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Paul Harvey's prophetic warning to America in 1965!

Feb 5, 2013|

The man hits the nail on the head!

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Mesmerizing. Dodge Ram which I think people are gonna remember for years to come. Which uses Paul Harvey's voice the famous broadcaster -- newsman. Celebrating the American farmer. Now. In 1964. Life. Paul Harvey. Cut a different kind of -- net. It is three minutes long now remember the -- is very important. It's in 1960. Life. Not -- not 2013. 1964. Life. That is what 48 years ago almost fifty years ago. Think about. The assault. On religious freedom. Think about BD Christian I exhilaration of American society. Think about how we've taken guard away from the schools. Think about how we've purge the public square of the ten commandments and a prayer. Think about the rise in abortion. The breakdown of the finally. The rise in promiscuity and sexual permissiveness. Think about the growth of the entitlement state. The rise of these runaway deficits and crippling debt. Think about the destruction. Of the traditional American values. Of personal responsibility. And self reliance. Everything that is now plaguing our society in our culture. And now listen. To what Paul Harvey said in 1965. And what he prophetic week predicted here's Paul Harvey and the guide cook's role. If I were the double. If I were the prince of darkness I -- engulf the whole world in darkness. And I have a third of its real estate and four fifths of its population but I wouldn't be happy in July and she's the right for example on the tree. Me. So I -- about however necessary to take over the United States. A suburban -- first -- begin with a campaign of whispers but the wisdom of the server and I would wish for do you and I wish for dream -- -- -- -- Leon I would -- -- that the Bible was -- I would convince them that man created god instead of the other way around I would confined -- what's bad news good what's good -- square. And they all I would keep your parade after me our father. Which art in Washington. I mean I mean is this not I mean think about it. Look how brilliant he has look how courageous he is look how prophetic he -- -- think about it if you were to double. If you were the prince of darkness. Would you not assault America's Judeo Christian heritage. Would you not subvert the church. Would you not subvert traditional morality. Would you not replace god with the state. Washington. With the belief that he can control every aspect of our lives but he continues -- -- And now get organized and educate authors and how to make them or literature exciting so that anything else what appeared dull uninteresting are threatened TV would dirty your movies and vice Versa -- pedal narcotics to whom I could I'd sell alcohol don't ladies and gentlemen of distinction -- tranquilized the rest with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus consumed -- And what promises of higher ratings. I have mesmerizing media. Fanning the flames. I mean I mean look at this is just not us today. Just think about it our kids aren't pharmaceutical drugs. Every kid almost every second kid now is on Ritalin. We had -- prescription drugs we've had allowed OxyContin. We -- -- math we had allowed Ecstasy. Our kids are directed to addicted to marijuana. Cocaine heroin. You name it is being sold to work kids in the schools and Hollywood celebrates it. Look I think of the books fifty shades of gray. Which is basically a form of soft pornography look at our movies. -- celebrate sex drugs. I like sensuous life style do what you want look at TV look at Jersey Shore. Look how we're polluting the minds of our youth polluting their souls polluting their morality polluting their self respect. But he continues world cooks. If I was the devil I would encourage schools during fine -- of the election but neglected discipline emotions just like those run wild. Until before you know -- you have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors in every school house door. Within a decade. I did prisons overflowing. I have judges promoting pornography. Sure I gonna make -- from the courthouse then from the schoolhouse and then from the houses of congress. And in his own churches I would substitute psychology or religion and be applied science. I would -- priests and pastors and don't -- using boys and girls. And church money. If I were the devil I made the symbols of Easter and -- the symbol of Christmas. From marvel. I mean bingo remember. This is 1960. Fine if she's 1965. So he sees how the seminaries. Are being inundated with perverts. How they're gonna go after our children. -- he sees. How Christmas and Easter are gonna be commercialized. And undermine. He's basically seen the future. He's predicting the future. He say they're gonna take god out of the schools. And then out of the court rooms and eventually then out of congress. So we're no longer a nation under god and if we're no longer a nation under god what gives us our fundamental human rights. What gives us our fundamental individual liberties. This is what made us as Americans. But he continues there's more cook's role. If I were the devil and take from those who have and didn't do those who wanted until I had killed him send him a very ambitious. Why do you bet. I couldn't get hold states to promote gambling. -- -- way to get -- Do you do not most states now depend upon gambling money. Do you not see those lines I saw them in Washington DC day after day. Many of them young war African American minority I felt so bad for them. Lining up giving their last dollars. On the lark on hold of a lottery ticket. We have casinos everywhere or just promoting gambling. Were people are getting now. The court heard it gambling away their children's college funds. I mean just he's he's he's hit the nail on the head Obama. Take