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Today's Course Curriculum: Music In Movies Or People And Dogs Through the Years.

Feb 5, 2013|

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) outraged the ivory tower educators in his state this week when he declared that the "educational elite" have taken over our colleges by offering worthless courses that offer "no chances of getting people jobs." Howie felt that Gov. McCrory was right on the money and that a college education is not what it used to be.

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One of the few bright spots for the Republicans in the in the last November elections one of the brightest spot checks probably be bright spot -- North Carolina. Where were the the legislature taken over by the Republicans in 2000 have the general assembly that Collins and they redistrict that I believe three maybe four over -- democratic. Congressman out of existence. And they elected tea. Republican governor for the first time in I don't know maybe twenty years or so maybe longer amount. The new governor is Pat McCrory heat he succeeded dumplings. As you know she's good -- a Beverly -- I believe is her what's her name she's -- one to postpone the elections and twenty pounds you miracle. And sore anyway Pat McCrory was on TV last week with -- Former education secretary Bill Bennett and they were talking about education. And so you know more -- not a he's far redneck or anything like that he's a former mayor of Charlotte. And he told he told Bob Bennett. These concerned that many college graduates can't get decent jobs but problem he suggested might be that many academic disciplines have no real practical applications. Now -- -- controversial TO to say that. Does it seem like just common sense. If it's something off. -- my house we have -- we have conversations about this over the dinner table every not every night but some -- you know Actel -- mighty kids. Let's that are in college yet you know try to try to figure out something you wanna do -- did that below lead you on a path to wage job. After college and I don't mean at Starbucks not that there's anything wrong with working it's our box but I mean why why do you wanna spend about. You know all this money to get a to get a job that you could get just graduating high school. Mister McCrory wondered he was referring specifically to UNC. The sixteen campus state university system mr. McCrory the governor. Wondered if state funding incentives should encourage areas of study the line with the job market. Other disciplines such as gender studies mister McCrory said might be subsidized -- but funding formula he said perhaps a bit in delicately. Should not be based on the number of butts in seats but how many of those butts can get jobs. Panel that -- you know. What's wrong with what that the way he says it I mean he said it the senate and very understandable fashion I understand what he meant. The truth is a league universities such as the university of north Carolina at chapel were I went. That's where John Edwards went. From Moscow. Are doing a disservice when they lead students in two majors with few with any job prospects isn't that true. But yet excuse my excuse Michael I apologize. Yet some always eager for fight miscreants group governors. Comments as a call for abolishing liberal arts education in favor vocational training. UNC Chapel Hill geography professor -- a craving said the governor was not elected to decide what has intellectual value in what does not. Sociology professor Ian -- parents said the government governor's comments reflected. -- fundamental misunderstanding. Of higher education. Perhaps the professors could even acknowledge the possibility that many taxpayers perhaps a majority share of the governor's views I certainly share them. Many liberal. Arts graduates even from the best schools aren't getting jobs in large part because they didn't learn much at school. They can't write or speak -- intelligently analyze what they read. Why such a joke era Obama talking about how you know we can't have these cuts in education. You know and and we you know almost -- -- -- -- -- we talk about education anxious talking about these liberal the liberal arts majors who wore -- you -- -- go to go to school for four years and then they -- -- Waiters or waitresses. You know worthy of me you know what what is they say over half of the college graduates now working at the jobs. Below their their so called ski -- Many liberal arts graduates even from the best schools aren't getting jobs in large part because they didn't learn much at school camp writer speak well -- intelligently analyze what they -- The national association of educational progress indicates the literary proficiency among adults with some colleges declining. 