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Drones, Drones Everywhere.

Feb 5, 2013|

The Obama Administration today called the use of drones “legal,” “ethical,” and “wise,” . Howie agrees. Yes you read right, Howie agrees with the Obama Administration. He said that if the drones increase our security by just a little bit they are worth the loss of privacy. Not many callers agreed.

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Eight to be on the same side as Barack Obama on this but must must be. Exclusive Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans. -- confidential Justice Department memo and quote concludes that the US government could order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be senior operational leaders of al-Qaeda. Or an associated force even if there's no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the United States. The sixteen page memo copy of which was obtained by NBC news provides new details about the legal reasoning behind one of the Obama administration's most secretive and controversial policies. It's dramatically increased use of drone strikes against al-Qaeda suspects abroad. Including those aimed at American citizens such as the September 11 2011 strike in the Yemen that -- alleged al-Qaeda operatives and war. -- A Lackey and -- -- -- and both were US citizens who would never been invited by the US government are charged with any crime. -- attorney general. Attorney general Eric Holder has specifically endorsed the constitutionality. Of targeted killings of Americans saying they could be justified if the government officials suggest the target poses quote an imminent threat of violent attack. But the confidential Justice Department white paper produces a more expansive definition of self defense or imminent attack than described by Brendan holder in the public speeches and you know Brennan is. -- has been nominated to become the new war the new boss of the US Central Intelligence Agency and he's going to have a hearing. This week and they this will be one of the big parts of the hearing. Yeah it. The -- white paper refers to what it calls a broader concept of imminence of an actual intelligence about any ongoing plot against the United States homeland. The condition that an operational leader present an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States that have clear evidence that specific attack on US persons of interest. Will take place in the immediate future. Aren't a problem with this. Mean I know I know whatever I know what -- you're gonna say that that this is gonna open the way for them to kill people they kill Americans in the United States and you know. Maybe it does and also I know that the -- today has said that while the government supports the right to kill Americans. Abroad. That they are still opposed to -- the administration is still opposed to waterboarding although I still believe they do what they're still opposed to. But I know that doesn't make much sense to be opposed to -- you know waterboarding doesn't kill you with just. It it it's just scared she wouldn't torture issue. Whereas us. A drone strike is going to kill you obviously and that is you know so obviously I'd rather be water boarded -- -- and so -- so what I would I would assume everybody. But I don't see why I don't see what you can do you can't yeah you know there was a a Supreme Court justice who said. At one point that the constitution is not a suicide pact you know you have to war you have to go after people who -- were trying to kill you. These the you know just because somebody happens to be born in the united say this is one of the problems with this this birthright citizenship. I don't know about San mere call on but I think the other guys that they referred to war. And why are all all Lackey he was just he just happened to be born here in the united states of -- saudis Saudi parents Ayman Al release. Honestly I know what's left DC thanks to say but I don't consider him the America I mean he just happened to be born here and he he's in the but even if you was even if you was you know born of you know parents who spoke English and it lived here for generations. If he was trying to if you was involved an organization wants to overthrow the United States government which -- it as. And has in -- has produced multiple thousands of casualties. Both by here. 9/11 and abroad to drop Aaliyah are wars in them in Iraq and Afghanistan on me why why are we. Why are our hands tied you know why can we only strike strike if -- over are Yemeni is arrives. Or saudis are Tunisian -- and Arabs -- room or or a Muslim terrorists in the in the car -- if there's one American in the in the car traveling on the Yemeni government highway. We can't strike because there's an American in there and we haven't read him his. His Miranda rights I don't think so I don't think so that's ridiculous. One -- the real problem is that Obama and holder would be outraged if bushel Romney did this. I understand they would be there's no question about it there there there's no question about it that the they would be jumping up and down stamping their feet screaming and yelling running to the ACLU running to the that it took that a federal courts trying to stop this. But the fact is that they're in bear rug there they're in power now and it's probably better that they -- they at least have the the modicum of common sense to realize that we have to what defend ourselves against our enemies I mean these did remember this is an administration that originally wanted to walk. To try the that the -- 9/11 terrorists in in downtown New York right near the world trade so -- think of think of that. Pick what I would've done I mean. At least to a degree they've come to their sentences have a bank. How we doesn't deal we take for the military state enemies foreign and domestic. Yeah. Sick sick drones on NRA members to