from the rich give to the war. Take her at punished producers. Give to the deadbeats. Divide this nation and destroy the free market system killed the goose that lays the golden egg but there's more -- it cooks. I would caution against extreme. And hard work and patriotism. Immoral conduct. I would convincing -- that -- old fashioned but swinging is more fun. But what you see on TV. There's no way to be. I'm -- cycle under Q and public. And I couldn't or you independent. -- diseases for which there is no cure. He needs. To gonorrhea syphilis. How many millions of people died because of HIV and aids in the sexual revolution. How we -- our -- women now how we may not like porn stars when you watch them on television go sleep with anybody. I mean what we've done to our society a nation of swingers. Where nobody respects marriage look at the Super Bowl ads. That the model longing to see eighteen year old nerd. How they're selling sex at every turn women acting is all -- strippers. -- beyoncé running around on stage during halftime. Flashing her booty flashing her breasts are acting almost like a stripper all that was missing was the -- This is our culture this is what we inundated our kids with. And believe it or not there's more -- it cooks. In other words -- -- know I just keep right on doing what he's doing. Paul Harvey. Mark -- Boston's only. And now get organize. I didn't -- authors and hello Michael -- -- exciting so that anything -- what appeared dull uninteresting -- -- -- TV wouldn't hurt your movies and vice Versa -- -- narcotics to my hood I sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen the distinction I drew. Tranquilized the rest would feel. Welcome back to the corner report was Paul Harvey -- In his famous 1965. Message. 6172666868. -- Europe's first welcome to the coroner report. Good morning enjoy yourself every morning and I ran it a lack thank him that I had to call her and it's. I tried -- it's exactly what happened today. -- -- Are brilliant and I think the world needs to -- and I think you need to bring it kept up and attention put it on trucks and Atlantic and -- Jack I really think so. When you have to ask this question. Have seen it in your life have you witnessed what he's been talking about what he we predicted in 1965 have you witnessed it personally. It can yes I mean I actually happening all around me. I was able to stay away from all that all that bad there for prompted the grace of god back -- care and our president and promoting. Thank you so much -- Jamie Europe next welcome to the coroner report. I suggest you -- Lucent today and I gonna -- just I don't know where if you are playing better really blew me away. -- Paula have they -- table for yet they kept the prophecy you know the Bible talk about this. -- about what was gonna happen to America. In the is that they came end it's 65 that was good you know pretty much are young ball very young and small boy. But it wasn't until curious laid up when you get into like 6970. That would start generation. You know that you -- seeing everything moving in this direction. And now it's like everything you said they acted he's becoming true. I mean the world is just. That put all of us play with traditional values like myself. I find myself I can't go to the movies they can't watch TV decided to upsetting it to a noise figures that this is not the America that I grew up and it's like some bastard guys version. Of put everything I was taught to believe. Jimmy it's like a mutant version. Really try to protect created version is like a mutant and that's -- which you feel I'm telling you there you're not alone. There are tens of millions I think maybe a hundred million who share your views in this country I -- one of them. This side spoke to me directly. And I have to tell you this. Growing up in a family from Eastern Europe. Refugees from the Cold War refugees from communism. Having gone through academia. He is completely prophetic. The radical left not just in America but around the world. Hate this country. Is still one country they must destroy they must change that they must subverted they must transform it. Because everything it stands for is -- medical to the international socialist movement everything. I remember ways to go back behind the iron curtain and my father would take me there to see what they fled so I would always understand how good we got it in the new world. We wouldn't need Communist officials all the time we -- now my father -- talk with them I spoke earlier what does he likes plum brandy they would drink plum brandy. And these Communists were obsessed with destroying a given to the way they -- it capitalist America. Typically is a medic got. They wanna destroy god they wanna destroy capitalism and they wanna destroy the nation state now I ask you. Destroy god destroyed country destroy capitalism. Is that not -- and injuring in this country for the last fifty years. Was Paul -- in many ways not a prophet. I think he was Scott Europe next welcome to the coroner report. This the duke is a great -- out -- hugest broaden. Well the way right the way I see it is our whole society. Is sliding out 58 -- also IP I was what. Eight years old we didn't 65 or ten years older -- so I I saw this coming up and what fear it me is. But it is the rules are alert today the constitution -- being neglected and that this sense of right and wrong. Is not there for a lot of people. I don't know all -- the the fact that the new nuclear family is there a single parent. I there is is or is this little thing that bothers me is what will -- -- it at some future be like to. -- -- -- -- As far. In my lifetime. -- help but if it's slides even that much further for for our kids or grandkids. God there's only really look at this is about our children you're 58 I'm 43. This is about our children -- I -- you some -- Ashton in my -- Now there's only two options. It's