36% of college students made no discernible progress in the ability to think or analyze critically after four years in school. For many students colleges wish mortgage -- of easy courses chosen for that lack of academic rigor. Police administrators make matters worse by allowing their students to fill up their time with courses like UNC chapel -- Hugs and people. From prehistory to the -- future and music in college course dogs dogs and people call one. For -- prehistory to the organized future. The entire football team taking cars and that they used that take African studies it's gone through in my day they took recreation. That they moved up African studies and -- I think they've abroad that now the African studies department. Is and is engulfed in scandal. And they hear -- the Asian -- was a -- -- -- a football coach the media we donated 250000. Dollars to distance they setup the African studies major. When students can get a minor in social and economic justice without ever taking of course in the economics department it's hardly surprising that businesses are lining up iron -- from the Wall Street Journal by the way. As it happens north Carolina's governor mark quarry is not a long former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels who recently took over the -- -- -- Purdue University has suggested much the same. In an open letter to the Purdue community mr. Daniels cited a long list of challenges facing universities including complaints that rigor has weakened. I think that's -- 18774694322. I'm highly educated has by the way I'm driving the truck because I really enjoy it. Well you know the thing is I think he's I think he's actually right I think -- people should. You know it's it's one thing to walk. Two to major in liberal arts but. EU need to have a skill when you can get how to do what what skills the do you. Do you bring to the table if you major it's a political science. No idea I majored in journalism and like to get a job but the in in newspapers I worked at the daily tar -- That's that was a daily newspaper on the campus I mean I learned about Iowa I learned how to work a newspaper our bureau reporter how to edit edit newspapers. When I was at the UNC. And I think I think there were on to something I mean it's just a complete waste I mean I see my idea mighty oldest daughter is a majoring in early education at a manual and -- she she she sees these kids and you know in in on her floor in their their majoring in liberal arts and bush and she just she she wonders what they're gonna do when they when they get dollar mean. You don't know what you don't like teachers but it's you know you major in education you get a job in any way. And you know she or she can go to graduate school and Getty that an advanced degree and get a get a higher paying teaching. Mean I I just. The I know that you know you wanna go to college and you know learn learn. About. Given to -- a liberal education you know war become widely read in the in various disciplines. But let's face it how many people are going to college to become widely read various disciplines you know. The -- went to school record for college because everybody goes to college and the going to college 'cause the they think it's an easy way to pass for a lot of -- going to college because it's an easy way to past four years. And I don't much think about what's at the end of the road which is which is a a. A pat and -- pan and would you like Fries with that that's I mean that's the reality it. 18774694322. You agree with the governor McCrory of North Carolina but the people should be going to college to try to -- find a that just to try to develop the skill. That they can use to get a job. 1877. Force and I you know what I think a lot another thing is that you are you deal better -- trying to get an intern ship. Then that's another thing their -- they're you know they're doing they're all these stories about. People are going to people getting out of college or having to in turn in for no money enough feels that they didn't even study. We'll be studied art history or women's W all MY and apostrophe yes studies. Mean there aren't too many job openings in women's studies -- art history are there. You got -- why he gotta give it you gotta get an internship at something else but I think you're better off getting an intern ship for Barack for three months or six months and you're going to war. Some foreign country and you know learning -- learning the difference between. Logger in bitter in nine in the UK. Dan your next with Howie -- go ahead -- Hey I Arctic are subject to plug my profession music and or you left out. There's a mountain studies there -- stated kids who do they need to do better out there are guys that and they actually have those higher order thinking you'll that are. There members success in the global marketplace. Yeah so what I mean it's kind of job can you get in the global marketplace of you major -- music. Well all my kids other major music. Just the fact that all that they that they take and take it it. Teaches you the kind of skill that you need. You know being -- a proud member group you know focus toward our goal -- these typical. -- are like Mike you're going to be engineers you don't music or. -- I don't think anybody has anything I think being in a bid is probably a good thing at high school you know but I mean it's the problem is when you go to college you major in the you know music can you start taking the the imagery of Jim Morrison of the doors I mean that's when you begin to go down the road the road that leads to Starbucks isn't it. Other. Courses that there I am actually going to school for music management learning the business and I'd played. Professionally in northern New England are privately before -- -- Reggie interpretation and now which has. Now that I am certain occasions this of course just replaying them and we -- -- want to but I still have that. That -- -- teacher's job as well so that's -- but. Yeah so you you can't seriously tell your kids to major music Kenya when they get the college. Yes yes they -- I would tell that it's going to be evening. If you are if you think music means performing live forever like -- -- -- the super ball. In the music that streak on the bit and -- wide variety of jobs but yes you're right there's very -- You're not gonna go to college to become you know. Beyond that. You know