a seventh says the idea what's that again I I know I know that's your -- the fear I mean it's obviously the fear I mean I I if I have that fear to buy a sort of for Europa. Of letting people just operate with impunity because of a that -- they have this. This American citizenship that does seems to mean less and less in the world today to begin with. The worst this is the worst type of anchor baby. Meaning a terrorist -- exactly. Bush would have been skewered by the media this legislation had been put forward on his watch. Again and obviously you what -- bad but the does that make it does that make it wrong I mean. What what are you wanna do do you want them. You know we live and we live in the place in Boston where the hole where the whole thing started and I don't mean to you the American revolution. Although that too I mean it. We're we're all maybe not one of the -- we're not one of the and every targets for were one of the secondary targets of these these people and you know. Plus even if we weren't even approval living in the it in Nebraska I mean. -- do you want the US to get hit again I don't I don't I'm willing to war I'm willing to take a risk here in this case. One I know I know gonna hear from the Ron Paul people at a mall I'm all over the place. Why can a democratic government declare you what threatened take you want it's too slippery slope there should be some evidence on a citizen. Well I believe there were -- I I think there was not much that wasn't much question that and war Powell out all Lackey and -- -- com world were al-Qaeda operatives. Does anyone dispute the fact that al-Qaeda wants to destroy the the great Satan. And actually for that matter western civilization as a whole. Mean Dee -- you would would you war what what what matters more Euro write your constitutional rights. You wanna you wanna preserve the constitutional rights of people who want to destroy your constitutional rights. Where you wanna thirty wanna take them out. Mean is that -- boils down to is -- We get into the week and I which you know we're going to get into the the the -- abstractions but but it. That's the reality but I mean we don't live in a perfect world you know they don't they don't play by the rules we we can't play totally by the rules either. If we play by the rules we're giving them an upper hand. Mean that look at they've. The party got enough follow rules say the new immigration policies there's a story on a Drudge and -- Says that the -- -- Obama's. Knew who knew what immigration rules all the nine elevenths terrorists -- have been here illegally. As it was 420. Illegally the rest somewhere illegals Mike your next with how we -- ahead Mike. How can only be used to head up this back in a matter which are due process right out the window. -- -- without you know amendment rights are Americans. Again these guys have these guys have become members about they've become members of al-Qaeda much like I mean they're they're not exactly. You know. They're not exactly going to be I'm not gonna be at Memorial Day. You know hanging American flags on the -- on the graves of our veterans. Beckett between the government comes -- and -- -- -- -- groups however the government decides is an associate. To be correct usually took out two product -- think about. -- I have thought about it Mike I've thought about it yeah. All watched a -- right Center City lived in the United States police swat at the universe you're no match. Appearance all lights are out yeah I nobody you know what to charge you a better anti -- in -- What was he was he a member of al-Qaeda might. So. What. Are we are we better. What is next top model where I am looking. He was 6000 miles away planning now planning mayhem against -- well. He would quit. You know about it. -- -- constitutional rights is that -- problem between you and then I would stand up its act amendment. I don't I don't I listened again this is -- this is in a foreign country I know I know it's a slippery slope when you gotta you gotta say yeah you know you have to worry about them -- saying that they they have this right at home and in the in addition to having adequate across the city. But I just I just think you got to start -- taken these people out were recap. I don't you think FDR would have a problem -- tickets are taken out some American who was a Serbian whip whip with the Nazi army. -- -- -- -- Bit would FDR have had a problem or Harry Truman have had a problem with taking out some Americans who were serving with the Japanese of the Nazis. Those declared trainer I'll. What what are you talking about I mean not everybody not everybody was a. And you. Might -- -- -- the all they do. -- any more were dealing with that they call this asymmetrical warfare. I mean that's a thank. Q what did you actually -- -- I don't think so I don't think so Mike 18774694322. Again I repeat the constitution is not a suicide pact. Taught your -- with how we cargo ahead Todd. For an offer any help either America or not. -- -- -- -- -- One -- a lot he's still helpful or whatever it is they're just. Ministry -- up -- web -- that you hear it now we -- at the bottom of the opera and got. All see Obama and it means all the issues. Yeah I -- I can to Todd but -- but again I can also watch. Yeah you know I would rather have been trying to stop us stop attack whether or not stopping an attack -- -- even just as easily not trying this -- thing. Indeed these are my honorable that I am -- At worst it would significant as the be all right right people would not. And -- scared of the ball sits. That Barack Obama is probably not an -- at the Nobel Peace Prize after this heat index of what's under 89 it's funny. Do think they really your thoughts -- I don't want to let me. Get some peace. In that job and that they get -- the Nobel Peace Prize. The moon bats don't care what he does he disease there's you still there are no matter what