach one. They don't pay much attention final play sometimes. 107. And this is just the Clyde -- you know -- -- Budweiser commercial or right. Surely we -- -- it's your daughters demo it give a little lost. What did -- think about the broke girls promo. The local. Doubt when -- I got to admit I guess I must be getting I'm not soldiers of -- Yeah let's see -- maybe you were feeding your goat. -- that's -- mad men season six start date is April 7 where the hell is season five still not up on Netflix. Where it will RC would he be replay number five during the run up. Yeah well it. 97 -- -- did Downton -- cut into the Super Bowl ratings I think that's a joke once. Yeah. I think -- different demo might get them out and I also outlaw it and I I didn't think that the crop probably better. Did you know it. You know people -- there you know what they called -- -- people recorder I think you're higher than usual. To win here can we -- we hear Joseph -- those remarks there -- at the during the after the game was over. -- no tape delay I met -- Max. If that. It doesn't happen more. That -- -- write about it and people are always up in arms about this when he went expletive did. They don't get -- -- -- what you are surprised that -- happen blocked -- What ever happened to the glades and long -- -- -- The big news. I think Wal-Mart I would bet but the way that I believe. It is. -- your next with how -- car and Max Robbins web Maryland. -- it's our Caroline. But it may opt to do is -- bottom -- that coming back one bit closer. The other one has been plain sight. That -- the quote and quote certain and edited by site boat caught. Yeah this is a finale after a really good afterward will go a long run. Sure are sorry sorry Caroline -- quickly -- quickly. Did that program and program and it disappeared. My question. Why can't doubt about it -- at -- -- well and companies that want to do commercials where. -- Fox. -- and -- Islamic Hamas and -- is coming back. Here. But tell Linda that lead has got to study and economics textbooks that's her work for next week Max thanks for -- what this will pocket next week. -- sort of doubt about that. I'm how we --