obviously not thanks for facial called 18 sevenths if you could go to college become beyoncé that would be the universities would be full of beyoncé majors because who would like to be in the who who would like to be at you are performing at halftime Ferraro for fifty -- hundred million people. And all I know the the overall viewing audience 108 million -- I'm guessing a lot of people were taking a break from the game. During halftime you Moby wants it was having her reunion with past -- Keep your next with how we cargo ahead Kate. -- it and it is -- to -- -- about this thing you'd you'd -- if -- in this disease detectives. You can make -- target fewer jobs. And I I worry that other apartment the other way and what you wanna be right -- what you need to do that job. Right yeah Libya agreed -- certificate a way it is right yeah. Colleges should be accepted and he said that you know you did it because it was good that they got a comment didn't understand. Our department of higher education and and she's probably right because the price of higher education from from the standpoint. Is to make money. Right and and and maple and this city. Right now my right I agree. I don't want any they're not don't want any favors to the -- student. So. The other schools that portion of people -- counselors right would get that they. You know kids -- kids accept the ecology that they don't Elliott that is chipped it be acceptable to our program that they opened 304050000. All the other. Right and get up and out of bed and so it's a joke it's a big -- that's right and his folks just take it and be a bit of (%expletive) they're gonna borrow money. And and -- go -- debt and maybe going to be on the road. But the bottom line is 50% like kids that start college do not graduate in four years. 50%. Yeah what 650% of the kids who graduate college have no idea what they're gonna do they have no particular skills that they that they didn't have when they got out of high school either. You know and that's why and that's why a lot of men up Lebanon home -- mom's basement. You know and a I just. -- they thinking they really are doing a disservice to the to the kids by you know knocked out but not leveling with them -- I mean maybe maybe the kids should be Smart enough to figure out that. You know to see there that there are older Brothers and sisters are they don't have older siblings they can majesty the people want the high school -- You know coming out in -- not being able to find any war I mean it's harder than ever to get a get a job out of college with this with this lingering -- Great Recession. And I you have to BE UUUKK. You don't really get anything handed to you you in the old days you you could. Mean you could you still can sometimes I'm sure but in the in the old days you you could sometimes get a job at the at the bottom corporate latter. And -- just with a with a liberal arts degree in just make your make your way up. But now it's it's it's harder because that the it's more crowded this fewer jobs. Thanks for the call like -- 18774694322. Greg your next without -- ahead Greg. -- afternoon -- I'm in Charlotte and before I make my point. If you go down and look Colombo -- University web site go visit the our roster for the men's basketball team but the majority of those players majors sociology. Right. In history. And -- hear you because they don't have an African studies program at duke. Like we do -- UNC. Or there's wreck or they don't -- recreation programs to -- in every I I took I took a few courses with UNC UNC basketball players but that. Not a lot I must say they they weren't and I and I was out and I was up on the prowl for easy courses to believe me. You know I mean I I knew. But -- Geithner Greg I know what I wanted to which was being newspaper guy so I figured you know fight if I worked at the tar -- I was in pretty good shape for the future. A wise and and those guys both those guys go to duke. -- -- there are pretty good shape for the pros or at least two or three of Omar every year to a three out of ten have right. Exactly. And. If you go back to Corey played about. Subsidizing the popular majors as opposed to the the majors which part is academically rigorous. I who look at fund I -- the Massachusetts to really believe. Like bring him stationed at an MBA program. Framingham state should even be university Greg he's the reason most colleges became universities it's that colleges was so that they can all also all the college presidents can now become university president. Get a pay raise in the and everybody else. In the bureaucracy. The academic bureaucracy by the way which which has exploded totally exploded over the last thirty years. Can get -- to get a better paying job because they work at a university and then they hired the guy that. The Volvo but legislator but pushed throw this this bill making all these you know second -- its third rate colleges -- Framingham state but that's the reality. In two universities that is hired -- to be the executive director of the I'd do all these new universities and their -- their lobbying association I mean it's just it. It -- it's a big political scam. It -- and it adds nothing to the academic. Exactly yes I agree totally. I agree totally ya know there's no no there's -- -- -- the a lot of these colleges are advertising on the radio there that's why there were yet you know there were. And in this there's it was a story recently in the Wall Street Journal I've corporate similar stories before saying that you know what's -- You know -- an MBA used to be a big thing in the eighties but now what now it doesn't really mean all that much especially if you're going to like you know Wednesday a second or third rate college. You know that's the thing that other trapping people -- Geez I went to went to four years to wat to it to some you know second rate school and now I can't get anything knowing I can get a job so. Maybe I better go to another second -- school get an MB I guess what you come out of there after two years you're in the same day -- -- only your two years older and another hundred or had been in in in debt. It's tough. 