he does thanks for the call -- 18774694322187746. Mind. 4322. War has different rules H -- might not have killed Yamamoto. You know there I mean there was a case -- the they they broke the code via the Americans broke the Japanese code. And they the they kept all quiet they kept it's secret so late they could that take out admiral Yamamoto -- architect of Pearl Harbor. -- they shot him down I mean I I know he was not an American he was -- he was a it was a Japanese citizens. But. You know I mean either or their cardinal rules in war there army do you think -- would cut you when he slack. They didn't look what they look at what they have done. Look at what they've done to their own people I mean -- Qaeda has killed more Muslims than they killed in the members of many other religion. When everybody a favor by taking these visa people off the board -- you're next with how we cargo ahead Andy. I -- I don't. Billy Owens and I don't and you go on time like you have that you -- times -- on -- -- was also nearly -- say what's great is so well it's unbelievable. You know it's the constitution means something the constitution is put in place stoop so to -- limit the federal government and stepping on people's rights. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He of the group they'd seen as the enemy in this chamber of the mediate bill that was. -- that this is -- you're ultimately vote. -- due process wherever they want current cup. And and suspended habeas corpus entity I mean any policy it was but he had he had he was faced with the -- yet. -- what he was faced with the that the prospect that the union was gonna be squandered. You know any the the the north was crawling with -- -- or had traders. Well they are you a question that's -- good -- questions your your point. Use of the caution as it got back here who we knew we heard other people ought -- -- nullification -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that. Well until we get a break up the union leaders -- with the -- -- -- the constant -- -- not only. The people the -- to leave the constitution or they wonder other you know other parties you know the unit they want until. I don't we I think we above litigated that on the battlefield however we Andrew Andy. Although there have been don't always go with a battlefield I mean I've found is still. -- that this could be. Than ever to be you know welded and in I hear what you what you what you when it's voluntarily -- -- -- You know I -- so you know people don't have a right so either what if they're used to be protected by the constant. So do you you -- because so so you think grip we if we know there's an American citizen and a convoy of of al-Qaeda terrorists having heading down a highway yen. In some failed state the we should not. We should not bomb the al-Qaeda convoy because they we might hit an American citizen. -- -- book and I could stop a bullet to go to your point -- I don't buy a house in like New Jersey. Personally ordered he said he. As owner of -- al-Qaeda -- there but you know who are American -- but there they're going to be short for our fiscal damn I wish. And generally exactly exactly so you know most people going to be collateral damage that they'll meet their lives their content on its. Because there at the. Talking about -- I don't think we're talking about hitting the US I agree it's you know that -- is it I don't see anything in here about the about the you know not not stopping at the water's edge when -- when it comes to this. You only a quarter. You trust that's administered. Absolutely not absolutely. Don't want him Apollo -- not. Protesters since this is -- on its blog I don't know what it's apparent requisite dual dual. Liberty. Are they do -- we deserve neither ya know I understand that but again to do YE do why trust I mean do do YA think that. Perhaps perhaps I would get a I won't have my safety protected more by the United States government and by al-Qaeda I know al-Qaeda is -- protect mice mice at the end. Of course but it wouldn't the bullet and invest if you're really serious -- -- -- -- -- Administration so. I had a bunch of more of foreign land fight go on. And so they're now we won't start coming here the -- really serious about it when they shut down borders when he entered the borders and we're -- -- -- -- I couldn't agree with you more in a pregnant with you more and I and I -- again waterboarding would be would be at the top of my -- list of but things to do more by if we're serious about trying to get to the bottom about what the terror plots are in the United States. -- say hi I mean I'm just I'm just telling you I I don't see I don't see anything wrong. With -- admit she's I see that it can be it can go crazy and that you know yes Murphy's law anything that can go wrong will go wrong I'll concede all those points. But on the other hand I I just -- and I don't see why we are protecting people why are we allowing people. That are rod just by an accident of birth to what to get away with five having a media have basically a free -- to try to kill Americans. Gardner who do that when you go to a point oh that's almost every situation would be one. Where you go straight up to 24 only about five minutes left to make this decision. These people open pocket watch for months and months and months they're going to -- you know taken down -- Florida. You know and any good -- the -- just. Stepped out there are fairly obvious that he is as you do all -- in his entire presidency. And what so liberals want to use it to try to take -- -- commemorates the way. Oh I'm not for the second element rights away either by the way thanks for the call and the the constitution does not say we have to put boots on the ground and a Third World hell hole to read -- terrorist. His Miranda rights to these people want -- to put troops on the ground. To watch -- rest and bring these people to court in America