not gonna stay it's not gonna stable lots. Either we we knew. Either we reverse course and we stand up and say this is wrong and we are going in the wrong direction we have lost our way. Or we collapse. There is good that's said there's only two options here. And I'm gonna fight for renewal. Got what they show fundamentally is about that's what I'm about and to me that's my mission. That's it that's what you get our money and believe me I'm not here for the money there are many ways I can make money on talk radio. I'm not here to become famous. I'm not here to be outrageous. I'm not here to be on Fox News and got my bank account. I'm here to speak the truth as I see it and -- mean it's either moral renewal. Or moral collapse America pick your shorts. Steve Europe next welcome to the -- new report. -- -- -- -- Good morning Jeff hi Steve -- -- -- of the big trouble this year America Asia. We usually teach our church are -- women strive to be number one. And Howard chase like there's nothing but excuses or losers. You know HAR I mean even the president you know blame Russia which purchased all of my policies don't work -- Bush's fault but theirs. Bush's -- that everyone blames someone else is holding the literary. But static -- how do you strive to be number one. We even see these so called leader of the country match which can say is I think failures. Steve it's not it's not even partisanship blame bush it's tsunamis it's earthquakes. Unrest in the Middle East is another -- to the world. Stuff happens in the world why is stuff happening in the world. And and then make excuses as far as you know I mean you're championing that natural disaster anymore now coach manmade. You know now when squashed everything we've got -- applauded and I don't mean we as Americans but we humans. On cars everything to go all wrong in the world. And there's just there's no all I'm there's no natural. You know natural conditions just things anymore and there and so they just make everything happen to go to a lot of sit there are below. Steve they're disconnected from reality they're making it up as a great launch its slate of it's infantile. It's like a child -- child like my Ashton. He makes up -- reality. Our goal Ashton. I just saw you pull your little sister in the Exxon. -- and I mean don't we go see that for me by the way I do that nominal he's -- known and unknown. I got crashed and I just saw you poking even meal and then in Mindanao. -- -- -- not only none none none all you're in the corner now sit there for ten minutes John Europe but -- -- their leader. Not all on all assistance the world is only fault it's the world it's a world it is like a -- limited to make belief. John Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Gloria Jeff -- I'm -- I'm -- -- chosen to an -- more on my way to work is dirty it. I'm 37 years old I heard this. He's -- media both score five years ago and dawned on me this is exactly where are all the -- I grew up and I was told was an atheist dead in religious mother. I -- -- god as a teenager. Experimenting in drugs. And found a loving wife did believe in god and our guard again. And believe bit. And I have three beautiful children -- I'm worried about their future in America because of of that trend. I might. Roots are in guard and I believe Paul how are you hadn't -- that if you are. -- of the playlist jeez I just I fear for my children's safety -- send them to private Catholic schools so they can't take god away from them. I mean I guess I don't know what else I can do I mean. John you're doing what you have to do you protect your firmly we are now this is very important we are dissidents. We are now insurgents. We are now in many ways immoral minority a big minority. He alienated minority but nevertheless a large minority. And we now have to shelter our children. From the prevailing. Decadent permissive culture the barbaric culture around us that's just the fact. So John within you within you as you just described it you have now shown the fundamental struggle in America. Do you wanna be any fewest do you wanna be a progressive do you wanna be addicted to drugs is about the life that you want. Or do you wanna go to church on Sunday it's how wife have children. And basically lead a clean Christian life a patriotic life. That's the question. Now I can tell you this without absolute certainty. The way you're leaving your life now for hundreds of years has made this the greatest country in the history of the world because that was the norm. Again in the sixties as Harvey pointed out this Paul are we saw we embarked upon a revolution. An experiment. How does that work cannot force. -- Europe next welcome to the coroner report. -- -- after running. I agree on here per cent and he kind of alluded to this but thought everything had there's very talked about earlier in the Communist manifesto. That was -- in 1963. And generally leads Democrat party is pushing all this -- -- that put the party that pushes this. But even more steadily is that the Republican Party. Is no longer fighting for. Biblical constitutional principles when they find establishment Republicans they have just as much this thing for me. That's good Democrats it's very disturbing. And if we don't wake up period -- of double core constitutional principle of the country's gonna be lots. And finally got a better and I'll tell you this America's greatest center in recent domestic. Curator a PRI Viacom now to conclude this the enemy is within. And it is radical secular liberalism. And the Democratic Party has been hijacked. By the French anti American left and the Republican Party doesn't have the guts to stand up to them. And so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna replay a little bit of the Paul Harvey when we come back. We're gonna continue this discussion was Paul Harvey right. Jeff corner on the corner report. This is Jeff --