1877469432. To a point car. -- Officer mark says so you need to tell me that beer pong is remarkable skill. And believe it or not it is Obama's -- neither is rolling a joint. It may make your way you know the life of the party you know. It's like to get you too far right in the in the modern they -- like I don't think. Bless your work in a marijuana dispensary there he goes opened by the way. At what they thought they were supposed to open on on January 1 but it seems like most of the cities and towns have but decided to west Satan now. Nimby not in not in our back not in my backyard. 18774694322. You know another problem is that you know a lot of these -- lobbies the degrees that used to be. More remarkable. Are marketable anymore like for instance. Journalism. Mean I wonder how they only get anybody into the UNC journalism school -- mean what are what are they what exactly are they trading for a that the public relations. There -- many newspaper jobs open and I sure wouldn't. I think I'd rather rock. Pick up -- rather be the apprentice to a blacksmith and working Tuesday as a young newspaper reporter these days they have about the same it's the same -- jobs. Like -- expectancy. But you know -- largest. Stopped like journalism with where you get an a B and you used to be -- get a job. As a reporter. It's it's also law school I mean yeah you know I mean and yet. They still keep opening more law schools I I why they do this I I have no idea that too many lawyers. There're there're so many people working. As non lawyers who have law degrees. And and yet they use the state of Massachusetts just recently bought a Abbas style law school down at Bristol county and the -- gonna that the gonna -- -- more public. Public advocate warriors oh great just what we need. Great where people are more public defenders where people suing for a to make sure that they don't have to pay for albums of the year welfare recipients on the paper losing -- he beat the cards. You know it's. It's it's it's more complicated than it used to be there's no question about it he can't just get at that EB. And and just expect to have have the the -- path to -- to the suburbs. 18774694322. Not much call for intrepid cub reporters. Unfortunately not I was taught to win -- channel 45 today there were asking how does or how does Deval Patrick got away with that they were asking me that question you know Odyssey. And one of the big reasons is the lack of intrepid cub reporters at the Statehouse there's few poor. Newspapers are were you are having problems it's it's ironic more people whenever reading newspapers but the reading online they're not we can't monetize all of those. -- -- use that I don't know what to cliched word but we can't monetize those I balls in to watch. The into -- ad dollars so why so we have if you were fewer people working as intrepid cub reporters. And the the statehouses less and less covered City Hall with less and less covered everything less analyst Robert. You know at places like Quincy patriot ledger used -- reporter and every one of those towns on the South -- probably -- -- got the one reporter covering 234 pounds. It's it's it's just it's it's technology that's all of -- it's -- technology is hurt by a certain industries -- other industries. But it's yeah you have to what you have to pay very close attention or your -- are you going to be in trouble. Greg your next with powered car go ahead Greg. Alley I would show idea -- -- when it's fate or you just talked about increased its technologies. And manufacturing area. And the decrease in your system tactical schools are ready job. I won't say an organized group -- -- that we can't show where we weren't teaching kids. Out of high school ensuring that machine arts and -- -- programs -- machines and more high -- Machining operations and so forth. I have companies lining up to get these kids before they even get this certification. I I I I don't have one single chip there hasn't been broke before and right now. How I have changed Bennett and offered their back pocket where they graduate. To make to start as 30000 now. That's great that's great I mean what you know that. The thing is I think a lot of Mumbai you know you don't there is pressure from their peers to go to -- to it to go to war you know -- so we outlaw state and enjoy and I pledged the fraternity and I drink beer every Saturday and Sunday right. Absolutely a fact that fact I think some of these kids I have some it's college kids who want to come out of college more orange join me. And join me out and enjoy the course they realized. That different that the in this sport think. -- -- -- A critters are starting. -- certification these -- high school art. But that work that they learned skills and start at 6570000. Year. That's amazing that's I mean that's the way to go well but I but again they got to resist the peer pressure you know that's that that's the thing. -- -- guy I wonder if one of my oldest one of my idea -- my youngest get -- she's more trusted enough cooking than anything else if she wants -- -- -- cooking school that's fine with me you know. I don't I don't I have nothing against I don't see any need to go to -- -- too liberal arts college thanks for the call great. 