exactly I mean how many Americans are going to be killed doing that. Mean is the country better or worse off for the fact that these two guys in Yemen dead. Is if they're American or not who you know I mean the country's better off isn't -- country is safe. 1877469432. To import car. 877469432218774654322. Number when. There was a M to there was a guy who handled the nuclear football that you know what I relieved that the communications football for Clinton was in here is aghast he was -- retired military guy. And he was talking about how -- Clinton had the chance to kill Osama bin Laden. Who's playing golf and EE we he would do what he just kept stalling and stalling and stalling until finally the of the drawn lost Osama bin Laden this was when he lived and Somalia or someplace like that. And you know we also geez what a what a wimp if only he had killed Osama bin Laden when he had the chance and and Clinton -- later admitted it was true what he said ward you know the thing was we didn't have India. We didn't have a grand jury indictment alone. In this is this is this wasn't even an America. Osama bin Laden knew he couldn't he couldn't Clinton could kill them and he didn't. Mean. I and we all thought it was a -- I mean. I don't I don't trust this administration I don't trust Osama I don't trust Obama excuse me what -- Ted Kennedy I don't trust Eric Holder -- I think Eric Holder is committed perjury in front of congress on fast and furious. But. You know the they do have the responsibility right now unfortunately for the for -- the protection of the American population for a -- terrorists. Like the people. Like the people who were killed in -- Yemen in 2011. I don't remember I don't know about you but I remember when they were they were killed I remember that the you know people like Ron Paul was like on knots and talking about these were American citizens in the nation have been killed almost like a hey I think it's pretty good news you know -- anytime a carload of al-Qaeda. Terrorists get the blown up I think that's a up plus for the United States of America. And again again I amnesty and I understand the that the the arguments against against giving the government this kind of power. With with no no war or personally but. You know sometimes. Sometimes there isn't behind for a oversight you know I mean that he would be a duke impanel a grand jury and try to get some -- Get an indictment against these guys you know what he would do what have the drone I have a have they have idea. Loudspeaker on a -- read them their Miranda rights. Before a blast slump c'mon. One -- -- shot car I was for the constitution before it was against that he was in the Sudan not -- he was in the Sudan okay sorry about this. Please think about this you wouldn't trust these guys to balance your checkbook but they can determine life and death no I wouldn't trust of the bad they've they've proven they can't balance the checkbook that's that's true they have. But they're big they are unfortunately the guys that are in charge right now and you know I. I think that it is in the -- rub their best interest to try to prevent another terrorist attack on US soil and I'm I'm. I have to give them the benefit of doubt on this 1187746. Month beat did you want our are you guys all -- argue all you people say want to wanted to bring everybody back from point when Guantanamo Bay to stand trial in the United States in the in the he -- -- US federal courts. With the all the rules of procedure of the rules of discovery the year you you all the same people wanted to do this. You did you know you were gaffes that were chip but did you know somebody you don't wanna kill these these these American terrorists. That are -- -- conspiring with the people wanna destroy western civilization. John you're next with how we cargo had jobs. But I must be a real bad had called his left out the. It is it is actually. Yeah because you'll horse kicked off when you followed up the reverend reverend wanted to come after -- one -- yesterday but you know what -- -- -- -- One wants PH have the control Chicago's streets. -- you know in -- two weeks ago there was black cultural pop fly around shooting blanks for the training exercise exercise. You know right now in South Carolina -- troops actually around -- I don't -- model of the economy collapses while this is awful and the economy collapses could go until. It got up are gonna do about it. I write and think about the terrorist. I know anti abortion pro gun and Bible -- and I know don't don't don't put all the other yeah. I don't I know I know well that's that's that's you may or may not be true John I mean let's not you know you know let's let let's let go totally ten foil hat here you know. I don't know I don't know about you know know what Hillary the mysterious -- throughout Italy right. OK okay John thank you thank you 1877469432218774694322. C'mon how we this is about control over American she doesn't care we get hit again he wants the ability. Stop an internal uprising. 18774694322. Military commissions are legal -- did judicial killing is not. One -- convict the first person -- -- treason and next in the extension 1877469432218774694322. Let's see. Joseph your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. So -- the question I got to what what's going on with the need the the army cat in the winter in the Fort Hood in Schiavo these guys in Fort Hood. -- he's very consistent -- the US are remembered he's still being paid by the united. I know Richard Dickie it's absolutely absurd. Don't go on they want to shoot at people would throw out. -- -- What do you know what you shaved his the volume down shaved his beard give them a fair trial and once he's convicted showed him. I didn't understand how we've gotten to this point. Now I you know I I agree I agree that's a guy colonel -- major focus on whatever his name is -- -- -- as it has been. Has been Molly called by this administration wait too long in this this fact that they. They had the judge awarded his beard cut was a removed from the case I mean it's absurd. I know. And now. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. 413 well below the CIA is why were people in the mob would never asked for permission to kill threat before. I mean the do you really. The do you really think this the first time this has happened I mean who you think I killed up Pinochet in the in Chile. You know that that was a US operation was and I mean again he's been -- of these people are Americans but you know. -- the people and al-Qaeda are they really Americans c'mon. You know I just you know -- if the CIA. You know they they met on have a license to kill like James Bond but they basically don't mean they can do what they -- they they are there are allowed to want to kill people. 18774694322. Topic we have volume that we of people the one the one. Murder assassination it's 18774694322. Jim your next with -- cart or GM. -- -- Al elite I appreciate you know it's -- this victory rethink its expanding in the act when he got so thank you so epic epic. Democratic apparel. Illegal immigration right -- one of the things that simply an anchor. Yeah and it's that basically we're subsidizing. Illegal immigration because we we create the incentive. But -- account. So it's eliminated. Or -- Gonna continue to -- and we do agree I guess I would. Right on the web I don't market argued cup that that the constitutional principle of and argued that the draw power feed. But in general are failed policy. And I believe they -- in front of the net -- why. A lot of times when you drone strike hit you know we we acknowledge that. The collateral damage is involved in my collateral damage we're gonna need family members. -- our children and I know you're probably and I have my Yale his. Hell is that. I mean I want Sherman said I mean anyway so where is their collateral damage in every other war in men in human history or not. But no I I agree -- that would what you're saying look like saying you're equipped. To do it and could you go about it you can make family member. And you know and we apology at the time -- where we're reading what we're fighting again that it that -- have more memory. We breeding terrorism when we bombed Dresden. -- we breeding terrorism what we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But that about how you have you have kids their vital point fly over my head and I have -- out. And we know for better widgets celebrating something. Like I look at that look at what -- applying. And I wouldn't get my grandmother in light in my watch the good old people -- actually don't think. I think I think that's I think that's the way it that's the way it's always been in war I mean we -- what what happened at what's happened to throughout history is. With people of invaded if foreign countries they put a whole populations to the sword GM I mean this is I mean wrongs. Drones are not -- particularly. Uncivilized compared to the way wars have traditionally been fought. Well I would we'd be better -- that -- neutral policy. I would say -- could get out of these areas where you know where we're at the war that out that would not gaining any ground attraction. Get our troops back called -- Well I'd like to get -- but I don't you don't -- you don't wanna turn a -- Afghanistan back to the Taliban and al-Qaeda do you have to draw a lot. Of pressure collapsing and that you're in an act as -- -- -- -- empire. Yeah no I understand I understand that but you know we we got to -- you know tried do was try to get that you try to get something out of Barack out of our mission there. And we've got to that we've got to try to make sure that the we leave the country in the condition where were al-Qaeda and the Taliban camp. Can't come back and get a foothold and use it again it's 21 launch another 9/11 on the united state. Space for the call Jim. 18774694322. Collateral damage in Japan's save millions of lives in the long run. 18774694322. If they wore uniforms and stayed away from civilians there would be no collateral damages. 774. We conduct assassinations all the time the difference now is in press conferences. The truism that we were we grating -- terrorism and that when Wendy are breached pirates were pirating our ships and killing our sailors. I mean we went -- did we kill any civilians in the Barbary war I mean it was the same thing once and it. I mean there is suppose source of American sailors fighting for the Barbary pirates do you think they would have been spared. By by Jefferson. Opened so. 18774694322. On how we are. 1877. -- 322978. That's amazing I thought only and cameras which get arguments like these from your callers but killing enemy combatants. I understand what the callers are saying they don't trust this administration I don't trust this administration either but. IE it. I agree with them on this point I mean then and I and I see how it can be abused I and I know what has been abused I mean -- there's been cases were. The league this been multiple multiple cases of government overreach. Waco Texas for instance but. I just don't see what are -- supposed to do here I mean they they don't Wear uniforms okay -- that don't don't tell me you want you with the -- to Wear uniform in the made them we can officially declare them a -- we're gonna bring evidence before some grand jury in New York to invite them please. John your next -- how -- car go ahead John. And you know I slashed your caller is. Talking about we had no right to kill civilians yes. That want you know I challenged him to get -- or like I'd sit and look at the word enemy. And if you look at a few of these people generally chilling American citizens we are killing enemy combatants. Just does not Wear uniforms doesn't make them combat not make them combatant somehow we --