1877. There is no more globe classified section -- -- want it. That's it but that doesn't mean there aren't any jobs that just means that that there at that the jobs are on Craigslist now. That's so. Double to right if you don't have a global cry if you don't have a classified section that's a lot harder to war have a you know large reporting staff because the globe declassified section in the real estate section the ads paid for the paid for the news room. 1877469432218774694322. How we have your daughter -- secondary major and Spanish you'll have no problem finding a teacher teaching job in the state. How we did you read the globe story about the New England School of Law being making huge point while the school with a laughingstock -- Lizzy Warren to save the middle class from getting hammered. Yet like I was make him like 800000 a year and it's the old up Porsche -- Porsche the call that Porsche is. What law now what's called and when when School of Law. But again there's I mean it's I don't think it's as bad as the use as the new U mass school law but it's it's not as -- exactly topple wrong. And the other guys. Making huge money I mean if you if you if anybody's been to the the band two was at colleges slightly on you know whether your kid goes there and you've been around an error whether they're they're going and interviewing. I mean you can just see how many administrators. -- colleges all. It's just -- it's amazing I mean I've read about it in the papers which -- see you with your own nice to see how many. You know that the dean in the assistant dean in the associate dean and the assistant to the associate dean and the deputy to the assistant associate mean. I mean there're -- and I read this recently there there are more administrators now in college than there are teachers. I believe it. Ike I can't see how it couldn't be true the places I've been -- your next with how we cargo ahead day. You -- today. Barbara your next with how we park. -- Hi how right I haven't heard anyone talk about the fact that Obama says now that -- That parents can get that first student debt load they have to do it through that the federal government. Well yeah they they sort out all our right yeah. Group back there -- a lot of debate is that the tax payers. Right well it makes that you know the people some people are saying this is the next this is the next real estate bubble. You know college education that people are just gonna walk away from these loans because. You know what -- why do you want -- it's like walking away from my house that's underwater I mean why would you keep paying on they have a house that's underwater why would you keep paying for a degree. We -- get around. -- -- -- -- I don't doubt that one. It. That -- in Connecticut. I'm not sure about -- do that but I'm pretty sure that RB Egypt Community -- -- all members of the EIU should be about democratic albeit they're cute and that that -- the democratic machine Rawlings. Right we you know the ironic part ours a lot of rumor being RB heaven there -- -- cut back because the colleges don't wanna be -- to pick up the tab for them under obamacare is full time instructors. So they can this group of people of who've who've managed to cut their own throats. How did you know they do it's it's binding arbitration with that it. Could be unions do the the teachers. They do they get -- pushing it below you can imagine. And alleged he caught. We don't eat well we we don't have the money had never have enough money to -- what -- because. She and met -- when he came like they Connecticut that money went to -- The unionized teachers and everything. Right that's what they keep coming back talking about how I have to fix the infrastructure way to -- I thought we fix the infrastructure with the last tax increase with the last stimulus plan but no it went to see that it with the public sector unions you're absolutely right about that Barbara thanks for. Thanks 18774694322. -- -- -- -- -- 1877469432241. Recess of the taxpayers have to pay off student loans at least let us pay for marketable agree. I'm in favor that right I think these it's ridiculous for these people will be getting these to be spending all this money on not no war. Don't agree that means nothing. How we we spend 56000 a year to send our dollar to WPI was -- Polly he. Because that they are number six on the list as -- starting salaries coming out there is no way we would do the same for a liberal arts education. With the pace 20000 dollars with a 100000 dollars in loans I I agree I I agree that you're you're doing the right thing Matt you're next with how we cargo had mapped. You want -- and the soul all this forces with the universities with the with the professors records so much money -- administrators. Just let the kids discharged the loans. In bankruptcy court. Well I mean that all this I mean if they discharged in bankruptcy court mapped out law alive you know then then we're basically you want -- the taxpayers will be eating. No you just you report your ticket to their it would not remove the taxpayer. Bill operate well. At but it got. We're hoping to let these colleges go out of business yeah I mean these colleges of the big I mean these colleges have become major employers. If they of these theories these you know that that's what's gonna happen. I don't know what the what the answer is just how about what some majors. The jobs -- now we are.